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June 17, 2009

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We have to do this story because the emails are already pouring into Aging Rebel Action Newz Central. So here is our live, breaking news, report.

One of Harley-Davidson’s favorite Senators, Bob Casey, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, (pictured above) has introduced a Bill that would give a cash voucher of $2,500 to anyone who sells an older, gas guzzling car or truck and buys a new motorcycle.

Must Stay Awake

The proposed law is Senate Bill 1248. It is titled the Green Transportation Efficiency Act of 2009. It has a cute Senate nickname – GreenTea. And, the idea has a longer rap sheet than you do.

GreenTea is the Senate version of an amendment called Cash For Clunkers. Cash For Clunkers was more formally called the Stabenow-Brownback Amendment. It amended a bill, passed earlier this month, that allows the Food and Drug Administration to regulate cigarettes. Are you still reading this or have you already fallen asleep? Isn’t politics great!

Try to stay awake for just one more minute. We are almost there.

Zzzzz, Snort, Glorb, What Police….Zzzzz

Cash For Clunkers never mentioned motorcycles. The whole idea of the bill was to save the American automobile industry by encouraging people to buy new cars.

A “clunker” was defined as any car that got less than 18 miles per gallon of gasoline. Consumers who bought a car that got at least four miles per gallon more than their old car qualified for a $3,500 voucher. If the mileage difference between the new car and the old car was greater than ten miles per gallon the voucher would be worth $4,500.

This fine example of the politician’s art made it out of the House but it died in the Senate. The main bill regulating tobacco passed but it passed without the Cash For Clunkers amendment. Dianne Feinstein killed it. That is the short version, if you know who Dianne Feinstein is.

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

Yet, Senator Casey was intrigued with this exciting notion of Cash For Clunkers. For one thing, as Senator Casey’s office noted in an official statement, “Harley Davidson, a global leader in motorcycle manufacture and sales, operates its largest manufacturing facility in York, Pennsylvania employing over 2,200 people.” And, for another thing, Senator Casey is from that very same place! Isn’t that cool! Politicians call that “synergy.”

“In addition to helping to spur economic recovery and protect manufacturing jobs in Pennsylvania and other parts of the country where motorcycles and motorcycle parts are manufactured and assembled,” an anonymous spokesman explained, “the inclusion of motorcycles in this Act will help America move away from its dependence on foreign sources of oil. Motorcycles are inherently fuel efficient. Average miles-per-gallon for motorcycles ranges from 40-50 MPG, even higher for smaller bikes.”

Maybe Senate Bill 1248 will pass. Maybe not. Don’t hold your breath.

“Now, back to you, Bambi! Heh, heh, heh. What does the future hold for weather here in the greater quad-cities metropolitan area? Heh, heh, heh!”

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