Semi-Secret Mongols Drama Continue

June 15, 2009

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Late last week, five more men pled guilty to racketeering in the government prosecution of the Mongols Motorcycle Club. Three of those pleas were made public. Two of those pleas remain sealed.

So far in this case, 23 plea and sentencing agreements have been filed with the Federal Court for the Central District of California. Thirteen plea changes have also been filed. All but one of those plea changes have been accepted by the court..

The total number of plea and sentencing agreements in this case and the degree to which each of the confessed men is cooperating or has cooperated with the prosecutors remains a state secret. At a glance, a minimum of 23 members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club would seem to have pleaded guilty to the first count in the indictment. Also, at a glance the number of confessed racketeers could be as high as 35.

The Fog Of Prosecution

However, government secrecy and federal rules of court procedure confuse any positive conclusion. Some plea changers may have pled nolo contendre, or “no contest” and then pled guilty on another date. Some confessed racketeers may have pled to multiple charges in separate pleas. As long as so many of the pleas remain secret, there is no sure way to know.

Worldly and cynical readers are also aware that a standard tool in federal prosecutions is an Orwellian tactic titled, “Rule 35.” Rule 35 provides for “sentence relief or reduction for providing assistance to the government in the investigation or conviction of another person or persons.” Among the many nuances of Rule 35 is a device called “Third Party Assistance” which allows a witness to cooperate with prosecutors through a third party without actually entering a plea.

Under certain circumstances, prosecutors may wait for up to a year after the commencement of a trial to enter a Rule 35 Motion on behalf of a cooperating witness. The Mongols racketeering trial is now scheduled to begin in November.

What Everybody Is Saying

The first count of the indictment, to which it appears at least 23 defendants have confessed, states that:

Everyone named in the October indictment “…and others known and unknown to the Grand Jury, were members and associates of an organization engaged in, among other things, murder, conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to traffic in narcotics, narcotics-trafficking, robbery, extortion, money laundering, and witness intimidation. At all relevant times, this organization, known as the “Mongols” Biker gang, operated in the Central District of California and elsewhere. The Mongols gang, including its leadership, membership, and associates, constituted an ‘enterprise,’ as defined by Title 18, United States Code, Section 1961(4), that is, a group of individuals associated in fact. The enterprise engaged in, and its activities affected, interstate and foreign commerce. The enterprise constituted an ongoing organization whose members functioned as a continuing unit for a common purpose of achieving the objectives of the enterprise.”

Additionally, each of the confessed racketeers has admitted to “predicate crimes.” These are crimes that were committed on behalf of the Mongols “conspiracy.”


As previously stated here, John “Weto” Newman; Christopher “Punk Rock” Loza; William “Dago Bull” Shawley; Abram “Cane” Wedig; Ramon “Speedy” Contreras; and William “Dago Bull” Shawley have all pled guilty to count one of the indictment and to additional predicate crimes.

Three club officers are also known to have pled guilty to count one and additional predicate crimes. Those men are Ricardo Gutierrez, President of the South Bay Chapter in Los Angeles; Shawn “Monster” Buss, Sergeant at Arms of the Hollywood Chapter; and Juan Manuel “Listo” Nieves.

Nieves is the most senior member of the Mongols known to have confessed to count one. Nieves was Sergeant at Arms for the Mother Chapter of the Mongols Motorcycle Club.

The Mother Chapter

The Department of Justice has alleged that the Mother Chapter was the “leadership and governing body of the Mongols…. The Mother Chapter exercises authority over the actions of individual Mongols members and the regional chapters. Mongols pay money into the Mother Chapter in the form of fees, dues and taxes. Those funds are used, in part, to fund and promote the organization and pay for the legal expenses of Mongols members when they are prosecuted for committing crimes on behalf of the organization.”

According to public documents, during all but six weeks of the most recent, undercover, government investigation of the Mongols, the Mother Chapter was “comprised of defendants Cavazos, R. Cavazos, Jr., H. Gonzalez, Roseli, Nieves, Tinoco and Munz.” Ruben “Doc” Cavazos, Ruben “‘Lil Rubes” Cavazos Jr., Arthur “Chiques” Roseli, Juan Manuel “Listo” Nieves, Anthony Mark “Bengal” Tinoco and John Canales all ceased to be national officers in August, 2008.

Rebel You Illiterate Jackass

Last Friday, a learned legal scholar furiously complained to this page that Nieves admission that the “Mongols biker gang” is a murdering, drug dealing, robbing, extorting, money laundering, witness intimidating, criminal enterprise insensitively overstated the extent of Nieves cooperation with prosecutors. The scholar demanded that this page retract a statement that Nieves would testify to his admission. The statement that Nieves would testify to his admission was sloppy and unfounded. The Aging Rebel has retracted that statement.

For the record, this page is trying -in the face of blatant government obfuscation-to tell the truth about this case in a manner that is considerate of the defendants and their families.

Coincidentally, later just that very afternoon five plea and sentencing agreements were filed with the court. Two of those pleas were sealed. The pleas entered by Joseph “Swifty” Valle, Manuel “Leatherface” Vasquez and Thomas “Danger” Savala were not sealed.

Valle, Vasquez And Savala

Valle, Vasquez and Savala all pled guilty to count one of the indictment. As with every other unsealed plea agreement, all three promised to “not knowingly and willfully fail to be truthful at all times with Pretrial Services, the US Probation Office and the Court.”

Additionally, Valle admitted that he sought to obtain methamphetamine and that he possessed and intended to distribute about 55 grams of that illegal drug. Vasquez stated in writing that he possessed and intended to distribute about 8 grams of methamphetamine. Savala admitted that he had arranged to collect narcotics proceeds from a co-defendant, retrieved a weapon from a co-defendant and participated in a Mongols “leadership meeting. ”

Previous court documents had mentioned “Savala’s participation in an April 8, 2007 shooting; and… participation in the November 2007 murder of two City Terrace gang members whose bodies were set ablaze in the desert after being shot.”

The plea filed Friday does not contain a word about either of those now, apparently, unfounded allegations.

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23 Responses to “Semi-Secret Mongols Drama Continue”

  1. HG Says:

    how do you look up information to see if someone is still a member or was previously ?

  2. Frequent Flyer Says:

    If you ever needed a reason to read this blog at least once a day, Rebel’s last post (to cold shoulder) should be exhibit A.

  3. Goon Says:

    Free Leatherface 1%er! MFFM

  4. DirtyBruin Says:


    I don’t personally know any members of the Mongols M/C, but I suspect I’d enjoy hanging out with them more than some racist fuckhole who thinks it’s appropriate to use words like “spic” in public.

  5. Breed MC Says:

    The Mongols should change to Mongoloid – they’re retards, they are not an MC . Any real club allows only White men who ride a Harley, no gangbanging spics need apply.
    Doc Cavo is the reason they are dead, it has been proven that this was a RICO case, more do than Italian mafia

  6. Not Surprised Says:

    Until 1972 ATF was part of the IRS. It was a taxation and regulatory agency. After the death of J Edgar Hoover in 1972, (who bitterly opposed the foramtion of any Federal crime agency other than the FBI) ATF was transferred to Treasury and began its formation into what it has become today. 2003 Homeland Security folded BATFE under its umbrella. The Alcohol and Tobacco regulatory powers remain under Treasury while the Guns and Bombs part is under DOJ. Wierd, huh?

    The classic entry way into MC’s is “felon with a gun”. This gives them jurisdiction say, over the FBI.

    FBI was the powerhouse against MC’s during the 80’s. FBI is and always has been under DOJ. Ronald Reagan former Governor of California had a particular hard on for one major CA club and William Bennett had testified in CA courts numerous times against this club. Consequently, the club was a high priority for the Regan Justice Dept. Tony Tait’s handlers reported back to the Whitehouse. This era saw numerous Federal prosecutions on a large scale against the club.

    RICO is selective porsecution. DOJ is fairly adept at drawing up RICO indictments (as one previous commenter has said) because they have the acountants, lawyers and assitants to do so.Usually a RICO case involves several federal agencies: IRS, DEA, ATF etc. The foreiture clause under RICO can be very intimidatoing as its language allows the indictee’s family to be subject to the loss of everything.

    However, history yields that RICO succeeds ONLY by plea arrangements, not by trial. The best example of this is when in 1979, Sonny Barger and 17 others were indicted under RICO and all agreed no one would plead. Guess what? The Gov’t lost.

    Gnag Enhancements simply state the following: if you and I go to a bar and get in a fight, we will likely both be charged with the same thing. Fair is fair. But if a member of a target group does this, regardless of who starts the fight, he can and usually does face at least three felony indictments. A case in point is a friend of mine who while functioning as Sargeant At Arms, kicked a guy during a fight. He had 3 years tacked on to his sentence for “furtherance of a criminal enterprise” and three MORE for using a deadly weapon : ” a shod foot”. Correct. His boot became a deadly wepaon. ALL of this because of what he wore on his back. The other guy who witnesses say “started it” was charged with disorderly conduct and simple assault. No conventional weapons were used, just fists and feet. It was one of those things many 1% face all the time. Some guy who neglects to take the first warning.

    In one of the biggest “leaps” I’ve seen with RICO, an insurance company was sucessfully prosecuted under RICO for sytematically and criminally defrauding customers of premium payments. Again, there was never a trial with testimony, evidence, etc. All rolled on the next guy all the way up.

    RICO is likened to nuclear threat. The threat of deploying nuclear weapons is actually more effective than actually doing so.

    So. Monitoring and prosecuting MC’s has gravitated to BATFE. If you sell a gun to a guy withouot paperwork and a frien of yours does the same, even if the two of you dont know about the other’s involvment, because “three or more” are involved you can be charged under RICO with conspiracy. Also, crimes you have commited in the past and have been adjudicated can be used to establish a pattern under under a new RICO charge. If someone asks you if you know where some party favoprs might be had and you give a name on tape, even though that is ALL you do, you can be indicted under RICO conspiracy charges. If youo are a patch holder, you can be further indicted for commiting a crime for the benefit of a criminal enterpirse just for helping a “friend” score.

    But the public does not care because afterall you are a criminal member of a street gang because their government says so.

  7. Gringo1%er Says:

    right on rebel! man that was beautiful!

  8. FTF Says:


    Couldn’t have said it any better myself.


  9. Rebel Says:

    Dear Cold Shelter,

    All due respect but you are so wrong about almost everything that I hardly know where to start.

    1. The reason why RICO does not work against motorcycle clubs is that neither the Hells Angels, the Mongols, Vagos, Bandidos, AOA, Sons of Silence, Pagans, Iron Horsemen, Highwaymen, Gypsy Jokers, VNVMC, Forastero, Galloping Goose, and on and on, none of them are the Mafia. RICO does not work because motorcycle clubs are no more organized crime than the Masons.

    2. Bikers do like guns, drugs, women and they like to get loaded and blow things up and they are, in general anti-authoritarian. So some petty charge can always be made against bikers. The average citizen, in case you do not yet know, commits three felonies a day. Everybody breaks the law. That is how modern policing works.

    3. People will hate me for this, but I feel a great deal of compassion for both William Queen and Jay Dobyns. It is not easy being Judas. And, I think it is fair to say that both of those guys were terrified the whole time they were undercover. They were just scared shitless of outlaw bikers. They saw what they expected to see and basically what they found were little buy-busts.

    4. Ciccone seems to be a yuppie careerist. I do not know the guy so possibly I am wrong. But he is a cop. He is not an airborne ranger. He does not want to live a life of danger. He wants to use his life to lock other men in a cage. That is what he is doing with the breath God gives him. He likes to use his privileged position to bully tough guys. On paper, he speaks in boiler plate. He has been trying to prove the Mongols are the Mafia for more than ten years and he hasn’t done it yet and he never will because it is not true. He has managed to get some very unprincipled Under Cover Agents to provoke some drug deals. He has tape recorded deluded narcissicists bragging like pimps in hell. He may be likable but, personally, I am not impressed with his work.

    5. And, right, I am sure that in the ATF Ciccone is one of the really prize pigs. I have been trying to figure out how the ATF went from being revenuers to being the motorcycle club police for quite awhile. The chain of events seems to lead from the Aryan nations, to Ruby Ridge, to Waco to OK City. I understand that it is much more self glorifying to bust Mongols instead of some guy who is selling fireworks. But I think most Americans are in much more danger from the careless use of fireworks than they are from any motorcycle club.

    6. And yes, I do not think it is possible to overestimate Sonny Barger. But, I do not think he, or anyone connected to the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club needs to particularly study the Mongols case. It is a very weak case. It epitomizes a fundamentally flawed philosophy of social control and it is symptomatic of a failing democracy. The Mongols case is about the decline and fall of the United States of America.

    7. Finally, all of these ATF cases are a renunciation of fundamental American ideals. Washington, Franklin and Jefferson would be appalled by this Mongols case. Jackson would be appalled. Abraham Lincoln, to whom many Southerners used to refer as the “Great Tyrant,” would be appalled. My distant grandfather who was “transported” to the Chesapeake Bay in 1680 as a criminal would be appalled. My distant grandfather who was a prisoner of the British during the Revolution would be appalled. My two distant grandfathers who fought at Gettysburg would be appalled. My grandfather who went into the mines in Beckley, West Virginia at the age of seven as a slate picker and got out by going to France with Pershing would be appalled. I am appalled. This is our country. This is not the ATF’s country. In the end I don’t really give a damn what the law says. And, I don’t really give a damn whether John Ciccone or William Queen or Jay Dobyns or Judge Cooper or all the lawyers in Washington like it or not. I do not think any free man should give a damn about what any of them like or don’t like.

    Thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting.

    Your pal,

  10. Cold Shelter Says:

    Many years ago I was amazed at the problem the Fed’s were having in making RICO cases stick against OMG’s. For more than 50 years La Cosa Nostra fought the Fed’s by denying the very existence of the Mafia. Here you have groups that advertise their existence and members that wear clothing advertising their membership in those groups. I could have told the ATF years ago how they needed to approach the RICO issue. Prove that everything that was done, was done for the club and you have RICO. That’s what they couldn’t get. They taped this drug deal and that drug deal, this gun sale and that gun sale, this confession of crime and that confession of crime, when all they needed was to get every suspect to state that everything they did was for the club. Queen never worked for that kind of statement and Dobyns never worked for that kind of statement. They just wanted to keep adding up more petty crimes and then that would somehow magically produce a RICO case. Well, folks, it doesn’t work that way. I’ll tell you the big secret as to why this prosecution is working and all the others didn’t. On Jan 24,2003 the ATF moved to the Justice Dept. They understand RICO over there. They have expert lawyers that can provide ‘strategic planning’ for RICO prosecutions. I have friends at Justice that were laughing for years at the inept antics of the ATF in their gang investigations. They fought hard against the ATF going over to Justice because they knew what a bunch of half-wits were running the show over there. The street level supervisors like Ciccone are some of the best in the business, but the people up the chain from him could not get a conviction against Osama himself. That move to Justice made all the difference. But they will have a tough nut to crack when they move on to the 81. Sonny’s too smart for them. He’ll have all the members removing their colors for any criminal act where money is involved. Kick all the ass you want in your cut but don’t sell as much as a dime bag wearing your patch. That wiley old fox is already reading this Mongol indictment. LOL

  11. Rebel Says:

    Dear duce09,

    I will, partner. Just stay calm. When i get a chance I will look it up. When there is something to look up. I am pretty sure he has not yet been sentenced and I have never seen his pre-sentencing report. So I do not know what he is looking at.

    In the Mongols case, the drug case and so on hardly even matter. Okay? What the government is trying to do is bust up the Mongols. What the government is trying to coerce everybody into doing is plead to count one. And, then seem to mean, roughly a couple of years. Maybe less.


  12. duce09 Says:

    Hey Rebel so how much time is Vasquez looking at? Keep me updated thank you.

  13. duce09 Says:

    Hey rebel what is vasquez sentence,how much time is he looking at? Please rebel keep me updated.thanks

  14. duce09 Says:

    Hey rebel whats vasquez sentence or how much time is he actually looking at?Please keep me updates rebel.

  15. 55 Says:

    this is bullshit what or whoes next punk ass mothertfuckers!!

  16. FTF Says:

    No the Mongols are not dead and buried. Long and short the government is good at one thing, and that’s intimidation. There is a lot going on with this case that is similar to any other prosecution by the government. It’s called mandatory minimum sentences. When they lock you up they sit on you and charge you with all kinds of stuff, which at the time comes with a huge mandatory minimum. Hence all the deal making. What people don’t understand is that by making a deal they are usually signing for the exact mandatory minimum sentence they would receive had they have gone to trial and lost. This is a game the government plays. These deals will be used to fuck over those who did not sign a plea deal, so, call it what you will, but we all know what it is, plain and simple.

    But in no way are the Mongols dead, not now, not ever.

    Oh, and the reason you aren’t seeing a lot of bikes out now would probably be due to the fact that the government seized every bike they could get there hands on, including a lot of bikes belonging to those who are not even indicted.

  17. Rebel Says:

    Dear T-Dogg,

    Thank you for your long and thoughtful post. I hope everybody reads it. I agree, Doc was stupid and all that but I will tell you what I am just catching on to.

    I thought the worst thing that could happen is that the Mongols would state on the record that the club was a criminal conspiracy. I just got stuck there forever and I was not even close. I was all like, “Oh no! How can they give up the patch?!” Well everybody is playing by real California prison rules now. The Mongols are the least of it. The Mongols may have enemies beside the ATF and the DOJ. Somebody important may have decided, no more Mongols, no more problem. Doc may have given the wrong people shit and now the Mongols might be stuck with the bill. Maybe. Just maybe.

    You are also missing a lot of what is going on if you just read the indictment and the search warrant. Yeah, Doc was not exactly Mayer Lansky. The club still could have beaten this and most people could have been out in under five years except some guys with a lot of exposure starting making deals. This investigation really started after the indictment.

    It is not that the government got better at investigating motorcycle clubs. That is what I thought, too. Forever. But what really happened was that the government has gotten better at prosecuting motorcycle clubs after the investigation is over.

    And, this is a perfect storm. I have been telling people off this site that I think this is the “Mongol Apocalypse.” That is the best way I know to put it.

    And, despite all that, the government is still the government. These guys would fuck up a wet dream. After all that I have said, the Mongols still are not dead and buried.

    Stay tuned,

    your pal,

  18. T-Dogg Says:

    What is happening with the Mongols is unprecidented. The Mongols were a real motorcycle club at one point, then that meglomaniacal gang-banging punk Doc came along and completely changed the dynamics of the club as soon as he got involved. Doc has absolutely no understanding of brotherhood or what it means to be a real patch-holder and loyalty, honor and respect. Unfortunately Doc rose to power in that club and under his reign, the Mongols may have run themselves straight into extinction.

    It’s easy to blame Doc for this all, and while Doc is definately responsible for the transition from being a real motorcycle club, to what they are now by accepting gang-bangers as members, forgoing prospecting and allowing them to move straight to patch-holders (what the fuck??). Oh yeah, Doc did write that book on the Mongols, which along with the really great interview he did for Gangland should prove really useful to the prosecution if and when he or any of the indicted Mongols actually go to trial. Doc did have plenty of help running the Mongols into the ground.

    In less than ten years the ATF infiltrated the Mongols during two separate investigations placing a total of 9 ATF Agents. The flipped full patch members, prospects, associates and chicks and used them to approach and gain access to the Mongols, gather intelligence and betray their Mongol brothers. The ease and effectiveness at which the ATF infiltrated the Mongols during this most recent investigation I believe can be attributed to two people, Doc and John Ciccone.
    It is no secret that as soon as Doc got involved with the Mongols he started recruiting Hispanic street gang members. What in the fuck do they know about being patch-holders? Bright idea number two Doc had was to do away with prospecting for many of these gang-bangers and allowing them to be members even if they didn’t on a bike. What the fuck Doc? I guess to Doc, a “patch-holder” is nothing more than a vest to sew your patch on. Doc’s desire to command an army completely ignored operational security. Just like the gangbangers Doc was recruiting who have no idea what it means to be a patch-holder, Doc was clueless about what is means to be a patch-holder in an outlaw motorcycle club. Enter, Billy Queen.

    With most of the real Mongols retiring or being kicked out during Doc’s rise to power and Doc’s non existent operational security, Doc had completely softend the Mongols for infiltration. When only 1% or so of your membership are actually a real outlaw bikers and not just some gangbanger who thinks that wearing a vest with a 1% patch and MC on it make them a biker, it is pretty easy to see how Billy Queen slipped in. I have seen a couple different documentaries on Queens infiltration which showed some of the surveillance footage of Queen interacting with Mongols during his investigation. I can’t believe those guys actually bought that half-retarded hillbilly’s act. Any real 1%er would have been on to him right away. Luckily for the Mongols, Billy Queen was only average as an undercover agent and John Ciccone was not nearly as smart and wiley as he is now and the Mongols escaped relatively unscathed.

    That’s right I said John Ciccone. I hate giving cops any sort of recognition, but John Ciccone has chosen the lifestyle he believes is for him, he is committed to it and works hard towards what he believes is the greater good and appears to have maintained some integrity.

    While I may not agree with his lifestyle just as he doesn’t agree with mine, I can respect his commitment and dedication. The ATF has been infiltrating outlaw motorcycle clubs for a long time and there is a long list of clubs that have been infiltrated. That said, outlaw motorcycle gang investigation has seen major milestones in the last 10 years, all occurring on the west coast. Starting with the Queen investigation which seem completely when compared to the tactics used by the ATF during Jay Dobbins infiltration of the Hells Angels a few years later. Queen’s initial infiltration of the Mongols resulted in relatively minor charges and sentences for those involved. Dobbins infiltration of the Hells Angels dubbed Operation Black Biscuit, while another investigative milestone it was an embarrassment, with allegations against the case agents, undercover agents and informants of misconduct, use of illegal wiretaps and recording devices, falsified affadvidts etc. In the end only a handful of defendant plead guilty to minor offences with the most significant sentence amounting to less than 10 years time. While John Ciccone was not the primary case agent for Operation Black Biscuit, he was involved and consulted throughout the course of the investigation. It appears that Ciccone has studied and learned well from these milestone operations as well as each that he’s worked prior because Operation Black Rain against the Mongols is a work of art compared to any prior outlaw motorcycle club infiltration.

    By studying the indictment resulting from Operation Black Rain as well as the search warrant affadivdts it is clear that the ATF and Federal Prosecutors tactically planned their investigation with the intent of dismanteling and eliminating the Mongols. Thus attack the trademark. The Mongols logo is trademarked. By establishing that the trademarked logo and club name Mongols were used by the club and it’s members as a tool of intimidation to further the criminal enterprise, the Feds will be able to seize control of the Mongols trademark permanently and completely bar the unauthorized use of the Mongols Motorcycle Club name and logo.

    Currently the Mongols are not able to fly their patches in public without risking them being taken by law enforcement. Should the Fed’s prove their case, the Mongols trademark may forever be forfeited. As stands now with all the pleas to count one of the indictment “Racketeering” already entered by defendants in the case, it appears the government me be able to start pulling patches in the near future.

    Having identified their goal, analyzed the prosecution strategy for the anticipated charges, and planned their investigation around these factors, the ATF went to work gathering evidence. The Mongols made things easy for the ATF. Three ATF agents obtained membership quickly and easily in California Mongols chapters. Even more conveniently, one ATF agent was introduced to the Mongols Reno chapter and given membership without prospecting . To make things even better each of these ATF agents who had become full patch Mongols members also had introduced their “old lady” who was in fact an ATF Agent as well into the club.

    Doing their part to help destroy the club, unwitting Mongols members sold methamphetamine and guns to these “Undercover Mongols” on a regular basis. Unlike prior cases the buys were not for a few grams or ounces here and there. Rather, for 2 years, ATF agents posing as Mongols regularly bought 50+grams- 300+ grams methamphetamines and guns from unsuspecting Mongols. They listened to Mongols confess to crimes such as robbery, assault and murder and in several cases, witnessed these crimes being committed first hand. During each buy, ATF agents were careful to note whether or not the member was wearing a set of Mongols colors, jewelry, belt buckles or clothing bearing the Mongols trademarked logo when the deal took place. This information was then included in each count of the indictment and is being used by the government to prove that the logo and name are a tool of the criminal acts.

    Here we are today, watching one of the most elaborate undercover operations ever works its way through the criminal justice system in the form of a groundbreaking indictment that could, for the first time allow the government to pull a motorcycle clubs colors and shut that club down. I’m sure there are some patch holders reading this that think “ fuck that, if the feds try and take my patch, I’ll tattoo them on my bike and ride around with no shirt! ” I would completely agree with you, but the difference is we are real patch-holders. Consider this:

    Doc Cavazos completely changed the sociological dynamics and culture of the Mongols Motorcycle Club when he started recruiting members of street gangs and handing out patches, bypassing prospecting and allowing members who don’t own motorcycles. It is a joke to call yourself a motorcycle club if your club allowed a man to prospect or become a member without prospecting or owning a bike and you have got to be smoking crack if you think you can justify it. By flooding the Mongols with the gangbangers and eliminating critical aspects of motorcycle club protocol and customs he has allowed critical aspects of the motorcycle club culture to become unimportant and become eliminated from the Mongols culture. If you have Mongols in your area, you have probably noticed they are not flying their colors anymore, nor are they riding their bikes. Why??

    Well I have two suggested possabilities. First the government will take your colors if you get caught wearing them in public. Two, these current mongols weren’t real bikers to begin with, so what do they care if they don’t have to ride that damn bike anymore.
    What I’m saying is this. The Mongols used to be a bad-ass outlaw motorcycle club, but then Doc Cavazos came in and fucked that all to hell.

    The members he brought in were there to sell drugs and be part of something more respected than their street gang but they know nothing about being an outlaw biker and didnt want to be one anyway, so they did what they knew and sold drugs, committed assaults, drive-by’s and murder while hiding behind the Mongols name and the reputation of their brothers who fought and sacrificed so that they could wear that California bottom rocker. Now facing a serious RICO they are starting to turn on each other and several key players have pleaded guilty. A rat is a rat is a rat and all these fucking pieces of shit that have plead guilty to count one of the indictment are fucking rats and have fucked their “brothers” without even having to cooperate.

    That said, these fucking rats (Doc are you one of them? I bet you are) cant do time because Doc has made too many enemies for the Mongols and rats know that the Feds will buy you a knew life if you’ll tell them what they want to hear so anyone going to trial is pretty much fucked if you had anything major to do with any of the 25-35 bitches that have turned rat and taken plea deals. This on it’s own will demoralize the Mongol Nation, add to that the possibility of Doc cooperating, the possibility of numerous superceeding indictments to come as a result of the cooperating rats, a permanent seizure of the Mongols name and logo and what may happen is the Mongols will drop the motorcycle club aspect since and realize that in their line of business anonymitity is your friend and they will easily transition into a street cartel. Thus the end of the Mongols MC.

    Here’s the big problem with that theory. If that does indeed happen, the Mongols will have fucked it up for all of us. While your club may not be involved in the same things as outlined in the Mongols indictment, the poor intelligence by law enforcement and prejudicial training provided to law enforcement by so called “experts” like Steve Cook, designed to stir the pot and keep the boogeyman that is motorcycle clubs scaring society in order keep them voting for rediulously broad anti-gang legislastion and keep those budget dollars rolling in, we are all at risk!! This case, if successful will give the government a clear and easy plan to follow to efficiently dismantle any motorcycle club they can prove are involved in illegal activities.

    Whether you are a fan of the Mongols or not, you owe it to yourself and to your club if you’re a patch-holder to really analyze the true impact this case. Don’t overlook the things we are forced to deal with on a day to day basis such as profile stops by the cops and “No Color” policies, or assume that overly broad anti gang legislation will not be used to get enhancements against motorcycle club members simply because they were designed for street gangs. Make note of these things, keep records, professionally confront these things and strive for change and protection as a class. The motorcycle club community is a powerful force filled with dedicated, honorable, intelligent men and we can make change.

    Good luck to the Mongols who have hung in there hoping that things would swing back to being a motorcycle club before it was too late. I hope your club will survive as a motorcycle club. To those pretenders that have jeopardized our lifestyle, you made your bed now lie in it. Hopefully you can be men and keep your mouth shut, unlike any of your homies.

    And to all the real patch-holders I wish you a life filled with loyalty, honor, respect and brotherhood. Finally, to any citizen who happens to read this, I hope it has caused you to think a little more about the bigger picture and realize that not all 1%ers are uneducated, drug dealing murdering rapists as law enforcement and the media portray us to be, keep an open mind and remember that after the Fed’s destroy our lifestyle, it will be yours next.

  19. Joseph S Says:

    Good reporting,your on top of things.

  20. Rebel Says:

    Dear James,

    Thank you for reading. I just talk back to everybody. Didn’t take it as a slap. Thank you for commenting.

    your pal,

  21. JAMES Says:

    YES REBEL I understand where you are comng from, but we as readers just have to put in our two cents worth, it is no slap in your direction and I personally thenk you for at least publishing things that most won’t even get the chance to read, JAMES

  22. Rebel Says:

    Dear James,

    Absolutely. I think the situation with many of these defendants is that they are just trying to be smart and do what the lawyer says. But a prime objective of the government in this case has been to try to “prove” that the Mongols Motorcycle Club is a criminal enterprise, seize the patch and put the club out of business.

    I hear you. But the judge and the jury will not hear you. I do not get a vote. Judges and juries get to vote on what is right and wrong, who is legal and who is not, who is naughty and who is nice.

    Really sorry that I am the guy who has to give you this news. Thanks for reading.

    your pal,

  23. JAMES Says:


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