Two More Pleas In Mongols Case

June 10, 2009

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Two more former members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club have agreed to Plea and Sentencing Agreements with the Department of Justice.

The men are Shawn “Monster” Buss and Ramon “Speedy” Contreras.


Buss, a former Mongols chapter President has pled guilty to one count of racketeering. Buss has stated to the court that he “carried weapons and engaged in acts of violence…in furtherance of a criminal enterprise.”

Specifically, Buss has admitted that in December, 2006 he and other Mongols “beat an African-American at the Tokio Lounge in Hollywood, California;” that in January, 2007 in San Diego he and other members of the club assaulted “a Hells Angels supporter and forced him to surrender his Hells Angels clothing at a Chuck-E-Cheese restaurant;” and that among several other statements, he participated in “a Mongols National Presidents meeting… on July 26, 2008.”

Buss also stated that “members and associates” of the Mongols Motorcycle Club “would commit racketeering offenses including narcotics trafficking.” As part of the deal Buss also promised to “be truthful at all times with the court.”

As part of the deal, Buss will probably be sentenced to between 21 and 33 months in prison.


Contreras also pled guilty to one charge of racketeering and told the court that he was guilty of several minor offenses. Any defendant must confess to at least two separate instances of criminal activity on behalf of a “criminal enterprise” in order to be guilty of racketeering.

Contreras has admitted that “as a member of the Mongols criminal enterprise…(he) knowingly and intentionally distributed methamphetamine with members and associates of the Mongols Gang.” He also admitted maintaining a stolen motorcycle and has promised to be truthful with the court.

Contreras faces a sentence of 12 to 18 months in prison.


Last October, 79 members and former members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club were indicted on numerous charges including racketeering. So far, 26 of those defendants have agreed to plead guilty in return for some prosecutorial consideration.

Eighteen of those deals remain sealed under order of the court. Besides Buss and Contreras, Abram “Cane” Wedig, Ricardo Gutierrez, John “Weto” Newman, Christopher “Punk Rock” Loza, Juan Manuel “Listo” Nieves and William “Dago Bull” Shawley are known to have entered into Plea and Sentencing Agreements.

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18 Responses to “Two More Pleas In Mongols Case”

  1. HACK Says:

    For any one that says that buss aka monster is a rat they dont know him monster is a true friend and he would help any one a friend like monster are hard to come by and he no who he is and he sure is no punk

  2. S Brum Says:

    Anyway , Thanks Rebel.
    To tell you the truth i dont care for politics an any fashion.
    Just, stopped by to say that Monster is no punk, and callin the game from an arm chair looking through someone elses glasses may not be a good idea.
    God Bless.

  3. S Brum Says:

    I know for a Fact, That there are opinions im reading that are largley political in origin , One percent support from one side and the other. I read Alot of ego and self rightousness in the words of James and Duce.
    Monster is A Man of Respect. I have known this man most of my life, I will tell you, In response to this Hate crime alligation it s all they could do to twist something and try and make it stick. The response was provoked, the threat made compliant. you ,could say the man was an asshole started some shit and got some on him.
    The Love of Brothers and Motorcycles has always been the reason for
    the Beginning , The birth of the BIKE CLUB.
    As long as there has been one, there have been people Govrnment Agency)trying to break them apart.The bickering and decension between everybody is exactley why, we have less control.We are and always have been more like eachother , than the government. The goverment would have every one percent bike club destroyed if it could, and its trying.

  4. CAUSE 4 ALARM Says:

    Also that was not a hate crime,Buss has had black friends for years.

  5. CAUSE 4 ALARM Says:

    Ive known Shawn Buss for over 17 years and he is not a rat.
    He has always been a nice guy… long as you dont mess with him or his friends.
    Most of the mangy mutts calling CREED/monster a rat have no clue.
    People are quick to talk about what they would and wouldnt do,but have never been involved in anything like this.

    If i was going to blame anyone it would be DOC……..


  6. fastlivin Says:

    I have spent quite a bit of time with Monster (Shawn) and many of his brothers’ and on many occasions there where African Americans kicking back with us as well. Hell one of the Mongols had an African American male as a roommate for the longest time. If the Mongols are so racist that would never been accepted.
    One of the many instances I have read portraying Monster as being a ruthless violent criminal he had every right to be during. One of the HA started shit with a couple of the brothers and ended up stabbing Monster’s pregnant girlfriend at the time almost killing Monster’s unborn child. Where are the feds to persecute those HA members? I feel the ATF should be targeting all of the “biker gangs” including their precious HA, not just one they have a hard-on against if what they are really trying to is make the “streets safer” from violence.
    I have been around and silently seen/heard a lot and there is so much crap from just the little information that has been put out on OBR coming out of the feds mouths (or printers in this case) that I need a friggin’ boat or I would drown in their shit.

  7. CMo09 Says:

    the so called Hate Crime that Buss confessed to was NOT a hate crime. The other guy was being a butt hole to his sister, his girlfriend and some other girls that were with them that night. A fight did take place, and I’m sure that butt hole got the worst of it.

    Buss is not a racist. There were other African Americans WITH the Buss party that night at their table at the Tokyo Lounge. (Rebel, keep the info coming… it is much appreciated)

  8. duce09 Says:

    Okay thanks rebel…i hope we could keep in touch..

  9. Rebel Says:

    Dear Duce09,

    So far, only the one defendant has been actually sentenced. When I mention probable sentences I am looking at the sentencing guideline table, the points reduction that the prosecution is recommending in the plea deal, and I am guessing what the judge will do.

    The indictment always overstates the severity of what actually occurred. An indictment is a prosecutorial tool. Anything any uncover agent sees or hears was probably an event that was actually contrived by that undercover agent.

    What else?

    Oh yeah, 18 months is a long time to be locked up in a cage in the middle of a racial war surrounded by lunatics who are never, ever quiet. Like being locked up inside a drum with the fucking Manson family day after day. Eighteen months can seem like a long time. Your old lady can get mighty lonely in eighteen months.

    I will try to keep you updated. There is a lot of secrecy in this case, you know.


  10. duce09 Says:

    Hey rebel whats up with buss? he commited a hate crime at the tokyo lounge in hollywood and thats all the time hes looking at…pluss he was involve in other acts of the indictment he is getting charge with attempted murder..whats up with that…and whats with contreras..he was caught with a half a pound of cutting agent,bragged to under covers about obtaining a stolen motorcycle..and hes looking at 12 to 18 months….keep me updated and how long is newman actually doing..please rebel keep me updated…

  11. JAMES Says:

    HOW STUPID IS THIS, these two cliam THE MONGOLS as a CRIMINAL ORG.?They sure as heck don’t speak for the CLUB, they are speaking of themselves anda select few, so in this kind of a plea they have done nothing but PURGER THEMSELVES , as they have no idea what is up with the CLUB as a whole,shame on these fools.

  12. JAMES Says:

    This is a pretty imformatuve site, but these two MONGOLS or EX-MONGOLS whatever they claim are agreeing to answer all COURT QUESTINS TRUTHFULLY, what a joke, they already PERGER THEMSELVES by stating THE MONGOLS AND ITS ASSOCIATES COMMIT CRIMES, they need to admit it was the select few along with MR. CAVASOS that schemed up what they were off into, as niether of them have any knowledge as to what the CLUB as a whole is doing, and it is sad that they drag others into there problems by telling windys just to get a lighter sentence.The crap they were involved in was probably never schemed up at a PRESIDENTS MEETING but just at a meeting of the ones mentioned in CAVASOS BOOK, guys like these were only in it for what they could get out of it and MR.CAVASOS was trying to be the rimo DICTATOR of THE MONGOLS M.C., he should have stayed off the T.V. and not tried to be SONNY BARGER by writing a book trying to be famous, but instead of writing things of interest as MR.BARGER did , MR. CAVASOS hung his CLUB and his COCONSPRITORS out to dry, so now they say they are speakijng in COURT TRUTHFULLY, what adiscusting LIE within itself.

  13. FatBobber Says:

    I would hear things from the streets, at the bars, over a beer at the hangouts, but I had a hard time finding out the latest on this no matter what. We appreciate the scoop on this and being kept up to date. Keep it up – thanks.

  14. Sohn Says:

    Dear Rebel,
    It amazes me that people think your bias leans toward the government. I’ve dealt with news papers and t.v. on stories that dealt with me and loved ones and was told outright, that my side would not be printed or told because their main source is the government and when this case is over they’ll still have to go to the government to get their new news stories.
    That being said, I’ve read AP stories on this case and they read like DOJ press releases not journalism. At least you try to add some perspective outside of the U.S Attorneys office; Unfortunately, this case is rot with bad news. As the saying goes, don’t kill the messenger.
    Thanks Sohn

  15. Rebel Says:

    Dear Rich,

    Actually, obvious though it may seem, I am not a naive tool of the ATF.

    “Biker news websites” automatically download the stories they run from the AP or some other service. The stories are untouched by human hands. No thought involved.

    To the best of my knowledge, three news outlets are working this story. They are, the Whittier Daily News, the Associated Press and The Aging Rebel. Nobody else actually gives a shit.

    Of these, this page, The Aging Rebel, is out in front on this story. We are out in front because that is what we do. We cover bikers.

    I believe the Whittier Daily News actually has some confidential sources. There are a couple of guys there who do cops who actually know how to sharpen a pencil.

    The Associated Press writes and runs what they are fed by the ATF and the Department of Justice. They don’t know or care and almost any mainstream news coverage will originate with the AP. The AP does have a suit, that asks that the sealed plea deals and plea changes be unsealed. There is a hearing on that in July. That suit has been joined by at least one defendant.

    This story will be much, much easier to cover once the veil of secrecy has been lifted. If it actually becomes less secret. I am not sure the judge is going to rule for the AP.

    I am working this story because I think it is important and because I think people who read this page also think the story is important. And, because people have a right to know the truth about important things. I am working the story in such a way as to uncover as much truth as I can.

    The AP is not picking up on what you are reading here because 1) they do not know about this page; 2) they do not consider this page to be credible; or 3) they are lazy about this story and they do not give a shit. All three of these reasons are probably true. The third reason is absolutely true.

    I have a document to substantiate all but one thing I have written here. In some cases, the information I have written here is technically “sealed” but has been legally obtained. I suspect substantially more than I have said here.

    The one thing I do not have a document to substantiate is that there is a grand jury drafting a superseding indictment. Because I cannot put myself in the Grand Jury room. Okay? Understand what I am saying? But there sure is a lot of smoke. Okay? Many ponies go in, few ponies come out. Know what I mean?

    If I had a source among any of the lawyers on this case I, and they, would be officially in contempt and the fucking thought police would be knocking on my door in like, five, four, three, two, one…. Do you understand what I am saying to you?

    I find and read documents. I talk to people who might have a hunch. I know some guys. I am not an asshole so sometimes I can talk to guys I do not know. I have short hair and a mustache but no beard. I look like a cop. I protect sources. I tell the story.

    Let me also tell you, on this story, I do not have a source inside the ATF. I know who they are. I know where the office is in Glendale. We do not go out to Starbucks.

    I do not like this Mongols story. It is a shitload of work. It is not fun. I feel bad for the guys who are making deals. I hate telling you who they are. I feel bad for the guys who are not making deals and are going to get screwed. I feel bad for the Mongols Motorcycle Club. I feel embarrassed by this whole thing. It makes my skin crawl. I hate even thinking about it.

    So, do you want to fucking know what is going or not? Yes or no? Tell me. Yes or no?

    This is my test, okay. This is what I ask myself. If I was a defendant in this case, or if I was a member of the Mongols, would I want somebody to at least try to truthfully tell me what was going on? Yeah. I would. I would want somebody to at least notice that the ATF was putting me through this life changing ordeal. I think truth sets you free. I hate official, government secrecy.

    Please do not call me a liar or an ATF stooge again. Okay? I know you are just asking. It just kind of pisses me off. I fuck up but i do not lie. In general, I do not like or trust the police. I can spot a story that has been planted by cops a mile away.

    Now I am going to go take a motorcycle ride for, like, two days. I need to go blow the stink of this story off in the wind.


  16. rich Says:

    How come we havent heard about this case anywere except on here not even on the bikernews websites sounds like atf posting this shit to stir up shit.

  17. Rebel Says:

    Dear Sohn,

    What it is with some of these guys is the ATF got them on videotape. The lawyers are all freaking out because they do not know who is giving who up. Paranoia runs deep. There seems to be a group of at least 25 guys who just don’t know shit about shit, if you know what I mean. They are not talking to anybody no matter what.

    And, then there is the whole issue of unindicted co-conspirators. I am pretty sure that Special Agent Ciccone has at least tried to work his charm on a couple of guys who are not named on the indictment. Those are guys with other legal problems.

    No offense to anybody. Some guys are still proud. Some guys are just doing what the lawyer says. Some guys are pretty obviously rats jumping off a sinking ship.


  18. Sohn Says:

    Dear Rebel,
    It’s an abomination. The U.S. attorney is about 13 confessions away from 50% rather quickly. Using baseball analogies I wouldn’t know whether to call it batting .500, multiple grand slams or running up the score to get the other team to call the game. There’s 25 guys in there that Doc bragged about their tough background and character,26 including him, and look at them now. I know a lot of people are going to say that most of these are only plea agreements and that they aren’t ratting- but once they said,”Mongol criminal enterprise” and “Mongol Gang”, they implicated not only unknown co-conspirator Mongols but innocent Mongols as well. In game theory it the U.S. attorney has proven himself the better which will lead to more erosion of every ones liberties.

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