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June 9, 2009

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None of us can really know how it feels to be Jay Dobyns. But it is not for a lack of Jay trying to tell us.

Dobyns (pictured above) was on WAMU, the National Public Radio station in Washington, D.C. and on Sirius Satellite Radio yesterday, talking to a 40 watt Oprah named Diane Rehm about how it feels to be, “the first federal agent to infiltrate the Hells Angels…(his) life inside the gang and what he learned about himself during the process.”

For all of those of you who have just returned from a long bit in a forced labor camp in North Korea: First of all, welcome home.

No More Disco??

Second, yeah, disco really is dead.

And third, Jay Anthony “Bird” Dobyns is a former undercover agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF.) For 21 months from 2001 into 2003 Dobyns pretended to be a lonely, unlicensed gun dealer and a patched member of the Solo Angeles CM. He was befriended by numerous members and associates of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in Arizona, got his picture taken with Sonny Barger, faked an affair with another ATF uncover agent named Jenna McGuire, prospected the Angels and then tried to put as many of them as he could behind bars. The whole escapade was called “Operation Black Biscuit.”

And, Dobyns has been widely accused of screwing up the case. He probably did screw it up but despite that no one should ever underestimate this guy. He is smart, likable and shameless. And since 2006 he has been publically claiming his fate is more tragic than Nick Drake’s. Simultaneously, he has been exalted and idolized by John Walsh, Anderson Cooper and several authors. He has published his own account of his life (No Angel, reviewed here in February) and for the last three years he has been shaking dollars out of the ATF.

Trouble At Work

Dobyns sued the ATF in 2006 and settled in September, 2007. But, then the ATF was late on its payments and subjected Dobyns to “internal affairs investigations … on over eleven different occasions.” So three months ago Dobyns sued the ATF again.

There was also a fire on Dobyns’ back porch last year that caused either $30,000 or $300,000 in damage to his home. Dobyns blames the fire on a Hells Angels assassin. Some law enforcement officials have accused Dobyns of setting the fire himself.

Dobyns, in turn, has countered by accusing the ATF of trying to kill him, by willfully and intentionally failing “to assess, react to, investigate and/or protect Dobyns and (his) family from credible threats of death and violence.” For example, the ATF did not protect Dobyns or his family from last year’s fire. And, Dobyns also claims that the ATF knows that members of the Hells Angels have threatened to kill him and that the Angels have also paid the Aryan Brotherhood and Mara Salvatrucha to kill him.

Do Not Call Jay Crazy

Dobyns’ current suit is 51 pages long and it is a wonderfully entertaining document. His “synopsis of claim” includes 87 separate assertions and his respondents embrace the famous and anonymous from former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to “Daniel Blumberg, ATF retained psychiatrist.”

That last one is kind of interesting isn’t it? Kind of stands out? When you see that you can’t help wondering, does Jay Dobyns really want to go into that dark forest? Really?

Self-evidently. It appears Dobyns has absolutely no fears at all about having his lawyer cross examine a psychiatrist who thinks Dobyns is crazy. But then, aren’t the really crazy people always the last to know?

In perhaps the most magical and enchanting passages of this delightful lawsuit, Dobyns even manages to link the pipe bombing of a Mongols Motorcycle Club officer’s driveway last fall to the arson on Dobyns’ porch. The driveway bombing, which did minimal damage, followed the murder of Mark “Papa” Guardado, the San Francisco charter President of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. So, it must have been the Angels who did it. And, that pipe bombing was only a month before the fire on Dobyns’ porch! And, the Angels are out to get him!

“Don’t you see,” one can almost hear Dobyns ranting like Captain Queeg. “Don’t you see?! It all fits together! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!”

“An ATF Internal Affairs Investigator,” Dobyns suit actually goes on to state, “classified Dobyns as ‘certifiable’ (psychologically unhealthy).” So, Dobyns is suing the ATF for that, too, under section three of the complaint titled “Defamation.”

ATF Agents Make How Much

Dobyns promises to go away and be quiet and content when the ATF gives him slightly more than $4 million. Of that amount $1.6 million is to compensate him for his “suffering;” $600 thousand is to compensate his wife and children for their “suffering;” 200 grand goes to his lawyer; and he also wants ten years pay at the rate of $185,000 per year.

Did you know that ATF agents make $185,000 a year? Do you make $185,000 a year? Apparently, ATF agents make $185,000 a year and Dobyns is demanding a ten year paid vacation.

So, yesterday Jay Bird was singing his sad song in a radio booth in our nation’s capitol. “It is very disheartening,” he told the radio host. “Somebody has to stand up to the fact that federal agents, ATF agents…when trouble comes their way…are being abandoned and left on their own.”

The host, Diane Rehm, was compassionate and polite. Obviously, she had never heard of Dobyns before so she neglected to ask the most obvious question: “Tell us, Jay. When will you have enough?”

How Much Is Enough

Now that he has settled his first suit, now that he has become a true-crime celebrity, now that his book has been published and the movie rights optioned, when will Jay Dobyns finally have enough? When he settles his second suit? When the movie is produced? When it wins an academy award? When his face appears on a postage stamp? When the US Mint issues the Jay Dobyns Quarter? When the Hells Angels finally give in and patch him? When?

And, then the other question Diane Rehm forgot to ask was: Why is Jay Dobyns so obviously unhappy when he already has so much more than most of the rest of us?

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32 Responses to “Today In Jay Dobyns’ World”

  1. RVN69 Says:

    @Red&Gold, That is some funny shit. Not your accident or almost greeting the Reaper on two occasions, but the Jesus part.

    Hope for a full and rapid recovery.



    Support your local Red & Black

  2. Red&Gold Says:

    @ mike haney…yep…Some here know this, but almost exactly a year ago I was in a little bike accident that killed me…literally…I broke just about every bone in my upper body, collapsed both lungs and I actually died…Twice…I only bring this up so I can mention while in the depths of death one, I saw a white light, and was drawn to it…but then moved rapidly away and back into my body…the second death, I kept going into the light and actually saw some bearded man…I couldn’t be sure at first, but I THOUGHT it was Jesus….He had numerous tattoos tho…one was ” I love everyone, except the iomc, atf,fbi and dea”…another: ” I’m self employed AND I work for a Jewish Carpenter”…He had one that I wondered about…it read ” JHJD”,and I actually got to ask him what that one meant! He didn’t really speak, but I knew what he was saying… without words he told me…”It’s short for “Jesus hates jay dobyns”…

  3. FF Says:

    Still LMAO at that picture. Thanks for bumping, bazaman.

  4. Road Whore Says:

    @ Bazaman:

    And why, pray tell, is Mr. Dobyns so ballsy? Please enlighten us dickheads. Examples, facts, something…please!

    Ride Free

  5. Bazaman Says:

    So many dickheads leaving comments, together you all have less balls than Dobyns

  6. Frequent Flyer Says:

    And since 2006 he has been publically claiming his fate is more tragic than Nick Drake’s.


    Jaybird. What a dickbag.

  7. mike haney Says:

    jesus hates a pussy

  8. Sorcerer745 Says:

    this guy is the biggest piece of shit I have ever seen. anyone who can lead people to believe he is there brother and has love and repect for the and take the love and repect thwey return and then do everything in his power to destroy them and the lives of there familys is beyond contemt. as for his life karma is a bitch and i’m sure he will get what he diserves down the road just my humble opinnion

    Much respect to the rebel

  9. Rebel Says:

    Dear Deuce,

    Jay is working on a second book.


  10. Deuce Says:

    All of you praising that Rat Goof need a reality check, Sure he did his job, or did he? how many of these people he spent 21 months fucking over are still behind bars? you know why? Jay dobyns participated in a lot more than he has led you to believe, of course he sounds like the good guy.. HE WROTE THE BOOK, ask Sunny Barger to write a book about that slimy slug worthless peice of shit you are referring to as a ” Human Being” and by the way. GET FUCKED JAY DOBYNS YOU PIECE OF SHIT RAT GOOF COCKSUCKER

  11. BigV Says:

    I think Jabba and Grumbler have said about all that needs being said about Jay Byrd. He’s a man of no principles, he’s empty inside, and after a career of being a good Uncle Tom, master sold him off the plantation and into exile.

    I’d hate to be a guy that sold everyone down the road that I ever knew or associated with for a profession, and then got sold down that same road by my employers- and yet never saw it coming.

    I think that’s called being anyone’s easy lay. Though, it must have hurt like hell to have been discarded like last week’s backseat handjob, but you know- Jay should have been able to prepare for it- after all, he did make a career out of doing that to others.

  12. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    Dear Jabba:

    Can’t and won’t diagnose here, but let’s just say that its an awful lot of acreage in which one man describes in excruciating detail said man’s new career describing the exploits of that very same man’s previous life in the most flattering manner possible.

    Case studies only feed the monster!

    By the way, I am remiss in not having already welcomed you back. I have read on these pages that you are living life “AMA”–against medical advice. The doctor side of me worries a bit, but the rest of me can’t help but smile!


  13. Jabba Says:

    PS. Has anybody seen Dobbo’s web site recently? The self-congratulatory smugness of the psychiatric pr!ck beggars belief.

    SVD – much mileage for a case study in narcissism and/or egocentricity run amok?


  14. Jabba Says:

    Following the rationale that anybody who actually wants to police their fellow human beings, and believes him or herself to be morally superior enough (after the proper training of course), to do the job, really isn’t fit for cleaning a sh!t-house; we have “Filbin” to stand as exemplar for the premise.

    Filbin – you really don’t know what the [email protected] you’re talking about, and as such, you’re only really worth educating if you’re going to listen. So listen nicely, pay attention to your host and the rest of your betters, and stop waving your badge at us, as if it should mean more than “Here I am, a fully qualified cock-sucking, [email protected]

    Here endeth today’s lesson.

    Jabba – an atheist.

  15. Grumbler Says:

    Filbin – am agnostically-impaired so my patience, unlike some of you, has nothing to do with theology.

    I personally knew an undercover agent whose work resulted in the arrests of several 1%ers although that happened well before I first met him. That experience fucked-up his life and destroyed his marriage. He actually developed a grudging respect for those patch holders after getting to know them. Like you, he absolutely hated the outlaw bikers and their lifestyle.

    That hatred, as opposed to keeping it all in perspective, has resulted in the ATF channeling themselves as the Gestapo in Nazi Germany. Maybe, just maybe you should look at yourselves first before painting every single outlaw biker with the same brush strokes. The ATF could easily be classified as a Hate Group which would seem ludicrous at first.

    There are good human beings in outlaw motorcycle clubs as well as psychopaths. The ATF is loaded with self-righteous pricks and itchy trigger fingers. You don’t see 1%ers as human beings, but rather as animals to be shot to death for your own self-gratification.

    Sure, there’s always going to be some bikers that belong behind bars, but that’s some, not all. There’s tons of dirty cops that belong behind bars, too.

    Based on your posts, am amazed that you managed to pass the psychological profile test as a LEO. Then again, authority figures have a tendency to place themselves above the law.

  16. Filbin Says:

    Furthest thing from an ATF agent rebel. As for trying your patience, the truth has a way of doing that sometimes. It goes to show why you sympathize with with such people, the moment anyone says anything in contrast to what you think or believe you puff up your chest. I wont even touch the fact that you’re a supposed Christian, that right says it all.

  17. Rebel Says:

    Dear Filbin,

    Some days you ATF dimwits try my Christian patience.


  18. Filbin Says:

    All the talk about your “word” and “respect” and “loyalty”, I totally agree with. That is when it resides among good human beings. There’s a reason they are called “Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.” Anyone that admires the loyalty and respect a group of drug dealing, pimping, violent, degenerate criminals have for one another, should seriously take a hard look at themselves and what they value. These people gang rape females, kill human beings, and sling one of the worst drugs ever thought up by our sick little race. Do I like Dobyns? I don’t know him, and I certainly don’t know the entire truth about what transpired, he does appear to be in need of attention. And before any of you smack talkers point out the same holds true for the Angels, I will then refer you to the U.S. prison system where there is plenty of degenerate Outlaw bikers to choose from.

  19. silas twister Says:

    Nothing (money, fame, getting patched) will ever be “enough”. You can never fill the emptiness, especially when you’ve been a young man with 80,000 screaming college football fans cheering you on. Narcissistic personality disordered folks are often quite brilliant and get shit done. Unfortunately, they often never quite get the hang of interpersonal relationships because….it’s all about them. Not about their family, their country, their fellow employees, etc., about them. Fathom what that might be like.

  20. Triple C Says:

    If only you critics could understand the mental prepareness and determination that it takes to act in an undercover capacity. Understand this that in most cases the reason why an undercover officer/cop volunteers to do the job is to get these assholes off the streets. There’s always a risk factor of being seriously injured or even death, but undercover officer/agents know the risks prior to doing there job. You critics are clueless and it basically sounds like you dealing with some insecurities. Jay deserves all the positive recognition that comes his way. Some of these criminals walk the surrounding areas in your communities, so be thankful that good men like Jay is willing to make the sacrifises. This in not the only investigation that Jay has sucessfully achieved. As far as putting his family in danger, it’s no fault of Jay. Jay was just doing his job. lb

  21. chokeasmurf Says: one of the only reasons I even looked on this site is because of the Hells Angels. I’ve always heard of them but I saw the show “Sons of Anarchy” and I love the characters. That’s it. I wanted to know more on the Hells’ Angels and the History and bam here is this story. I find it rather amazing that all this bull went down cause of this one guy. I agree it is very messed up that he put all those guys and some girls to do time.

  22. Rebel Says:

    Dear Berserker,

    Jay Dobyns is a very likable guy. He is plain spoken, humble, bold, brave, a good athlete and a man’s man. He is also Judas. That is what fascinates me about the guy. Either he is missing a piece that everybody else has or I am. I don’t know how he did it. I don’t know, in general, how these ATF Undercovers do it.

    I understand why a bunch of outlaw bikers loved him. I don’t understand why he didn’t love them back.


  23. Berserker Says:

    Hey all, I just want to say….I am independant…I DO ride free. I am about 3/4 through Jays book and I have read your comments. Although I realize that Jay was doing his job, I see the big fuck of trust that he put on those that ride. Plz realize that although these boys did this and that, they rode and they loved and they trusted a guy and a group who professed the same love they did. In turn they were screwed. It is sad, and although I condone nothing I understand a brotherhood and trust. Be true folks!

    Berserker, SDMF!

  24. bobby Says:

    After looking at all of this, it looks like it is JUST for the MONEY. Win 1st lawsuit. file 4 million lawsuit. not even move far, far away.I have read this case cost over $12 Million. If you, agent doybins has not even left the area, and show up for book signings you must NOT believe the threat is real. All those Tattoos? on ATF’s dime.This is the biggest wanna-be ever. Paid tons of dough to party (oh yeah he “faked-out” getting high),have a live in girlfriend, another ATF agent, that he was sleeping with. The “stories” of the “PEP pills” come on-there was some drug use going on. Over a year in-and NEVER smoked a Joint? You turned down THESE GUYS? jay please, late night at the bar, off to the clubhouse, some of the Brothers are just kicking it and a joint comes around? You HAD to. Its OK. You HAD to do it otherwise it would look REALLY LAME. And we know your shits so cool you would never LOOK LAME.Right? Its OK jay,its OK.And you were NEVER a MEMBER. You got a DEATH HEAD TATTOO? I learned a long time ago to stay away from this life. I’ve got kids. AND you do to-you should be ashamed for putting them in a cross. And then going after money-you already got paid. Peace.

  25. Gringo1%er Says:

    i smell a rat! Alex could be Jay!!

  26. Damon Says:

    Alex. I don’t know how you found this site. I understand that you believe what you say to be true. I don’t know how old you are, although your impulsiveness and naivete indicate a relative level of immaturity you’d be well advised to restrain. Just a fucking thought.

    You have neglected to take into account several crucial differences between your world and the one you address. I would normally preface my comments with “with respect”, however your opening sentence reflects that your concept of respect is more than somewhat different from my own, and I believe that cuts to the heart of the matter.

    Believe it or not, Alex, there remain men whose word is their bond. In a world of smoke and mirrors, sham, trickery and self interest, there exists an archipelago…bands of men who believe in values that, for a some, do not grow old…Love, Trust, Honour…in a world you cannot understand, Alex, there are men who hold true to values you aspire to but have yet to fully understand…a life built on love, trust and honour, Alex…can you imagine that? Can you imagine finding out that a man that you loved and trusted, a man you invited into your life and called “brother”, had been fucking you over from the word go? Can you even begin to imagine how much worse that is than finding out your wife has been fucking your best mate?

    I have no fucking idea how well Jay Dobyns sleeps. But I’ll bet my left nut and half my cock that he wishes he could have found the same degree of brotherhood in the ATF as he found in the Hells Angels.

  27. sled tramp Says:

    Either you are employed in law enforcement or you are one of our happily ignorant cage drivers we love to pick on.In either case, you obviously have no clue.Please crusade in another forum.Perhaps Republicans for Jesus or The Mental Constipation Liberation Front.
    You sir, are an idiot.
    sled tramp

  28. Alex Says:

    You people are fucking idiots. If anything Jay Dobyns is a crusader for the betterment of mankind, He did what he did to HELP PEOPLE! If any of you had an sense of moral compass, you’d realize that the idea of a rat is a stereotype used by gangsters to justify their own criminal lifestyles. If Jay gets the movie made I say GREAT, more power to him, he deserves to be rewarded.

  29. Izzy Wildheart Says:

    I actually couldn’t give a fuck how it feels to be a lying,decietful sack of shit, to be someone that has put his family at risk, and thinks he’s the great ” I am”.This guy or any of the others like him that earn their money the way they do will NEVER understand the concept of Loyalty, Honour, Love and Respect. It’s beyond me how Jay Dobyn’s sleeps at night………with one eye open I suspect. Well you’ve done the deed Jay, made a few bucks out of it, now quit whining and just in case you dont live long enough to spend your ill gotten gains, I hope you leave some money to a decent charity, that might be the one good thing you ever did in your life.

  30. JAMES Says:

    Sure is funny, everytime one of these goofs gets into a CLUB and gets the goods on a few writes a book to make money for doing a job they are already paid to do.Then they go on television and so all the world can hear how they did all of what they claim to have done while stating how they live in hiding and fear for thier families and so on and so on,BILLY QUEENS book was so full of it and built up stories about incidents he claimed happend when half of what he told was total bull and pure fabrication, these FEDS should have to sign an agreement not to write books or any of the publicity stunts that they are all doing because most of what they do write is purely fabricated.

  31. wtf chuck Says:

    Why does anybody give this jerk off any press? He is a rat! But first and foremost he puts his kids in danger because of some f’d up ego problem.He is a rat and will get his due. I guess he thinks a dead millionaire is still a millionaire.

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