Greatest Drug Danger

June 8, 2009

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People in modern America get loaded for exactly the same reasons the desperate poor drank gin in Dickens’ London. But, at least the Dickensian wretches never faced arrest for drowning their sorrows. Today, the greatest danger from drugs may be persecution by the police.

Last week, four more members of the Galloping Goose Motorcycle Club and the El Forastero Motorcycle Club pleaded guilty to charges of distributing methamphetamine. The latest plea deals mean a total of nine members of the two clubs have confessed to being drug dealers even though they never actually dealt drugs. The nine men have confessed to sharing drugs.

The Clubs

Both the Galloping Goose and El Forastero are small, well established and respectfully regarded clubs in Kansas and Missouri. The Galloping Goose was founded in 1949 and El Forastero was founded in 1962. The Galloping Goose also has chapters in Montana, Louisiana and Los Angeles. The club was informally organized in 1942 and its patch dates to that year. The two clubs share a club house in Kansas City.

If you live on the coasts, you may never have heard of El Forastero. El Forastero is a very exclusive club which did not patch in a single new member from 1980 until 2000. The brother patched in 2000 was named Monk and five years later he told a reporter in Kansas City something that deserves to be repeated.

“The man makes the patch. The patch don’t make the man,” Monk said. “If you’re a bitch and you put a fucking patch on, you’re still a bitch. If you’re a man, whether you’ve got the patch, you’re still the man. There are people who would make a Forastero, and then there are people who wouldn’t make an ingrown hair on a Forastero’s ball sac. You know what I’m saying? That’s just the quality of people.”

All club politics aside, Monk’s proud and defiant words suggest why the Federal government so blindly hates motorcycle clubs. The government would belittle and control free men. All in the name of protecting us.

The Case

Eleven members of the two clubs were charged with “conspiracy to distribute 500 grams or more of methamphetamine” as well as unspecified amounts of “cocaine and marijuana” in a federal indictment returned on June 19th, 2007. The case was investigated by the Independence, Missouri Police department and prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Valenti.

The case was built on casual drug consumption during club runs. El Forastero and the Galloping Goose have four, joint mandatory runs each year. Expenses for the runs are paid with money collected as club dues.

The drug conspiracy case was based on the official allegation that club money was used to purchase recreational amounts of methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana before each of these runs. The prosecution alleged that the two clubs bought, transported and shared an average of one ounce, or 28 grams, of crank on each run. Over five years, the total amount of methamphetamine the “co-conspirators” “distributed” would have amounted to 560 grams, which exceeds the threshold for a major drug case by 60 grams.

America Has Been Saved

The men who have pled guilty are William “Muff” Eneff, 59; Michael “Holms” Fitzwater, 60; Donald “Kooly” Culey, 41; Robert “Goose Rob” Mays, 54; Steven “Goose Steve” Street, 42; Robert Peters, 52; Gary “New Yorker” Mickiewicz, 59; Michael “Joe Poke” Hensley, 43; and Donald “Donnie” Street, 36.

Under the terms of the plea agreements the defendants all face five or more years in prison.

So, now we are all safer. So, now America is a little more perfected. The mavericks have been beaten and belittled again.

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18 Responses to “Greatest Drug Danger”

  1. Carmon Says:

    Welcome home

  2. Ridin High Says:

    Can’t be “Mexican Joe” of EFMC, he passed in 2006.

  3. Frequent Flyer Says:

    Twilight of the Rebel Angels

  4. wily hooks Says:

    I knew a few Forasteros in the early 70s, they are good people. Their clubhouse was in DogPatch at that time, before they moved to the Bottoms.

  5. xplor Says:

    The doc wants to talk about Pharmacological  malfeasance  in the medical field.

  6. Sieg Says:

    Phuquehed, i do believe he’s saying that club-members that engage in illegal activities, thereby endangering their Brothers, should get took off.
    I think.

  7. Phuquehed Says:

    Hey, firedoctor…what the fuck did all that mean *in English*?

  8. xplor Says:

    Doctors kill more people with drugs than all motorcycle clubs combined.

  9. firedoctor244 Says:

    its those who bring trouble to every club that knows how to do make everything for crime cyndecAtion validated to incriminate others who (will) get (caught) in the act of and in that dont nessacarily need to be regarded in the same catagory because of deliberate drug dealing ofenses that do blaintant disregaurd towards those who can get called others in the process. thank you those should always be areested in priority first should be killed because of ilegal intention


    Are you fricking kidding me. Where is it in this or any other article did it make mention where anyone involved in this was imposing this on you or kids. Where in any of all the 1000’s of papers that you could read through as they are public Knowledge did it say they imposed any of this on you are any child. NO WHERE but it does specifically state they only used between them selves. Now it’s ok for you and your little suburb friends to snort line or take fancy pills and get your rocks how you like because that is different right. In fact Iowa if you want to try to sound educated to anyone on here you might want to do your research. If you did you would see all charges were brought under a law that affords the US Gov such a huge realm of charges it just a lic to lie. And you would know that now that these guys are all getting out at the same testimony in some of the cases is being proved as such. The men were not guilty of anything in this situation other than being a group of friends with a common identity they share called a patch and a brotherhood. And a cop who had a hard on to make himself look good. It does’t matter what you really know about 1%ers MC”s or not by your own words on this page it is very obvious you know nothing. It is fact sometimes you have to choose the lessor of two evils In order to win. In this case the lessor of the two evils would have been to let these guys alone and let them take care of and clean up the shit you would never see. But it is fact since the 60″s there have only been 2 1%ers in KC with maybe a few who have tried. But all the law enforcement did such a great job with this that your uneducated butt probably has no idea that now in KC We now have 5 1% clubs wearing Kansas City MO patches And in fact we saw the Warlocks just last weekend in SKC as well so this means there is only one more of the big 1% to come but I am sure they are. So now how is that a good move. It’s not.. trust that

  11. Holms Says:

    I’m out now muther fuucker

  12. Iowa Says:

    As a concerned citizen that lives in your territory, I find it sick that these biker gangs force kids in our community to sell drugs for them/so gang members can keep their hands clean! I hope they rot in jail and more of druggie pals join them! Leave your addictions and crimes to yourselves-leave us innocent people alone! Just because you have a rotten life doesn’t give you the right to impose on us!

  13. FF Says:

    These men should be getting out, soon. Godspeed.

  14. Chris (JUDGMENT) Says:

    Fuck society’s rules. Why does everyone have to live by what someone else determines to be right? If I have something that, if left alone, doesn’t hurt me or anyone else, and someone wants to buy it, why is that a fucking crime? If I want to grow a plant, or cook some shit, why is that a crime? Because some people can’t handle it and they go off and fuck their lives up? WHAT ABOUT ALCOHOL? The Rum Runners of yesterday are fucking heralded and NASCAR is ALL BECAUSE OF THAT (not that I care for it) but still. We look at the outlaws and America loves that shit. But when it is today, and not yesterday, we condemn men for being what everyman wants to be. Fuck that. Society is a plague, a sickness. It corrupts your view of the world and sense of freedom. It implies chains be thrown upon you- death before chains.

  15. Invader CC Says:

    Stay Strong in your fight…It’s a fight we all have in common with the over zealous prosecution by corrupt federal alphabet soup law enforcement agencies..
    My question is real simple what would these honorable men’s sentence be if they were not members of a 1%er M.C..Probation ? A fine ? No charges pressed in the first place?
    The feds believe that they can shut down our way of life…The shared idea that all 1% clubs have in common..
    They do not understand that the heart the mindset of a 1% er is something you are born with..It is not something that can be taught..The conduct the actions what is expected of you in regards to your brother and your club can be taught..
    But not the thirst for freedom of the open road..Not the willingness to swear your loyalty to the idea that you and your fellow brothers share this is something you have or you don’t..That is what the Feds do not understand and never will..Respects..Invader.CC IFFI..

  16. roger huzendubel Says:

    sounds like the feds realized motorcycle clubs have bigger balls. better go get em. their wives might leave them.

  17. St. Charles Clint Says:

    { live in Ca. now but still like to keep my eye on whats goin down in Mo. sounds like same ol shit

  18. St. Charles Clint Says:

    Why dont they just leave them boys alone

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