The Cossacks Civil War

May 7, 2020

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The Cossacks Civil War

The apparent murder of Brandon Edwards last Saturday as he rode his motorcycle near Tyler, Texas was the culmination of a long dispute within the two Cossacks Motorcycle Clubs in Texas. Call it the Authenticity Wars.

There are multiple examples in the last few years of clubs dividing into factions and then woofing at each other via the internet.

The Philly Warlocks have gone through this. The club started as a club without motorcycles in the Darby and Upper Darby sections of West Philadelphia in the mid-1960s. The Chester, Pennsylvania chapter of the club decided to break away about a d3ecade ago, copyrighted and trademarked the club’s indicia and has ever since been wolfing at members of another club with the same name that wears the same patch. The Philly Wqrlocks – their logo is a mythical spook called a harpy – also don’t like the Florida Warlocks, who wear a phoenix or “Warbird” patch. Some Philly Warlocks argue that the Florida Warlocks stole their name while the USS Shangri-La was docked at the Philadelphia Naval Yard during the Vietnam War. This mostly invented feud led to a gunfight at a VFW post near Orlando in October 2012.

Don’t try to make sense of it. The drama mostly occurred between men’s ears. But three Florida Warlocks were killed, apparently as a matter of pride.


The Cossack Civil War is something like that only, to date, featuring just the one murder instead of three.
Brandon Edwards was a “One Percenter Cossack”. His alleged killers were so-called “Ugly Man Cossacks. The split occurred late in 2017 or early 2018 when as many as 50 of the original, Ugly Man Cossacks formed a new club with the same old name and a new patch The president of the original Cossacks at the time of the split is very widely known to have been David “Zeke” Stone. Stone was eventually deposed and is not now affiliated with the Cossacks.

A new president of the Ugly Man Cossacks assumed control of the Ugly Men about a month ago. The Aging Rebel is withholding his name.

Three Ugly Man Cossacks were arrested yesterday and accused of Brandon Edwards’ murder.

Jeffery Ryan Griffin (his name is spelled Jeffrey in the Smith County Sheriff’s Office press release) of Hewitt, Texas was arrested in Waco. Joshua Ray Tibbits was arrested In Waco. Jose Antonio Valenzuela who has addresses in both Longview and Nacogdoches and who had just been released from the Smith County Jail the day before, was arrested in Cisco, Texas.

Police also served three additional search warrants in Hewitt, Waco and Longview yeaterday afternoon.
Police credit the multi-agency East Texas Anti-Gang Unit for the speed of the arrests.


14 Responses to “The Cossacks Civil War”

  1. Irish Says:

    Wow I didn’t think I could see a more stupid or ridiculous center patch then that of the Cossacks but the “new 1%” Cossacks take lame to an entirely different level!! That seriously is the gayest patch of them all!! It’s like starting a band these days, “what do we do all the good names are taken!?”

  2. Freebird Says:

    @ PuroPerro

    Always possible….

    My experience is the quickest way to get this type of reaction

    Pussy is more than not


  3. PuroPerro Says:

    What if the narrative is false? Was it purely a crime of opportunity, rather than the so called hit? Imagine if you will a place so strange, that men who used to call each other “Brother”, exchange angry looks, raised voices, fingers are flipped, and somebody ends up shot……….

  4. JMacK Says:

    What a sloppy bunch of bullshit. It’s this shit that gets the rest of us a bad name. You don’t like your club and the rules set forth? Jesus Christ. Man up. You fix it. The last thing you need to do is fire up a new patch (not to mention claim yourselves as 1% ??????) what the fuck is going on here? I thought the assholes in Texas were the cops and the ATF? I guess not. Someone needs to clean this shit up.

    Respects. To some.

  5. Mr Nobody 1%er Says:

    I never would have believed M.C.s would recognize this type of bullshit. Next thing they will be handed is a legal pad. The man will say write down every crime u commited in your life. We will help you with your testimony against your brothers…

  6. Freebird Says:

    @ RR

    Wondered the same

    Was taught before you sew that patch on

    Do you understand it’s history

    Very few do……

    Sucks to be them

  7. R & R Says:

    Wow. I’m as confused as a toddler in a titty bar. You split from your club but keep the name and change the patch? No shots were fired in the 1st civil war circa 2010 when all the old line bikers walked, en mass, from Cossack chapters across Texas. Some formed new clubs, some joined existing clubs and some decided independent riding was their future. But none of the real bikers decided to open their own version of Cossack MC and operate along side the then “new” Cossacks club. What a twisted bunch of shit this is. Ugly Man – what a fuckin’ joke. Course you could say that about the shake & bake 1%er Cossack too.

    R & R

  8. Freebird Says:


    The hardest lesson for me to accept is that not everyone who calls you brother

    Is your brother

    Cuts to the bone…..

    Still worth it for those who are

  9. SSJ Says:

    Like Rebel said history is full of clubs that have split and gone to war. Politics, finance, personality, snitches and bitches it all happens.

  10. Not Surprised Says:

    Well yet another group who declared themselves to be 1%.

  11. I.J Says:

    Chalk this up to “How would they have done this on Son’s of Anarchy?”…….

  12. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    That is some jacked up shit. I seriously lay the blame for a lot of what we see happening now days at Kurt Sutter’s feet. It brought a shit ton of idiots into “clubs” and filed their head with garbage.

    On the other hand, if Iron Order started shooting each other I’d happily support that effort.

  13. ed Says:

    Social media has stirred up a lot of bullshit drama. Shows the immature mentality of what the clubs are taking in nowadays. Shooting folks in public sure as hell isn’t helping our cause. Ugly men. hahahaha. That’s a good one.

  14. jrino Says:

    At this point it’s so stupid to have club members kill each other I think it’s a reflection on the intelligence of the individuals involved. These morons must have a IQ of 60. And that reflects on their ” brothers”!
    This SHIT is great for LE!
    And why do these dumb MF’s think they are smart enough to get away with it?

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