Philly Warlocks Murder Alleged

April 21, 2020

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Philly Warlocks Murder Alleged

A couple of independent crime reporters with excellent police sources in Philadelphia are reporting that earlier this month police “charged Michael DeLuca, the alleged president of the Chester County Warlocks MC Chapter, with the murder of suspected Warlocks MC prospect Keith Palumbo from Upper Darby.”

The reporters are George Anastasia and Dave Schratwieser. They report via a slightly sensational vlog called Mob Talk Sitdown. Anastasia used to work for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Schratwieser reported for Fox29 and WCAU. Generally, the men gossip about the so-called Mafia in Philadelphia and New York. They dependably repeat what they are told by police.

Palumbo was reported missing on February 6. He was last seen getting into his silver Mazda about 7:30 p.m in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania which is southwest of Philadelphia. The car was later found abandoned in Philadelphia. His body was found by Philadelphia homicide detectives about March 15 under a stone slab, inside a burial vault at Mount Moriah cemetery in Philadelphia. Palumbo had company. Police found a second decomposed body in the same crypt. Both men had been shot in the head.

Rough Prospecting Period

According to Mob Talk Sitdown, police “say the(second) body may be (that) of another Warlocks MC prospect.”

According to police reports, officers of the Cheyenne (Pennsylvania) Police Department arrested “Michael B. Deluca, 35, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for felon in possession of a weapon and on an inmate hold at 7 p.m.” on April 6.

Deluca was previously arrested for shooting his 19-year-old girlfriend in the head in May 2013 in an apartment they shared in Upper Darby after, what witnesses described, as a 15 – 30 minute fight. Deluca told police he and his girlfriend were smoking marijuana while he tattooed his arm when he found the .38 caliber revolver in his couch. When he pulled it out, he recounted, it accidentally fired. At the time, Deluca was already prohibited from possessing a firearm because of a previous felony.

Anastasia and Schratwieser do not speculate on the tip or incredible intuitive leap that led police to search a closed crypt or what inspired them to connect the bodies in the crypt to De;luca.

DeLuca’s club is separate and distinct from the Warlocks Motorcycle Club with its mother chapter in Orlando. The Florida club wears a phoenix or Warbird on its riding vests. The so-called Philly Warlocks were founded in Upper Darby is 1967 and wear a Harpy.


50 Responses to “Philly Warlocks Murder Alleged”

  1. Tinman Says:

    Hagar… I guess your dumb ass didn’t read or understood preachers post? if you had read Preachers post maybe you would understand. well about me its none of your fucking business. specially for someone that is a quitter like you / chopper. WFFW

  2. Hagar Says:

    Everyone always has an opinion.


    How could he have allegedly killed the other guy while he was in prison? Before you open your cock holster with your opinion you should probably look into what you’re talking about.

    @Tinman lol nobody has seen your retard ass in over five years what are you talking about?

    @Grumpy You’ve never even stepped foot in Philadelphia let alone original anything. You were handed a patch by some loser in Kentucky. You’re nobody. Your new club was formed by an ex cop who was fired for raping a transgender hooker. Please, kill yourself. Your website reads like an Iron Order love letter.

  3. DelucaCowardPOS Says:

    So Deluca is a meth head that kills his best friend and dumps him in a grave with another dude he probably killed then ran like a punk and gets caught anyway??!! Wow lmao

  4. Tinman Says:

    Preacher you are so full shit… you haven’t done thing for your club ever…the article is about a brother accused of a crime…what happened to innocent until proven guilty…the photo Your commenting on, is a of real brothers…not ones kicked out of your club as you think…I QUIT…. we are not posers… we are true 1% ERs… you fucks came and got your ass handed to you…were the fuck where you during this… hiding your ass at your club house talking shit…I am out and about… I was acquitted by a jury… same as The dog… Poncho and Willy had bad lawyers and got fucked… remember this… IT WAS NOT an ambush…. but self defense…your club came to shut us down and it didn’t happen… your club had Intel on us… had your old ladies inside… and then cried like bitches after the fact.your clubs national president Big John testified for the state alone with white boy and Dysee WTF is that…maybe you need to look at your own cop club first .. I AM NOT RAT… NEVER WAS… NEVER WILL BE… Big John is the whitey Bulger of your club, and when someone finds this out about him ,he comes up with bullshit on them to protect his ass… once again the Philly Warlocks are still here and always will be…we are not some club made up of lies and false bullshit…not like your club is…do your home work before you talk shit…

  5. Preacher Says:

    The pic here is of those sorry chicken-shit motherfuckers who were outed by the birds in Fla, and who set and waited and murdered some innocent men on a Sunday morning. I know each of them. They’re now behind bars and being treated as the whores that they are. I hope to see Poncho if he ever gets out. Otherwise, have a great day. GWC.

  6. Bluto Says:

    @Bones Bucks County,you are a true Brother to Deluca thanks for having my Brothers back. As you stated not one of these internet pansies would have the balls to say nothing to Deluca’s face. This is a witch hunt against him and the Chester Chapter. He is Innocent Until Proven Guilty!

  7. Bluto Says:

    @tommy yes modern history is correct,but there is no confusion in what I said. I may have not gone into detail like he did about somethings going on today,I didn’t feel it needed to be let out to the general public. My and your discussion was about the past history. It just proves my point when someone doesn’t know or can’t prove their argument it becomes confusing. So take care and if you still ride may you keep the rubber side down.

  8. Delco Marine Says:

    Bones…. you sound like a clown. You calling out people for being tough on the internet by trying to be tough on the internet. Hilarious. And anyone that has known Mike knows that hes a piece of shit. And as far as a fair trial goes, he got his “fair and trial” and sentence when he WASNT put under the jail for almost killing a 19 year old girl when he shot her in the head. And how about Billy Gibson? That piece of shit was sharing posts on Facebook about trying to help find Keith when he knew where he was the whole time. You guys worry more about respect than you do your own freedom.

  9. Gandalf is my hero Says:

    “he was a very nice boy, he used to cut my grass”

  10. B Daley Says:

    I agree with you Bluto!!!!
    Don’t judge a book by it cover !!! Deluca is alleged, but it’s seems more like crucified.

  11. Bones Bucks County Says:

    For all you so called “people” talking sh*#t on my friend Mike Deluca, I may not be his Warlock brother, but we were 100% for FIVE STRAIGHT YEARS in a shit hole. I’m behind you Bluto !!!! Not one of these idiots that don’t have the balls to say it face to face with Michael Deluca!!!

    Him and I NEVER let anyone disrespect each other. How is he gonna get a fair trial for an “accusation” NOT a “CONVICTION”!!!!!!

  12. tommy Says:

    Modern History is correct thats why bluto is confusing.. Every word I spoke was 100%

  13. Gandalf Says:

    At 1st I had gotten this story all wrong. I thought some Warbird came up to DelCo and wasted 2 Harpy prospects. I thought He was arrested and about to spend time in a Pa jail where things might no go well for Him. My mistake. Sorry Bluto. As for Grumpy I thought the 1st Grumpy was fucking with everyone. “Please reference our web page for a history lesson.” LOL Being sarcastic… as if you guys had a website with your History on it. LOL The fact that there is no Harpy website (or ever was) and even insiders don’t actually have “the History” of the club straight, to me… speaks volumes. It is as it should be. IMHO

  14. ModernHistory Says:

    The Philly Warlocks split after an argument that is nobodies business in 2011. Chester has control of the club, trademark, clubhouse, you name it. They even won in court when the jersey boys tried taking them there. Chester didn’t want the club to die in PA and Jersey, so they opened up chapters in other states. Yeah I guess some of it wasn’t handled in the greatest fashion but it is what it is. They opened Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina. Now when the big man died, a bunch of schmucks tried taking it over, and some schmucks in the Midwest who have been kicked out of like 5 different clubs had an out member run to them and whisper in their ear and took them to an embroidery shop and beginhanding these patches to chumps from the iron order. To break it down Barney style; if you see a patch from Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana or Oklahoma then The real club doesn’t care about them and have better things to do then try and track down fake patches from fake people like ROGER SADDLER

  15. Bluto Says:

    @tommy I do not see what is confusing about me saying Deluca is my brother,there should be no confusion in that statement. He is my brother and will remain my brother,Chester has always been crazy but back in the day when the wars were going on they were the ones and let’s just leave that there. Just an FYI there is a reason the club is sometimes called the Philly Warlocks and that is because in the summer of 1967 Lenny and some friends were sitting at a table in a coffee shop in Southwest Philly. It funny how you previously said that you had heard from your time in the club it started in 64-65 but now you know for a fact lol. Come on man either you heard or you know for a fact which one is it?

  16. Bluto Says:

    @tommy your post didn’t make a whole lot of sense,but yes this grumpy guy is a weird one at least we agree on that. To bring back a retired patch and claim to be originals is a joke in itself. You are correct about the 12 founders but it was a coffee shop not flower shop. No one in the MC world cared about Grumpy at all. I highly doubt Lenny has even looked twice at that idiots rankings.

  17. tommy Says:

    First off @ Grumpy lol…. hah hahah I dont even know what to say you are weird man

    @Bluto Lenny likes to think he was the first president but there was a group of 12 founders yes 12 and the first club house was a flower shop in the city. that flower shop belonged to the first boss and it was not Lenny! FACT! So now on to the confusing part of your story DeLuca is your brother(you said this in another post) … “chester was always solid” (100% fact) ……….. “Ask Lenny” ? I wonder what Lenny thinks about grumpy? take care yall

  18. Bluto Says:

    @Tommy,dude ask Lenny when the club started it was 67. We can go back and forth on this all day but you are an ex member who said yourself from what you were told it was 64-65,I’m an active member of many years and trust me when I say that I know my clubs history. The Chester chapter has always been crazy (but solid) at least we can agree on that.

  19. Bluto Says:

    @KlubRags4Phags watch your tongue Mr. Keyboard Gangster. There is way more to this story than has been released to the public yet. When it comes to my brother right or wrong he is my brother and if you wanna knock out someone’s teeth you let me know when and where. To bad the victim wasn’t the upstanding citizen he is being painted to be. As of this moment it is “Alleged” that my brother had something to do with this. Just because some little punk got himself arrested and has had multiple serious charges dismissed might I add has fingered my brother doesn’t mean it is true.

  20. Bluto Says:

    Grumpy 13,what are you even talking about reference the website. Are you the guys who took the retired patch and brought it back but claim to be original phila Warlocks? Shut your mouth and stay out of grown peoples business.

  21. Bluto Says:

    Tommy you are wrong,the club started in 67 I mean we can go back and forth on this all day long but I am a multiple year active member of the Warlocks and you are not. How long have you been gone from the club? Everyone knows Chester was always the craziest of the club. Also everyone knows what all went on back in the day so to say someone wouldn’t put up with it is another false statement.

  22. Gandalf is special Says:


    Thank you for that, but it’s still very confusing. Who patched over to the Outlaws? Are the NJ guys still flying the same patch? Chester?

    And who was the genius who thought it would be a great idea to make Tinman a member, knowing he was going to go back to Florida and stir up shit?

    And why are there chapters full of cops all over the United States? Who sponsored that? Phila? NJ? Chester?

    Something smells stinky.

  23. Grumpy14 Says:

    Yeah, listen to Grumpy! He is some guy in Indiana that has Zero connection to philly but stole a long retired patch and had an ex cop trademark it for him and runs around his subdivision wearing a black dragon patch. It’s like you can put anything on the internet and pretend it’s true.

  24. Grumpy13 Says:

    Please reference the website

  25. Grumpy Says:

    Please reference our web page for a history lesson

  26. Gandalf Says:

    For what it is worth I have always believed the Harpy Warlocks were started in Upper Darby and called the Warlords. Nauss went to Bonner (Class of 71) in Drexel Hill (Upper Darby) and attributes His becoming a Warlock because of that school. I could be wrong but this is what I always thought. There was also a poster a few years back on this page named “Sunshine” who basically said the same thing and knew Bobby and was a Warlord. ??? BTW: I never heard The Warlords called “Fraternal order of”… just The Warlords of Upper Darby.

  27. Long lane Says:

    I grew up with this loser wasn’t my friend but I have to blame the law for this happing he shot a 19 year old little girl in the head in 2013 and got out in five years. You got to blame upper Darby police and media court house he should never of been out that soon. Now 2 more people dead what a scumbag.

  28. tommy Says:

    Thanks bluto, but your wrong!(Not surprised) you talk to me about the start of the club ie how many members where in when it started and we can have this conversation but in no way did the club start in 67′ The fraternal order of the warlords was strictly an Upper Darby thing the locks on the other not so much. I feel personally the locks should be cleaning up the midwest and leaving their prospects to washing bikes!

    Also bluto it is a shame when my time was over the club I left in good standing and and we where a respected 1% club.. Chester was always a little wild but Bradley and those guys wouldnt allowed this stuff back in my day

  29. KlubRagsR4Phags Says:

    I usually laugh when I hear about the stupidity of these new fraud ass bicyclists!!! This was different. These junky fucks all need their teeth knocked out. Whoever has the balls to back these jerkoffs, you should be punched on also…

  30. Lala Kasabian Says:

    I would like to offer you my deepest sympathy.I cannot even imagine what you and your family are going through. My heart breaks for your grandmother. I’m from Columbia so I grew up with this kind of violence my entire life unfortunately. Any type of “secret society” never ends well. And when powerful drugs are in the mix it increases the chaos and hostility seven fold.
    These guys can keep trying to convince themselves that they have power and control, however, it’s all an illusion. They’re walking before the almight God one day, I can’t imagine having murdered someone that I grew up with all my life weighing on my heart. As hard is it might become eventually as time goes on and many feelings begin to surface. Please do not allow bitterness take place in your heart, because then they would win.
    Love, Light & peace

  31. Brasso Says:

    The Philly Warlocks (Harpy patch) have at least a chapter in Florida. That’s where the Harpy patch/Florida rocker comes from.

  32. Bluto Says:

    @tommy the Original Warlocks started in 67 before that a lot of the guys were part of more of a neighborhood street gang called the Warlords. To bad for you to be an ex member you don’t know their history. What chapter was you a part of?

  33. Chip Says:


    Warlocks don’t have a spokesperson because Warlocks do not speak to the press, no offense to Rebel.
    If you don’t know what went down, who owns what, and who ain’t got their shit anymore well then that’s on you to go find out if you’re that concerned.

  34. tommy Says:

    Wow people please read, He killed his own prospect. He is a member of the chester chapter. The original warlocks started in 64-65 from what I heard when I was in the club. Those chester guys where never right in the head

  35. Dasein Says:

    Maybe it’s time again for this: “Warlocks Patch Tangle”

  36. commonsense Says:

    Is this De Luca the same guy who shot his girlfriend in the head while high on meth ?

  37. Bubblehead Says:

    I just realized that even though the story is about the Pa chapter, and it shows a Fl bottom rocker, The center patch is the Harpy used by the Pa club

  38. Rebel Says:

    Dear Bubblehead,

    Thank you.

    On the Shangri La. Chester Freddy isn’t sure it was in Philly. You know him?



  39. Gandalf Says:

    Sorry Bluto, I misread. Asked Rebel to take it down. TY Rebel. On another note that Most Wanted Video is of Bobby Nauss my friend. Still alive and “well” in Albian. Bobby never killed His longtime Girlfriend and had NO REASON to do such a thing… She hung herself after drugs and a petty argument. In his apartment. They panicked and buried Her. IMHO Bobby was framed by the DA in the BIG NEWS of the day. SOP for DA’s vs 1%ers. Bobby Nauss is the best kind of person.

  40. Bubblehead Says:

    Rebel, I was only thinking of the patches, not of a defendant . Yes I did donate lately.

  41. Rebel Says:

    Dae Bubblehead,

    Because that is the phonto I had. I do a lot of shit that nobody else would do. I generally don’t run photos of defendants. Would you prefer I ran a photo of this defendant? You donated lately.



  42. Bubblehead Says:

    My only question , is why is the photograph showing the Fla club colors, when the story is about the Pa club

  43. Bluto Says:

    Gandalf,you are an idiot. 1st of all,The Original Warlocks we’re started in 67.
    2nd. The USS Shang RI La was docked in the Philly ports after the Philly Club had been established and was actively wearing their colors. So it seems that the original Founders of the Fla Warlocks got the name from the already existing Warlocks after seeing them. 3rd. The Fla Warlocks couldn’t start a club on a battle ship,you know it would be kind of hard to ride around with all the planes coming and going. So when the founders got home in 71 the Fla Warlocks officially became a club. Now just so you know both clubs are legit and have a very rich history in the MC world and rightfully so. Until Mr. Deluca is found guilty then keep your mouth shut. People like you just have to stir things up. Here is an idea,if you have a motorcycle go ride it and get out from behind the Keyboard with your wanna be ass.

  44. Amber Keith’s Niece Says:

    The Mobtalk article was a little inaccurate with some false fact and a lot of misinformation. I can tell you though I was expecting worse with the comments to follow and I truly thank you because my uncle was murdered for nothing! my uncles murder was planned for months.They tried to call my uncle a snitch and it was actually proven that my uncle definitely 100% never snitched he also had no reason to! I don’t know if I will ever have the answers but I know my uncle lived with a heavy burden that if he didn’t let them kill him they would have killed us. We are lucky by irony that a few people are telling the truth in protective custody. But that has to be Gods roll. Everyone loved my uncle he was a quiet talented loving 35yr old man. We just happened to live across the street from Deluca our entire lives. I have pictures at my grandmoms kitchen table singing happy birthday. He called my grandmom Mom. My grandfather was associated with the Mob if anything we know to keep our mouths shut and stay out of peoples shit. I fell robbed and I feel fear and it’s not fair

  45. Chip Says:

    Ten bucks says the comments section is going to turn into keyboard cheerleaders for the other Warlocks talking trash about a guy who would literally put them in the dirt.

    Condolences for the dead.

  46. Agnarr Says:

    Condolences to these 2 families and their friends.


  47. ed Says:

    Rough bunch there in Philly.

  48. jrino Says:

    I was thinkin the same thing!
    Shit cleaning bike’s and getting pizza at 2 am in the morning is really a piece of cake compared to a dirt nap!

  49. freebird Says:

    incredible intuitive leap

    Yep….. that about sums it up with a bow on top

  50. Fiddy Says:

    Sheesh prospecting for that club sounds rough

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