Vagos Return To Beginning

March 28, 2020

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Vagos Return To Beginning

There is a snatch of poetry about yesterday’s dismissal of federal criminal charges against 11 members of the Vagos Motorcycle Club. T.S. Eliot wrote a poem called “Little Gidding” in 1942 about the German air raids on Britain. His lines go:

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

That is what happened to the federal prosecutors in Las Vegas yesterday. All the racketeering charges against all the Vagos who have been subjected to a legal ordeal for years have been dismissed. The only Vago whose life is still under a cloud is Jeremy “Maniak” Halgat,

All Our Exploring

This case has been a witch hunt since at least 2011 but can only really be understood to have begun sometime in late 1996 or early 1997 at the conclusion of a federal investigation into Death Row Records. Death Row was easy for cops to hate. The company’s founder and most of the label’s stars were black and probably thugs. A breakout Death Row group called itself Niggers With Attitude. And there breakout hit was titled “Fuck Tha Police.” The company, the scene. the ‘East Coast – West Coast Rap Wars” all ended.

And the end of all that investigation was a handful of ambitious agents for what was then called the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Asking “Now who do we get?” The answer was motorcycle outlaws and after a false start against the Sundowners in Los Angeles the ATF turned its gaze to the Vagos.

The subsequent investigations of the Vagos, the Mongols , the Hells Angels, the Sons of Silence and others have been “witch hunts “ in every terrible sense of the phrase. Except instead of saying “witch hunt” the Department of Justice coined the phrase “Enterprise Theory of Investigation.” Eventually there was an horrendous, deadly brawl between Vagos and Hells Angels in Sparks, Nevada. And then there was either a half-assed or inventive (you decide which term fits) investigation in Las Vegas called “Operation Pure Luck”. All these “operations” have overblown names as if they were D-Day or the invasion of Japan.

Where We Started

They always work the same way. Some scoundrel cop ingratiates himself to the members of a men’s club. Then, the moment they accept him as a friend, he does everything in his power to put his new friends in prison for the rest of his life.

The scoundrel cop in Operation Pure Luck was a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy named Agostino Brancato. And. Bracato’s target was Jeremy Halgat.

From 2006 through 2008, Brancato tried to persuade every Vago he met to either hook him up with drugs or take $1,000 in return for keeping him alive during completely fabricated drug deals. This was not a cheap operation. The ATF hired private airstrips and planes and flew millions of dollars of cocaine around the Southwest in an attempt to dazzle the Vagos into doing something slightly greedy and stupid. Brancato liked to offer his targets large amounts of money when they were drunk. Brancato tried to entrap Halgat into selling him drugs. Halgat would not do it but eventually agreed to introduce him to another guy who might do what Barncato wanted.

Brancato’s job was not to solve crimes because that isn’t what “investigate” means anymore. Brancato’s job was to turn men who had been categorized as potential criminals into actual criminals. They didn’t have to actually commit crimes. They just had to do enough that a prosecutor could convince a naïve jury that they were actual criminals. That’s the game.

During one tape recorded conversation with his ATF handler Brancato brainstormed: “This is what I’m thinking…. Like as far as I’m concerned fucking Maniak (Halgat) sold me this fucking ounce, Bro. I mean, really. Yeah. Well, that’s what I’m thinking. Well, this is what I’m thinking, Bro is that on the QP, we do it the same way. Let Maniak…I give Maniak the money, he goes in there, brings it back to me, da, da, da. And then on the next one, I’m like hey, Bro, can I just go to him direct and I’ll still give you the money and now I have a sale of QP with him. You know what I’m saying? With Udell, without him, so now, he owns one and then this guy and Maniac owns one. Well, alright, so we may need a little bit more. We maybe have to do a little bit more. That’s…which is perfect. Yup.”


Halgat became a defendant in not one but two cases titled USA v. Wickham et al. and USA v. Halgat et al. The point of filing two cases with the same defendant using the ame evidence was to double the possibility of a conviction.

Halgat has never been convicted of a crime. He was a target of a federal sting because he was a chapter officer in the Vagos. So, the theory went, he had to be guilty of something. Now the sole defendant in the long crusade against the Vagos is, once more, Jeremy Halgat.

If the men and women who ordered, funded, investigated and prosecuted this case were thoughtful; if they were the sort of people who intended to make justice rather than just convictions; if any one of them had a soul or was the sort of person who ever heard of the greatest American poet of the 20th Century let alone had ever read one of his least known poems they might look at the 15-year-long entrapment and prosecution of Jeremy Halgat in a new light, as if they were seeing it for the first time.

But the case, as cops say, the case continues because they are all stupid, despicable , lying pigs.



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  1. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Sincerly Don, Thank you.

    Best regards,

    Viva Los Vagos

  2. citizen M.F. Says:

    What possesses Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies like Agostino Brancato to be despicable, lying pigs? They are manipulated stupid minions led by evil beings who are led by greater evil beings.

  3. Stevo Says:

    At last some good news. Now if only Brancato would be so obliging as to take a good case of the Kung Flu it would be even better.


  4. SoCal Says:

    This is an unprecedented win for the Vagos MC. The first group winning a Not Guilty verdict By jury on all counts in a RICO set the stage for the government’s motion to dismiss. In this day and age, any group holding fast to their beliefs is commendable!! Viva Los Vagos!! Many thanks to the excellent Defense Team!! SoCal

  5. Freebird Says:

    Operation shit slinger sounds more appropriate

    Let’s see if we can get something to stick to the wall of imaginary justice….

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