Oh No! More Covid-19!

March 24, 2020

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Oh No! More Covid-19!

Yeah, yeah. What the hell is the matter with Rebel? He is not a doctor and yet he keeps “spouting off” about the CoronaVirus.. As one proud member of the Iron Order explained to me the other day, “you should stick to motorcycles and stop pretending you are a doctor.”

You probably deserve an explanation for why I continue to cover this minor, little plague.  There are two reasons. One is cynical and the other is idealistic.

The cynical reason is I really can’t afford to lose any more readers. Literally. Stay alive and continue to read and when you can donate. That is The Aging Rebel business model.

The idealistic reason is that this is a niche journalism site with an audience in a demographic that appears to be most susceptible to this current pandemic. The point of journalism is to inform readers and viewers. And, on the subject of Covid-19, most news outlets are much more comfortable running opinion than fact. It is my moral obligation to try to inform you. Period.

So this page is running this libtard, propagandistic, obnoxious video produced by the National Geographic Society. Please watch it. The knowledge might come in handy.


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  1. rocco151 Says:

    @rookery + 1

    “we can all send foil for a new hat”….LOL…can I use that line ?

  2. Austin Says:

    For starters…. I am sure that whatever ‘numbers’ China has shared with us should be multiplied by at least 10. Maybe by 100 or even 1000. We will never know what is really going on over there. Italy and Spain are getting hammered, and there are plenty of people with direct contact to citizens who tell the same stories you see on the news. South Korea went into instant action, and immediately locked down & tested the entire country. Meanwhile… a complete lack of decisive leadership has trickled down. 50 years ago, if this happened – America would have sent a boatload of scientists and doctors with supplies, boots on the ground help to China. Right now – we wasted all of January & February on impeachment bullshit….. and to this day… are still arguing about Trump.
    Orange Satan is the man with the job, and he needs to buckle down and get on it. When there is a power vacuum, and someone like Governer Cuomo starts talking, people will listen. PLaces like New Haven, Maine are making up their own rules.
    Meanwhile in Arizona/New Mexico, the Navajo Nation is getting hammered. Just like all the other poor and underserved communities. As always, Thank you Rebel for putting out Real News. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/?fbclid=IwAR0ga2xtIQHBJ-14N7vuTfkBuyVSgl5AmoCr9z7N4jJ0KhP2n5UnJni8VHs

  3. Gandalf Says:

    (sarcasm alert) It’s ALL “Fake News” rookery. Italy is fine. No Doctors died. Those CNN stories made up in a Hollywood studio…. 100% fake. The whole world is just playing a Joke on USA. MSM “Mob” just trying to bring Trump down… It’s obvious they hate him. Suck a CV dick Straight Shooter!

  4. rookery Says:

    Straight Shooter

    Kindly post a link to any reputable medical journal or scientific publication that describes Covid 19 as flu…just one, or are the worlds medical professionals lying? could they …heavens, also be part of the media conspiracy… go on stretch your self…… In grim times the rest of us could do with a laugh and you’re providing it. Don’t forget to include an address so we can all send foil for a new hat…

  5. Straight Shooter Says:

    You know only the media tells you. Where is the much higher body count if this ‘strain’ were real? You’d have the regular flu victims & this media bug. And you disservice by ranting & raving each time post G.

  6. Shovelhead Says:

    Covid-19 doesn’t care what anyone thinks. It will spread and kill without remorse whether you believe it exists or not!
    Ignorant? Think it’s just the Flu? Doesn’t matter, it’ll still waste your ass. I know, it doesn’t kill everyone, but how do you know if it’s you that will die or just have mild symptoms?
    Even the Lapdogs out there should know by now, this isn’t a hoax.

  7. rookery Says:

    Dear Straight Shooter

    Shit so its just the flu.. wow.. all us us poor fools who just follow the science have got it all wrong, thank you so much.. perhaps while your there and scratching your nuts you could inform our devoted readership of some other flu outbreak in recent history that has managed to kill off 50 front line doctors in its first few weeks such has just occurred in Italy…… Ah… thought not… Moron.

  8. Gandalf Says:

    Who let Tokyo Rose in? #Suspect

  9. NoOneInParticular Says:

    {{{sigh}}} Some people just cannot be reasoned with …. or be bothered to check out actual facts. I give up. The phrase “They’re too stupid to live” is prescient here. Unfortunately, they may take a lot of folks with them.

  10. Straight Shooter Says:

    It/s the flu season. That is all it is. The TV is driving a narrative to subdue the nation with fear. When has the TV told the truth? You shouldn’t believe it, when your brotherhood is under attack the past 20 years by the same power.

  11. NoOneInParticular Says:

    @Gordo It was not you. It was more of a generalized exasperation and frustration that has been building over time. There was a small trigger … and, well, that post was the result. Probably not a fair one since I’ve noticed more and more people here taking this thing seriously recently.

  12. growlingfhardt Says:

    As a side note on all of this CV ‘collateral damage’ to the economy; the thought arrived today as Fox and Stadium Sports were both running last years baseball games, the World Series and some other game with the Indians, respectively. With no current major sports teams playing, what has happened to the influx of $$$ to the criminal enterprises that are in charge of Sports Betting ? (and all too often those criminal enterprises can and do influence the outcome of many games, so as to maximize their profits) Are these enterprises putting political pressure on government to relax the quarantine restrictions so as to resume their income ?

  13. Gandalf Says:

    There are still many people in Waco who STILL believe the Bandits jumped a bunch of Local “Good Ol Boys’ at Twin Peaks and ALL the arrested Bikers got away with murder. Hate runs deep everywhere and can not be changed by facts. No amount of facts can change some peoples opinion… Ever. Remember that if you ever have a jury trial. Facts and evidence mean ZIP! “Good” vs “bad” is preconceived or spun at Trial. ALWAYS!

  14. rookery Says:

    Apologies for posting twice. But this gives you an idea of how long this might last if there is not some type of coordinated effort to get on top of this.



  15. rookery Says:

    I know many on here share different opinions on who, why, what is responsible for the calamity that is about to unfold in the USA. But this is a really good read.


    I wish you and your family’s good luck…

  16. Gordo Says:


    If indeed you are referring to my comments/links I can assure that I do think that COVID 19 is not like the flu. This medical issue is extremely serious for all of humans, particularly those who are already medically compromised. No vaccine for this virus as yet. How long for the vaccine?
    Hopefully soon.
    Hats off to our medical science which can and does help millions of humans with their medical issues.
    Working a nightshift tonight and writing this comment from my room inside a Hospital. Practicing physical distancing. That’s the new social distancing.
    More politically correct I guess
    I will & must take the necessary precautions to protect my ass let alone my family and friends from this virus.
    Tomorrow morning when I get up I’ll be having coffee with my wife and my 90 year + mother-in-law.
    So practicing appropriate safety protocol is necessary and more so for Hospital Employees
    In our Hospitals employees are required to take flu shot. I’ve never had a flu shot
    Have to provide a formal piece of paper/email with the Hospital that I refuse to do so
    No I don’t believe everything I read and or link. It’s just more information which can be assessed.
    Your comments are appreciated



  17. LaLaLa Libtoads Says:

    I’ve been self isolating for three weeks now. No need to go anywhere for at least two more months. Up in the bama mountains with hardly a soul around. Wait Wait this is my normal it’s too dayum peoply out there an I hate em all! I laugh whenever I turn on the news and libtoads are spouting the world is ending! Well armed well stocked.

  18. Straight Shooter Says:

    Gafi or what ever, you are so far from being awake. Trump & the rest of DC are nothing but talking heads for the real power families. Wasting bandwidth by trolling since day one seems to be your only function here. Why? Can or have you chipped in any $ to the Rebel?

  19. Dasein Says:

    Braindead: Only a fool would hold onto stock that was going to tank. But I assume you would. You probably also believe Bill and Loretta talked about “golf and grand kids” on the Phoenix tarmac days before Comey announced that since there was no intent, and thus no possibility of prosecution, (absolutely ignoring the Law, heck, even I could have successfully prosecuted that one), that he would recommend Ms Arkancide get a pass, by which time, Loretta (Bill:, “hey, get my wife off, and you’ll be sittin’ on the Big Bench, in a robe big enough to hide your hippo ass”) had already said she’d go whichever way Comey’s wind blew. Thennnn, guess what, your man Anthony Weiner got hisself in a jam, and his seized laptop turned up to have about a gillion of Ms Arkancide’s “missing” emails, thanks to Humma, her islamic brotherhood lezz lover, having parked them there. Now, this was a problem for Comey, but it was cool till the NYPD began to puke over what they’d found, and threatened to bark about it. Jello spine Comey then tosses the bitch under the bus, and the rest is Herstory. Except, why is the laptop still a secret? Ask Vincent Foster, and Seth Rich, and a hundred others. While you’re at it, look up Laura Silsby, of Haitian child-trafficking fame, whom the Clintons went balls-deep to rescue from the Haitian authorities, and who has now changed her name, and works for: The Amber Project! And don’t overlook the demonic perverts the Podesta brothers, and Debbie (Awan Brothers ate my network) Wasserman Schultz, et fucking cetera.
    Look, Trump is a jerk. I think he makes all of us cringe. But he became #45 simply by wanting to do so, so there’s THAT. But mainly, no matter how much of a narcissistic scuz he truly is, he saved us from that murdering CUNT, and for that, he deserves a place on Mt. Rushmore. Tighten your pussy hat and get ready for another four years.


  20. Gandalf Says:

    BTW: Past mistakes aside… Trump is making HUGE mistakes IN REAL TIME! State by State? County by County? IS PURE STUPIDITY and will kill people. Why? Because without testing everyone nobody knows what State or County is 100% free from CV… WE KNOW 1 case can infect THE WORLD! WTF?

  21. oldskewl Says:

    Gandalf, you still refuse to understand, what they did was completely legal. Until that changes you got nothing but a bunch of rich people doing what they’re allowed to do. Martha Stewart went to prison for the same thing but the congress is immune and so is their family.
    You can’t prove a crime happened so it’s mute point.

    Honestly I don’t give a shit who makes money and who doesn’t, I’m not a member of congress.

  22. NoOneInParticular Says:

    Sorry. That should read H1N1.

  23. Gandalf Says:

    That date Burr sold those Stocks, like the number of Cossacks killed by cops at Twin Peaks IS UNSPINABLE. ALL other “facts and evidence” means ZIP! On February 13, 2020 it can be assumed Trump knew or “should have known” USA was fucked. Just like… because of the # of dead Cossacks at Twin Peaks it could be assumed (on day 2) the Cossacks started the fight and were the aggressor. That fact was proven months later when we saw the patio video. #ThinkLongThingWrong

  24. Gandalf Says:

    @OS. I said, “and others” because I don’t know the names of the others. I pointed to Burr because He is Intel Chairman and we know exactly what date he made the trades. But your missing my whole point… IT WAS THE DATE (February 13,2020) that is important. The date Burr sold His stocks. Others (D&R) sold just days after that date. ON FEB 13, 2020 TRUMP KNEW WE WERE FUCKED! That’s my whole point.

  25. oldskewl Says:

    Gandalf, so did Feinstein and 6 other senators who belong to the Intel committee. You’re trying to act like they did something wrong when in fact, they can and they do this regularly. How the hell do you think they become so rich?

    Both sides of the isle are thieves but you only mention one.

  26. NoOneInParticular Says:

    Oh, for chrissakes! The corona virus is not like “the flu” by which I’m presuming everyone is referring to N1H1. When N1H1 first surfaced. it had a lower spread rate than COVID-19 to begin with. Yet governments everywhere went into high gear to combat it. An anti-viral was found that worked at first to help patients who had contracted it, but later the virus developed resistance, spurring further research into a vaccine. Once a vaccine was developed, a massive campaign for vaccination took place. The result has been that, through natural immunity from having either contracted the disease and survived or the vaccination drive, any person contracting N1H1 has has gone from a more than 1% chance of infecting others to a significantly less than a 1% chance of spreading the disease. It is relatively easily contained because of these factors.

    Yes, there are deaths annually. Yes, it still affects us. But it is no longer a danger of spreading exponentially throughout our population.

    With COVID-19, not one single person on planet Earth is immune to COVID-19. Not ONE SINGLE person. Not ONE! Its spread rate is over 2%, closer to 3% than 2%. There are no barriers to its spread like there are with N1H1. There is no natural immunity nor any vaccine to inhibit its spread. And it has a higher rate of infection than N1H1 to begin with.

    This is NOT “like the flu”, despite what your preferred news source might tell you, it is. Nor is it like anything else we have ever dealt with in modern times.

    Pay attention to fact rather than opinion. Your family, your friends, your community, your country, and the whole world are depending upon you to do exactly that.

    Accept reality and science, and contain this fucking thing!

  27. Gandalf Says:

    Burr (Senate Intel Chairman) sold all His stocks on February 13, 2020 just after a CV Intel briefing. The very same briefing Trump got. On February 28, 2020 Trump had a rally and called CV a Democratic “Hoax”…and again on March 2, 2020 told everyone at the rally not to worry, “The flu is worse”. You do the math. The “enemy” was invading and Trump thought to save his re-election. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

  28. Gandalf Says:

    I’m criticizing ALL TRUMPERS…. Your not special OS. Just like I criticized ALL of the Waco, Reyna “cultist”. I see no difference. The answer is right in front of your face. If CV were about ratfucking Trump why would Italy, UK, China AND EVERY OTHER NATION be in on the game? When Reyna and MSM blamed the Bandits for Twin Peaks…. Then why did the cop snipers take out so many Cossacks. The stupid think too hard and confuse themselves. Get distracted by “the facts” and hate who they want to hate. Blame who they want to blame. “Evidence” means nothing to them.
    BTW: If Trump didn’t know why did Burr (and other people) sell their stock? They both got the same briefing. Because THEY ALL KNEW! Trump tried to “spin” CV with “alternate facts”. USA (Trump) fucked up. Waited too long. To NOT BLAME TRUMP is the same as not blaming Reyna for his actions AFTER others caused the problem.

  29. Gordo Says:

    Flu is still a serious health concern yet the hype on covid 19 seems to be overtaking that health issue

    Such extreme measures for covid 19 yet our annual flu season hasn’t shut down business as yet

    Does make ya wonder why extreme actions are being taken on covid 19 vs our annual flu season

    Keep us informed Rebel




  30. growlingfhardt Says:

    Re: Rashomon
    Perhaps I should change my name to Billy Budd.

  31. growlingfhardt Says:

    Re: the ‘science paper’ in “Nature” that is linked in a Comment below:

    “To better study this virus, scientists copied the coronavirus and infected it with laboratory mice. The results showed that the virus is really able to bind to human cells with ACE2 receptors and multiply in the cells of the respiratory system.” [*the first sentence in this paragraph is oddly constructed, Re: you can’t ‘infect a virus with laboratory mice’. Did they mean they infected laboratory mice with the virus ? Why is the syntax screwed up when the rest of this “paper” is so well written. Do I smell a CIA ‘small change’ inserted into the ‘article’ ? so as to change the ‘argument’ ? , or is this simply an ‘uncaught’ ‘Scottish’ influence in English language construction, akin to the Dutch construction ala; ‘Over the fence the farmer threw the cow some hay.’ that the writer didn’t catch on a reread.

    Further down in this Nature paper:
    “During the SARS-CoV epidemic, links were quickly established between palm civets and the CoV strains that were detected in humans4. Building on this finding, the common emergence paradigm argues that epidemic SARS-CoV originated as a bat virus, jumped to civets and incorporated changes within the receptor-binding domain (RBD) to improve binding to civet Ace2 (ref. 18). Subsequent exposure to people in live-animal markets permitted human infection with the civet strain, which, in turn, adapted to become the epidemic strain (Fig. 4a). However, phylogenetic analysis suggests that early human SARS strains appear more closely related to bat strains than to civet strains18. Therefore, a second paradigm argues that direct bat-human transmission initiated SARS-CoV emergence and that palm civets served as a secondary host and reservoir for continued infection (Fig. 4b)19. For both paradigms, spike adaptation in a secondary host is seen as a necessity, with most mutations expected to occur within the RBD, thereby facilitating improved infection. Both theories imply that pools of bat CoVs are limited and that host-range mutations are both random and rare, reducing the likelihood of future emergence events in humans.”

    It is known that the CIA has used the ‘1984’ technique of ‘editing’ ‘target subject’s’ blog writings in which the CIA operative at the editing keyboard will make small changes in the writer’s article so as to ‘destroy’ that writer’s credibility in the mind of the reader; ‘small changes’ such as: misspellings, grammatical gaffes, changing a positive statement into a negative statement (or vice versa) via a small word, or inserting a ‘not’, or removing a ‘not’ in the sentence. That said, the first paragraph above may have been ‘inserted’ by an operative who wasn’t well enough familiar with English language constructions in the moment of their writing, and got a little ‘confused in the head’ and didn’t do a re-read of their work before ‘finishing’ their job.

    Now, the above thoughts said, “Nature Magazine” is a well known vector vehicle for ‘official disinformation’ (like “Popular Mechanics Magazine” – think 9/11, etc.). Re: “Nature” – think – Mainstream Astrophysics and Cosmology which are constantly pushing the totally fictitious concepts of, and logically erroneous assumptions of : Black Holes, Neutron Stars, Magnetic Reconnection, Frozen-In Magnetic Fields, Gravitational Lensing, Gravitational MicroLensing, Redshift as indicating recessional velocity alone, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, the LIGO detection of Gravity Waves, that the CMBR is a remnant of the Big Bang, that Gravity bends Light, that Quasars are extremely distant and extremely powerful, that Supernovae are caused by a rebound from a Gravitational collapse, that the Cosmological Redshift indicates that the Universe is Expanding, and that the Expansion of the Universe is Accelerating, that the Neutrino is a ‘particle’ that has ‘no-mass’ and yet can ‘carry’ energy. [the Neutrino is a ‘place holder’ for something we do not understand. It has been described as “the pirouette that left the stage without the dancer.”] ALL of the above ‘entities’ or ‘theoretical concepts’ are complete BULLSHIT LIES. Now why would Mainstream Science want US to believe complete bullshit lies ? Perhaps; so if we revolt at their tyranny we will be unsuccessful in our developing any advances in weaponry on our side of the conflict, or perhaps; so that we will not be able to leave planet Earth by developing a form of space travel on our own. Thus they launch rockets from ‘sea level’ requiring hugely more energy than launching from say 18,000 feet above sea level.

    All this leaves us with the confusing predicament of : who do we believe ? The proven liars of the Mainstream Media, and certain scientific journals. Or, the Authentic Media that tells us Vitamin C, Vitamin D, bleach, and sunshine will effectively cure and kill this Coronavirus.

  32. Rashomon Says:

    I’m sure Captain Queeg will save us eventually but meantime I’ll donate a few bucks to keep you going. Stay safe.

  33. Scientist Says:

    Dear Rebel,
    Some of the smartest people I’ve known are not doctors.
    They are authors. As much as you need readers, we need authors
    like you. Thank you for fulfilling your moral obligation.
    Individual acts matter!
    Hand sanitizer can be made with 70% rubbing alcohol and aloe Vera.
    Be well friend.

  34. Rebel Says:

    Dear James W. Crawford.

    I also had a nasty pneumonia and spent a week in an under ground conex. All good time. The only thing we have to fear is fear and stupid.


  35. Rebel Says:

    Dear KK,


    Thank you.

  36. gordo Says:

    i figured as much

    great link slickback

    thx for posting

    and to Rebel

    blog on



  37. Straight Shooter Says:

    Who is pushing this narrative? That’s right, its flu season too. Bit there is no increase in illness or death. You really believe the MSM after all these years of lies & propaganda?

  38. KK Says:

    I’ve only been introduced to Your site by Tramp and Izzy from London. Where can I buy Your book collection to help support this site?

    KK London Prospect

  39. James W Crawford Says:

    The China virus kills when it escalates to pneumonia. I contracted a case of pneumonia about half a century ago that damn near killed. I spent two weeks in the hospital becoming a fan of Perry Mason. My lungs have never recovered.. I absolutely am not sanguine about this vicious virus.

    Just to offer some nonpartisan information, I share this link a website that I find extremely informative. The chart listing data by country is particularly useful. Click on the column headers on the far right to reorder the countries based on deaths per million people and infections per million people. The US is doing much better than Europeans.

    What scares the Hell out of me is that this vicious virus seems to survive a long time outside a human carcass and it is spreading in equitorial countries. Heat doesn’t kill it. The Covidvirus pandemic isn’t going to abate this summer. Even if it did, it is getting established in the Southern hemisphere where it will thrive for the next six months. Come Fall, it will reignite in the Northern hemisphere.

    Now a little simplified math. The total number of cases seems to double each week. Given three weeks, the number of cases will be right times greater. We will have close to 4 million cases of Coronavirus. If the number of infected keeps doubling every week, after ten more weeks close to 4 billion people will be infected. Even if the lethality rate is “only” 1%, it will kill 40 million people. In the likely event that the pandemic completely overwhelmed the medical system, some 400 million to 1.6 Billion people could die.

    No disrespect intended by getting on my soap box.

  40. Slickback_Civilian Says:

    I don’t know how many of y’all will read the link below, but these guys know ‘spook’ like Rebel knows bikers, and it ain’t pretty:

  41. Dasein Says:

    Dear Dr.Rebel:
    Appreciate the horrifying video. As long as I can breathe, I don’t have ANY problems. I am mostly an observer on the local Nextdoor site (know about it?), anyway, a truly frightening gaggle of hysterical nitwits. If I ever found myself on a lifeboat with most of those fools, I’d either be the only one left, or the first to jump. What you bring here is always fresh air, and even if I don’t always agree with the way the wind blows, it feels like Freedom. Thanks for spending your life trying to help out so many that truly aren’t going to find that Freedom anywhere else.

  42. Not Surprised Says:

    How much does it take to turn a Trump supporter into a Socialist?

    1200 dollars.

  43. carzy harry Says:

    I soaked a bandana in gas and motor roil and wear that and no virus.

  44. Notsowarmnfuzzy Says:

    I’m one of the over hill guys with a few health issues and more vulnerable to dieing from this mess, I thank u for your concern.

  45. JB Says:

    So by now most everyone has heard of Chloroquine.
    And I know our comunity is filled with rocket scientists
    Just not real scientists. So some of you may know
    Or have heard of chloroquine being used in fish tanks
    and may think choroquine is chloroquine and i can take that.
    YOU COULDNT BE MORE WRONG! The Chloroquine used
    To treat fish is Chloroquine Phosphate and it is
    Toxic if injested. Medical Chloroquine and HydroxyCloroquine
    Are refined for human consumption. That is the difference.

    Be safe and if you catch the ChineseVirus be sure to visit
    You local democrat representative and give them a great
    Big hug for all the bullshit they put us thru!

  46. Old & Jaded Says:

    Thanks, Rebel. Good information. This virus is not just the flu and people need to protect themselves and their loved ones the best they can. A lot of good information on the CDC web site.

  47. Jim Denny Says:

    Thanks, big man. Living in the hot zone, New York City, it’s helpful to get as much information as I can.
    All the best.

  48. NoOneInParticular Says:

    Thank you.

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