Alleged Gypsy Joker Pleads Guilty

March 19, 2020

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Alleged Gypsy Joker Pleads Guilty

Ryan Anthony Negrinelli, a former prospect with the Gypsy Joker Motorcycle Club, pled guilty yesterday to conspiracy to engage in racketeering.

Negrinelli has been assisting federal prosecutors in the prosecution of Gypsy Joker who are alleged to have conspired to murder a disgraced former club member named Robert Lee “Bagger Bobby” Huggins “for the purpose of maintaining and increasing his position in the GJMC criminal enterprise.”

Huggins was a former chapter treasurer who stole club funds to support his heroin addiction. He was expelled from the club in 2014. The next year, according to Portland police, Huggins broke into Dencklau’s home, tied chapter president Mark Leroy Dencklau’s girlfriend to a chair, threatened her with a gun and stole Dencklau’s property. Huggins mutilated body turned up in July 2015.

Oregon pursued state charges against six members and associates of the Gypsy Jokerr. When that case went nowhere, dederal authorities stepped in and secured a federal indictment in June 2018 againstr Denklau, Earl Fisher and Tiler Evan Pribbernow.

Thirteen months ago, federal prosecutors filed a superseding indictment which also accused club national president Kenneth Earl Hause, Negrinelli and Joseph Duane Folkerts, of being murderous racketeers.

Negrinelli, Pribbernow and Fisher (video below) have all pled guilty. At least both Negrinelli and Pribbernow have been trying to sae their own necks by cooperating with federal authorities.


6 Responses to “Alleged Gypsy Joker Pleads Guilty”

  1. commonsense Says:

    Do a article on. the guys from Denver 81 who hog tied a guy and beat him unconscious because they that he was a rat. Then he ratted them out and now 13 club members are fucked. Lets see how many of these guys rat because of RICO. I’m not putting down 81 but if you read what they did they fucked up. To my friends who had nothing to do with this I know your shaking your heads

  2. Posativnrg Says:

    Why the fuck would anybody talk to police without a lawyer present. They are not talking to you because they are your friends.

  3. Gandalf Says:

    Really? Find a better name you stupid Fuck!

  4. Gandalf loves ass to mouth Says:


    I wonder why the pigs couldn’t solve the Seth Rich murder this quick.

  5. Dasein Says:

    That interrogation was Nasty. Makes you realize that once they’ve got you to that point, you’re probably as good as dead already, and they even said “you realize you can’t leave, because you’re in a police station. But you’re not under arrest.” I think what that means is, there’s stuff worse than being under arrest, like an invisible noose that only gets tighter with everything you say.

  6. Freebird Says:

    Former prospect…..

    What’s next

    I was in the same parking lot as they were

    WTF over

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