Live Free Or Die

March 18, 2020

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Live Free Or Die

In the summer of 1809, New Hampshire invited the aged and declining hero of the Battle of Bennington, General John Stark, to a dinner commemorating his victory in the Revolutionary War. Stark couldn’t attend but he wrote down a dinner toast and sent that instead.

“Live Free or Die,” Stark wrote. “Death is not the worst of evils.”

It was a common sentiment when modern democracy was new and tyranny was first doomed. French Revolutionaries, inspired by the American Revolution cried “Vivre Libre ou Mourir.

In 1815, the English Romantic Poet William Wordsworth wrote, “We must be free or die, who speak the tongue That Shakespeare spake; the faith and morals hold Which Milton held.”

“Live Free or Die,” is the official motto of New Hampshire and day by day it is sounding like an exponentially radical idea.

You Know This

A plague is on the land. It is a potentially deadly chest cold called Covid-19. Nobody knows how deadly. The estimates of its fatality are a matter of simple arithmetic. Not math. Arithmetic. There are about 330 million people in the United States. None of us has any immunity to Covid-19. Sooner or later, until a vaccine is available, everybody who is exposed to it will catch it. Period.

About 80 percent of the people who catch this bug will suffer, at worst, very mild symptoms but they will still be contagious for about two weeks. About 264 million people in the United States will catch Covid-19, spread the disease and unless they are tested they will never know it.

Many contradictory voices explain this pandemic to us. The consensus is that about 20 percent of people who catch the disease will suffer from it. Sixty-six million people will feel very sick and be contagious. That is a t\staggering number. It is larger than the population of France. It is slightly less than the population of Britain. It is significantly larger than the population of Italy.

Nobody knows how many Americans will die from this bad chest cold. About 25 percent of the people who get very sick with the disease will get pneumonia, their lungs will fill with fluid and basically, slowly, they will drown. Nobody agrees about the number of people who will suffer this fate. It is common for talking heads, and it has been the experience in Italy, that the disease4will kill up to five percent of its unhospitalized victims. The magic of second grade arithmetic reveals this might amount to 16.5 million people which is also a very alarming figure.

Whether to avoid alarming the public or because they actually know what are talking about, many epidemiologists predict a much lower death toll. The Washington Post reported this morning that a study in Britain, that the Trump Administration has based today’s response plan on, predicts 2.2 million deaths in the United States and 500,000 deaths in Britain.

Shelter In Place

In response, many politicians and many talking heads are urging Americans to “shelter in place.” By this is meant that all right thinking people should behave as if they are the targets of an artillery barrage rather than the potential sufferers of a very bad chest cold.

The other terms you hear thrown around are “social distancing” and “flattening the curve” and one can only achieve these obtuse goals if one imprisons himself and isolates himself from everyone else in the world: Don’t go to movies. malls, stores, bowling alleys, school, work and only walk your dog when absolutely necessary. Many talking heads for the last two days have excoriated college students who are swamping the beaches in Florida. Similarly, the same commentators are appalled that people in San Francisco, who have been ordered to shelter in place, are jogging and in radical cases even playing Frisbee when they SHOULD be home sheltering in place.

This can’t last long. This tension between what authorities say people should do and what people naturally do will break soon. One way things could go follows the Communist Chinese model, China managed to quarantine 50 million people using the Army and police. People who went outside without a mask were beaten and locked in their homes without additional provisions. The other alternative, the traditionally American alternate, the alternate of what Winston Churchill called the English Speaking Peoples, is to live free with the threat of death.

Nobody knows how long this plague will last. It is certain that it will last until everybody has been vaccinated against Covid-19 or they have been exposed to the disease and they have either lived or died. That is the sort of hard truth Americans have been avoiding since Vietnam. It is pretty safe to conjecture that most Americans want it both ways. They want to be free and they want to be safe.



The other day President Trump’s dismissive tone about the pandemic dramatically changed. He urged Americans to avoid traveling and gathering in public spaces in order to slow down the spread of Covid-19. The idea is to prolong that length of the pandemic in order to diminish its intensity. It is widely assumed to be reasonable to discourage the most vulnerable victims from dying all at once.

CNN political correspondent Dana Bash reported that the reason for Trump’s sudden change of tone about the pandemic was his increased workload. The President must attend to numerous details about the outbreak each day which severely limits the hours he can devote to watching Fox News. Instead of learning about the pandemic from Sean Hannity the President is now briefed about the crisis by actual experts.

Trump who had previously assured Americans the crisis would be over very, very, very soon, warned that the pandemic might last until “July or August. Probably July but maybe August.”
“If everyone makes this change, “ the President promised, “or these critical changes and sacrifices now, we will rally together as one nation and we will defeat the virus.” Trump added “We’re going to have a big celebration all together.”


Obviously, Orange Satan was talking about the Black Hills motorcycle rally which is scheduled to start in Sturgis, South Dakota on Friday August 7, just under six months from now. Last year, 470,000 people attended the rally.

According to television station KOTA, “The coronavirus is impacting many events throughout the country, and even here in South Dakota. But when it comes to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, that is still on.”

Rally director Jerry Cole said, “We’re hoping that things will get under control, and we will go from there. If things change, we will let people know.”

Cole’s statement raises very, very, very many provocative questions. Like for example: Is everybody supposed to stay locked up and out of work until August? Will there be toilet paper and canned goods by August? Will the traffic jam to get into the gun store parking lot last until August? Will the police be authorized to shoot me if I go to the beach before August? How many people will die by August? How many people will die after August?

And the big one, are the kind of people who go to Sturgis going to put up with this crap indefinitely?

The people who go to Sturgis aggressively project a rugged, iconoclastic, independent, tough guy image. Are they really not going to go? If 470,000 people just curse authority and ride out to the middle of nowhere in the middle of the country, who is going to stop them?

America’s biker counterculture is important. It is important because it is a reservoir of traditional American ideals. The big question is, is that counterculture willing to walk the walk or just talk the talk.

I don’t think it is over-dramatic to call this looming moment six months from now a turning point in American History. Are we still a nation of free people who would rather die than lose their freedom?

Or what?




62 Responses to “Live Free Or Die”

  1. Paladin Says:

    @ Glenn;

    If things play out as you suggest they might, shoot back. I’m Paladin and I approve this message.

    Long May You Ride,


  2. Glenn Says:

    First week of tee shirt and vest riding weather this year and now this shit.

    They tell us at work (factory) that we’ll be sent home if we cough or sneeze but that the point system regarding attendance still applies. They tell us to wash our hands often and shut down the main bathroom for “deep cleaning and renovation”. That was a week ago, it’s still closed.

    The stores close earlier “due to the health crisis”, meaning that the same number of people are gonna shop within a narrowed time frame.

    The governor shut down the bars and restaurants except for to go, meaning you have to drink and eat in the parking lot. The schools are closed and some of the bigger factories are closing soon.

    I think the cops are afraid of catching the virus so they limit interaction with the common man. That’s a good thing—for now. Eventually they’ll probably shoot us to limit interaction because they’re afraid of catching the virus. I’m betting that prosecutors will tell us, with a straight face, later, that their fear and use of deadly force was reasonable. I sure hope they shoot some niggers when that happens because the niggers won’t put up with that shit and, sadly, white people will.

    Some people are being exceedingly polite and kind. Others are being even bigger assholes than normal.

    So far, my state ain’t shut down, but I have a feeling that is coming. The state Capitol city has a curfew, as if the virus becomes more contagious in the nighttime. Whatever the politicians decide in the days and weeks to come, I expect they will be informed by stupidity in matters large and small. If a solution seems obvious, a treatment or a vaccine, I expect that a thousand petty rules and pettier officials will stand in its way. And oh goddamn, it’s an election year. The political cartels will surely rather prevent the other side from doing something to actually getting anything positive done, but they’ll surely agree that further restrictions on freedom are necessary. Some of them are sure to be permanent even after the virus is as historically removed by time as rabies in humans.

  3. Phuquehed Says:

    Well, it’s easy to see that this site has gone to shit, to the dogs, and to the fucking retarded.

    It’s been real, it’s been fun, and up to now it was real fun, but the site has turned into a bunch of whiny pussies bitching about a president doing something good, whining about a virus that makes one sick for a few days and making that out to be the end of the world, whiny pussies yapping and snapping with ‘little dog syndrome’ at regulars who’ve done nothing but post opinions that had nothing to do with those same ‘little dogs’, and Grand-elf who likes ass-to-mouth and white bitch incoherently pissing and moaning at anything and everything they didn’t like reading.

    You bunch of turd-burglars enjoy yourselves.

    Rebel…thanks for the memories, but I believe you’ve gone off the deep end somewhat and are hanging on by the tie-cord of your swimming trunks that got caught on a corner of the very end of the diving board.

    What a long, strange trip it’s been.

  4. Ben Says:

    “Give me liberty at the expense of someone else’s death.” It strikes me as selfish and irresponsible. It should be Volodymyr Zhukovskyy’s motto.

  5. Neuro Says:

    @Harbinger: that is completely wrong. Paladin will tell you himself, he has stated Many times that he is in the SFV and that he is easy to find. Just Being straight with you on that.

  6. Harbinger Says:

    What’s this Palladian? Some kind of new metal?

    PALADIN dint tell anyone he’s ‘not hard to find’, that was another of your gang. The ‘school bullies’ on here who think it’s big n clever to virtually gang up on anyone who dares state an opinion they don’t agree with.

    As someone said, none’s holding a gun to your head. If you see his name at the top of a contribution, just scroll on by until you find one by a fellow member of your ‘echo chamber’.

    Some of us come here for different opinions and points of view. It’s called healthy debate. Without it, we ain’t living free. I may not agree with you, but I’ll defend your right to say it.

  7. Not Surprised Says:

    I’m just here waiting for Palladian to tell
    someone he’s ” not hard to find.”

  8. Tricky Tramp Says:

    P.S. I also don’t give a fuck. Do what you gotta do.
    Things always work out.
    Me?. gonna get a new beer.
    Respects to those that deserve it.
    Tricky Tramp

  9. white witch Says:

    @ Rebel, good read. lmao at the trigger.
    @ Paladin do you ever shut up? STFU. You should be able to cure virus because u know every fucking thing about every fucking thing.
    u should have your own search engine like google.
    @ the Canadians… bye bye.

    ride free
    white witch

  10. Zeke Says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed. I love’d that trigger warning. Fuck those GOP snowflakes and fuck the ‘bikers’ who love Trump and his law and order regime.

  11. Tricky Tramp Says:

    People have been spreading and listening to government lies and fake news for so long now,that they find it hard to believe anything. Hence the empty shelves in all the food outlets (despite the fact that governments insist there is enough to go around) Old and vulnerable people being disrespected and muscled out of the way when they wanna buy a little food. The great unwashed are rising. (The one thing I did do is make sure I got enough gas in my tanks + a little backup) Hope most of you and yours survive
    Respects to those that deserve it.
    Tricky Tramp

  12. Sandmann Says:


    EPIC trigger warning. Thanks for the laugh – especially in times like this.
    I still continued reading though.

    Here in Germany, we don’t have a general curfew (yet) but with people being the way they are, I personally believe it’s unavoidable. The really interesting part in my opinion is how long they can afford to keep it up.

    Respect to the deserving, stay healthy!

  13. Austin Says:

    Ever since I found a Golden Retriever Rescue Group that pulls dogs off of meat trucks and flies them back to the US for adoption – I have minimized “made in China” purchases.

    Orange Satan?! Trigger Warning?!? I’m laughing so hard I can’t breathe, and yes, the ratcheting down of our lives, freedom and independence must be reversed.

    Get creative people. WIllie Nelson just livestreamed a 4+ hr show to the universe, because gathering at his Luck Ranch was not allowed. #TilFurtherNotice

  14. Gordo Says:

    For the record I’m a Canadian

    My thoughts are with the author of this blog as issues which are covered in his postings i find of interest irrespective of nationality

    The way I see it our military on both sides of the border have put blood in the soil in foreign lands for my so called freedom in north america

    A freedom that we are loosing on both sides of the border

    I like my Vance & Hynes

    Have on both Harleys

    There is a bigger picture out there

    Keep blogging and posting

    Oh yeh riding

    Thx again Rebel


  15. Frank Says:

    Hi Paladin, did I poke the bear?

    Canadians have been doing our thing here a long in our own way and we’ve never needed your permissio, inspite of what your national ego tells you.

    Who pays for our healthcare? That’s easy: I do. And my whole generation. and the generation before that and the generation before that. And together we have all built a system that cares and nurtures the people from cradle to grave. It’s not all free but it’s pretty dams good and I’d advocate it for anyone.

    Not sure what the wish-you-were-French thing means but I do hope you stay safe and healthy.

  16. Paladin Says:

    Frank Says:
    March 19, 2020 at 4:51 am

    “Go back inside Paladin, your American is showing.”

    @ Frank;

    Damn right my ‘merica is showing. The only reason your country even exists is because we allow it. I’ll ask you the following question that I asked Harbinger on another thread. Whom do you think ultimately pays for your universal healthcare system, the Healthcare Fairy?

    With few exceptions (which you’re not one of), the only people worse than the French are the Canadians, because they think they’re french.


  17. rookery Says:

    dear growlingfhardt

    I know its convienient to view this as an Attack on The Orange ones ‘economic miracle’ but viruses like this are proven to have jumped from Animal to Human with deadly consequences. It doesn’t take a team of Chinese Frankenstiens dropping the flask in a lab, it just takes nature shaking its little cocktail of mixed animal species and getting the cocktail right. Granted China makes it all too fuckin easy for it too happen with its apalling eating habits and ‘wet’meat markets but thems the facts.. Ya just got to remember that nature only has to get it right once and we are all toast, we (humans) have to be lucky every time. enjoy the view while you can…

  18. Gandalf Says:

    Yea… Willy is right. Good luck to you ed.

  19. jrino Says:

    Frank, No ageing rebel in Canada? Look ya got nothing but Arabs moving there, wait a decade and see what they do for the French/English mix! Then instead of 2 languages on a can of soup you accommodating ice farmers will have 3 languages. Ride you Canadian scooter boy. What a helmet law too?

  20. willie lee Says:

    ed and gandalf maybe take it over to the saloon just saying

  21. Dasein Says:

    Dear Frank:
    Nobody here has a problem with “canada”, nobody even cares about it.

  22. Anonymouse Says:

    Standing O for Oldskewl. You did however forget to mention bragging about the “free” medical care, while simultaneously acting smug about your peaceful ways. Easy to do when your powerful cousins to the south are protecting your asses and spending $$ on defense, instead of crappy medical “care” you have to wait 6 weeks to get.

  23. Gandalf Says:

    I remember getting recommended to take an “Aggressive Inmate” class at age 17. LOL. We all thought that was funny. Every time I turned around another Nigger was fucking with me… So I smashed him. I guess they call that “aggressive” LOL There is a good chance I was even in the hole (D-Block/Mohawk) the same time you did your 30 days but you would have to hear my voice. I was there a lot in 78/79. Maybe 5-7 times for fighting. 30days, 60days… its all a blur. LOL “What goes around comes around” was the big sign on the wall in the hole. They once put me in the basement of the hole. Didn’t push me down the steps as the legend said they would… But they left me there 3 days without food or contact. How they “counted” me is a mystery.

  24. Frank Says:

    @ oldskewl

    I do hate to do this, but have a look.

    Fox News downplaying the virus

    Your president downplaying the virus

    Church pastor holding service during outbreak

    Spring breakers being idiots

    You what I learned the other day, what a co-pay is. In Canada it’s all free. Ya, that’s real shit.

    And thanks for crack, meth and the opioid epidemic.

  25. Gandalf Says:

    I was 16 in 78. 17 in 79….eating your food. If you think hard enough you might remember seeing me. Youngest white boy in the place. I remember (?) lifting weights with Bird in the little yard afternoons those years. I’m thinking Bird was tall… long hair. I’m thinking they made him cut it and he got a crazy mohawk or something. It was a long time ago.

  26. ed Says:

    I worked with Hoagie and Brother as cooks helper. Helper shit, at 4:30 a.m. you had an 18 year old cooking your fucking breakfast. I didn’t get the stainless pitcher. They gave me a stainless 4 ft ladel to stir those big steam pots. I laid a smart ass west philly black boy out one morning with it. 30 days in lock up. Hoagie was the older dude with the black strato caster. Hope he held on to it all these years. I remember him bragging to me he paid 300 for it back then. I kinda laid low; Fuck I was a professional criminal at 18…Hahahahaha.

  27. Gordo Says:


    your blog provides an interesting perspective aside from our daily news propaganda

    This is an other event like 911 which will be used to effect our collective civil liberties

    Sad that families are affected and the lives of loved ones have passed however this is just another cog in the wheel of the New World Order

    I’ve been social distancing for some time

    I chose where and who I ride and drink with

    This rider does not trust gov’ts to work on my behalf

    I look after my own ass and as for now have my health

    Stay healthy Rebel and keep us informed

    Thx again


  28. Psycho Says:

    We’re no stranger to crisis, it seems like we have a new outbreak that’s going to end the world every election cycle. One of my closest brothers, (who was just at my house helping me unfuck a basket case bike all weekend) managed to catch the H1N1 back in the day when that was the worldwide terror that was about to bring us to our knees. All the bars are closed in my state, so tonight, I’ll go to the clubhouse, have a few beers with my brothers, and make sure to wipe down the bar real well afterwards. Some of our older members may want to stay home, but we tend to socially isolate anyways, so I don’t see a big need to change our lifestyle. I’ve got a good amount of gas in cans for my bike, as do my brothers. I get pretty good mileage, so should last me into the summer. I’m not worried about the virus, I’m worried about our governments response to the virus. We’ll give out checks, raise the debt, print money, and further militarize our police, only to create a country we don’t want to live in when this is over.
    In case this goes further south than I expect, I have already let my neighbors know that they don’t need to worry about anything if the government falls apart, and the world descends into chaos. I will be a kind and benevolent warlord, so long as appropriate tributes for living in all my houses are paid.

  29. Shovelhead Says:

    I’m still out riding every day. Just doing my own thing like I’ve done for years. I generally don’t like my fellow human beings, and they generally don’t like me.

    So I’ve been social distancing for decades ever since my Club disbanded in the 80’s.
    I have few friends, only see each other on the road or occasional bike rally, which I can only stand for an hour or so…too many fake assholes.

    The China Virus will pass, I’ll keep riding and the world will go on.
    Now if I could just find some damn toilet paper!

  30. growlingfhardt Says:

    Just wait and watch it happen.

    Do not overlook the fact that this “virus” gave the New World Order every last stinking thing they wanted, in ONE WHACK.

    They wanted to keep people huddled in their homes waiting for government prescribed “survival” JUST LIKE COMMUNIST RUSSIA

    They wanted the cars OFF the road, and this virus is accomplishing that in spades. Lots of cities around the world have virtually all cars parked.

    They were sick of air travel and did not want the peons vacationing so much, and an enormous pile of planes are now grounded.

    They wanted restricted, registered travel, JUST LIKE SOVIET RUSSIA – even local travel, through the county or state without crossing even state lines, and in many parts of the world, they suddenly have that. (France just instituted; you have to have a piece of paper correctly filled out in order to leave your house for any reason.)

    They wanted a restricted permit based existence, and they are set to get it via this virus.

    They wanted to trash the Trump economy, and did it with perfection, all in the name of this virus. If they have their way, they’ll get their famines too, in the not too distant future. Whether or not they actually get to take it that far all depends upon whether or not people can be bullshitted into simply sitting down and dying, or even better – VOTING FROM HOME. If they actually get that, it’s adios to EVERYTHING.

    Interesting it is that this virus popped up out of nowhere the day the Trump Impeachment failed, and right when there was a massive global awakening (like was happening in Hong Kong, which is now dead). Now they get to shut it all down, over a virus that is proven to be man made. How PERFECT could that be? Gee, it could not have been planned better. Coincidence can really be favorable don’t ya know!

  31. rookery Says:

    Ol fella sitting in our Clubhouse last night watching spring breakers gambling in the surf…. ‘Fuck, when did lemmings learn to swim’

    stay safe….

  32. freebird Says:

    I somewhat understand and can accept 14 days. 6 months from now if it takes that long i suspect most people will have accepted the fact they are already dead and burn whatever fuel is left in the tank

    Or their obituary will say they died while sheltering in place

  33. oldskewl Says:

    @ Frank.
    Love how you preach that “it’s times like this we all need to come together” then start bashing Americans with our “dumb fuckery”.

    Since you live in Canada and have no idea what we’re experiencing here besides what you see on the news I’ll tell you that none of what you said is actually happening.
    You’re pointing out one or two scenarios while the rest of the country is at home suffering.
    It takes a minute to get 350 million people on board but we’ve managed to do that in matter of weeks. America is stupid? No, you clueless Canadian pussy, we’re not stupid, we’re the toughest of the tough and it’s us who you run to every fucking time you need something, so shut your fucking pie hole.

    Everything you got, we built, we designed, we innovated! We’ve shared it with you because you’re our neighbor. Show some fucking respect when and where it’s due.
    Next up you’ll be crying for our vaccine, our medicine because your socialized system is shit.
    By the way, You’re welcome

  34. L-Frame S&W Says:

    During the H1N1 “epidemic” in 2009 the lamestream media was mostly silent. This is a classic example of: Never let a good crisis go to waste.

  35. roame Says:

    If they ration gas to stop travel will we all be on solar powered electric carts? The point is that they can prevent most unauthorized motor travel. Do you remember the gas lines in 1973? No shortage of gas, just new epa regulation preventing sales.( I just checked to make sure of the year, they blamed it on opec, total bs.)
    You know a lot of people who are considered to be in the endangered group still work. This plantation actually does have a shortage of bodies. Even the old, weak, and infirm have a value. It may be only to occupy a bed in a nursing home at several thousand dollars a month. They still contribute, to the end.
    Please try to see the bigger economic picture.

  36. Frank Says:

    Go back inside Paladin, your American is showing

  37. Gandalf Says:

    Bahahaha “Trigger Warning” @ed Yes… For good or for bad. We are brothers. You G-Block boys fed me for years and the coffee guy never smashed me with that boiling hot, metal pitcher at 6am.. Not even once. Others were not so lucky. But it was fun to watch. LOL

  38. Paladin Says:

    @ Frank;

    Canada closed its border to the United States? That’s incredibly traumatizing, because with all the other manufactured shortages, there’ll now be a shortage of snow cones. Man; things are really getting tough all over.


  39. Paladin Says:

    @ Dasein;

    The fear mongering politicians along with the MSM are doing their level best to ensure that that outcome materializes here. What better excuse to use when declaring marshal law, which once declared never seems to be rescinded?

    Long May You Ride,


  40. ed Says:

    Uh, this bug is just a test to see how long it takes to spread. I have read the Chinese mutated this bug and then released it.

  41. citizen M.F. Says:

    All of a sudden LA’s Mayor Garcetti has supplies, food and shelter for the homeless.

  42. Dasein Says:

    I’m guessing It’ll go about like this:

  43. Frank Says:

    At times like this we all need to come together to
    to ensure out collective safety. Having said that
    I’m very glad Canada has closed the border with the
    US because you are so full of idiots practising your own brand
    dumb fuckery you put everyone at risk. Fox News talking heads denying the
    the severity or existence, your dumb ass president calling it a hoax, pastors
    continuing church services, restaurants and bars refusing to close,
    Spring breakers hitting the beach to party.
    America, you have accomplished so much but still so fucking stupid.

    Be safe, be healthy.

  44. Not Surprised Says:

    There is a church in Baton Rouge with about 1200 members vowing to ignore all efforts yo get them not to assemble. Of course, they have anointed handkerchiefs that will cure you, so there is that. I don’t think it will be too long before we see some armed stand offs

  45. jrino Says:

    The great news is that the demographic that goes to Sturgis is about the same as an ELKS club and if the bars are closed in South Dakoda the party will occur at the campgrounds tougher to get a ambulance in but a great place to shelter in place.
    The reality is this virus will hit the street people in San Francisco and LA as well as other sanctuary cities and will be around when this year ends.
    Look when they close Vegas that’s when you know it’s not about money.

  46. rocco151 Says:


    That was one invigorating read ! Great work !

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