The Week Of Social Distancing

March 14, 2020

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The Week Of Social Distancing

Well there goes the right of the people to peacefully assemble. Except to panic-buy the contents of entire big box stores. Did you know, there are no more pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong? In case you have not yet heard, there is an uncontrolled pandemic of a new disease called Covid-19. The nerd name is an acronym for COrona VIrus Disease – discovered in 2019.

China, where the disease probably originated, claims to be controlling its spread by declaring that every home should be a prison. Maybe it is working, maybe not. South Korea seems to be controlling the new disease by testing everybody and isolating everybody who tests positive. Italy, has virtually shut down the entire nation.

The United States is combating the disease by trusting the wisdom of Donald Trump’s gut.


This is a new, or “novel.” disease. Nobody has any immunity to it. Everybody will get it. That is about as much as anyone can say for sure. The initial administration response was that the virus is a foreign invader that can be kept out of the United States by vigilance at the borders. Plan B for dealing with this is variously called “flattening the curve” and “social distancing.”

We, as a people, got to Plan B quickly because there are probably already one million people infected with the disease in the United States and it spreads exponentially – as leaves appear on a tree in Spring. The point of testing was to only quarantine those people in those areas where the disease was rampant. That is beside the point now. We are rushing toward total quarantine and then anarchy. Serge Kovaleski, who some of you know, had a piece in the New York Times the other day in which he wondered what might happen when all the police get sick.


Covid-19 is a big deal because we are a big country. There are between 325 million and 330 million Americans. About 80 percent of us, about 260 million people, will largely skate through this. An independent journalist in Los Angeles named Jessica Yellin has done some journalism on what we can expect. Just about everybody will have a dry cough, a slight fever and a slightly sore throat. Some people will also get an upset stomach. For 260 million Americans, that will be it.

A “moderate” case of Covid-19 will also include extreme fatigue. People may want to take a couple of days off. I think I had a moderate case this week. I survived. You will too. Or maybe I had a mild case of the flu. Who knows? I heard “anybody who wants to be tested can be tested.” Unfortunately, I missed the secret password.

The younger you are, the more likely you are to not have any symptoms at all. Nobody knows why. But a big number of people, 48 million, will get very sick and also have trouble breathing. With a healthcare systems that works, they should all survive. But we do not have a healthcare system that works. We, the people of the United States, have within our borders fewer than one million hospital beds.


Hence the phrase “flattening the curve.” The “curve” is a bell curve tracking infections. The center is a big peak. If everybody gets sick at once, which is where we appear to be headed, there will be a place in a hospital for one patient in 40. If we can slow the exponential spread of the disease and keep everybody from getting sick at once, we might have one bed for every 10 patients and fewer people will die.

Experience in both China and Italy suggests that about five percent of patients, about 16 million people in the United States, will need a ventilator to breathe. Depending on who you ask, this nation now has between 110,000 and 160,000 ventilators. Arithetic says that works out to one ventilator for every 100 people who need one.

So this week everything is shutting down. People are panicking. People have no idea how long they will be virtually imprisoned in their own homes so that the curve might be flattened. Nobody knows when there will be toilet paper again. If there ever is toilet paper again, nobody knows if there will be someone at the store to sell it to you. Nobody knows how many people will be thrown out into the streets because they were imprisoned in their own homes and could not work to pay the rent on their prisons.

Very. Very. Very

I just watched another news conference in which the President said “very, very soon” a lot and the Vice-President pulled his tongue out the Presidents ass just ong enough to thank him for his “leadership.” I read that eventually Jared Kushner will save us. Actual details of our deliverance are kind of sketchy.

There is no vaccine for Covid-19 and there is unlikely to be one until 2021. There is no treatment for Covid-19 yet. A drug named Remdesivir, which flopped at treating Ebola, may prove to be effective against Cpvod-19. Or it might work best at getting money from the feds.

The big motorcycle run in the West, the Laughlin River Run, is still scheduled to begin April 23.

That is what happened this week.


58 Responses to “The Week Of Social Distancing”

  1. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    Holy shit I never realized how many fans of Chairman Cheeto there were here. WTF!? I guess the authoritarian statist HOG Member crowd has a strong showing. I bet a bunch of y’all are “trusting the plan”. How’s that going for you now that he’s enacting socialism by redistributing wealth, reducing production, and about to bring on a shit-storm of inflation?

    As for me and the other “inna woods” boys… Boogaloo 2020!

  2. ed Says:

    Yep, that place sucked. I could fight really good and would in a sec back then. I remember Rodriguez. Long tall dude that boxed. I think. Yea we were there not long after the state shut it down as a juvenile prison. Made it adult. I think back now and couldn’t imagine putting a kid in a place like that. I remember when Patch rolled through. He was like god to all the young wannbee bikers. Admin was so worried about him they threw his bad ass on J-Block. I got paroled a few months after he got there from federal prison. Back to SCIH for a parole violation. Behind the walls for 9 months I think. I slowed down around 30 got married and have been fine ever since. Most of the folks I knew back then are dead. Heavy was my uncle he was 16 VP when he got sent up in the early seventies for allegedly shooting a police informant. He died over ten years ago at SCIH. Hell most folks back then thought I would never live this long; Most of them are dead or not worth two shits anymore.

  3. Anonymouse Says:

    Gandalf, apology accepted. Of all your ranting, I have noticed that when you realize you’re speaking to a woman you step back. I respect that. I guess there is something we can find to respect in everyone. Maybe something to keep in mind when you start screaming “Your (sic) stupid!” whenever anyone disagrees with you.

  4. Gandalf Says:

    “We were in a bad place in life together one time. Good enough for me.” (ed) Yep… I feel the exactly same. I made it a point not to roll with too many short timers. Mainly lifers… Did you ever serve the coffee? What a fucking zoo. Who gives an inmate a metal pitcher of boiling hot coffee to serve guys with their cup up? How many times did it take for that inmate to smash a guy with it before they figured it might be a bad idea. Those metal trays too…could cut a mans skull wide open… I saw both happen LOTS of times. Crazy!

  5. Gandalf Says:

    @ed I remember Bird and Kronk. I was 77-87.Then back again in 97. E-Block (among others) K&A Philly white boys. Crawley, Smith, Mancuso, Robinson ect. Roberto Rodriguez was a good friend too. Spent 8 months in county being schooled by 1%ers (I was 15). When I got to CH there were no “real” 1%ers. No 16 or Locks so I had to make due with K&A and S Philly Italians. LOL If you can remember me… I was the youngest Inmate there. 16-17 when you were there. I must have looked real strange. Those years I spent mostly in Mohawk for smashing niggers. LOL In, out, in, out… Our E-Block crew robbed the Commissary during a basketball game on Sat. The sucks didn’t find out till Monday morning. We all got “Interrogated” HARD. That Commissary “gauntlet” was FUCKING CRAZY! Had to run it every week threw 20 niggers with 2 bags full… (At age 16) Never lost a bag. I played Football and softball every year. Full pads but E-Block sucked. F-Block (Franchise) was the King. J-Block “projects” was scary just walking by. That place WAS A ZOO! “Gladiator School” they used to call it. I heard SCIH was a rough stop to. B Nauss was there.

  6. ed Says:

    I was there from 78-79. I hung with Kronk, Bird, Hoagie, Brother and the such. Patch came through during my last few months. I paroled to Ohio and came back for a parole violation. Got to serve 9 more moths with my Uncle Heavy at the SCIH. Attitude and Kraut were there then. That was a fucked up place. Heavy died there. Tell the Rebel to send my e-mail to you. We were in a bad place in life together one time. Good enough for me.
    Rebel send Gandalf my e-mail please. Gandalf, far as I know all those guys are dead now.

  7. Neuro Says:

    Huge applause for Ms. Mouse !

  8. Gandalf Says:

    You have my apologies Mrs. Mouse.

  9. rookery Says:

    Paladin M8

    You ain’t wrong there, we are woefully under prepared. This is going to be bad, very bad…

  10. Paladin Says:

    @ Harbinger;

    Dear boy; Whom do you think ultimately pays for your universal healthcare system, the Healthcare Fairy?


  11. Gandalf Says:

    I stand corrected. Mr. Mouse did not spell his name wrong. I was wrong and learned a new word. I often learn more when I’m wrong than when I’m right. Some people here should do the same.

  12. Anonymouse Says:

    Wow… so many ASSumptions in one post.

    First, I didn’t realize Gary Johnson was known for his lack of spelling ability. Unless you were implying that anyone who recognizes idiocy is a Trump voter. No, some of us recognize idiocy of all stripes.

    Secondly, that the thought of sucking a dick is so repulsive. As long as it’s not yours, it sounds like a great idea. Even after almost 30 years, I’d find it much more pleasant to go wake my husband up than to waste another minute on you.

    Ms. Mouse, to you.

  13. Gandalf Says:

    Imagine a Trumper laughing at my spelling skills… But spelled his own dam name wrong. Your just fucking stupid sad Anonymous(e). Face it. If you people voted for Trump to Boogaloo like Sieg… I can respect that. 1% ers will rule the day. I get that. If you voted for Trump to MAGA your a fucking idiot.

  14. Gandalf Says:

    Suck a dick Mr Mouse. You voted for a guy with worse spelling skills. Nobody is laughing now.

  15. Harbinger Says:

    But you’re right about Boris.He’s a cunt. We’re not proud. Another haystack haired, duplicitous snake-oil seller who thinks with his cock. Trumps clone. Trumps glove-puppet. We’re under no illusions. Hopefully the Russkies have video of HIM being pissed on by high-class Moscow hookers too. And that they release them sooner rather than later…..

  16. Anonymouse Says:

    Oh, I needed a good laugh, and not much is funnier to me than an adult who is unable to spell flu (in the age of autocorrect, no less) calling others “idiots.”

  17. Harbinger Says:

    ‘I can’t even begin to imagine what your’ s is going to be like’

    Better prepared, under less strain, and TOTALLY free. Imagine that….

  18. Paladin Says:

    rookery says:

    “However whats coming your side of the pond in regard to what could be a total medical meltdown of your care system can be squarely laid at the door of one man. Incompetence of a quite stunning magnitude is going to be the death of many more Americans than was neeeded.”

    Based on the following: Your boy (Boris Johnson) isn’t exactly a whirlwind of decisive action.

    Regarding our healthcare system: If as you say, the healthcare system in the United States is behind the curve on the coronavirus, I can’t even begin to imagine what your’s is going to be like.


  19. Gandalf Says:

    @ Ed. Butler? Grady Bishop? Ricky Battles is out! Small world.

  20. ed Says:

    I was at that same prison at the same time as you; I worked the kitchen out of G Block. The sucks called an emergency and put all of us out on the small yard. I remember. Think I was 19 then. Patchhead showed up few months later. SCICH. Heard it is a real shit hole now.

  21. Gordo Says:


    Appreciate your journalistic approach to this story

    Seems ya pissed off some readers of your blog

    I found your blog because of that sad day in Waco almost 5 years ago and will continue to do so

    Was riding stateside at that time

    This rider does not trust any politician and trust very few humans

    The author of this blog has this harley owners support

    So continue blogging Rebel and if for some reason ya have offended a blog reader to bad for them

    Remember it’s not what the truth is it is what is perceived to be


    Carry on blogging

    Thx again


  22. Gandalf Says:

    !% Club members were built for this shit. Stay together and live. It ain’t the CV anymore. Expect to get it. That horse has “left the barn”. ITS THE PEOPLE who ya gotta worry about now. The same stupid (scared) idiot (D or R) who bought all the TP is also buying ammo. Inmates are already plotting mass escape… I was 8mi from TMI when it fucked up. In Prison. Believe me, we had a plan and it was about to be activated. “Snatch the guards and hit the fence.” Know where the closest Prison is just in case. DONT GO CRAZY… Just get a plan.

  23. Shovelhead Says:

    OK, now I’m pissed. The Bars are being shut down…what the fuck!! I haven’t been sick one day since I started drinking whiskey 40 or so years ago. Guess I’d better stock up on JD.

  24. rookery Says:

    Dear Warmick and others who don’t get it.

    I wouldn’t care to pass an opinion on the various acomplishments of the current adminstration, for sure you colonials have a better insight than me. However whats coming your side of the pond in regard to what could be a total medical meltdown of your care system can be squarely laid at the door of one man. Incompetence of a quite stunning magnitude is going to be the death of many more Americans than was neeeded. history is not going to judge him kindly. You do know that the USA has only 45,000 ICU places do you, 1 in 25-30 infected need hospital care, a percentage of that require ICU care.. then… Do the maths on the ventilators that should have been ordered months ago to cover a major pandemic and then tell me that Orange idiot has a grip on the situation….. The much quoted 1% death rate for this virus is only applicable if your health system can process caskets out the back door at the same rate you accept new patients at the front The moment you reach capacity or you don’t have the equipment (ventilators etc) to cover the numbers the death rate sky rockets. I wish you all good luck over there…..

  25. Old & Jaded Says:

    Rebel – Appreciate the article – well said and Amen. Fact would indicate that this virus should be taken seriously – that’s not the MSM talking, that’s experts in the field that study these things.

    Please remember to click on the ads folks.

  26. Dasein Says:

    Today I saw an idiot post online. Its name was Gandalf. Seen him around here before, a real nutter. Always says he’s going away, never does, like a virus, herpes, maybe, or worse.

  27. Gandalf Says:

    Today I saw a Trumper with a basket full of can goods, water and piles of shit complaining the Media was causing so much panic and CV wasn’t as bad as they say… Fucking idiot.

  28. Gandalf Says:

    Stupid fucking Trumpers! Stupid fucking Trump. “It’s just a flue. 15 cases today will be 5 next week and zero the next.” You people are fucking dangerous… But Hey, this “snowflake” is down for the Boogaloo. Bring that weak ass shit on. My boys all got ARs and plenty of ammo. God is cutting SS the old fashion way. Live and let die. Wash your hands your fucking idiot Trumpers… This shit is real.

  29. Paladin Says:

    @ UpToNoGood;

    I’m workin’ on it. When I do, I’ll make sure you don’t get any.


  30. Va. Bob Says:

    Holy implosion,Batman !

  31. citizen M.F. Says:

    People are scared. The look in their eyes tells it. This virus is expected to kill 480,000 in the U.S. over the next 14-16 mos.

    My sons call it Baby Boomer cleansing. It tell them, you better hope I dont get sick cause if I do, you’re fucked.

  32. UpToNoGood Says:

    Lord Almighty Palladin is such a bitchin guy he has probably already invented a vaccine.

  33. Rebel Says:

    Dear Taboo Red,

    Thanks for the tip you anonymous bitch. I can also make more money telling the ATF side of the story.


  34. Aanon Says:

    This has been a top notch hang out for years, lots of wisdom, knowledge and for the most part class. Sad to see the change in demographic. Utmost appreciation for you Rebel.
    The way I see it, never had a needle in my arm and probably shoulda or at least coulda died 10 fold. If hand sanitizer is gonna save me I’m fd, and gonna be a little bitter if a virus gets me. Itd be a real tough one to swallow if I had made it out of a war zone like some of ya, only to get got by a virus at home.
    The Paisas have been saying corona is shit for years, mfers been right all along.
    Can anyone imagine a colt45 virus…
    Take care fellas.
    Insert fuck Gandalf comment here.

  35. Dasein Says:

    The Clinton Body Count is still higher than this thing. Think she’d have been a better choice?

  36. Paladin Says:

    @ Warmick & DocB;


    Long May You Both Ride,


  37. Paladin Says:

    If you’re pissed off at the way the MSM has been fear mongering about the cerveza virus, you now know how gun owners have felt for decades.


  38. Taboo Red Says:

    Rebel ,if you would stop with all the political bashing on a president that most of the bike community likes then you might not have to do as much begging for money to keep this site running.

  39. Rebel Says:

    Dear warmick,

    Enjoy your cool aide. Try not to die.


  40. anon Says:

    Don’t Forget to Bring Your Towel.

    Don’t PANIC !

  41. warmick Says:

    You have spouted your anti Trump bias before. I don’t know what you can have against record employment, booming economy, securing borders, improved trade agreements, nominating constitutional judges, killing terrorists Baghdadi and Soleimeni, rebuilding the military, establishing a satellite protecting space force, more new manufacturing jobs than anytime in the last 30 years, 3.9 million off food stamps, more people {95%) optimistic about the future than ever before, support of the 2nd amendment, greatest tax cuts ever, removed restrictions thus making the US energy independent, caused FDA to approve more affordable generic drugs, reformed Medicare to prevent hospitals from overcharging low income seniors, improved veteran health care, caused NATO allies to increase their share of spending by 69 billions, withdrew from the one-sided Iran deal and the global warming fallacy, reforming the criminal justice system, defeating ISIS.

    I understand if you are offended by his occasional profanity and his nicknaming opponents and antagonists. On the other hand, as a biker I would have thought you might sympathize with not letting an attack go unanswered.

    As for the Corona virus, the Trump administration has been on top of that much earlier and more efficiently than any other nation. As just one example, Trump closed arrivals from China way back in January (and was ridiculed for it at the time) and since then from South Korea, Iran and Italy and, more recently all of Europe. In contrast, Denmark, for example, closed its borders only two days ago.

    While things a certain to get much worse in the US before it gets better, we can thank the expeditious and competent actions of the Trump administration for this calamity having far less of an impact than it has on other nations.

  42. tiger Says:

    Ah. It was the poor vendors with only two days left. Guess they thought that would protect people.
    Another reason I quit going to the parking lot on A1A. Too many trailer bikers. After Mathew it was never the same.
    The Leesburg Bikefest is truly a better time. Of course they will probably cancel that as well. Well always got The bars and certain parties that never get closed or cancelled. Fuck’em.

  43. DocB Says:

    The human race continues to remind me of a heard of scared ass cattle.
    If you can make a noise like a bolt of lightning you can chase it anywhere you want

    A local club had a BYOV party last night. Bring Your Own Virus


  44. rookery Says:

    Decent piece Reb.

    What you should all wake up to on your side of the Pond, and prepare for, is the incredible speed in which your local medical facilities can be overrun by this virus. thats not a word I use lightly but its acuurate.
    Some Hospitals in the north of italy yesterday were accepting a new case every 10 minutes.! ICU well thats a plastic tent in a corridor and addmiiting clinicians are basically deciding who lives and who dies in allocating resources on arrival. If as some people belive the USA is at least 3 weeks behind the curve in testing and preperation compared to Italy then it might be time to reread your prepper handbook and hunker down.

  45. Dasein Says:

    I hope I’m wrong about this thing.

  46. Paladin Says:

    I know two things. 1) The world has always been and will continue to be a dangerous place in which to live. 2) If I run out of toilet paper, I’m gonna wipe my ass with someone from the MSM.


  47. Jim Denny Says:

    Well, said. “Keep clean, Pony Boy.”

  48. ptk Says:

    As usual a very well written, very interesting article.
    That stated I’m a bit lost on the point.
    Did the virus have something to do with the Hong Kong protests?
    Interesting conspiracy theory, but I wouldn’t believe it.
    Is the intent to be anti Trump and blame him for the virus?
    If so join the club.
    Russian collusion didn’t work, impeachment had no impact, so let’s use the virus to take him down.
    Collateral damage (401K’s retirement accounts and business losses) be damned.
    Full speed ahead on the anti Trump ship.
    Or is there another point?
    As you state, and most believe, the virus will be an inconvenience but not the end of the world.
    Regardless, the media fans the flames of doom and gloom and markets crash, shortages occur and people feel compelled to stay in their “prisons”.
    Since we live in a country where the media only allows one story at a time, Kavanaugh, Mueller, Hong Kong protests, impeachment and now COVID19, we are all easily duped and led by the nose with the opinions of the talking heads.
    So what’s the point?
    I do know this much.
    Bike Week wasn’t cancelled and the weathers been great.
    One case of COVID19 reported, the victim being a 60 something NYS biker.
    I was worried about the weather on the way home.
    Now I’m worried about no toilet paper at the rest stops.

  49. Tiger Says:

    Heard through the grapevine that all permits for events in Daytona got yanked last night. Not sure, I am over on the gulf side right now and one of the biggest St. Patty bashes got canceled here. So I guess the safest place is at the local clubhouse for festivities.
    Be Safe all

    Expect No Mercy is a great read.
    A must read. I am going through doing some editing to help some of my brothers with the harder time comprehending.


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