Cleveland Shooting

March 9, 2020

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Cleveland Shooting

All hell broke loose at an anniversary party for a black motorcycle club in Cleveland Saturday night.

The anniversary of the Omens Motorcycle Club was held at the clubhouse for the Lyfers Motorcycle Club. The party was attended by members of the the Zulus and the Wheels of Soul Motorcycle Clubs.

Although it is never reported in the established press, the motorcycle club counterculture is very segregated by race. A few clubs are racially integrated. Traditionally black clubs are more likely to prospect white motorcyclists than traditionally white clubs are to prospect blacks. Black clubs are often politically aligned with traditionally white clubs. For various reasons, including the pressires of social orthodoxy, police and establishment news outlets usually ignore racial segregation. All of the clubs involved in Saturday night’s melee are traditionally black.

According to numerous accounts, the Lyphers use an unmarked warehouse near the intersection of East 93rd Street and Way Avenue in Cleveland as a club house.


One man, 48-year-old Andre Lee Dickson, was shot to death and at least 17 other people were injured. An inknown number were shot and others were hurt in a stampede out of the club after the first shots were fired. Some of the victims were treated on-scene and others were identified when they took themselves to local hospitals.

Although it has been reported as such, it is not clear that the fighting erupted between motorcycle clubs or that only members and friends of motorcycle clubs attended the party.

According to multiple sources, the fight was instigated by people who were thrown out of the oarty. The troublemakers returned at about 11:30 p.m. and started shooting. Members of multiple clubs at the party returned fire.

The gunfight does not appear to be under investigation by either the FBI or ATf, federal police forces that usually participate in the investigation of motorcycle club incidents. The gunfight is under investigation by both Cleveland gang and homicide investigators.

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin D. Williams said, “The Cleveland Division of Police is currently carrying on with this multi-layered and systematic approach to the investigation, Investigators are making progress, though this process is extremely detailed and involved.”

Mayor Frank G. Jackson said, “The loss of life is a tragedy, no matter the circumstances and I extend my condolences to the victims in this incident. Once again, the easy availability of guns and the disregard for life leads to tragedy. The Cleveland Division of Police is investigating this incident and these perpetrators will be brought to justice.”


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  1. Sieg Says:

    @ Bruka, good words, Bruv…give Big C and John my regards if ya run into them this weekend.

    @ whitebitch, you got a puppet for each hand now, good for you.

    FTF / FTP

  2. Saul Goodman Says:

    The comments sectors always amusing here. Especially when it involves a shooting. All the arm chair lawyers, tough guys, and race relations experts (sometimes all three in one) emerge.

  3. Paladin Says:

    @ white witch;

    At the end of the day, CDC


  4. Rotten Says:

    @IslandViking What the fuck do you know what someone does or who they belong to? There are NO biggers in the 16s or 81 in the U.S….hell, even the Vagos, a club FULL of Mexicans won’t allow niggers in the states either. Go back to whatever ghetto street bike shitbag club you hang out with…dipshit.

  5. Gandalf Says:

    Bahahahah! How can you guys even ride a bike with all the rubber necking you be doing? Paladin ain’t no white man or black man. Paladin is “True Blue” to his core. Wants to be real like Rotten. “You covet what you see every day” explains must of you mutts.
    “Some bikers defended themselves against some stupid assholes end of story.” is probably right IMHO. Gangbangers crashed a Biker Party and got bounced. Got mad and did what Gangbangers do… Drive by. Bikers shot back. “The End”
    As a footnote I’d say a “real club” would not have Gangbangers crashing in the 1st place AND a “real club” would have posted up a few armed guys KNOWING those fools would come back then smoked them. My daughter just yesterday had a simple teen birthday party and 5 uninvited gang bangers showed up. My son bounced them. When I heard I made sure certain people had weapons loaded and ready. I posted up outside in my car for awhile, watching… Just sayin.

  6. Dasein Says:

    WW: ok, so it’s about 12.7% blacks in the country, vs maybe 61% lily white, or 78% “including “white Hispanics, and Latinos.” No, this doesn’t “scare the shit” out of me, why should it? Besides, pretty sure I’ve had as many black “associates” (as Sieg puts it), and even actual friends, and Mexican friends, Real Friends, as you or anyone you know. But back to the point, even if it’s only five to one Whites vs Blacks, (about 60% vs 12%), and black on black killing is just slightly lower over-all than white on white (if that’s really the case), and I’m no professional statistician here, like maybe you are, but doesn’t that mean that blacks kill each other at a rate approximately FIVE TIMES what the whites do? Why do you all you libtards think that by calling the facts “Racist” it will make them go away?
    It seems liberals always want to make allowances for, apologize to, conceal the crimes of,(i.e.”a pack of youths ransacked an Apple store today, or ran through the commuter train grabbing watches, or flash-mobbed and robbed such and such mall” …the list is endless, and since you seem slow, “youths” here is the current newsworthy euphemism for “Blacks”…)and provide “affirmative action” for blacks in general, and increasingly muslims (yeah, even know that’s not a “race”), because of why? It’s because the libs feel that blacks are “disadvantaged”,(why, because whitey sucks somehow, and the white libs have this thing called white guilt, (sure glad I don’t have it, seems like a terrible burden)) and “need” a helping hand. But, isn’t just that official recognition of their difference, much less their socio-economic inferiority, the Very definition of institutionalized Racism? Yet when conservative whites, and blacks, object to this unequal treatment, they are the ones called called “Racists”, by those who in fact conceived of, and legislated for, the racial differences in the first place. All you bleeding hearts are hypocrites, and don’t call me “friend.”
    In case this is over your head, just re-read Phuquehed’s last post.

  7. white witch Says:

    @daisin you are the one who is uninformed my friend. white’s make up approx. 61% of the population in the U S not 87%. That probably scares the shit out of you i bet. those statistics that i quoted do not count mass murders by any race.(majority of mass murders are committed by white men) it goes to logic that in a largely black city there will be a lot of black on black killings.
    just as in a mostly white city there is more white on white killings. The bottom line is we kill our own more than we kill other races and that is a fact. If you are a racist that’s cool i don’t give a shit, just come out and say it…be like sieg and Rotten and own it. Don’t be like Paladin and try to lay a bunch of psycho babble bullshit on me and don’t tell me you have black friends. It was some bikers defending themselves against some rival bikers period Paladin brought race into it.I just responded to his bullshit i have no intentions one way or the other.

    ride free
    white witch

  8. anon Says:

    White Witch: You told me in conversation how ridiculous you thought some MC rules about knowing a person at least 5 years, the probate process, and that you’d never be in one and it wasn’t for you.

    I’m posting as an anon as I’m out. But even in, I never spoke for my MC or my brothers.

    You literally know nothing about MC’s from the way you run that mouth of yours yapping like a little dog.

    You know NOTHING of the 1%er brotherhood.

    Don’t speak for me, as somebody who earned their rags. Don’t speak for the brothers I lost over the years.

    I’m not taking up for Paladin, he’s shown he can carry his own water. If you got the balls, back channel him and ask him his credentials. Maybe the world is smaller than you think ?

    You and the constantly name-changing asexual wirehead currently going by Fingal ? You’re on the same level.

    To paraphrase Hamlet, and this applies to both of you fucks( to be clear: “white witch” and “fingal aka “shovel” aka “lil shovel”(Rebel shoulda bounced you for that name change) aka Ogaithrith Chirathune or WTF”)- your lives and anything you spout can be summarized as follows:

    “A tale told by a fool, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”

    Given we’re goddamn adults here(most of us)- why the don’t you just scroll past anything with the name Paladin, Sieg, Phuquehead, etc ? Is Paladin in your living room with a gun to your head, making you read what he writes ?

    Nope. He ain’t.

    So scroll right on past, or just keep flapping that dicksucker of yours.

    Nope, some of us will never accept Paladin- he was a cop. But Rebel is for free speech and for giving even cops and ex-cops their say- and he’s right to do it. Because some MC brothers do trying to be civil with cops, sometimes it got me out of a speeding ticket, another time it got me a Glock to the back of the head, another time it got me some papers. Shit happens with all kinds of people in a club- but you wouldn’t know- remember you thought our probating rules “weren’t for you” and you wanted to give me a lecture on brotherhood ? Keep being a keyboard warrior, eventually you’ll forget you ain’t behind one and that dicksucker of yours might get you more than your usual pearl necklace.

    As Jabba would say(RIP GBNF-DT): TWAT !

  9. Paladin Says:

    @ UpToNoGood;

    When you’re so easily confused by obvious facts, everyone else appears to be an authority on things that are common knowledge.

    @ white witch;

    I’ve been commenting on Rebel’s page for a while now. I’ve never tried to hide the fact that I’m a retired deputy sheriff. I believe it was Dasein that asked me about my past, which I outlined for him and others in detail in Rebel’s Saloon. If you read it, you’ll at least know something about the person you so desperately keep trying to insult.

    There are those that comment here that know me by my given name, and I have no doubt that they have look me up on the internet and know that what I outlined about myself in Rebel’s Saloon is all true.

    Regarding any fictionalized credibility you think you may have, you have none. Not because you’re female (you let that slip some time ago), but because you comment as a child. Only an individual with the mentality of an adolescent resorts to name calling and insults when attempting to to defend their position in a conversation. When that’s all you have, or accusations of deviant behavior, it says a lot more about you than you realize.


  10. Bruka Says:

    Daesin is bang on the money. I’m English and even I know about B’more and Chicago. It’s not racist to say that black people kill each other at exponential rates. These are facts. It’s the same over here. All the knife crime of black on black, it’s few and far between that it differentiates and when it does it’s a headline. It’s not racist to say as much. It’s more racist to deny the problem. I don’t give a shit about a man’s colour if he can hang.

    What I will say is this, certain white people want to be an advocate for another race. Why ? They can’t stick up for themselves ? That’s up to them, I’ll bet you they wouldn’t give a second thought about your support. It’s not necessary. Real is real whether you’re white, black or fucking purple and real recognises real. The article is about a shooting at an MC clubhouse, the MCs in question were black. Read it for why it is.

  11. Dasein Says:

    white witch sez: “sure the % is higher simply because whites outnumber blacks in this country”, ‘backing up’ his earlier statement that white on white killing is at least as numerically large as black on black. But the percentage is the whole point. If there are 87 whites for every 13 blacks in the country, and say six of those whites kill six other whites, and six of those blacks kill six other blacks, where the blacks wipe out nearly half of their own people, and the whites take out something like a fifteenth of theirs, can’t you see how much more prevalent and menacing the black on black killings are vs white on white? It’s obviously more dangerous to be a black living among blacks, than a white among whites. Check the crime stats for major black population centers such as Baltimore and Chicago, versus whatever is left these days of major white population centers. I think you are well intentioned here, but deliberately under uninformed, “biased”, to put it another way.

  12. UpToNoGood Says:

    Sieg and Paladin are both authorities on everything. Just ask them.

  13. white witch Says:

    @Paladin, The last thing that i am worried about is establishing credibility with an ex pig or your buddies. like all cops u think that u are an authority on everything when you really don’t know shit and real 1%ers don’t give a shit what u think.
    Look it up whites killed more whites than blacks killed blacks according to the FBI. sure the % is higher simply because whites outnumber blacks in this country.
    people kill their on kind that is a fact period. Concerned citizen is right if it was white bikers shooting white bikers there would be no white bashing. u r the one with no credibility on this or most other biker related subjects. so wrap yourself up in your rebel flag and keep wishing it was the 50’s again. we are not in the joint or the 50’s. Sieg says he has black& Mexican friends i wonder if they know that he is a proud racist? just saying.

    ride free
    white witch

  14. IslandViking Says:

    @Rotten you do realize all the “big” 1% MC’s have full patched men that are black or mixed with black, in the club right? Just because it’s not on TV or social media, does not mean it’s not a reality.

    Can always tell who lives the life and who doesn’t by comments made. Funny most on here don’t know the history of the Wheels, just what they read on the internet. Then to label it a black on black crime is ignorant, it was groups of men who live a lifestyle and some decided to defend themselves and their brothers. Color of skin, or race should have no meaning in the situation being discussed.

  15. Concerned Citizen Says:

    Man why is it everytime shit goes down with black clubs all the ignorance comes out n bombs blacks this and that bash bash. But yet everytime shit goes down on the white set they’re just a bunch of good ol boys smh. shit all these white boys want to bash black people but run around waving flags of losing armies and beating up their own people acting like their all viking warriors and that lame shit. Pussies come in all colors whether its white black yellow or brown.

  16. Bruka Says:

    OK, how is saying that blacks off each other racist ? They do. There have been multiple black made films on the subject (Boyz n the hood, Menace 2 Society) all with strong “let’s stop the black on black violence” messages. This isn’t a new thing blacks have been killing each other for years and it’s not because of poverty or some such bullshit it’s because of posturing and a need to prove masculinity because “daddy’s gone”.

    I’m not American so I’m sure there are certain social nuances I’m missing but here in the UK knife crime (we don’t have guns) is at epic proportions and it’s not fucking Muslims as has been reported it’s young black guys stabbing each other over what shit tip of a postcode (zip code to you guys) they live in. To me the real racists are the people who can’t admit the facts, you’re fundamentally racist by not admitting that there’s a problem. Most “straight” blacks would admit that there is.

    The colour of a man’s skin means as much to me as the colour of his belt but I speak as I find and I can say that I have associates who are black and friends who are white. If you asked my black associates they’d tell you the same because they stick to their own and have no problem admitting as much.

    I will say that in the UK things are slightly different when it comes to MCs. There is a “top four, five or whatever” club from Illinois that has had at least two black members I know of over here. I’ve met one of them. I also know that some of his brothers on the US were aware of him but none too happy but he came in at let’s say “ground level”. Racial shit doesn’t dictate what kind of man you are but it sure as shit defines what friends you keep and where your loyalties might lie. To think otherwise is just stupid.

  17. Paladin Says:

    @ white witch;

    Believe it or not, you and Michael Bloomberg share a couple of commonalities. 1) Bloomberg used his money to try to buy a presidential nomination. You use your insults to try to buy credibility. 2) Bloomberg embarrassed himself. You continue to do so.

    You might want to check with a Guidance Counselor at the Junior High School you attend. They may offer extra curricular courses in communication skills, skills which you so desperately need. An added benefit (other than the obvious) would be the raising of your GPA.


  18. white witch Says:

    @ Paladin,
    Cute how u pukegivinhead, sieg all stick up for each other.
    Don’t they have an ex pig site that you can go to.
    did not say it was a bad thing his grammie fucked a black dude
    just said it to piss him off maybe he has some black blood in him
    or maybe just your cock up his ass.
    we have beat this topic enough so just go beat each other off until your next rant.

    ride free
    white witch

  19. Not Surprised Says:

    Though I don’t call myself racist. There are marked cultural differences between blacks and whites that are hard to deny. That being said, I don’t elaborate on my racial views online for fear of jeopardizing the host site. Almost all content providers and hosting sites can shut you down for the use of racist epithets.

  20. Rotten Says:

    This is why REAL clubs don’t let niggers in. Fuck em.

  21. Skully Says:

    Facts about black on black crime in chicago
    go to

  22. WheresMyBoots Says:

    This is why Rebel writes these articles.

    Check the language here in the other news articles: “motorcycle *clubs*”, “community”, “tragic”, and then there’s mayor Frank blaming it all on guns.

    UPI, New York Times, etc. are all saying ‘motorcycle *clubs* -yet read their articles about Waco, and so on, or anything about any major clubs and it always reads motorcycle *gangs*.

    A Cleveland article also mentions several shootings over the years involving one of the clubs in this dust up -at or near their house no less.
    Well, except the one where a carload of blacks in an SUV chased a black in a pick-up -shooting at each other- and the cops, sensing something peculiar going on, chased both, and the pickup led everybody in this festive parade right to the club’s house. The guy ran inside, until the cops arrived, then probably asked him to come out and illuminate for them what kind of shennanigans he and SUV guys were up to in this community-oriented, family-oriented type lifestyle. Or something.

    Every fifth thing on the road in Cleveland now is a Harley. It’s like Harrison Ford wearing an earring.

    If a white club, and the gods forbid the major white club in the area, had been anywhere near anything like this, or say had a fist fight with someone, it would have been ‘gang this’ and ‘gang that’ and down time in the feds for someone.

    But no, this thing here is a ‘community problem’ and the ‘guns are at fault’, and ‘tragic’, ‘family oriented’.

    One article does mention ‘The Warthogs’, and they didn’t choose that name because they were being ironic.
    The big club was mentioned in the same sentence with ‘organized crime’ and a bunch of decades-old news that may or may not have been true even then, yet their neighbors really like them in part because around the house there is no crime -at least for a number of blocks in any direction. For over 50 years.

    People from other places are shocked when I tell them being an over 50 white man is viewed as a very bad thing in my country, and you are expected to apologize a lot. If you ride -forget it.

    Good to see posts from Sieg (Respects, and thank you again for your advice regarding a friend’s son some years ago -he is out, and doing fine), Paladin, and Phuquehed (Austin, good to see you here when you post) -wherever JMack, Snow, Jim666, GlennS, Caretaker, YYZSkinhead and the rest of the old bunch are I do hope you are well and free.

    Respects, and Ride Free,

  23. Paladin Says:

    @ white witch;

    Your slip is showing. Out of one side of your mouth you crow about my supposed racism and then go on to tout how virtuous and color blind you are.

    Then; on March 11, 2020 at 9:36 am, you attempt to insult Phuquehed by accusing his Grandmother of probably fucking a black dude or 2 or 3. I suggest you keep comments like that to yourself the next time you’re “breaking bread” with your homies. If not, it might not be your best day ever.

    It must be really crowded, hanging out with the rest of your kind on the street corner of Hypocrisy and the Blvd. of Double Standard.


  24. an asshole Says:

    Fingal: What kind of bike do you ride ?

  25. UpToNoGood Says:

    Do you ever shut the fuck up? You truly are the epitome of the keyboard warrior.

  26. Dasein Says:

    Phuquehed: Looks like you hurt some “feelings.” That’s a Hate Crime nowadays, something libs invented to protect their deviance from the daylight of common sense, being too stupid to understand that hiding behind yet another libtard law makes them actually even more pathetic.

  27. Sieg Says:

    “smartguy”, Wheels of Soul and Zulus both use sportbikes, nothing in their paperwork about it except that they need to be more than 750cc…so, pack of sportbikers, yup. And the alphabet gang doesn’t like ANYBODY that isn’t a FedCoat, so what’s that got to do with anything?

    “Blacks kill Blacks…” yadda yadda yadda. Again, so what? The point is this, Blacks kill Blacks at a much higher rate than they kill Whites, or Browns, or Yellows, or Purples, whatever. It’s the same old story. Two dead, 22 wounded by gunfire in Chiraq last weekend, and I guarantee, it was 99.999% Black on Black.

    If these clubs wanted to, they could go the way of the EBD and run straight-up, clean events.

    FTF / FTP

  28. white witch Says:

    @ pukegivinhead,
    one more time fuck you punk you grandma probably fucked a black dude or 2 or 3
    go suck some more cock.

    ride free
    white witch

  29. white witch Says:

    @ pukegiving head
    fuck you asshole

  30. Mark Says:

    I also agree with sieg and palladin. Both make excellent points supporting there comments. As usual, those calling them out have no valid points and fall back to the liberal empty talking point of you’re a racist.

  31. oldskewl Says:

    From the photos I’ve seen swirling around these ‘bikers” all came in cars then put on their vests. If this was in the snow I’d say acceptable however it was not.

  32. Phuquehed Says:

    @ smartguy – Your handle proves someone lied to you or you paid good money for bullshit. Demand a refund.

  33. Phuquehed Says:

    @tight bitch – STFU you ignorant, pathetic, cock-gobbling ‘tard.

  34. Sandmann Says:

    Came here for the comments – and some background on the story.

    Wasn’t disappointed.
    Either way.

    Respect to the deserving,

  35. Not Surprised Says:

    Been waiting to read the facts behind this. I’m not surprised to find it here.

  36. Paladin Says:

    @ the not so SmartGuy & White witch;

    You both might want to do some actual research on the percentage of Blacks murdered by Blacks as compared to Blacks murdered by those of other races before you pull your typical, ignorant, liberal, knee-jerk, “He’s a racist” weak-ass name-calling. The numbers don’t lie. Mentioning Black Lives Matter in my comment was to point out the glaring, textbook hypocrisy of it all.

    @ Fingal;

    Listening to music is like eating candy. The first thing you do is throw away the rapper.


  37. WheresMyBoots Says:

    E 93rd and Way -the location of the problem here- is not a particularly safe area for anyone, definitely not white people. Good place to have bad things happen to you and it won’t be bad things done by white guys.

    Jackson (mayor since ’05) is black (some people say they thought he was white after seeing him), and so is the police chief, for whatever that’s worth.

    The major club in the city -81- have parties, runs, etc. regularly, open to the public, in fact one anniversary party (48th?) held at a major concert venue and anywhere from 300 to 600 people showed up (depends on who you talk to).
    Never a single problem at any of those events.

    The last time 81 Cleveland had a problem in public was at a bike show at the Polish Women’s Hall in 1970(?), all knife wounds (well, one three-pronged sissy bar was used if I remember correctly), and a story in itself.

    Never heard of ‘The Omens’ or ‘Lyfers’ but I’ve been away a while.

    Respects, and Ride Free,

  38. Neuro Says:

    I agree with Sieg and Paladin.

  39. SmartGuy Says:

    It’s obvious that Sieg has no clue what he’s talking about. Both the Zulus and Wheels of Soul are Harley riding clubs that the alphabet boys don’t like. This had nothing to do with a pack of “Sportbike” riders.

    Black people kill black people just like white people kill white people, Hispanic people kill Hispanic people, and Asians kill Asians. At pretty much the same rate. The only reason people bring up “Black on Black” crime in a situation like this is because they’re racist. Yes Paladin the Pig, I’m talking about you.

    Condolences to the fallen rider.

  40. Sieg Says:

    white witch, I stay with friends in Mexico, and I’ve stayed with Blacks here in the States that I called friends.

    But I’m a White man, and that’s the final word. You say ‘color don’t mean shit’…go Inside and see how that works. When the shit jumps, color is the ONLY thing that means shit.

    As far as being ‘Paladins defender’, I don’t believe he needs one. I pointed out that he was correct.

    Now, if you can’t deal with that, it’s on you. Blacks kill their own more than anybody else. Hell, Black males between 18 and 35 are responsible for more crime, period, than anyone else. And I don’t have to have been at the party to know who the club is, and who is in it. Enough shooting to injure 17, well, shooting and stampeding, what I heard was that 10 were gunshot wounds, ricochets, whatever, and the rest were people got run-over, but anyhow, all that lead and ONE died. Should tell you a little something right there.

    You want to claim kinship with a Black sportbike pack, hey, it’s all yours.

    FTF / FTP

  41. white witch Says:

    @ rocco 151 exactly.well said.
    @ sieg where u there? I am proud of who i am. i have fought with blacks and whites and mexicans and i have broke bread with all 3, color don”t mean shit u r a man or u r not.. period.
    u r a racist so what, did not know u where Paladins defender

    ride free
    white witch

  42. Sieg Says:

    Gangbangers on bikes. That for damn sure doesn’t make them ‘bikers’, or ‘earning their diamond’. Pop caps in a crowd at a party? Come on. So they 86’ed some fools, and the fools came back and busted on them. Do they get their non-combatants down and out of the line of fire and then go after the shooters? No, it’s just pull a piece and let fly, hey-maybe you’ll hit someone. Doesn’t sound like anyone I ever rode with, or would ride with. ‘Righteous’???? Sounds like every homeboy house-party on the South and West Sides where there was a beef…lead flying, and a lot of parked cars and street signs being killed.

    And it strikes me as funny that here we got people telling Paladin what an evil ray-ciss he is for mentioning the proven fact that there are far more Black on Black killings than White, Brown, Yellow, Purple, whatever on Black killings combined. IT’s a fact, kids, and saying it out loud doesn’t make anyone anything but a realist. Blacks in the cities are eating their own, no doubt about it…and you can go ahead and call me a ray-ciss, I own that shit. I think ALL races should be proud of their own, and that includes Whites.

    FTF / FTP

  43. rocco151 Says:

    Rebel, excellent reporting as always ! The biker partygoers hosting and attending the party brought guns to a gunfight as the saying goes…this isn’t a black/white thing…this is a group of biker clubs living the biker lifestyle and defending themselves ! Well done gentlemen !

  44. white witch Says:

    @ Paladin,
    You sound just like a racist cop. Whites don’t kill whites?
    What the fuck does a man’s skin color have to do with any of this
    Some bikers defended themselves against some stupid assholes end of story
    Bringing up that they were black is the same as bringing up they were bikers
    neither has anything to do with the story except to fuel more dislike for bikers and dislike for blacks among the general public. It is no surprise to me that you defend the guns but condemn the man for the color of his skin…. u r still a cop at heart.

    ride free
    white witch

  45. white witch Says:

    It is because of the 2nd amendment that these dudes were able to defend themselves.
    I do not look at a man’s color or the patch he is wearing. I look at the man and these dudes come off as righteous by me.

    ride free
    white witch

  46. Sieg Says:

    Fingal, I do believe you’re buying the hype a bit. Blacks are no more likely to get all hardcore than anyone else.

    Look at the numbers in this story again. How many shooting? They don’t say, just that fire was returned by multiple shooters. How many killed? One. Pitiful. 17 wounded, and from what I’ve heard, a lot of those were ricochets,frag, and just getting trampled-on by their brave homies.

    Ride away? Shit. Most Black on Black shootings are mobile, with the shooter in a car. Spray and pray, baby, spray and pray. Nothing heroic about it. And as far as paying attention to a profiling baby-g rapping, forget it. Strictly theater.

    Funny thing about gangsta rap, and all the other media-driven propaganda that “teaches” us that Blacks are bad-ass bangers and we should fear them, that Black culture is hip and cool and all that….the ones who have really bought into it in the States are the Blacks themselves.

    My last cellie, and main Brother, was on a movement in the FedCoat system. He got to his new “home”, and when he walked on-deck, a DC Black put the grill on him, tried to get all hard…my Brother told him “you must have mistaken me for some different kind of White Man”. That was pretty much the end of it. Mainly Blacks seem to feel all tough and thuggish when they’ve got serious numbers on their side, or when they corner someone who is weak.

    You don’t earn a diamond by spraying a crowd with bullets, you earn it by being a man among Brothers, and handling whatever comes your way, or their way.

    Don’t fall for the hype, don’t be so ashamed of being White that you feel Blacks are your role-model.

    FTF / FTP

  47. Texas J Says:

    Reports indicate the bodycount could have been much higher, but all the shooters were holding their guns sideways.

  48. Fingal Says:

    Because Black lives matters Blacks kill more Blacks than Irish kill Irish. Blacks know the score; Blacks don’t fuck around.

    What went down according to multiple sources? “The troublemakers returned at about 11:30 p.m. and started shooting. Members of multiple clubs at the party returned fire.” That what real biker clubs do. They earned their 3-piece patches and 1%ers triangles last Saturday night.

    Pay attention to Niggers with Attitude “Real Muthafuckken Gs” and Body Count ” “No Lives Matter.” Then listen to Stitches “Brick in Yo Face,” “Kilos in My bag,” “Bitchmade,” “I’m Crazy,” “Bad Bitches,” “Molly Cyrus.” Who has a better grasp on reality? Black gang-bangers or all other races. Who would you want standing next to you when the bullets start flying?

    Now answer me this. Who’s more likely to ride away from a shootout; bikers no matter what colour they are or White liberals? Give me a Black biker or any biker anytime and forget about the body count. I want to go home at the end of the party.

  49. Paladin Says:

    Mayor Frank G. Jackson said, “Once again, the easy availability of guns and the disregard for life leads to tragedy.”

    Dear Ignorant Mayor Jackson;

    The problem is not guns. The problem is the disregard for life. Blacks kill more of their own people than are killed by all other races combined.

    Maybe; when Black lives actually start to matter to blacks things will change. I don’t see that happening anytime soon.


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