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March 1, 2020

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Quicky John

Seventy-two-year-old John Chrispin “Quicky John” Juarez woke uo in jail this morning. He is a totally disable Vietnam Veteran. He has been a recovering addict for 32 years. He would seem to be a good candidate for compassionate release.

Some stories are easier to tell than others. This one simply unfolds. No one should have to explain what is wrong with the Justice Department official who are responsible for the tragedy of Quicky John.

He was found to be a dangerous threat to the community,” his wife, Gay “Sally Gay” Juarez, explained. “A judge decided that just hours after police pulled him out of our bed. It was a violent ,over-the-top raid conducted by several law enforcement departments, a helicopter and two tanks. Our home was destroyed and he was thrown to the ground before being cuffed and taken away. There was, of course, no resistance We had done nothing wrong so we knew it was all just a mistake and would be over soon. We were wrong. Thirty-four months later he still sits.”

Juarez lawyer, Karen A. Connolly, has been trying to free him on bail ever since. She tried again last Monday. An Assistant United States Attorney named Daniel R. Schiess filed his objections to reopening Juarez’ bail hearing on Tuesday. Connolly filed her response to that last Thursday..

You won’t read any of this in a newspaper or see it on television. There would be no point in spending the document fees. News now is only very rarely actual news. News now often means the appearance of news which is actually propaganda or advertising.

Here is what you missed.

Connolly February 24

“Defendant JOHN CRISPIN JUAREZ is charged in the Superseding Indictment with Conspiracy to Participate in a Racketeering Enterprise. Juarez has been determined to be a risk forflight due to insufficient bail resources and “retirement status would facilitate flight.” The law “provides that the detention hearing may be reopened…at any time before trial if the judicial officer finds that information exists that was not known to the movant at the time of the hearing and that has a material bearing on the issue of whether there are conditions of release that will reasonably assure the appearance of such persons as required and the safety of any other person and the community. The rule requires that where a movant establishes 1) that information now exists that was not known to movant at the time of the initial detention hearing, and 2) the new information is material to release conditions of flight or dangerousness. Generally, once a detention hearing is reopened, ‘it is reopened for the purpose of the court reviewing any information, within reasons, not submitted at the original detention hearing.’

“This date, a jury acquitted the fist group of Vagos to be tried after a seven (7) month trial. That group included those charged with murder. Also during that trial, key witnesses admitted that they perjured themselves to the grand jury which returned the underlying indictment. These are new facts not known at the time of the initial detention hearing.

“Juarez, who is almost 71 years old, is a 100% disabled Vietnam veteran with no criminal history other than a 1969 misdemeanor. He walks with a cane. Juarez was an army ranger in Vietnam. He suffers from diabetes and is required to take a number of medications. Juarez also suffers from coronary artery disease and PTSD from his military service. His health has deteriorated while in custody. During his service in the military, he served as a Ranger with the army with a “crypto” clearance. This is the highest national security clearance available to anyone in the military. Though retired, he has assisted many addicts getting sober both in and out of detention. Juarez himself has been clean and sober since 1988. He remains married to his wife, Sally Gay Juarez. She has a masters Degree in Science and is currently gainfully employed at the Betty Ford Center.

“Juarez was not charged in the substantive murder counts. The substantive acts charged against Juarez involve telephone calls between him and other alleged Vagos members and his participation in a ‘rally’ as follows: On December, 2010, he allegedly telephonically told a subordinate gang member ‘If anything gets serious then you take care of it. You should never tell a goddamn person. That’s why I’m still here and alive.’ On January 30, 2011, in a phone call, Juarez allegedly told a subordinate gang member ‘the talking time is over, at the end of the day we will own a few patches ourselves’ allegedly planning retaliation against a rival motorcycle gang. On January 31, 2011, in a phone call, Juarez allegedly told a subordinate gang member that the Vagos are ‘gearing up for the payment program.’ This is allegedly a reference to retaliation against a rival motorcycle gang. n January 31, 2011, in a phone call Juarez allegedly issued a ‘green light’ to a subordinate gang member to attack a rival gang member. On February 2011, in a phone call, he allegedly directed other members to get ‘cuts’ back.

“The Indictment is silent as to Juarez during the ensuing five (5) years. He was then sighted once in 2016 and once in 2017, riding with other alleged Vagos members. These phone calls were admitted during the trial yet a not guilty verdict was returned.

“Pre-trial services previously made a recommendation of release and that Mr. Juarez posed a minimal risk of non-appearance. Co-defendants facing significantly more serious allegations have been released pending trial under conditions.”

AUSA Daniel R. Schiess Replies

“The Court should deny defendant John Crispin Juarez’s Motion to Reopen Detention Hearing, because he has provided no new and material information in support of his motion.

“Defendant is charged in count one in the superseding indictment with conspiracy to violate the RICO statute. He was not charged in count two charging murder in aid of racketeering nor was he charged in any other counts. At the original detention hearing, the government presented evidence in support of defendant’s detention.”

“Here it seems the only new evidence defendant presents is the jury’s recent return of not guilty verdicts against defendants in trial group 1. That is neither new information nor material information as to defendant. The jury did not consider whether sufficient evidence exists of defendant’s participation in the conspiracy. Moreover, evidence of defendant’s knowing participation in the conspiracy differs in significant part from the evidence against defendant’s in trial group 1. In addition to the individualized evidence presented against defendant in the original detention hearing, specific telephonic recordings show defendant’s conspiratorial agreement that the affairs of the Vagos motorcycle club enterprise would be conducted through a pattern of racketeering activity, namely robbery and extortion of patches and cuts from members of rival clubs.”

Connolly Last Thursday

“The Government opposes the release of an almost 73 year old, disabled, veteran with no prior criminal convictions claiming that there are no new material facts. This is false. The case againstthe Vagos has proven to be a house of cards built upon lies resulting in acquittal against the Vagos members facing the most serious charges. This is a new, material fact.

“In the recently concluded Vagos trial, Group 1, government witnesses have testified that they felt coerced and pressured into lying by the government. This is new, material evidence.

“Government witnesses who perjured themselves were not minor actors; they were major characters to wit; Gary Rudnick and Jefferson Martin. The testimony of these two was used to secure the underlying indictment. This is a new, material fact.

“On September 19, 2019 Gary Rudnick admitted he perjured himself at trial and before the grand jury. This is a new, material fact.

“During the trial, the government acknowledged its star witness Rudnick, who had testified for 4 days at that point, was not credible and that his testimony should not be given any weight. The government admitted it had “grave concerns” about Rudnick’s “ability to tell the truth.’ The government indicated it no longer endorsed Rudnick’s testimony, disavowing the credibility of it’s star witness who not only testified during trial but whose testimony was instrumental in securing an Indictment against Juarez. In fact, the government moved to strike his entire testimony. These are new, material facts.”

“The jury did not believe that the Vagos motorcycle club is a criminal enterprise engaged in racketeering as detailed in the underlying indictment. This is new, material evidence.

“The jury did not believe that members of Vagos engaged in racketeering activities detailed in the indictment. This is new, material evidence.

“The Government is guilty of engaging in outrageous conduct which occurs when the actions of law enforcement officers or informants are ‘so outrageous that due process principles would absolutely bar the government from invoking judicial processes to obtain a conviction.’ The conduct of the Government, which includes coercing witnesses, as detailed in the recently concluded 7 month trial, is new and material evidence.

“Juarez is a minor player as compared to the defendants in the first trial, including Pastor Palofax who was the alleged leader of the alleged racketeering enterprise of which Juarez is alleged to have been a participant. It shocks the conscience that the Government vindictively seeks to continue to incarcerate an elderly, disabled 72 year old veteran with no criminal history.”

The best that can happen today is that Quicky John wakes up in jail tomorrow.


23 Responses to “Quicky John”

  1. What? Says:

    Did Mr. Juarez get released pending his trial date? I hope all those inside fighting this bullshit get released.

  2. JOHN T COKOS Says:

    Know the feeling…Quicky John may have left Nam, but The Nam never left his psyche…Your ALWAYS back in the that moment.

  3. Saul Goodman Says:

    I hear Quicky is out of the big house. Godspeed.

  4. ed Says:

    Good man right there. Good luck Mr. John.

  5. Paladin Says:


    I’m not talking down or being disrespectful to anyone in your Club. I have no doubt that Quickie John, TopHat, Journeyman and yourself are all good people. It just so happens that a friend of mine is also a member of you club and is too caught up in this jackpot.

    It is very frustrating to me to see good people (from all clubs) continually get tripped up by the feds over something as basic as COMSEC. There is a very good reason as to why Carlo Gambino never went to prison.

    And yes; I’ll drop the subject. It’s not like I haven’t posted my frustration regarding this problem in the past.

    It pains me to realize that people will knowingly continue to make the same mistakes and then wonder at the same results. I’ve been told that that’s another form of insanity. Sigh.

    Long May You Ride,


  6. GRIFF Says:


  7. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Paladin, Good afternoon Sir I get your point in your post. Let it go, end it. I don’t ever vouch for nobody. However, Tophat is a 30 plus year member of my Club.

    Viva Los Vagos

  8. oldskewl Says:

    I dunno John but I watched that interview above and he seems like a solid dude. Being that he’s 73 and trying to better others along the way it seems to me the BATF has little to do these days.
    This man needs to go home and continue his way of life, a good one at that.


  9. Paladin Says:

    @ Journeyman;

    I’m not being disrespectful toward anyone. The harsh reality is that far too many people are needlessly doing time because they weren’t as circumspect as they might have been when and how they chose to converse with others. It’s a habitual mistake people make and for the life of me, I have no idea why.


  10. Journeyman Says:

    Godspeed Quikie I’m rooting for you, they are wrong you are not. It sounds like the Vagos have had enough of the Armchair lawyer input as it relates to their family. Maybe read the room and show some respect Paladin eh?

  11. rollinnorth Says:

    “Never write when you can speak; never speak when you can nod; never nod when you can wink.” Advice by Ward Boss Martin Lomasney to (future four-term Boston Mayor) James Michael Curley.


  12. anon Says:

    Goddamn. Man’s done the best he can all his life with the cards he’s been dealt. Another bullshit time wasting.

    Free da Green.

    Free all locked down MC brothers.

    LE: Do your damn job. MS-13, 18th Street, Crips, Bloods, Rappers- go get a real brush with danger and arrest them. Bikers are not going to do shit because we ain’t criminals, and we ain’t gangs. You fuck with us because you get a vicarious kick out of it, and you know it is safe.

  13. Maven Says:

    Thank you for your service to our country sir. May you breath free air again very soon.

  14. Dusty Says:

    Watch the set free documentary and you’ll know the wrong man is in jail, he is someone that helps people

  15. PJ Says:

    Free QUICKY

  16. Paladin Says:

    @ TopHat;

    My comment was not intended as a disparaging remark directed toward your friend. Nor was my comment in reference to your post. My comment was in reference to the alleged, electronic communications quoted in Rebel’s article.

    I am by know means a “know it all”, but I do know just enough to know that it isn’t wise to say or put to print anything I wouldn’t want repeated or shown to a jury. BTW; I’m easy to find as well. So what?


  17. TopHat Says:

    Paladin shut your fucking mouth quit acting like your a know it all. If you don’t like what i’m saying look me up i’m easy to find we can deal with it in person.

  18. Phuquehed Says:

    In other words, another cock-sucking persecutor…I mean prosecutor…can’t find his ass with both hands so does what his synapse-less skulls tells him is best to do – charge everyone and fuck ’em all if they can’t afford to defend themselves, and fuck ’em all veterans or not and anyone who has done anything or not!

    Yep, our justice system is alive and well and fucking innocents day and night to protect…hmmm, wait, who are the cock-suckers trying to protect since more crimes are committed by pigs and those in the justice system?!

  19. Paladin Says:

    It would really be great if people would stop electronically communicating conversations that they might have to explain to a jury. No?


  20. Patty Says:

    Our judicial system is sooo fucked up! God bless John and all Vietnam Veterans …

  21. Saul Goodman Says:

    That sucks. Quicky is a good dude.

  22. Sieg Says:

    The sadistic state is alive and well.

    FTF / FTP

  23. TopHat Says:

    I have known Quicki John for over 30 years. The charges that he faces are totally phony. There is no reason that he shouldn’t be released immediately. Good luck brother I look forward to seeing you soon.

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