Panhandling And Busking Again

February 28, 2020

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Panhandling And Busking Again

Some months ago, I promised the readers of this site that that I would never ask for donations again. After years of being involved in the pernicious, secretive prosecutions of both the Bandidos and the Mongols I was finally able to come up for air and write about them.

I assumed that people would want to read about that. It turns out, not so much. The fact is this site is supported by donations from people who think the content is worth supporting. It appears that is different from the literate public at large.

I promised that I was done soliciting donations and now I’m taking it back. Not only were the sales of a book titled Expect No Mercy abysmal but there has been some sort of delay in issuing whatever royalties there will be from it. So, I am not sure when I will actually be paid.

The first of the month is closing in fast. This page has always perched on a razor’s edge. This is a plea for donations.

I think  this page is unique. You cannot find anywhere else what you can find here. I have always thought I was writing for history. This site, as opposed to some other sites, has never been about me. I’m just the voice. It has always been about lending my voice to guys who otherwise would have none. It has always been about sticking up for guys who need an advocate.

Please give what you can.



15 Responses to “Panhandling And Busking Again”

  1. Allen Says:

    donation sent

  2. Old & Jaded Says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your articles and the comments here for years. Contribution just sent.

  3. Neuro Says:

    Hey, there’s something wrong with the donate link. For a couple days now it just shows a blank page with the word PayPal up at the top but no way to donate.

  4. zero Says:

    I sent what I could afford. I appreciate the message you sent back. Keep up the good work.

  5. Terry Faber Says:

    I’m happy to chip in. I enjoy reading your stuff.

  6. Justme Says:

    Bought books and enjoyed them, so I’m happy to throw in. This place is one of a kind.

  7. Mark Says:

    Rebel does an amazing job of being a voice for all the major and minor clubs when shit hits the fan. The big clubs should be sending you donations for your being a voice for them when uncle leo is violating their rights and providing a one sided narrative.

  8. oldskewl Says:

    Reb, you gotta change the web platform, bro. I know it will cost up front but you gotta find an alternative because as it sits you have nothing but a donate button and it’s hard for people to remember to donate.

    I’m not sure how many hits you get a day, I know myself, I click at least 3 times a day so you need to count IP addresses and add a $25 a year cost to be a member here. I’d be willing to kick a yearly fee…something, anything has got to be better than the status quo.


  9. Fingal Says:

    “Please give what you can.


    I did what I could. She’ll have it tomorrow or Wednesday. She better be there.

  10. Gordo Says:


    I’ve purchased your books in the hopes that some financial benefit may accrue to you

    My finances are tough at this time of year and as such my financial ability to assist this blog for now is limited

    Hopefully ya get enough support to keep this blog going

    Keep blogging if ya can

    Thx again


  11. FF Says:

    If it’s any consolation, nobody bought Moby Dick while Melville was alive, either. I think your writing is up there with the likes of HL Mencken. Expect no mercy is a depressing book. It shines a flare where most dare not look. Who wants to acknowledge the USA has become a Stasi State? It’s easier to laugh, that’s why George Carlin is a household name and your name isn’t. But I think one day it will be and that’s not necessarily a good thing. I’m going to listen to some Beach Boys and reminisce. I’ll hit you up on PayPal later. I love you, brother.

  12. Sieg Says:

    Wish I could give more than the pinche little double-saw I toss in, Homer, but that razor-edge be slicing here. I do think Big V has it right, you should go with a paywall after a set number of freebies.

    Just my little opinion for what it’s worth, and oh yeah,

    FTF / FTP

  13. BigV Says:

    Fuck it. You provide this without a paywall. This is a news website. The New York Times gives you 10 free per static IP.

    It’s all free here. You deserve what you’re making, man.

  14. Fingal Says:

    If I make it to L.A. can I buy you a beer or two?

  15. FF Says:

    Godamnit, Don.

    I told you before your books are movies. IT’S NOT SELLING OUT. FUCK ALL THE ASSHOLES WHO SAY THAT

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