A Tale Of Two Verdicts

February 25, 2020

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A Tale Of Two Verdicts

Juries on opposite sides of the country returned verdicts in two big-deal criminal cases yesterday.

The bigger of the big deals was the conviction of former movie monarch Harvey Weinstein in Manhattan on a couple of sexual assault complaints. It was common knowledge for 20 years among the general populace of Los Angeles and everybody who knew somebody in the American, English or Indian film industries that Weinstein’s soul was as ugly as he was. Typically he would lure a woman to his room or office, rape her and convince her that he was such a big deal there was nothing she could do about it so she might as well agree to be his non-exclusive girlfriend until he was finished with her.

Weinstein is about six feet tall and 300 pounds which is much more formidable to a young, 110 pound women than, say, a 200 pound man with skills or, say, skills and a Bowie Knife or say, skills, a Bowie knife and a couple of friends.

Weinstein was free on bail while he was tried. He left the courtroom cuffed-up. The experience of stainless steel chains gave him a panic attack so he is yet to make it to Rikers Island, the draconian penal colony in the East River. He spent the night at Bellevue Hospital – presumably drugged up.

He “faces” up to 25 years incarceration but really, look, the dude is rich. He is going to be sentenced to five and he will come out laughing in 30 months. He will probably produce a movie while he is in there in medium security. He is going to give the parole board a line of shit about how he is going to devote the rest of his life to studying the Book of Job and creating opportunities for “at risk youth of color.” His incarceration is likely to cost him forty to sixty grand a month, maybe more, but he is going to make friends with the guards, the administrators, the trustees, the latins, the blacks, the peckerwoods, Rashid the Booty Bandit and whoever else he has to pay off. His work area will be a storeroom that looks suspiciously like a suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel. This is all you need to know about Harvey Weinstein. Look, the dude is rich.

For the last 24 hours people who are are very good at political gissip and not much else have been eagerly anticipating the reckoning this guy will face in prison. Look, the dude is rich and prison is just a condensed version of America. Weinstein will not face “Justice.” Look man, there is no justice and the dude is rich.

Meanwhile In Vegas

Meanwhile in Vegas, which much better epitomizes America and American justice than some cold, East Coast city with snow, eight Vagos “won.” They won the right, sometimes for the first time in years, to leave the court as unchained men.

It was not BREAKING NEWS on CNN. The lede in The Associated Press account began “Eight accused Vagos biker gang members were acquitted Monday….” As men and women connected to various affinity organization write me all the time, “It is not a gang it is a club.”

The headline in the Los Angeles Daily News was “8 California Vagos biker gang members acquitted in Las Vegas racketeering trial.”


The lingering innuendo in news accounts is that Harvey Weinstein is about to get what he deserves and that the eight Vagos somehow avoided justice. Truth, or at least what used to be considered consensual reality – our general agreement that the sky is blue, the earth is round, water is wet, that sort of truth – is the exact opposite. The Vagos did not get away with much if anything. The government got away with quite a lot. The eight Vagos never deserved to be indicted and put on trial. The prosecutors in this case should be immediately imprisoned and impoverished until they can prove themselves innocent.

As a small example, look at Pastor Fausto Palafox, He is the gentleman in the photo at the top of this story. He looks happy because he has been imprisoned since June 14, 2017. He was locked up in a cage for 28 months and 10 days which is just about what Harvey Weinstein can expect to get for assaulting a reported 60 women.

Palafox spent all that time in jail because look, the dude is not rich. He was incarcerated because a very sketchy prosecutor in Reno named Karl Hall made a morally reprehensible deal with a former Vago named Gary Rudnick. The deal was that if Rudnick helped Hall and the numerous government career crime fighters get the Vagos Rudnick would only have to do a couple of years in prison.

Rudnick started a murderous brawl in Sparks Nevada in 2011 that resulted in the death of a highly regarded Hells Angels named Jeffrey “Jethro” Pettigrew. As a friend of his explained to me, “Gary doesn’t like Hells Angels.” Hall may have invented and certainly encouraged the completely false story that Rudnick told a jury in the trial of Ernesto Manuel Gonzalez who was charged with Pettigrew’s murder. The story was that Gonzalez was a cold blooded hitman acting on Palafox’s orders.

Truth The Game

Rudnick told his story then recanted it. Then in this trial – in which Gonzalez was also a defendant who  was locked up unjustly for years, for years longer than Harvey Weinstein will ever do – he told the story Hall had wanted to hear and then, during the trial, recanted it again.

What actually, provably happened, was that Gary Rudnick got drunk . He is a mean, stupid drunk. He tried for an hour to start World War Three and he finally got Pettigrew to bite. Then Rudnick hid behind some slot machines while the Hells Angels and Vagos tried to kill each other.

Gonzalez was returning from a McDonald’s when he walked in on the scene, saw Pettigrew trying to stomp a Vago to death, and killed Pettigrew. Palafox was upstairs in his room watching television, That was more than nine years ago and the government, your representatives, has been lying about what happened and who did what ever since in order to make a big, sexy case out of thin air.

Whose Victory

The Vagos have generally viewed yesterday’s verdict as a triumph. I asked a Vago yesterday for a quote just after the not guilty verdicts were announced. He replied, “Sometimes the good guys win. Sometimes our stories have happy endings. This is one of those times. David has stomped the hell out of Goliath.”

Just this morning a friend of this page, who happens to be the Vago whose life Gonzalez saved, wrote me, “In the end all we have is our integrity.” It is a fine sentiment. I couldn’t agree with it more. But the problem is the sort of people who become career prosecutors and try to “get” motorcycle clubs are scoundrels without honor.

The talking heads at CNN literally have never heard of this case or this verdict. News coverage of the Vagos verdict outside Vegas and California has been virtually nonexistent. The hacks who write crime stories will continue to describe motorcycle clubs as gangs – as Whitey Bulger’s Winterhill Gang in Boston was a gang, as the Westies in New York was a gang. The hacks will report that the Vagos are a gang, the bad guys, and the prosecutors are the good guys because, ultimately, the job of a hack is to tell stories people want to read.

People live through motorcycle outlaws. I have always liked Steve Earle’s lyric: “Those of you who live through me would lock me up and throw away the key.” Outlaws are the men people wish they could be. Most of the people who loathe Harvey Weinstein think justice will come for him in the the guise of a locked down Vago, Hells Angel, Mongol, Outlaw or Pagan. They really do. People really think that. They want to believe that honor and integrity survive somewhere. Motorcycle outlaws fill that niche as the last honorable men.

Chattng Over Coffee

Another friend, a Vago, wrote me this morning and we had a little instant message exchange.

He asked, “Do you think this verdict will have any impact on the rest of the guys?”

There are another 16 Vagos awaiting trial in the same federal case. I answered then, “I think it obliterates the government case. But they don’t care if they win. They just want to mess with guys.”

“Punishment is basically good enough for them right?”

“The prosecution is the punishment. They locked Ta Ta up for years.”

The case is not done. More men will be lied about and falsely imprisoned. The same prosecutors will lie and cheat with impunity.

Meanwhile, today or tomorrow, Harvey Weinstein will meet the guard in charge of bringing him his steaks.



21 Responses to “A Tale Of Two Verdicts”

  1. FF Says:

    John, God bless you and your family. All my love. Peace.


  2. john juarez Says:

    yesterday the charges were dropped on me and 10 other of my brothers I want to thank Aging Rebel for your truthfulness and support of all MOTORCYCLE CLUBS you were on point my wife would send me your articles we would all read them they gave us hope that someone understood! What it did for me was gave me hope that the truth would set us free.I love my VAGO FAMILY!I want to thank my wife Gay for being there for all of us if any of us needed any thing without hesitation she would do what ever she could,for all of 1000’s of letters of encouragement thank you.

  3. What? Says:

    And the rest but for Mr. Halgat have been set free. Congrats Vagos enjoy your freedom. Maybe the Club can finally save face and truly support and contribute to Mr. Halgats defense as he is the last man standing in this BS.

  4. DinkLover Says:

    So let me see if I get this right. Gary Stuart “Jabbers” Rudnick wouldn’t stop harassing the HA the evening of 09/23/2011 at the Nugget Casino in Reno after his Club brothers told him many times to stop. The HA rightfully checks Rudnick with a bottle and Rudnick doesn’t fight back but instead hides behind a row of slot machines. The HA’s (more than one) now shoot in the belly one Green who is on the floor in the middle of the casino bleeding out, pistol whip an old man Greenie and spray lead throughout the Casino. They come across a Green who they are in the process of foot stomping, they point their guns at him on the floor about to shoot, when Gonzalez, who had just returned with a McDonald’s hamburger and fries in his hand, and in defense of the floored Greenie, shoots the HA.

    Rudnick, who is guilty of nothing, and who at first tells the Washoe County DA, Karl Hall, that same story above, is told by Karl Hall that his story is not good enough and “maybe you should re-tell it.” Rudnick, thinking Karl Hall is his new best friend, and to secure a deal to get out of jail free as he was arrested in November 2011 for starting an affray resulting in the death of another, concocts a fairytale where the Vagos hierarchy had a huddle on the evening of 09/23/2011 where a volunteer was requested to dispense with an HA. I mean he actually testified to this in the State trial in Reno which resulted in the conviction of Gonzalez but the conviction was overturned by the Nevada Supreme Court due to the Reno trial Judge intentionally misrepresenting the jury instructions to the jury. The case was ordered to be retried. Well, since the Green have been under Federal radar since 2005, this “Murder conspiracy” made the Feds rock hard and pending Gonzalez’s re-trial, the whole shit storm was Federalized into a RICO Murder Conspiracy charging 8 innocent men thereby taking away their freedom for 2.5 years.

    Jabbers Rudnick told Karl Hall that not only were the 8 folks on Trial for their lives involved in this huddle to find a volunteer killer, but that others were also in this huddle. Rudnick told law enforcement that Jefferson Martin aka lunchbox was in this huddle. Lunchbox had quit the Vagos in 2012. He was approached by a certian DHS agent and members of Reno law enforcement at his home in Orange County in 2012 where he was asked questions about what happened in Reno. He didn’t know he was being recorded as he told the cops that he knew nothing about any meeting where volunteers were being requested to pull a trigger. Jefferson Lunchbox Martin was approached a 2nd time in 2015 by the same DHS agent who was at his home in 2012. Now, he was being sweated by the cops who were accusing him of being at a conspiracy to kill at the Nugget in Reno on 09/23/2011 and “don’t you know that you will go to prison facing the death penalty!!”. So what does the fat lying rat Jefferson Lunchbox Martin do? He meets with the same DHS agent and now a Organized Crime Task Force prosecutor from Washington D.C. about 3 weeks later who did the exact same thing that Reno DA Karl Hall did to Jabbers Rudnick. The Organized Crime Task Force prosecutor put words into Lunchbox Martin’s mouth and force fed lies implicating many many innocent people. This time, the truth came out on cross examination in the first RICO trial.

    Gary Stuart Jabbers Rudnick was called to the witness stand in the RICO trial and his testimony was recycled again. After Gary Jabbers Rudnick was caught perjuring himself in the RICO trial, the Federal prosecutors approached Jefferson Martin who was to testify soon and told him that if had lied about anything in the past, that he better tell them now. That’s when the shit hit the fan. Lunchbox Martin spilled his guts and told the Federal prosecutors that he lied to them, he lied to the Grand Jury, he lied basically to everyone, because he was pressured by The Federal Organized Crime Task Force prosecutor from Washington D.C. to do so.

    Incidentally, in 2017, Jabbers Rudnick met with members of the defense team in the RICO trial at a Starbucks in the San Fernando Valley and he confirmed that what he testified to in Reno about their being a meeting to ask for a volunteer killer was false. He confirmed his retraction that he gave to Gonzalez’s lawyer in 2016 while the State retrial of Gonzalez was pending. [This is what he was caught lying about in the RICO trial. He testified on the witness stand that he never met and spoke to lawyer’s from the defense team where he confirmed his 2016 retraction]. He told Gonzalez State trial lawyer and their Private Investigator in 2016 that what he testified to in Reno Court that there was a meeting or huddle to ask for a volunteer killer was in fact False.

    So comes the RICO trial and Lunchbox Martin confesses that he lied over and over again because he was scared of the big bad Federal Organized Crime Task Force prosecutor from Washington D.C. who incidentally was no longer employed by the Government and was unreachable. He admits on the witness stand that he lied over and over to the Grand Jury, to law enforcement, etc …. But the Federal Government still calls him as a witness as if his testimony can be trusted.

    Scott Rivera aka Gator, who’s picture can be viewed online by Googling Scott Rivera Vagos (he’s the one in the size 94 T-shirt wearing handcuffs), was another obese rat who testified falsely that the Vagos are a criminal conspiracy, etc…. He testified against the Club and his lifelong friend Pastor Palafox aka Tata, who gave him a sofa to sleep on and food to eat when he was homeless, because “the Vagos didn’t give me a ride from Hesperia to Colton one day.” True story. That is what he testified to. Fat pig was likely caught with child porn but the defense lawyers were not able to conform that.

    Anyway, over 5 months of testimony and the jury returned Not Guilty verdicts on all counts in less than 17 hours. Gonzalez who had been in custody since 2011 went home. Several millions of taxpayers dollars were burned in this “case.” There are many innocent men still in custody awaiting their turn at trial. If only Gary Stuart Jabbers Rudnick had remained silent. If only Jefferson Lunchbox Martin and Scott Gator Rivera were not such grand pussies.

  5. Mark Says:

    @ Still Fighting
    One time a lawyer explained the injustice of the Justice System to me that covered not only the civil courts but also the criminal courts. He explained this in one short sentence, “in a courtroom, the truth doesn’t matter, it’s what you can prove that matters”. In this criminal case at hand where the truth bubbled to the surface and jury found the defendants, Not Guilty. Without question, the defense lawyer/s skills were masterful.

  6. Still fighting Says:

    Relief for a few that have been fighting for 3 years there are still a couple that have been fighting since the original indictment in 2013. 7 years and the battle continues. How long can you stand? How long can you fight? Everything is gone, house, marriage, career, business, life long friends, Friends have passed away, what happened to a right to a speedy trial? Punished for lies told by prosecutors, punished for lies told by government agents, the absolute worst part is the government officials and attorneys knowingly lying and threatening whitnesses to lie under oath to justify the money they have squandered from the tax payers. Mean while not giving two fucks that they are wreaking lives, careers, families. Imagine facing life in prison because they don’t want to admit there was no case to begin with.
    The only way to keep fighting is to believe in karma. The justice system is a Wierd circus, common sense is not aloud. Facts are made from the breath of crooked attorneys trying to force their will on the only one in the courtroom that isn’t getting paid by the government. Please karma don’t let me down.

  7. Sieg Says:

    Dr.G, you’re full of shit.

    FTF / FTP

  8. commonsense Says:

    To Dr. G Putting a MG on their cut ? I’m not in a club but it sounds like an easy entrance for law enforcement to go after them on the RICO act. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong but this sounds stupid.

  9. Gandalf Says:

    @ Dr G- I would argue that only some CHAPTERS of a Club sometimes fit the gang description because they decided to go there. Not whole Clubs and not all the time. Like any Police precincts (or any Org) can become corrupt for whatever reason… It doesn’t make the whole cities Police force corrupt or a gang does it?. That “a few bad apples” reference is ALWAYS used when LE goes astray and is NEVER used when a few bad apples” Club members go astray. A tale of 2 verdicts is ALWAYS in force when the Justice System gets involved. 24/7/365.

  10. Dr.G Says:

    Of course not all MCs are gangs. However, there are some clubs where the term fits. They’re not street gangs nor organized crime gangs, but they are motorcycle gangs. I doubt anyone is flattered by the gang reference.

    When being part of an organization that requires a member to join a group of fellow members in kicking a stranger’s face in for reasons at the time unknown; that organization is operating as a gang. The effect may serve the purpose of reducing the number of fights but it’s still gang activity. So is maintaining a stable of enforcers to take care of business within it’s territory or turf. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck people are going to call it a duck.

    Placing an MC next to a rocker won’t change people’s perception. It would be kinda cool to see somebody fly an MG next to their rocker. Kinda like showing class old style a la the 1%er patch. The sun will not set on the term motorcycle gang unless the sun sets on motorcycle gangs. I don’t see either going anywhere for a while.

  11. Storyteller Says:

    It is hard to stand when they are putting pressure to take a “lesser” plea. These men ,and their brothers still waiting, are still standing. LVDV
    Big C, ALOHA brother.

  12. Gandalf Says:

    “His work area will be a storeroom that looks suspiciously like a suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel.” LOL I remember those “workplaces”.
    DAM your a good writer Rebel… This story is spot on. Lets not forget Roger Stone/Egyptian (Freddy A story) witness intimidation “Witch Hunt” either. A club member does 1/2 what RStone did and gets 10years and Trump would take credit for the conviction. That dam “Deep State” been fucking Bikers for years. Someone please tell Mr Trump that EVERYONE takes the ride sometime…

  13. Big C Says:

    It’s been a long 2 years for my Brothers in green. They have been missed by all who know them. This should have never happened in our country, where no laws were broken and good men, family men were put thru this and not even allowed bail. I was raised you are innocent until your proven guilty. What country do we live in now ? So happy they are finely Free. VFFV BIG C.

  14. Ben Says:

    Maybe Trump will pardon or commute Weinstein, like he did those crooks that did him favors in the past. It’s another example of how money games the system. The scenario, described by Rebel, of what Weinstein’s prison life will be like is not unrealistic. I’ve read that O. J. Simpson used to have Superbowl parties in prison. Also, news stories have been reporting this, “The acquittals came in the same courtroom and before the same judge who in December 2017 found flagrant misconduct by prosecutors and dismissed criminal charges against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, his sons and supporters in a 2014 armed standoff with government agents. An appeal of that dismissal is pending.” For most defendants, the inequity of resources provided to the public defender, as opposed to the prosecution, is enough to stack the outcome of a trial. When you add prosecutor misconduct to it, which appears to be widespread, trials aren’t fair, they’re farcical. The next thing they should do is engrave Dante’s words above all courtroom doors, ‘Abandon hope all ye who enter here.’

  15. Oregon Moose Says:

    Great article Rebel!! I think you nailed this one on the head.

    The main stream news media is never going to give a story like this much, if any, real air time. Because they want to have nice, cozy relationships with the FBI, ATF, etc. so that the next time some big story breaks, they haven’t lost their connections for the “inside scoop”. This story runs contrary to the narrative which LE has cultivated for decades now – that LE and the DA’s who represent them in court are the “good guys”.

    This is a great example of wrongful imprisonment built upon fabrications and fantasy. But somehow the average citizen will still consider the outlaw biker a greater danger than the LE professional seeking to take away their rights.

    Granted, I wear green so my views on this topic are not entirely objective. In any case, great article AR.


  16. Baker - American MC series Says:

    ALL DUE “Love & Respect” to all ‘1% M.C. Members’, long overdue righteous result via ‘courts’ !

    With Zero dis-regard to any 1% M.C.; bikers nationwide can be – should be proud of those “1%er Members 100% COMMITMENT to respective brotherhood / honor / integrity / manhood / solid-bros!!!

    TRULY tough lifestyle 1%er men endure… Yet fighting for their “right to be” is finally underscored…

    I’m just a regular biker who luvs riding… These 1%er Bikers “Live The Life”…

  17. AL Says:

    Welcome home my brothers we missed you and though of you every day

  18. AL Says:

    Welcome home my brothers

  19. citizen M.F. Says:

    Welcome home Vagos!

    A great write Rebel.
    Thank you.

  20. Freebird Says:

    Justice has always had a price….

    How much can you afford

    Guess I’m fucked

  21. white witch Says:

    @Rebel, that was one hell of an article dude. i agree 100%. the gang with no honor are these scumbag prosecutors and cops who are to stupid & corrupt to bust any real criminals and have to make it up. much respect to the jury who saw through the lies and bullshit. here is hoping the rest of the Vagos get real justice.

    ride free
    white witch

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