Complete Vagos Victory

February 24, 2020

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Complete Vagos Victory

In a stunning repudiation of the Department of Justice’s war on motorcycle clubs, a federal jury in Las Vegas, Nevada has found Pastor Fausto Palafox, Albert Lopez, Albert Benjamin Perez, James Patrick Gillespie, Ernesto Manuel Gonzalez, Bradley Michael Campos, Cesar Vaquera Morales and Diego Chavez Garcia innocent of all charges.

The jury specifically  found that the Vagos Motorcycle Club is not a criminal conspiracy and that the club did not conspire to murder Hells Angel Jeffrey Jethro Pettigrew in Sparks, Nevada in 2011.

The government’s case against the defendants was almost entirely fabricated. The principal witnesses against the eight defendants were former Vago Gary “Jabbers” Rudnick and ATF Tactical Field Officer Augustino Brancato. The jury did not believe either man. It did not help the prosecution that Rudnick admitted he was lying.

The trial lasted five months. The jury deliberated for 17 hours. The verdict came in at 2:45 p.m. Pacific time and was announced to the defendants about 30 minutes later.


21 Responses to “Complete Vagos Victory”

  1. K9 Says:

    @deputy paladin and to whoever else would like to read the truth,
    Quit spreading lies and trying to stir the pot. They were lies then and they are lies now.

  2. Didn’t Run Says:

    Yeah good question What. Yes celebrate the victory but those who hid in corners and wouldn’t help the legal team and avoided all who were close to them, while your celebrating with them don’t look them in their eyes you don’t deserve to. May your cowardice haunt you the rest of your days. To those who stood up, you are true brothers with clean souls. Be well

  3. What? Says:

    Mr. Rude Richie,

    How did you and others “take care of those indicted?” Jimbo had to borrow money to take a bus home! There are brothers still fighting for their lives who have never had money put on their books. Please tell us.

    Congrats on your freedom Vagos.

  4. Paladin Says:

    @ SoCal;

    Please review my response to K9, regarding the El Cortez article on March 31, 2019 at 9:09 pm. As stated in my response, my partner and I reviewed the security tapes, and based on those and the information available to us at the time, I still stand by my posted comments made at that time. They weren’t lies then, and they’re not lies now. If new information has come to the forefront that has aided in the acquittal of the defendants, I am, and would have been all for it.


  5. SoCal Says:

    @ Paladin Quotes from El Cortez Hotel article April1 1,2019. “Paladin says “@ Neuro, The individual that died in the casino didn’t draw first. He didn’t have a gun.” Paladin says… “ Daesin says, Fearn testified he was pistol whipped by Pettigrew.” “ The video evidence contradicts Fearns testimony.” You did not review the tapes that were evidence in the RICO trial. One Vago was shot by a 38 found under Pettigrew. One Vago was shot by a 9mm that was recovered from Villagrana. Fearn was pistol whipped by Pettigrew with a 38 before anyone was shot: Publc information from the tapes and testimony in the RICO trial.

  6. white witch Says:

    That is some good news. Way to go Vagos. got to luv Vegas. should have never went to trial.

    ride free
    white witch

  7. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Victory is ours. VFFV

    To the Jurists thank you for seeing through the lies and for delivering justice in a just us world of corrupt law enforcement elitists and moraless procecutors. I want to send a special word out to Koz, Ciccone and Carr fuck off, you loose again.

    For Pat, Jimbo, Romeo and my other Brothers congratulations on your glorious success, enjoy your much earned freedom. Welcome home Vagos.

     Su un mundo verde. There is nothing left for anyone to say. This tread should be a joyous and eminence celebration for the Green Nation and for those Brothers that paid in years of their lives for us as Vagos to do what we do and be free.  Petty internet squabbles are a nuisance and takes away from the appreciation and Respect to those we owe thanks to.

    We love you Brothers again welcome home.

    Viva Los Vagos

  8. rude richie Says:

    my VAGO family you all should be proud of not only are brothers that fought this case and won this case. but of our family and how we took care of are brothers during this travesty of justices. you my brothers and family did what no other club has ever done. we called there bullshit for what it was and unified behind our brothers and without any other clubs help we my brother the family that fights back set the bar for all other bullshit the ATF throws a 1 percenters. and now it is a very high bar VIVA LOS VAGOS

  9. One Giant Egg Roll SJ Says:

    Welcome home brothers!!! Two more trials to go.Viva Los Vagos!!!! LVDV VFFV

  10. Paladin Says:

    @ K9 & SoCal;

    And just what lies were those?


  11. SoCal Says:

    @K9 Long May You Ride!! And oh yeah, Paladin, Long may you suck dick!! Viva Los Vagos!! Support La Pinta Two more trials to go. Hang in there Brothers!! L&R SoCal

  12. OC Dinosaur Says:

    Congratulations to my former brothers and club!!!!!! I wish you all well and may you always be in the wind!!!

  13. K9 Says:

    @paldin, Go fuck yourself! A few months ago you were on here spouting lies about what happened on the night in question. Long may you suck a dick!
    To my Brothers, welcome home!!! We’ve missed you!

  14. YoungRebel Says:

    Terrible how rare it is, but justice prevailed today!! This govt and these fed prosecutors loathe anyone who refuses to bow down and kiss their ring of so called authority. The fathers of this nation would vomit if they were able to witness the police state we have allowed our country to become! Guilty and locked away until you can somehow manage to prove you are innocent, if you are lucky enough. Rip American citizens away from their family and loved ones for 2.5 years based on an admitted and provable lie. A large majority of law enforcement officers will swear on their life to uphold the constitution of the United States but will have ZERO problem bending that promise if it will lock away someone they hate, or even an idea. Most people will never have the slightest clue as to what this life is or why we are the way we are…huge props to the jury for seeing through a mountain of bullshit. Be free brothers!! So much L&R!!

  15. Jason Says:

    I wonder how much tax payer money the government spent on this fruitless witch-hunt?

  16. Paladin Says:

    This is excellent news! Not only for the defendants and their particular club, but for all clubs and their members.

    Long May They Ride,


  17. citizen M.F. Says:

    When I looked the jurors in the eyes, while I studied their body language, when the judge read their questions of me, I could tell these were people truly interested in justice.

    Romeo, it’s time to go home.

    “In the end, all we have is our integrity”

  18. Adios Says:

    I am very glad to hear they were cleared of all charges. Unfortunately lives were still ruined over these fabricated charges.

  19. SoCal Says:

    Victory finally!! Should have never gone to trial. Good luck to the remaining 2 groups!! LVDV VFFV

  20. Irish Punk Says:

    Congratulations to the Green Nation

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