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February 19, 2020

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Midland Follo

As it turned out, the City of Midland, Texas did not hold a press conference at 4:30 p.m. the other day “to discuss the state of biker gangs in the area.” That was just a dream that Odessa CBS television station KOSA, “Your eye on West Texas,” had. The station kept that promise up right until 4:30 when it abrutptly became an error message that said “Page not found.” But it did get folks in those parts to tune into “West Texas Strong First News.”

As everybody knows, as they teach you in broadcast journalism school, all you have to do is get a washed lingerie model to say “outlaw motorcycle gangs! Oh no!” and people will watch.

On the advice of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the motorcycle club police, , the Midland Police Department isn’t saying anything beyond “some bad guys shot some other bad guys. I bad guy was shot and killed. Three other bad guys were wounded. Some bad guys were seen heading south toward Odessa.”

The only person place or things, besides Odessa, to be officially named so far is the bar named Your Place. It caters to a clientele of motorcycle enthusiasts which is not, technically, illegal but probably should be, so it is the first to be punished.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission suspended the bar’s liquor license. This is pretty normal. After the Waco “Biker Brawl” shootout fiv years ago the TABC drove the local Twin Peaks “Breastaraunt” out of business. The law suits in that case continue to this day. In a press release, the TABC wrote:

Official Statement

“The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has suspended a Midland-area bar’s liquor license for seven days following a deadly February 16 shootout between rival motorcycle gangs which left one person dead and three others injured.

“Your Place, 3704 West Wall Street, will remain closed until February 23 as TABC agents and Midland police investigate the scene.

“The seven-day suspension, also known as a summary suspension, was requested by the Midland Police Department and was served by TABC the afternoon of February 17, according to TABC Executive Director Bentley Nettles.

“‘The goal of the suspension is to allow TABC agents and local police the opportunity to safely investigate the scene of a deadly incident without fear of retaliation or additional violence,’ Nettles said. ‘TABC’s investigation will seek to determine whether the bar’s actions or policies played any role in the incident. We will also examine the bar’s security policies and procedures to find out whether appropriate steps were taken to ensure guests’ safety.’

“All alcohol retailers who operate under a TABC-issued license or permit are required to ensure the safety of their premises and guests. As Texas’ sole regulator of the alcoholic beverage industry, TABC’s law enforcement agents frequently investigate violent incidents which take place at licensed businesses such as bars, clubs, or liquor stores.

“While Your Place will be able to resume normal operations after February 23, it’s likely the investigations by TABC and the Midland Police Department will continue for several weeks.”

The ATF and the Texas Department of Public Safety have the case now.


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  1. MF1%er Says:

    Hay Jimmy
    I wouldn’t cross the street to piss on you if you were on fire. It’s clowns like you that sit on jury’s thinking the pigs do no wrong that keeps good brothers sitting in jail on bullshit charges. Get a life and go troll with iron order.


  2. Fingal Says:

    @Dirty and Jimmy. Jimmy is not Insane Throttle in Chitown.
    Harley Liberty is way too busy $elling out 1%ers on his blogs.
    Check out Ed Opperman. He puts out alot about 1%ers. According
    to this PI, when an investigation or prosecution into biker
    violence goes nowhere or doesn’t even get started, then that
    usually means there was a snitch or UC at the crime scene.
    ’nuff said about Midland, Laughlin, Las Vegas, etc.

    The violence against Clann Na Breacadh will stop when their
    Sergeants-at-Arms learn from the Nedni Motorcycle Club. It’s
    kind of simple. You didn’t get it Jimmy???? Listen up

    “In about four months we reassembled at Laughlin [Chihuahua,
    Mexico] to make a treaty of peace. The presidents of the other
    clubs at Laughlin, and all of the men of Laughlin, made a
    treaty with us. We shook hands and promised to be brothers
    [some things never change]. Then we began to trade and the men
    of Laughlin gave us beer. Soon nearly all the Breacadh MC were
    drunk. While they were drunk two groups of brothers from
    another club, from another town, attacked us, killed a Breacadh
    MC, and injured many more. We fled in all directions.”
    newly revised [for Aging Rebel] and edited with an introduction
    and notes by Frederick Turner, 1996, Meridian, an imprint of
    Dutton Signet, a division of Penguin Books USA Inc.: New York,
    New York, USA)

    “Once again, and for the last time, President Juh [of the Nedni
    MC] returned to Mexico. At times he went into Laughlin for
    strippers. He rigidly enforced his policy of refusing to let
    all of the brothers drink at the same time; HALF ONE TIME AND
    THE OTHER HALF NEXT TIME – was his rule. Juh knew well that the
    men of Laughlin would give generously of their fiery liquor, get
    the Nedni drunk, and then the other clubs would murder them. He
    had known of some Nedni getting drunk and being locked up in a
    building, and a bomb being thrown in–thereby saving the other
    club the use of even one bullet. They finished those brothers
    with knives and wrenches.”

    “On his last trip to Laughlin, my president bought a good supply
    of beer, pizza, and strippers. He traded spark plugs and a
    chrome exhaust pipe for them. As usual, liquor was given to
    the brothers and they bartered for some; but half of them
    remained sober. Among them was Juh. He did drink and sometimes
    got drunk, but that day he had not had liquor. It was my [Vice
    President] Ponce’s time to get drunk. He got Ponce and the
    ones who were drinking out of town first and sent the sober ones
    after them. He brought up the rear with Delzhinne and me.
    Daklegon went ahead with Ponce.”

    (INDEH: AN APACHE, Eve Ball with Nora Henn and Lynda A.
    Sanchez, 1988, University of Oklahoma Press: Norman, Oklahoma,

  3. oldskewl Says:

    Thanks to Burka as well.


  4. oldskewl Says:

    Okay, I’ll take the latest remarks as an informal “yes” to Burka and Saul’s comment.


    Thank you, Rebel.

  5. Rebel Says:

    Hey Jimmy,

    Get the fuck out of my page. Some guys are willing to make the commitment to be a 1% and some are not. You obviously do not want to do it. Then don’t. I don’t think a lot of the old time psychos patch in anymore. Generally, one percenters are not a threat to the general public. The whole point is to have brothers you can trust with your life and to do something, patch, that is an accomplishment and that everybody respects except for assholes like you. That’s it. Nobody wants to go to prison for 20 years. Also nobody wants to listen to a nitwit like you give them shit all day everyday. And, just so everybody knows, it looks to me, at a glance, like you are in Fort Worth.


  6. Jimmy Says:

    Exactly. Quit breaking the law. Break the law and the cops will be involved. 1%ers are only making it harder on themselves. Making it way way way to easy for the cops. Obey the law like everyone else or get in trouble. Cant do the time dont do the crime. But wait…..its the cops fault and the up coming trial will be rigged to huh??

  7. ed Says:

    Since the news outlets are reporting it now. They say it was the Bandidos and Mongols exchanging pleasantries and well….This isn’t going to turn out well.

  8. Phuquehed Says:

    @Dirty – Yes, you misread and misunderstood what he wrote.

  9. commonsense Says:

    If you quit shooting people in public the cops won’t be there.

  10. Dirty Says:

    @Fingal are you suggesting that this was a Mongol on Mongol shooting or did I misread or misunderstand what you were saying? I’m just curious as to why you would post that when I have seen nothing relased to back that theory up! Unless you’re claiming to have some inside knowledge to which I would likely call bullshit because if you did indeed have access to such inside knowledge you surely wouldn’t be posting it here of all places!

  11. david Says:

    When choosing between washed and un-washed lingerie models, the unwashed will be more eye appealing IMO.

  12. Dasein Says:

    Actually, I think maybe an UNwashed lingerie model saying “outlaw motorcycle gangs! Oh no!” would work better.

  13. Fingal Says:

    “‘The goal of the suspension is to allow TABC agents and local police the opportunity to safely investigate the scene of a deadly incident without fear of retaliation or additional violence,’ Nettles said.”

    Does anyone else notice that the TABC Director is already influencing the future jury in the future trial of the Mongols who will be tried for shooting their own members? Even if the Mongols are not arrested for their own shooting then by stating that the police fear retaliation, the TABC is now setting the Mongols up to have their club houses raided and their cycles and other property confiscated. The Mongols were shot and killed and wounded. So, who else would “retaliate” according to cop logic??? Do you see the frame-up? This is why I hate cops.

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