Midland Shooting

February 17, 2020

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Midland Shooting

There was a shooting in Midland, Texas last night, at about 8:30 local time, in a bar named Your Place at 3704 West Wall Street.

Four men were shot and transported to Midland Emergency Hospital where one of them died. Two other victims remain in serious condition. None of their names have been released.

Multiple unconfirmed sources are reporting that the victims are members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club and that they were assaulted by members of a Red and Gold club called the Villistas Motorcycle Club. A usually reliable source could not confirm that the dead man was a Mongol.

As is usually the case, Police are attempting to manage this news. A Spokesman for the Midland Police Department told The Aging Rebel, “The Public Information Officer has the day off because it is a holiday and he is non-essential personnel so we won’t have any statement until tomorrow.”

Simultaneously, a more police friendly news outlet, CBS television affiliate KOSA reported, “The City of Midland will be holding a press conference at 4:30 p.m. to discuss the state of biker gangs in the area. The press conference will be shared on CBS7.com and the CBS7 Facebook Page.”


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  1. Dasein Says:

    Rebel is a writer who rides, or a rider who writes; I guess that distinction is up to him. But whichever, he writes, and I don’t just mean like all of us that throw our commentary glop onto this page. Whoever that other guy is, he is not a writer, no matter what his site reads like, or what he calls himself. Rebel’s site is what I would call “literary journalism.” One of Rebel’s oft-mentioned favorite authors, Steven Crane, is considered an example of a literary journalist, and here’s a splurb I found about him, and literary journalism in general, which I think many readers here will agree describes the unique worth of Rebel’s site.

    From: https://www.openschoolofjournalism.com/distance-education-program/courses/literary-journalism-jg230

    “The early examples of literary journalism date back to the nineteenth century. Following the Civil War, journalists began to challenge the notion that a reporter’s job was to present a concise and objective truth. They chose instead to employ a new narrative style, much like fiction writing, in order to lessen the distance between the observer and the observed. Literary journalism began to receive critical praise because it breathed life into a story more effectively than regular journalism and yet avoided the sensationalistic style known as the “yellow press”.

    Some of the most prolific fiction writers in history began their careers as newspaper and magazine reporters. Many of these authors continued to write nonfiction pieces throughout their lives to make social commentary or to supplement their income. Covering everything from wars to social and political issues, these infamous authors breathed literary life into the true stories of the world. Two famous authors who are historically linked to this genre are Stephen Crane and George Orwell.

    Steven Crane regularly wrote for newspapers and also wrote fiction and poetry. He was frustrated by the lack of a narrative voice in the news and he brought literary flair to the pieces he wrote for the newspaper. A compilation of his literary sketches called “Wounds in the Rain” reflected what he witnessed while reporting from Cuba during the Spanish-American war. His use of realistic dialogue and detailed description in his reporting made his pieces popular with readers of the Worldmagazine. While his literary style informed his journalism, it was also clear that his journalistic integrity informed his literature. Stephen Crane did not witness the Civil War he described in “The Red Badge of Courage”, his most famous novel, however it was evident that his in depth research of the subject created a strong framework for the story to be built upon. This masterpiece is also an example of literary journalism because it presents a truth that so many soldiers experienced in the Civil War.”

  2. Shovelhead Says:

    I’ll stick with what I know and who I know. This Jimmy character is a punk, The Hollywood dude sounds like the same, A big mouth punk.
    Rebel is a straight shooter from what I’ve seen over the years. I’ll keep supporting this site and Rebel until one of us is dead.

    Respect to the 1%

  3. oldskewl Says:

    Doesn’t matter if Jimmy is James, Hollywood or whoever the fuck he pretends to be or we mistook this poster for. After I went to his website and did a search I found that hit piece on Rebel and that did it for me.
    Fuck that clown, his website and the 2% of articles he actually writes. You have to dig really hard to find something he writes himself. Also, if you want to know about shit going on in the UK, and other countries, she’s found the articles, copied and pasted them onto her website for all to read.

    As I said previously, I don’t do podcasts, it’s like everyone now can be a TV personality and do interviews that are worthless. Same with the internet, it created millions of authors who couldn’t publish a book a place to write their commentary.

    Speaking of books, I just finished “No Mercy”. It was a great read and everyone in my chapter has loved it.



  4. Bruka Says:

    @Rebel – I hope I didn’t speak out of turn with anything I said. I remembered you speaking on the Sons of Thunder and why it went the way it did. I assumed “Jimmy” was a play on Hollyweirds first name. Have you actually read his book ? It’s free on Amazon prime and that’s all anyone should ever pay for it. The only prose that he knows are the ones who work with his ol lady.

    As a fellow Englishman I would say “come on mar mate, he dow know what he’s fuckin talkin abaht” (West Midlands accent, ask Nick lol).

  5. Fingal Says:

    Rebel Says: February 26, 2020 at 11:55 am

    “Dear Shovelhead,
    [James Macecari] has burned some people on [his site] — notably Freddy Augello.”

    During James’s two interviews with Leslie Long he mispronounced Freddie’s last name every time. Not only that but this morning on his Chicago “Does [sic] Riding Clubs Need a blessing from a Dominant 1% Motorcycle Club,” 2020/02/26 に公開 he again mispronounced Freddie’s last name. Macecari is a Paisano. His disrespect is not a territorial thing, if you know what I mean, Chicago. What’s going on with him and Freddie? Also, during the first interview he dogged Leslie to tell him if she knew where Mulholland is. A short time before the interview I had stated on Face book that in order to locate Joseph Mulholland’s physical address in order to mail him a letter giving Joseph a piece of one’s mind then one would have to know his middle name, age, and city of residence and it just wasn’t worth the time or price of a stamp. I posted that along with some online name searches in order to eF with the cops without going to jail. For some reason Insane Throttle picked up on that and gave Leslie his best shot; WTF’s with that?

  6. Rebel Says:

    Dear Shovelhead,

    The dude is James Macecari.

    “James Macecari is a Master Note Broker and principle owner of Macecari Financial Group based in Chicago Illinois. A published author of Strongbow: The Struggle Begins a fictional story based on character James Hawkins who leads the struggle of taking back America after it had been invaded by UN forces.

    “James Macecari’s long time love is the opportunity to train future Note Brokers and keep individuals from being took (sic) advantage of by predatory individuals in the note brokering field. “If these people are making so much money in the Note Brokering field then why are they spending millions on infomercials?” This is one of James Macecari’s favorite questions to those who wish to push the industry to millions of unsuspecting individuals that they can become millionaires overnight.

    “James Macecari also runs Hawkins Publications-An educational business resource site that aids small business owners and individuals in gaining the knowledge to become competitive in today’s business world. “The main reason I started this site was to ensure people had the education they needed to get their dreams up and running the right way.””

    Apparently that “note brokering” bullshit did not work out so he decided to become the new and improved Rebel. He is not the first guy to do that. I don’t know why, but a surprising number of people just fucking assume that I must be getting rich behind this shit because a lot of people know who I am and I have a small reputation for sticking up for guys. First step for Macecari was to try to go into business with Peter ‘Big Pete’ James, “Godfather of the Chicago Outlaws Motorcycle Club,” and in my experience an Outlaw rat who wrote a book. Then the guy got sponsored by the Iron Order and wrote some kind of screed singing their praises. Then he told everyone who would listen that he is “authentic” and I am a phony. I think part of that was to take a club I once was in called The Sons of Thunder, google it, see that there is now a club with that name that is a religious club, and use that as proof that I was not “real” like him. This also worked for the Iron Order. I was an expert witness in a trial in Philly, and the Iron Order really wanted to discredit me. As my friend Nick remarked at the time, in a working class English accent you can cut with a knife, “Wodda fock does that mean. Thot you aren’t real? Thot your motorcycle in’nt real? Then who the fock are you?”

    Now this troll is a news aggregator. He steals other people stories from around the world and runs them on his site. Then he has a youtube channel on which he runs his mouth. I understand he was named “Biker Comedian of the Year.” No shit. He has burned some people on there — notably Freddy Augello. I really don’t know why somebody hasn’t shut him up yet. He certainly draws advertising dollars from me and makes my life a lot harder.

    He actually showed up in a dossier the IOMGIA assembled on me. There were pages and pages of bullshit about how I terrorize prosecutors and slander righteous cops and once scared Madonna so she had to hire extra guards and all this crap. Macecari is described in the dossier as a guy who “learned everything he knows from Gangland.”

    To the best of my knowledge, he is not Jimmy. Macecari has a standing invitation to look me up anytime he is in El Lay.


  7. Shovelhead Says:


    I’m with you. As you know, I’ve been on Hollywood’s site and have made comments about stories.

    Never again though.

    I’ll stick with Rebel, at least I know Rebel is real and tells it like it is.

  8. oldskewl Says:

    @ Burka,

    I went and looked through his website and searched and found a hit piece on Rebel, he called him out as a snitch and working for the feds since he’s been inside of courtrooms during trials. That alone was enough for me to walk away but also reading comments on here just put the nail in the coffin.

    Thanks again for the heads up, I really appreciate it. I know Rebel works on a limited budget scraping by to keep us as informed as best he possibly can.



  9. Bruka Says:

    @Oldskewl – unfortunately I have no “smoking gun” that Jimmy is Hollywood but some of the rhetoric that he spits is the same – like identical. I’ve took it up with “Hollywood” a few times already, I trashed his book for talking shit about Rebel extensively (there’s what he calls a chapter in there just for Rebel) and calls out Rebels MC credentials. I’ve been on here for a bit and I have a loose grip on what Rebels credentials are, unfortunately “Hollywood” just used the first things that popped up when he Googled certain things. I wouldn’t mind but the guy is claiming to be some kind of journalist and he’s not even smart enough to research something thorough enough to present a clear argument in his book. I’ve also tried to debate him on his website several times and he has never responded.

    My personal opinion on “Hollywood” is that he’s someone who has a grudge to bear and wants to take it out on the whole scene. In my opinion he would have continued to back “Big Pete” if someone from a certain club never told him to knock it off and shut up. I also think that his blog and website might possibly have started off with somewhat innocent intentions but may have been taken over by someone who wants specific messages delivered to a wider audience. If you’re reading this Hollyweird I’m not a “conthpirathy theoritht” or a cheerleader, I just don’t like when someone tries to shit on someone else’s work when they haven’t put their own work in. Also dude, please please get someone to check your shit before you publish – there are hundreds of spelling mistakes and you repeat yourself several times.

  10. Smarter than jimmy Says:

    (Said the the voice of “Timmy” From South Park:) Jimmahh… check this out moron. Not opinion, like what you spit,but fact, if you can believe those who’s boots you lick… the FBI says there are approximately 44,000 “outlaw motorcyclists organization” members in the USA. And obviously a Substantially lower number of 1%er members. The FBI, released its annual compilation of crimes reported to its Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program by law enforcement agencies from around the nation. ‘According to the report, there were an estimated 2,197,704 violent crimes committed around the nation, and over 3000000 drug crimes. Even if all 44000 “outlaw bikers” were criminals, it would mean that less than 1 percent of crime was committed by all 3 piece patch, outlaw bikers. Hardly worth all the press and hype about motorcycle clubs… hardly worth all the money spent trying to persecute them… Especially when one considers that The FBI also reports that in the average year, though most are not prosecuted for their crimes, 10% of law-enforcement officers across the United States lose their jobs for committing crimes or acts unbecoming. The most common reason those 10% loose those jobs (40%) are for beating their wives.

  11. ed Says:

    Hollywood is a self inflated shit stirrer that was thrown out of the Pistons because he was a shit stirrer. Back stabbing punk.

  12. Saul Goodman Says:


    James Redden aka James Maceari aka Hollywood was a Black Piston. After he dropped out He tried to help two other guys in Illinois (A guy named Midget and a Guy named Professor) in starting the Rock Machine. You probably never saw the colors because he never wore them outside of his house. This is why he spent so much time praising the guy who sent him them (James Strachey aka Critical J from Winnipeg Canada) and so much time trashing the Rock Machine self proclaimed World President (Suat Erkose in Germany who told James off once). James put all that behind him though, and then he tried to hang out with the Illinois chapter of the DD. He quickly staged right on the highway during a ride and never looked back. The guy is a sleaze ball. If you’d like to reach out to people to ask about him, well, it’s ultimately up to you and them to discuss it, but they’re out there. Take his “news” and “editorials ” with a gallon of salt.

  13. Neuro Says:

    @ OS…oh man, just wait til’ you actually hear that guy , ha ha. I’d say the shoe not only drops, it flops in plops.

  14. oldskewl Says:

    Saul Goodman Says:
    February 23, 2020 at 6:52 pm

    Slipping Jimmy sounds a lot like Hollywood from Insane Throttle. You know the guy who harps about his Black Piston Glory says but omits being in the Rock Machine and trying to hang around the DD’s too?

    So let’s cut thru the shit and call it out, please. If Burka has this nailed down (which is seems like he does) and you (Saul) put the pieces together then by all means, post it here. A lot of people want to read about what’s going on in our world and very few places on the web offer anything for MC’s.

    One thing for sure, if we can narrow down this shit it will put a stain on that website and people including me will avoid it. I’ve never listened to a podcast but have read some of the articles and even posted in the comment section. That will stop immediately if the shoe drops.


  15. ed Says:

    Yep Jimmy made some excellent points. Too bad he came off like a dickhead.

  16. Saul Goodman Says:


    Slipping Jimmy sounds a lot like Hollywood from Insane Throttle. You know the guy who harps about his Black Piston Glory says but omits being in the Rock Machine and trying to hang around the DD’s too?

  17. Neuro Says:

    Good work Jimmy. You make some great points.

  18. Freebird Says:

    @ 10G

    Very well said!!

    The safe bet is Jimmy is in the police academy from Po dunk nowhere and just spent the last 4 hours getting programmed to save the world from patches

    Guess we will find out if he likes kool aid….

  19. 10G Says:

    I hold my head high and walk in many circles. Don’t fool yourself…Men act like men. If the feds targeted other groups the ways they do bikers they would find the same shit. Guns, drugs, violence…Twin Peaks was in fucking Texas. If the cops raided a softball tournament they would find that many weapons in the cars and pocket knives on people. You should get out and live a little and stop worrying about what other men are up to..

    Let it ride, let it roll, let it go,

  20. rollinnorth Says:

    Keep up the good work, Rebel. Nice retort about who’s answering the door. I’ll just keep scrolling past idiot Jimmy’s comments and get to those worth reading.


  21. Shovelhead Says:


    Where do you get all this information about 1%ers? Do you actually know any? Have you even met just one? Your little temper tantrum about Bikers….Is it from TV? the internet? cartoons? what Boy, where does your info come from?

    How many 1%ers have you walked up to, and expressed your opinion?

    Anything you say here, you should have the balls to say it to a Bikers face. If not, shut your fucking mouth.

  22. Jimmy Says:


    I am posting this idiot’s comment for entertainment purposes only. If people think he is one of those trolls everybody is always bitching about please let me know. He strikes me as a high school kid or maybe a “biker expert.” Please let me know what you all think.


    Point proven. Bikers killing each other but it’s the cops fault? How about bikers obey the law like everyone else. Cops are not jealous of bikers lmao. Delusional thinking at it’s best. Bikers make it way to easy for the cops. Quit acting dumb and grow up. 1%ers are nothing more than criminals. They are getting busted pretty much every day. I guess it’s the cops fault they manufacturer and sell drugs. Let me guess, it’s the cops fault they illegally carry fire arms. Oh yes, almost forgot, it the cops fault for the turf wars and bottom rocker bs. Yuuup….the cops fault they murder each other over literally nothing but a patch. Only difference in 1%ers is their cut. Other than that they are all the same and into the exact same lifestyle. They keep it up and the feds will have no choice but to end motorcycle clubs completely. It’s their own fault but let me guess…..its the cops and government’s fault huh???? The most hilarious part of all this is these 1%ers run around acting like badasses and part of a brotherhood but when they end up in jail they totally regret ever joing. Totally regret it but it’s way to late hot shot. I guess its also the cops fault for all the weapons found at twin peaks as well huh??

  23. ed Says:

    Rebel is correct. To many coward punks nowadays. The type that start shit and then when they drop the paddle they call the cops on ya. The fuckers are everywhere nowadays. Ya gotta be careful. They get away with shooting men like us. I just want to ride my motorcycle and be left alone.

  24. Bruka Says:

    Ok ladies and gentlemen, are you sitting comfortably ? Then I’ll begin. Once upon a time there was a little white boy with a lisp named James AKA “Jimmy” and Jimmy was in the toughest street gang i Chi town (you know like a lot of lily white boys are). Eventually Jimmy outgrew his gangster ways and decided he wanted to ride a motorcycle and hang with a crew who were really something but poor Jimmy had epilepsy or some such bullshit and he felt bad that he might bring down his “bro’s” in a pack so Jimmy quit. But Jimmy being the upstanding little lisper that he is decided that he would join the local “mooth” (that’s moose to you and I) lodge and ride with them (apparently it ain’t a problem riding in a pack with them for some reason).

    Then one day little Jimmy saw a hair on his nuts and decided “I’m going to make a website and a podcast cos no one can censor me” but little Jimmy hadn’t factored in a couple things. Little Jimmy was friends with Stinky Pete and Stinky Pete was a bad bad man who told tall tales on his friends to get out of trouble. One day Stinky Pete’s friends told little Jimmy “cut the shit” and little Jimmy clammed up like a good little bitch … Erm .. I mean girl. This was all too much for little Jimmy to take though so he decided “I don’t like these guys anymore, they’re mean and they tell me what to do” so he decided to lisp and whinge about how “riding clubth” are better than MC’s.

    Little Jimmy especially hated how that “nathty” Rebel had more “readerth” than him so he “ethpethially” wasn’t going to mention him on his “podcatht” to get that nasty Rebel more readership because he’s obviously a conspiracy theorist…

    Suck a dick “Jimmy” you’re a wet wipe who couldn’t hang and now you slut shit against Rebel and anyone on his site because you’re butt hurt that the IO wouldn’t take your weak ass in. Walk on home boy.

  25. rocco151 Says:


    It’s obvious that you haven’t associated with anyone that would call themselves a serious 1% biker…you just don’t understand the mindset ! I am not a 1%er but was advised on buying my bike by a 1%er and I was told what to expect and how to act at a 1%er party by the same guy and it boils down to very, very basic things like being polite and being respectful to anyone you meet at the party …or in the biker world for that matter ! Having a father who was a policeman in Chicago I can tell you that I observed that the police job is basically all about power and that the reason ANY law enforcement agency has a problem with bikers is that they have their own way of living their life and cannot be truly controlled and made to live someone else’s idea of life. Personally I believe that law enforcement is jealous of the freedom enjoyed by those that live by a biker code and that is why they hand out punishment to them that is so over the top ! You may lock up a biker or even take his bike but you can’t make him succumb to living someone else’s opinion of a life…a true biker’s mindset is unchangeable and whatever form it takes it is the embodiment of freedon and the American Dream !

  26. Shovelhead Says:

    Feel like a tough guy now Jimmy? Mouthing off about a life you obviously know nothing about?

    Children should be seen, not heard.

    Maybe read up on what Freedom looks like. When you gather up the courage, go out and try it!

    By the way, there’s more murders, rapes, child molestations, assaults, drug dealing, robberies and on and on by everyday citizens like yourself every year, than by all the 1%ers put together.
    But 1%ers get the big headlines when every once in a while something happens.
    Matter of fact, Cops murder more people than Outlaws.

  27. Kenny Says:

    @jimmy….if u go by your ignorance of the truth. The Blue gang has more members commiting crimes then 1%ers. I guess safe on the porch your views are judgemental. Try walking up like a man and getting to know your local bike clubs.

  28. Rebel Says:

    Yo Jimmy,

    I know some things. I know if I go to your house and knock, somebody stupid will answer the door.


  29. Jimmy Says:

    More bikers killing one another. 1%ers are AlWAYS getting busted for drugs, murder, assault etc…..and they wonder why they are profiled. How about guilty by association. Wear the patch and trouble will follow. These idiots are signing up it. Do not feel sorry for any of them. For some delusional and twisted theory of brotherhood, this is the ONLY website defending these 100% criminals. Not 1% bikers but 100% criminals. Maybe not all of them but the vast majority and for the few “good guys” well it’s your OWN fault. Let me guess, the rebel probably thinks it’s a conspiracy or the cops did it or santa clause is behind all of it. Get real.

  30. Rebel Says:

    Dear Erudite Hillbilly,

    There are more punks now. Now more guys people talk like the President. I don’t censor. I believe In letting people expose who they are. Please don’t let the punks get to you. If they bother you too much, email me.


  31. Erudite Hillbilly Says:

    Can’t we just go back to the good old days where everyone in the comment section (despite trolls and pigs) was respectful of traditional clubs and mutually hated on Iron Order? Or maybe there is just a higher ratio of trolls and pigs now days. It’s a shame what Sons of Anarchy has done to a once respectful way of life.

  32. Texas Says:

    @ed there is not one thing you stated that is correct- or even close to correct … very few Bandits left in Texas!!??? They are still everywhere you look! By far more red and gold here than all other clubs combined.

  33. ed Says:

    …..and this crap needs to stop. The Mongols ain’t gonna stand for this. Just more un-needed drama.

  34. ed Says:

    In response to brother Dirty. As close to 11 full chapters as they could get. There aren’t many Bandits in Texas anymore. Just my personal opinion which ain’t worth two shits. Relying on their “support clubs” was the Bandits failure. I never was a fan of the support clubs. More trouble than they are worth.

  35. Dirty Says:

    @ed I was told and have always been under the assumption it was a mixture of bandits,support club and a handful of guys from none bandit associated clubs who patched over first I’ve ever heard of 11 whole chapters supposedly jumping ship but then again not my buisness so I’ve never really dug into it just know what I’ve heard.

  36. ed Says:

    Has anyone forgotten that 11 full chapters of Bandits patched to the Mongols. It isn’t like they came here from California.

  37. Mudtown Says:

    FYI – Last Kings is not a sport bike club

  38. TexasIsOurs Says:

    @FOOTER, I think you are getting ahead of yourself. Are you saying they asked for permission while being a 1%er club? Wasn’t clear about that, maybe you think you know more than you do. Probably would have never happened if they wouldn’t have been in Texas so I can’t say I’m sorry for their “loss”. Where didn it say I was a witness? If I was I definitely wouldn’t be arguing over the internet…I’m sure you are rather longwinded over the internet but not so much in person.

  39. Gandalf Says:

    TY- Odessa NCB and Just a guy. Kinda hard to hear you both with all the noise.

  40. Paladin Says:


    The world has always been and will always be a dangerous place in which to live. If one acts like food, one will be eaten.

    Long May You Ride,


  41. oldskewl Says:

    Sieg hit the nail on the head. I don’t know how many patches actually posted (if any) I do know that protocol from any major club would denounce any comment on the web and they’d either get pulled OG for a while, maybe even OB depending what they said.

    I know some regular people in here comment and use their club affiliation in their name, (although I don’t think it’s smart to do so) and again it all depends on what they say too but that’s JMO.

    One thing I’m positive about is the fact that we’re our own worst enemy, the wars that have been going on for decades will never cease (at least I don’t see forgiveness) and the FEDS will continue to gaffle up those involved and put them away for life. This is the life we pledged to live, there was no mistaking what is at stake. It’s both brutal and beautiful.



  42. Texas Says:

    It involved the mongols and a sports bike club Last Kings… local news is playing the police call now and at least that’s what the original pig radio call says.

  43. Sieg Says:

    Generally don’t condone limiting anyone’s speech, but especially with subjects like this one, I really think that straight-citizens in general, and trash-talkers of ALL persuasions shouldn’t be given the chance to flap their gums here.

    I read two guys speaking respectfully about this sad shit, and four talking shit…and I’d about bet of the four, there are a few badges. Smoke these motherfuckers off of here, Reb, and anyone else starts talking shit that helps the pigs.

    FTF / FTP

  44. Just a guy Says:

    Already the Bandidos are getting blamed for something they were not even enclosed in. Happens EVERYTIME!

  45. Dirty Says:

    Fucking sad all around. Some men or atleast one at this time are going in the grave and some are likely headed to prison and if it wasn’t bad enough after the Fed Broadway show that was Waco this is just gonna continue to ratchet up the heat for patches in Texas! Much respect to the fallen Mongol and condolences to his Brother’s and Blood family!

    “A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.

  46. Typicalbandildos Says:

    Fuck a bandildo, both those clubs act like ghetto trash anyway.

  47. FOOTER Says:

    1. Mongols were granted permission to start up in TexasBAGTENOFF
    2. Doc Cavosos was a gang banger, correct. He’s been put out bad. Long ago, unfortunately it takes time with uneducated people to clear a smeared club name and understand what their about today, not the past.
    3. Apparently “TexasIsOurs” was there to witness what happened. Glad you made it out ok.
    4. Liking or hating a club when there’s loss of life it’s a horrible thing.
    5. Learn FACTS before having a loose mouth and speaking out of emotion. This is a bad bad day for both clubs involved and unfortunately will give the government more ammunition against all clubs.
    6. This is only my opinion and in the grand scheme of things my opinion doesn’t really matter…

  48. TexasIsOurs Says:

    Mongols just have a bunch of gang banging dudes and try to open in Texas? Show up to a state unwelcomed, and with no class? Have respect and get treated with respect.

  49. Odessa non club biker Says:

    Mostly, or maybe all, former red and gold members that defected to the mongols show up all full of bravado, trying to push around this other club, and threatening and generally being assholes and bullies. Some of the mongols use to be members of this Villistas is what the scuttlebutt is. That’s the talk around town anyway.

  50. Fingal Says:

    Those warriors – those men fell in battle.

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