One Percenter Victory

February 1, 2020

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One Percenter Victory

Daniel Machado, the first of three Bandidos to stand trial for pulling the patch of a Kinfolk Motorcycle Club member in Abilene on July 25, 2018 was acqiotted of aggravated robbery, robbery and engaging in organized criminal activity last Thursday after a two-day trial.

According to police, the alleged victim, Van West Robinson, who has never been publicly named before, rode past the Bandidos’ Abilene clubhouse. He was pursued by Machado, Justin Aldava and Jesse Trevino. Unable to outrun them, Robinson rode into a parking lot and pulled a gun. The three Bandidos then convinced Robinson to holster his gun, advised him that riding past their clubhouse while wearing his Kinfolk vest was provocative, then beat him and took his riding vest, cell phone and gun. He suffered no lasting injuries.

Police responded to the scene of the beating and wrote a report. Eventually, Robinson complained to police.

The Kinfolk was founded in Houston in 2016 by former Bandidos after the arrest of club president Jeffrey Pike and vice-president John Portillo. Kinfolk members claim the right to wear a one percenter diamond.

Machado, Aldava and Trevino were arrested August 29, 2018 and released on $150,000 bond. They were indicted in December 2018.

Bill Morian, club counsel for the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, said “”Seth Sutton, one of our dedicated defense lawyers, did a masterful job” to secure Machado’s acquittal. “Not guilty on all counts, including Engaging in Organized Crime Activity. It was a true victory for all one percenters.”

Trial dates have not yet been set for Aldava and Trevino



9 Responses to “One Percenter Victory”

  1. Texasaintyours Says:

    Red and gold, kinfolk, sounds like the same try hard nonsense to me. Bury all of em and their lawyers

  2. Gandalf Says:

    They will usually try the guy with the best chance for conviction 1st. “Usually”

  3. david Says:

    As the gov. self-destructs due to office-holder infighting, the rest of the nation can console themselves they did not have to do a fucking thing to gain freedom from a mad bunch of self-serving, self-interested, power- mad control freaks.

    The BS judges, the BS attorneys and the BULL-SHIT COURTS will follow suit with the other branches as they all self-destruct. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of cocksuckers.

  4. oldskewl Says:

    Doc B.
    It could be one of two possibilities. Could be Daniel (the 1st Bandit) wasn’t involved in the beating and taking of property per Robinson’s testimony or: The DA doesn’t have the evidence to convict and it was easily overturned.

    Regardless, all the Bandits lose the bail money (conviction or not) which is a crime in itself.



  5. david Says:

    Congrats to the jury members(AKA The 4th branch of gov.)who are smarter than the idiot persecuting attorneys will ever be.

  6. Doc B Says:

    Everybody’s a gangster till it’s time to do gangster shit.

    Congrats to Machado. I’d like to know how they beat the charges.


  7. oldskewl Says:

    I wonder if the other two defendants will get the same outcome.
    Doesn’t seem like he got that big of a beating, “no long lasting injuries”. Kudos to for showing restraint and not beating him lifeless considering Robinson pulled a gun.

    Everyone want’s to be a 1%er or they somehow think they’re entitled to wear a diamond. This is the world they swore allegiance to so calling the police is a bitch move.

  8. Stoney Says:

    if your going to test your courage or symbolically give a club the middle finger be ready to back it up.

  9. Phuquehed Says:

    The Kuntfolk…’We dial 911 faster than even Urine Odor punks! We haven’t met a pig we wouldn’t rat to yet!’.

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