The Swamps of Jersey

January 31, 2020

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The Swamps of Jersey

This week in the swamps of Jersey Carole Weintraub, the widow of accused murderer Dr. James Kauffman, sued the Hudson County (New Jersey) Department of Corrections and its staff for negligence. Hers was one of two lawsuits filed against the jail last Friday, January 24.

Geurys Sosa, a Dominican immigrant who spent 17 months in the jail from 2016 to 2018, filed suit against the jail because it failed to medicate his skin condition which left him disfigured.

April Kauffman Murder

Kaufmann was accused of profiting from multiple medical scams including the distribution of opioids and overcharging for compounded medications. According to numerous plausible accounts, he hired a couple of mopes named Joseph and Frank Mulholland to kill his wife April because he was afraid she would betray him to the FBI.

The crime went unsolved for years until federal authorities were told by a drug dealer and former Pagan Motorcycle Club patch holder named Andrew Glick that he could solve April Kauffman’s murder. Glick had just been caught red-handed with dealer amounts of drugs, guns and cash. The FBI had been after Kaufmann for years and punishing Pagans for being Pagans has been a government priority for years.
Glick earned his hall pass by telling the Feds, and a reporter for the Toronto Star and reputed outlaw biker authority named Peter Edwards, that the murderers were Kaufmann and a retired Pagan named Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello. Joseph Mulholland also made a deal with the FBI and was a witness against Augello at trial.

Glick also entrapped Augello into participating in a tape recorded conversation discussing the possibility that James Kauffman might be poisoned and thus murdered in jail. Glick’s road name was Chef. He was a chef and claimed expertise into how to poison somebody in jail.


The FBI then tossed the whole hot mess to a very cynical prosecutor named Damon Tyner. Tyner obviously wanted to build a national reputation as crime fighter who stood up to the Pagans. Tyner’s ambition to be the next Eliot Ness included an appearance on the ABC news show 20/20. To lend credence to the substantially baseless charges against Augello, Tyner had James Kauffman transferred from the Atlantic County Jail to the Hudson County Jail before Augello and the Pagans (and in some versions the Italian Mafia) got to him.

Kauffman died anyway. He hung himself in his new jail. He was never convicted so he died an innocent man. He will forever be technically innocent and his widow, Ms. Weintraub, thinks somebody should pay.

Her suit argues that James Kauffman should have been on suicide watch. “Every reasonable person in the world knew that James Kauffman was at an acute and immediate risk of committing suicide,” the suit says. And Weintraub and her Atlantic City attorney, Louis Barbone, think Kauffmen’s life could have been saved. The lawsuit argues that jail staff failed to resuscitate Kauffman “when the administration of such care and services would have ensured his survival.”


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