Bandidos Panic Du Jour

January 24, 2020

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Bandidos Panic Du Jour

There is a thin, sloppy news report from Kitsap County Washington that alleges a connection between multiple “members” of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club and the gruesome murders of a local family on the night of January 27, 2017.

The murders and a couple of accompanying arsons remain unsolved. With their third anniversary imminent, the Kitsap County Sheriff decided to shake a tree and issued a press release containing the following statement.

“Sheriff’s detectives, in conjunction with FBI special agents, can now state publicly that members and associates of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club were directly involved in the murders of the Careaga family. Mr. Danie Jay Kelly Jr., now age 41, was previously identified as a person of interest in this investigation. He remains a person of interest. Danie Kelly Jr. is a known associate of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club.”
Maybe he is. Maybe he isn’t. Maybe if he is he will not be for long. Gang databases bear witness to the fact that it is easier to convict someone of something if you first accuse them of being an outlaw biker.

Well Maybe

The allegation that caught the attention of news outlets in Bremerton and Seattle was that “members and associates” of the Bandidos “were directly involved in the murders.” The only thing to suggest that in the statement was the charge that Danie Kelly Jr. is “a person of interest in this investigation” and that he “is a known associate of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club.”

It was a gruesome murder. The family operated a taco restaurant in West Bremerton. On the night of the murders, firefighters were called to their burning house. Inside they found the bodies of Christale Lynn Careaga, and16-year-old half-brothers Hunter E. Schaap and and Johnathon F. Higgins.

The body of the father, Johnny Careaga, was found in a burned truck left in a tree farm in a Mason County, Washington. Police have been cagey about the recovered evidence. They did announce they had recovered a single latex glove which would, presumably, have yielded fingerprints and DNA. But it did not lead to any arrests. The case hit a wall and now approaching the third anniversary the police have apparently decided to announce they are close to solving it.

Generally, the Careaga murders are not the kind of murder outlaw bikers commit. It is the kind of murder that cartels commit.

But bikers are always useful when police want to draw attention to a case. The Bandidos are a brand name club. Everybody has heard of them. So the police decided to shout the allegations.

In other Kitsap County news, there was a large sewage spill in Bremerton this morning.


5 Responses to “Bandidos Panic Du Jour”

  1. Just Fred Says:

    I looked into this just a little further – I am certainly not saying I am an “expert witness” on the subject, but I’ve read all the news papers from that area I could find online, without paying for a subscription, and this “Danie Kelly” guy, appears to just be one of the tens of thousands of people,or maybe more,who buy “SYLB” type gear and wear it, yet have no other connection to the club. But, you will not be surprised that he has a pretty good, though relatively minor arrest record. But let me attempt to get to what I am afraid will end up being yet another example of how our fucked up legal, courts and “justice” system seems to have no desire to actually find justice, as long as they “get the win”,and time after time in these club persecutions, they do the most despicable acts to secure a convection on who they want to get a conviction on. So, this Danie character has been in and out of trouble with the law for years- in 2017 it was lewd behavior and sex crime, committed upon his mother! YEP! So this guy has a lot of baggage and either the cops or someone convinces him or “coaches” him, that he can help himself out of these problems. “Hey Danie…you and I go back years here…I’ve arrested you for all kinds of things, and I have always been fair with you right Danie? I’m wondering if maybe you know more than you’ll say because your afraid…maybe you know who did this, maybe you are even wearing a shirt of theirs, but because of who they are, you are afraid of what they would do to you. You know, If you were to be able to tell me that they had something to do with it, come up with a couple names, I can not only help you on your sentencing, I bet your help would be so appreciated that we might even be able to give you a new name and a new life, depending on your testimony.” and the “interview” continues, especially if Danie shows any hesitancy about coming up with what the cops want to hear, the LEO continues “…you know Danie…I can release one of two things regarding your interview here today, to the press…First, I can tell the press that you are cooperating with us. I KNOW you do not want that! For a guy like you to be known as a snitch, well Danie that could be all she wrote for you. That would be very bad for your health wouldn’t it….and Danie, if you Do Not start telling me a good story – I’ve already told you enough information for you to make the kinda statement we need to get from you so we can help you Danie – but if you do not start telling us that story, I am going to walk out of here and tell the media that you sang like a bird,that you are fully cooperating, and then, I’m going to release you. You know what your life is worth if I do that don’t cha Danie? OR, tell me what you know I need to hear, and I’ll walk out there and say you are not cooperating with us. Now, doesn’t that make good sense?” Anyway, If you have read any of Rebels books on like minded topics, you know exactly where I am going, and that there literally have been books written about what law enforcement is willing to do to convict innocents, just like many of Rebel’s books, including his most recent ” Expect No Mercy” ( If you have not bought it yet do so-I bought 2 bound books and a kindle version). I will wait and see. I am not a profit, and I certainly hope that I am mistaken, but it seems to me that the “Justice System” on this matter can not find who committed the crime, and it’s been over 3 years now since the crime happened, so they have finally decided to shut up their local citizens concerns about the LEO’s inability to find who actually committed this horrible crime, by pointing to a group who they know they can talk shit about, with impunity, lie about, slander and turn lives upside down, with no downside to leo. It is really a shame that they tell these lies over and over and over again, time after time, club after club –and its always some equally outrageous, inflammatory statement they can not prove, just like the one in this story– to splash big headlines, and then they hide the retraction on the back page,when what they said turns out to be what we know they will be all along: LIES… virtually every time the lies are found out to be lies down the road, after the story has faded… the big loud screaming story headline is shouted out for all to hear, and the admittance of the LEO and Media that they were “misinformed and Mistaken” are always as quiet as a church-mouse when they are proved wrong And why not? The LEO and Media KNOW they face no consequences for the lies they knowingly tell, or the lives they turn upside down, and that most people will believe whatever those out and out lies are. If they actually “KNEW” something about this 3 year old murder, they be arresting people. Lets hope they do catch them…and lets hope that once again, all the loud noise , screaming, finger pointing and hubris, proves that the direct accusation was, once again, wrong, and someone from any club is not involved. But even if it was some club member, that doesn’t make it something the club did…anymore than if a fellow employee of yours commits some horrible crime, you and everyone else they work with, be painted with the same broad brush.Imagine, if you were any employee at Boeing, and “Inside Edition” has a “Special Report” ! ” We Know that an Employee or associate of Boeing is responsible for the murder”

  2. not the 99 Says:

    You missed the rest of the news for them.
    They buried one of the founders of that chapter. He was a great man, and a 49 year member.

  3. No one Important Says:

    The local Bandidos chapter should file for a civil injunction and retraction of the statement by law enforcement, immediately. It is not a difficult or expensive thing to do and could pay off.

  4. Trebor Says:

    Dudes some flunky who happened to wear support gear.Not a Bandido as some news outlets have put out.

  5. Freebird Says:

    If a Krispy Cream gets held up at gun point we know who did it….

    Did they happen to say how many gallons of sewage spilled

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