LA Gang Framing Scandal

January 17, 2020

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LA Gang Framing Scandal

A scandal has erupted in Los Angeles over the nationwide police practice of falsely labelling people as gang members.

So far, 20 members of the LAPD’s Metro Division have come under investigation for falsifying field interview cards and deliberately entering incorrect information in order to make it look like they are doing something all days besides eating donuts and pushing their weight around. Ten officers have been taken off the street.

According to the Los Angeles Times, “The LAPD received a letter from a Van Nuys mother saying she believed her son was misidentified as a gang member during an interview with officers. Officials reviewed body-worn camera footage and other information, and they found inaccuracies by the officer.”
Internal Affairs then began reviewing additional body-cam footage. According to Police Chief Michel Moore ( he is a man and that is how he spells it) the investigation initially focused on three officers and expanded to others who worked with the original three and then to others who worked with a second group, the chief said.

Making Lemonade

Los Angeles is a large, litigious city with very many lawyers so the police department was compelled to come clean. Not only are officer’s careers endangered but also criminal cases past and present. The city is trying to portray the scandal as an example of better policing, not worse.

The LAPD, is America’s third-largest police department. It began using body cameras in 2014 and it has now accumulated more than 2 million hours of “encounters.” It is collecting about 14,000 began field testing body-worn cameras in 2014 and collects about 14,000 recordings each day.”

The Times quoted Moore as saying that the body cams help “both sides of the camera, The existence of that camera helps answer: Did the alleged act occur or did it not?”

He said he expects to recommend discipline for the officers who have had their police powers suspended
Moore said Wednesday that he expects to make initial discipline determinations this week on the first wave of cases under review in the gang-reports investigation. “I don’t mean this to go on for months or years.”

Mayor Eric Garcetti praised the LAPD for taking speedy action before the city got sued. “We have a department that didn’t shove that under the rug,” Garcetti said. “I think the chief took the right action. Secondly, we have to make sure due process is afforded.”


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  1. Sieg Says:

    I can’t give any advice to someone on how to handle their bidness. All I can say is that when any site’s comment section is reduced to the same one or two people chanting “you’re an asshole he’s an asshole you don’t know anything I know everything waah waah waah”, then my choices are to read the articles without bothering to read the commenting, or just to take a pass on the site altogether.

    I’ve met a lot of good people through this blog, always looked forward to reading the thoughts of a lot of other good people that are out of my AO. A shame to lose that.

    FTF / FTP

  2. Guido Says:

    Well said, shovelhead. I have learned that the only thing worth worrying and getting upset about is that which I am in direct control. Since the only thing that I can control is my actions and reactions to things, I do not have to worry about anything else. To get upset with someone is to give them power over me. I waste time thinking about how much I hate them. If I let it be, it will be. Karma always visits the just and the unjust. In other words, I let douchebags be douchebags. I like when people show their true selves. It is the fake people that are the real problem. They will make you think they are someone else until you find out differently. And then it is too late.

    Ride free and enjoy what little time you have on this big rock.


  3. white witch Says:

    @ shovelhead +1 i agree 100%
    I am not going anywhere.

    ride free
    white witch

  4. Fingal Says:

    “…how would you fix it. Everybody. This your site as much as mine…”
    1st. It’s not broken or at least not broken like a wrench upside the head.
    2st. You need to appreciate violence more.
    3rd. Fly your colours.
    4th. Donate money to your favourite %1er club.
    5th. Fuck with the police.
    6th. Fuck with the police.
    7th. Fuck with the police.

  5. Wretched Man Says:

    @ Rebel
    Thank you for your incredulous efforts, and passion with which you execute your particular gifting, without reward, for our benefit.

    A few weeks back I scoured through your site looking for an old article…, my point is I ended up reading comments from “regulars” that really had interesting / entertaining anecdotes, and suddenly found myself missing them….

    Nowadays, I read the commentators name, and skip over a great number of comments.
    I cannot help but think to myself, with so many “prolific experts” that have recently joined the fray, perhaps they should consider starting their own blog and afford us the common decency to decide whether or not we wish to indulge them?


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