Same Old Banana Peel

January 16, 2020

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Same Old Banana Peel

I suppose the good news is that the recent book Expect No Mercy is not number 200,000 on America’s big ist of best-selling books. The bad news is that it is actually, as of about three minutes ago, number 177,074.

So much for talking truth to power and making a change and all that crap. The book is selling about two copies a day. Typically, that brings me in a cool ten bucks. And I swear to God, the next jackass who tells me how much money I am making at this is going to get an ass full of .38 special.

Here, make my day. Buy a copy for your mother.


I have eight books in print. They all feature bikers to a greater or lesser extent. Two works of fiction, the very long The Working Press and the very short A Summer’s Worth of Bitter Ends mention bikers.. The later book, which is all short stories, begins with a biker tale called “Beginning.”

Not many people have read it but the other day a couple of guys complimented me on it. One Guy called the collection “A GOOD READ,” in all caps. Another guys wrote, “I thoroughly enjoyed it too. The first story always leaves me thinking, damn, that’s how good Sons of Anarchy could have been if they would have hired Don to write the show. Would you have taken that gig if it had been offered Rebel?”

Sure I would have. I’d take Scarlett Johanson if she was offered to me, too. Thank you.

That one is also for sale. Here, take a look.

There is another one coming. A novel called Scooter Trash. It is set in the 80s and it begins with an orgy and a gruesome murder. Maybe that one will climb all the way up to 150,000 on the best seller list. Maybe people don’t like sex and violence anymore for all I know.

I am probably going to continue to slip on this same old banana peel, writing this blog and trying to support it with donations and book sales until I go homeless again. In the meantime, please keep reading. Maybe tomorrow there will be news.


19 Responses to “Same Old Banana Peel”

  1. Tomo Says:

    I’ve just been reading your site and it reminded me: I forgot to report that I did try to put reviews on Amazon about your books, but like another commentator had highlighted earlier, I “didn’t qualify”.
    I looked into this as it offered me an explanation if I followed a link.
    Apparently you have to spend £40 or more in a 12 month period to qualify to leave a review. Since I only use my Amazon account to buy your books, it doesn’t meet the criteria, despite me buying the Framing of Dave Burgess too.
    I don’t know if that’s the same reason given to the other commentator but I thought it worth bringing to your attention.

  2. Fingal Says:

    How’s the weather in Tucson?

  3. Dynalow Says:

    Just finished “No Mercy”, another very informative read by the Rebel. “Out Bad” also very good. Keep them coming Rebel.

  4. Neggy Says:

    Bought the book a few weeks ago, enjoyed it very much. I just PP’d you 20 bucks, have a beer on me.

  5. Wretched Man Says:


    I am grateful that you have not sold your soul to sell your work, it truly is “real and authentic.”
    Doing whats right ain’t gonna be popular, sadly.
    I live in a 3rd world country and just cannot do the Amazon thing for various reasons, but I have purchased “Out Bad” “Framing Dave Burgess” “The Twin Peaks Ambush” and “Twilight Of The Outlaws” all of which are significant works.
    I am presently awaiting the availability of “Expect No Mercy” in our hopelessly backward (usually about 6 months after your release) “shops”
    Thank you sir for what you do, I understand the struggle is real.

    Much Respect, and appreciation

  6. Rebel Says:

    Dear Gay Juarez,

    Get it from Amazon.


  7. Gay Juarez Says:


  8. Gay Juarez Says:

    I want to buy this for my husband who is one of the Vago’s fighting the RICCO case in Nevada. The Nevada Southern Detention Center does not allow books from Amazon. Is there somewhere else I can purchase a paperback version from? He has only been able to receive from Barns and Noble thus far.

  9. Tomo Says:

    I’d forgotten about ‘The Word Press’ and don’t remember reading about ‘A Summer’s Worth of Bitter Ends’ on your site…so I’ve just bought both on kindle.
    I believe that leaves only ‘Framing Dave Burgess’ left to buy. I’ll get that on payday.
    I did a review for ‘Expect No Mercy’, but haven’t for all the others so I’ll get doing that this week.

  10. Doc B Says:

    Dear Rebel
    I’ve slipped on your banana peal repeatedly. Thanks for the books


  11. Esam Says:

    LOL. My friends dad made a coloring book in the late 70’s called “Scooter Trash.”

    I think the actual name of it was called “The Scooter Trash Outlaw Coloring Book.”

  12. Rebel Says:

    Sure. But you have to pay shipping.


  13. Corrupt Says:


    I have 6 of the books (not into fiction) and make a point of hitting an ad when I visit each article for new articles or comments. What you write is worth reading, and I hope you can keep going. Thanks.

  14. BobbyD Says:

    I have several of your books. Will you sell autographed copies?

  15. Rebel Says:

    Dear Trebordy,



  16. Trebordv Says:

    Bought six copies.

  17. Dasein Says:

    Perhaps you’re being too authentic. Maybe actual bikers just aren’t that interested in reading about themselves, plus there’s not enough of them anyway. Sutter’s relatively rich, right? And who was his intended audience, the biker fantasy wanker. More drama, more gore, more SEX, less truth and lots more lies, less research (work), and just more off-the-cuff made up shit. And focus on an entirely new target audience, millennial males that desperately need SOMEthing to keep them from abandoning their nascent manhood altogether and just accepting that they’re probably females after all. Those poor losers, which apparently number in the bazillions, need leadership, a hero with working testicles, greasy and bad ass, on a bike, of course. You must have a thousand stories about such a character, you could churn this shit out forever, and none of it would even have to be true. Easy money. You’ve certainly got literary chops, but William Faulkner has already been done, and time is running out.

  18. 10Guage Says:

    The ol banna peel routine…shit…Reminds me of the time I was replacing my main jet after adding some modifications to be able to keep up in the pack and further piss off my neighbors at 2am. I did my work and went for a victory lap around the neighborhood on a beautiful fall day in early November. The leaves were bright, the throttle was snappy, and I was feeling accomplished. I came screeching into my driveway after ensuring my new set up keep me and brothers safe and ensure I could still set off car alarms two streets over. One minute I was lookin at my hot ol lady sitting on the porch with a cold beer in her hand and the next I was on my back with my scooter screaming in my ear and my exhaust burning the shit out of my leg. The little fuckers on my street had taken bats to the Halloween pumpkins and one was hidden among the leaves in the gutter of my driveway. I yard saled all my shit, broke my glasses, and had my ol lady laughing at me to boot.

    One of the only good things my ol man taught me was it’s not how hard or far you fall that matters…it’s having the balls to get back up and do it again…and again. Much respect to you my friend.

    By the way….All of them are worth the money and great reads and I will by the next one that comes out as well. I still like sex and violence.
    Your friend,

  19. warmick Says:

    “An ass full 0f .38s” – you a wheel man Rebel? You truly ARE Old School :o)

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