Still Talking Back

January 13, 2020

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Still Talking Back

Danny Joseph Fabricant, is now 70-years-old and chances are he will die at the United States Penitentiary at Lompoc. If you look up his release date on the Bureau of Prisons inmate locator it says LIFE.

Danny crossed paths with numerous law and order enthusists in the late 90s including gentlemen named Michael Kramer, Jay Dobyns and John Ciccone. He became a prize in an ATF investigation eventually called Operation Black Biscuit which has been a golden goose for many writers, producers, publishers and lawmen. Before it was christened Black Biscuit the investigation was several smaller investigations and one of them was called Operation Fabricant.

Fabricant was probably targeted because somebody decided he was a bad man. He went to state prison in California for methamphetamine possession in 1986. The next year he was acquitted of conspiring with former Hells Angel George Christie to murder a man named Tom Chaney. Typically, federal authorities had faked Chaney’s death.


In July 2004, Fabricant was convicted of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, three counts of distribution and possession with intent to distribute. Immediately following his conviction, he fired his lawyer and entered the penalty phase without benefit of council or pro se in lawyer’s Latin. He might have miscalculated. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole the next February.

He has been acting as his own lawyer ever since and he has kept busy. He has sued everybody includi9ng the ATF. His lost his suit against the Department of Justice on appeal last year. He is a bright, funny, creative guy who has had some drug problems in the distant past and it is a tragic indictment of our criminal justice system that he must be locked in a cage forever.

Fabricant’s many legal suits have always seemed like a way for him to keep alive the hope that he may die a free man. His most recent stunt was to run as a Republican for election to the U.S. House to represent California’s 30th Congressional District. A source who knows Danny very well said, “Really, I think he is trying to get publicity as a chance to get himself out of prison. Maybe our President will pardon him.”

The primary election is March 3. It is a heavily Democratic District. It would be fun to watch Fabricant go for it. Unfortunately, has already dropped out of the race. This is a guy who hasn’t got money for a lawyer and who never stood the chance of a snowball in Hell. But that is what is almost inspirational about Danny Fabricant. He is funny and bold and he thinks outside the box. And, justice would be for some President sometime to commute his sentence and set him free.


8 Responses to “Still Talking Back”

  1. Rono Says:

    Backintheday says when SFV were real men. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve read. But of course when you’re anonymous it’s easy to be a keyboard commando.
    Hope all is well. Is that your mailing address Danny ? I found a good picture of you with your brush and watch lol.

  2. Justanolefrien Says:

    I knew all the brothers at one time or another in my years in SFV. Danny in 1984. He is very smart and I always had respect for him and his brothers. I don’t think what he has done warranted life without. If someone deserves prison it is the demarcates. Talk about a criminal organization anyone think of charging them with the RICO act. Stay strong Danny

  3. Terry Fabricant Says:

    Danny Fabricant
    3901 Klein Blvd J
    Lompoc Ca 93436-2706

    Thank you for your interest.

  4. Jason Roon Says:

    This make me sad because I miss you Pop’s. You are the smartest person I I know and I have always looked up to you. Shit fucked up and never give up. Wish I wasn’t a felon so I could come see you. Stay strong like you always do.

  5. Awful Al Says:

    I hung out with Danny and his brothers back in the valley Danny is very much the model of a stand up person he was true to his friends. When ever I was in court you hear some lawyer stating some case of the state vs him or one of his brothers he or they changed a lot of laws …… tell we ride again bro you are missed in the SFV thinking back your dad was a trip I liked him a lot and very sad when I heard the news stay strong bro

  6. Sieg Says:

    ‘Justice’…now THAT’S a quaint thought.

    FTF/ /FTP

  7. Phuquehed Says:

    I see those fucking names of Dobyns and Droban or Ciccone or any of the others we all know about, and the picture that literally pops up in my head is a unwashed hairy asshole, then I start thinking words that are apprpriate for any one of them… sleaze, unethical, cheap, low, untrustworthy, self-absorbed, lazy, liar, dishonest, pathetic…and then I break out the dictionary I got as a birthday present when I was 10 (I’d asked for one! heh) and actually start to skim through it, taking my time, looking for more words that would fit those people, because, well, they deserve to have every title possible. They say they worked hard, and I say they worked for themselves and the just desserts of every shit-hole title someone can give them.

  8. backintheday Says:

    I knew the Fab back in the day. When SFV was real men. He was a kick in the ass to hang out with at a certain house in Reseda bbq’s. He used to be known as one of the best jail house lawyers there was.

    Stay well Danny.

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