Long Time Coming

January 8, 2020

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Long Time Coming

A New Hampshire Superior Court Judge nsmed Peter Bornstein ruled yesterday that Volodymyr Zhukovskyy will be tried for murder and additional counts this November

Zhukovskyy, A Ukrainian immigrant, deliberately drove a truck carring a flat-bed trailer into a pack of motorcycles in Randolph, New Hampshire on June 21. 2019. The motorcyclists were all members or friends of the JarHeads Motorcycle Clib on a weekend getaway. The dead are Jo-Ann and Edward Corr; Michael Ferazzi; Albert Mazza; Daniel Pereira; Desma Oakes; and Aaron Perry.

Zhukovskyy should not have been behind the wheel of the truck. Witnesses said he appeared to have deliberately hit the pack. Erin Deveny, the head of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, resigned shortly after the collision.

Earlier Last Year

Zhukovskyy was involved in at least three, red flag incidents earlier in 2019. Two of them were in Baytown, Texas, near Houston and one of them was in Connecticut. His driver’s license was issued in M

About 2 a.m. on February 1, Baytown police were called to a Denny’s restaurant where, according to Baytown Police Lieutenant Steve Dorris, they found Zhukovskyy sitting at a counter “talking to himself and acting strange.” Police searched him and found a crack pipe. They charged Zhukovskyy with possession of drug paraphernalia and apparently released him. Dorris told television station KHOU that Zhukovskyy apparently “has a truck route that includes Baytown.”

On June 3, 18 days before the New Hampshire crash, Zhukovsky, in a possible rehearsal, flipped an 18-wheel car transport in the 1800 block of Interstate 10 westbound near Thompson Road in Baytown. According to both the Herald and the Baytown Sun, Zhukovsky said a car cut him off. He swerved to avoid an accident and over corrected. No one was injured. Zhukovsky was not charged. The car that allegedly cut him off was never found.

On May 11 in Connecticut, less than a month before the Baytown rollover, Zhukovskyy was observed to be “revving his truck engine and jumping around outside the vehicle.” He flunked a field sobriety test. According to the police incident report, he made “suicidal comments” and exhibited “extreme behavior.” He was arrested for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol and released on $2500 bond. He was scheduled to be arraigned in that case last June but never made it to court.


Zhukovskyy’s is that rare defendant who is blatantly and unarguably guilty so his legal strategy has been lay low and stall. He was arrested in Massachusetts and waived extradition to New Hampshire so he has only appeared in court once.

His public defender, Jay Duguay, only agreed to the November trial date to avoid his appearance at a public hearing tomorrow. He may appear at a hearing on August 29 if he can agree to plea and sentencing agreement.

If not, he will be unable to hide from his reckoning in November when there will be snow on the ground in New Hampshire and the trees will all be bare.


22 Responses to “Long Time Coming”

  1. Rebel Says:

    No I haven’t. I call the4m as I see them. Those four guys, one of whom was not in the club, got turned loose when everybody else got locked up. That’s red flag right there. I noticed it. And it is in the context of two undercover Texas Rangers being there posing as Cossacks. That is a fact and I knew it at the time. It was one of the first things I learned about Waco. Everybody else was going on about snipers and shit but I knew there were police infiltrators on scene. And I had a copy of the love note turning them loose even though they were suspects. So I ran with it. Only one of those guys ever wrote me and told me his side of it.

    Meanwhile David Devereaux, fresh from his crusade to protect cockfighting, and Amy Irene White decided it would be a great opportrunity to exploit the Waco tragedy and discredit me. Then they could be the online biker news guys and make my many fucking millions. They had just gotten sponsorship from one of those biker accident chasing lawyers. One or the other or both of them even went so far as to rewrite my account and present it as what I had said. It was not what I said.

    I have run into David since then and we occassionally correspond. He is also very falttering and solicitous toward me amd I appreciate that. But he has never apologozed to me for what he did. To place this further into context, Waco happened about two weeks after I got the site back up after the Iron Order hacked it and I was still somewhat preoccupied by that.

    Now Wishbpne, whoever and wherever and whatever you are, why don’t you go read what I actually wrote instead of what Amy White and Devereaus says I wrote and then we can talk some more.

    You know, I have never liked REMFs and I have never liked REMF clubs so whay don’t you show a little respect. Until then you can go suck a cock.


  2. Wishbone Says:

    Rebel…….have you ever apologized for falsely accusing my four Brothers in ICVMC where you labeled them as CI’s

  3. Phuquehed Says:

    Hey Neuro, that was one fucked up movie man! I had to watch it just because of all this talk about blood eagle and shit, heh. It’s one that’d surely give nightmares to millenials.

  4. Sieg Says:

    All this talk about Blood Eagle…strictly for LARP’s

    FTF / FTP

  5. Largeandy Says:

    Hang the motherfucker by the neck until dead…….toss his remains in the sewer where he can return to his kind..

  6. Neuro Says:

    I thought it was far fetched. Maybe the lungs were simply fluttering in the breeze. I would think the tubes connecting the throat and the two lungs would all break, but perhaps they can stretch?
    I had a collapsed lung. The tube is inserted between the ribs into the chest cavity. Air is constantly sucked out by machine to allow the lung to re-inflate. I had originally thought they would blow air in, like a balloon but it was the opposite.
    Hey if this was California, Queerboy Newsome and Nancy Pisspants would clamor that the poor immigrant needs to have a new truck and get his license back so he can work. We need to bend over for the immigrants.

  7. Rebel Says:


    I believe the Blood Eagle is a literary invention. The idea of it draws a ghastly picture in the mind’s eye. Secondly, in my experience, the way to treat a collapsed lung is to poke a tube into it and blow. Never seen a lung completely outsidfe a body. Have no idea of the physics of that.


  8. Austin Says:

    So… breathing after Blood Eagle. Chest/lungs are a negative pressure system. To fix a collapsed lung you stick a needle in the chest to equalize pressure and allow lung to expand- so an exposed lung ‘could’ theoretically expand…. but – I just don’t buy it for more than a few minutes. Any combat medics with open chest wound experience care to chime in here?!
    BTW- flames and extensive road rash seem more fitting, and yet, not punishment enough for this scum.

  9. Neuro Says:

    Off topic but on topic. Check out the wild recently released movie Midsommar 7/3/19, definitely my genre. Homeboy gets a Blood Eagle and he is still breathing when yous discover him.

  10. Bluegrass Says:

    Very sad to hear about this tragedy. I hope the scumbag that killed those bikers gets whats coming to him. Prayers for the families and friends of those people along with a speedy recovery to those that were injured.

  11. white witch Says:

    I would just put him in general population and make sure that any 1% bikers there know who he is. That should probably take care of his sorry ass.

    ride free
    white witch

  12. Agnarr Says:

    Paladin, great idea. Straight Shooter your idea is a good one in concept, but his organs are most likely unusable due to his drug habit as his use of them have been reported by the media and police reports. So I’m all for the old English punishment of “Drawn & Quartering” this piece of shoe scrapping.

    Or just go ahead with the Great standby of ‘Rope; Tree; Reuse as needed’.

    Rebel, thanks for the update on the criminal case from the Jar-heads terrible attack on them by this PoS.

  13. Straight Shooter Says:

    The CHINESE harvest organs w/the victim awake & no painkiller of any kind. Recycle this perp, then pitch the remains to the hog trough. Money from the sale of the good parts can be donated to the proper people.

  14. Johnny Rotten Says:

    of course, these are all wonderful ways id like to see him dealt with as well…
    if only…


    i think we need to bring back the Capital in punishment .

    in reality we will all pay for his incarceration,
    yet we can wish him the best that he deserves..
    someone reminds him of his errant ways and thusly punches his ticket before long..


  15. Johnny Rotten Says:


    if he was man enough…
    id rather watch this…



  16. Stlrzfan Says:

    “Blood Eagle. Paladin”

    Holy shit that is fucked up! Appropriate tho.

  17. Spencer Craig Says:

    The status of Zhukovsky’s CDL mattered little, if at all. He was going to get a truck & trailer, and destroy lives, whether he was legally licensed or not.
    Drag him by his ears…

  18. Desdicado Says:

    Paladin , perfect.

  19. FXDWG Says:

    Damn, Paladin – I had to google that. Normally I’d say that seems a bit extreme, but for this guy? Yeah, ok.

  20. Paladin Says:

    Blood Eagle.


  21. Stoney Says:

    death penalty his ass

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