Milam County Bandidos Case

December 18, 2019

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Milam County Bandidos Case

The unconstitutional prosecution of a Bandido named Patrick Lewis Vaden ended in a mistrial today in Milam County, Texas.

Milam County is close to but disowned by Temple and College Station. It appears to be a penal colony housing 25,000 inmates about 30 miles south of Waco. Vaden was stopped there in November 2018 by a State Trooper for exceeding the speed limit by seven miles per hour. The citing officer discovered Vaden was listed on a “gang registry” for being reported by someone as a member of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club.

According to Texas law named Penal Code Section 46.02(a-1)(2)(C) a person is forbidden to carry a handgun if they are a member of a “criminal street gang,” The Texas Department of Public Safety describes the “Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang” as a “criminal street gang. So Vaden, who is an Army Veteran who has bled for America and Texas and does no have a criminal record. His handgun was seized and he was being tried for unlawful possession of a weapon.

So Many Laws

Vaden had a license to carry the weapon and it was in his vehicle, which generally considered a domicile in Texas. Vaden’s lawyer, Kurt Glass, has argued that the valid license overrules Vaden’s status as a pro forma gang member. Prosecutor Adam Muery thinks Vaden’s status as a “criminal street gang” member invalidates the license. The judge in the case, a hat act named Steve Young who was elected for the first time 13 months ago, declared the mistrial pending after declaring that Glass couldn’t show the jury  Vaden’s gun license.

The matter will now go before an appeals judge. Since that appeals judge is a Texas judge, his ruling will probably be nonsensical. The Texas law itself is nonsensical. In most of the country, the pertinent law is well settled.

Free Speech And Association

To quote a Federal District Judge named Florence-Marie Cooper ruling on an analogous metter:
Limiting the rights of members of motorcycle clubs directly implicates the “First Amendment’s right to freedom of association. The Supreme Court has recognized that ‘implicit in the right to engage in activities protected by the First Amendment’ is ‘a corresponding right to associate with others in pursuit of a wide variety of political, social, economic, educational, religious, and cultural ends.’ This right is crucial in preventing the majority from imposing its views on groups that would rather express other, perhaps unpopular, ideas.’ Furthermore, clothing identifying one’s association with an organization is generally considered expressive conduct entitled to First Amendment protection…. If speech is noncommercial in nature, it is entitled to full First Amendment protection, which prohibits the prior restraint and seizure of speech-related materials without a judicial determination that the speech is harmful, unprotected, or otherwise illegal.

“Prohibiting speech of this nature constitutes an attack on a particular viewpoint.”

It is anybody’s guess what the Texas appeals court will make of Vaden, his gun, the Bandidos, the big list of “gang members” or the First Amendment. Generally the way these cases work is that prosecutors just keep being obstinately stupid until the defendant runs out of money, throws his hands in the air and gives up.


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  1. rollinnorth Says:

    “Inclusion in Texas Gang Membership Database Limits Gun Rights, Might Violate Due Process
    An interesting federal court opinion.

    Plaintiff is a former Army Command Sergeant Major who has served our country in eight combat deployments and has been recognized with numerous combat and service awards, including: the Legion of Merit, two awards of the Purple Heart, and five awards of the Bronze Star for Valor. Plaintiff is now retired and living in Las Cruces, New Mexico with his wife, a schoolteacher with whom he had his four children: a schoolteacher, two college students, and a PhD candidate at an Ivy League university.

    Plaintiff has also been recognized for his involvement in the community: he was awarded the Red Cross Regional Hero Award in 2016 for his work in raising more than $500,000 for Las Cruces veterans with various organizations.

    Plaintiff is also an active member of a motorcycle club named the ‘Squad Veteran Riders Motorcycle Club,’ in which he currently serves as President. The Squad Veteran Riders Motorcycle Club is a motorcycle club that is involved in community, charitable, and political activities. All of its members are military veterans. Plaintiff is also a board member of the National Council of Clubs and the Chair for the Southern New Mexico Council of Clubs….

    Plaintiff alleges that Defendants improperly included him into Texas’s law enforcement statewide gang database (“TXGANG”).

    On or about August 2017, Plaintiff attended another motorcyclist’s funeral at a Catholic church in El Paso, Texas. Law enforcement heavily surveilled the funeral and took almost 4,000 photographs of the funeral’s attendees and motorcycles, despite the fact that the Catholic church and cemetery are not documented areas of criminal street gang activity. After hearing in 2019 that other motorcyclists that attended the funeral had been included in the TXGANG database, Plaintiff contacted DPS and asked if his name was in it. DPS informed Plaintiff that his information was in fact in the TXGANG database and that the EPPD had input him into the database….”


  2. Gandalf Says:

    “Baby Boomers are a dying breed” they are Trumpers … talking “Civil War”. LOL Cut off their SS checks and Medicare and see how long the “war” will last. LOL Ran up 23 Trillion $ debt in “FREE STUFF”. LOL Why would a Baby Boomer care about Global warming? They just care about their 401Ks. Trump just killed Iran General… Nice Job Donny. Obama bombed THE WHOLE FUCKING Libyan army on the road to Benghazi. Kaddafi was dead within a week and his body mutilated in a pick up. The whole “war” was about a month. Wake me up when the Ayatollah of Iran goes down like Kadaifi did.

  3. white witch Says:

    Millennials, will have to move out of mom and dad’s house before they can rule the world. They then can take that liberal arts degree that it took them 6+ years to “earn” try to pay back all of the college grant money that they blew on partying with during those 6+ years of putting off adulthood. millenials can blame thier parents for only so long and then they are going to have to grow up.
    The bitching about having to grow up is the loud crying that you hear everyday now.
    The biggest mistake that most of us boomers made was babying these entitled little shits to death and they can not grow up and take responsibility for themselves let alone running the country. Millenials do not want to work for it they want it handed to them on a platter. they think that the world owes them something.
    Bullshit… earn it and you will appreciate it. Stop looking for a free ride..they don’t exist. When the boomers are gone then who is going to feed/house them?

    ride free
    white witch

  4. Gandalf Says:

    Loretta Fuddy? Bahahahahah! Dog shit stupid! You got no business even following the News if you believe that BS. Stick to pro Wrestling if you need some BS you can “believe” in. Let’s start this Civil war…. I’m down. I’m sure baby boomers 401ks will be OK. Make America Great Again… Shoot your neighbor.

  5. Dasein Says:

    Gandalf, it isn’t “Birther BS”, just ask Loretta Fuddy.

  6. Gandalf Says:

    Imagine this. I’m pro 2nd but can’t own a gun. I’m ok with that. I like some of Trumps shit and don’t like lots of Obama shit… That said fucking stupid ass right wing QAnnon morons love to yap about Fast and Furious and Obama fail. But Hey, if people kill people and not guns.. Why blame Obama? Because you can. If I see another fat assed redneck with a MAGA hat on TV talk about his 357 I’m gonna puke. Anyone can talk smack and own a gun…Takes more to actually do the deed. MAGA ass holes KNOW what Trump is doing… They just don’t care. Neither do I. Let’s do this! Fucking Putin loving traitors. Trump mocked Obama when he said, “Putin outsmarted Obama” Y’all laughed… Who, but a traitor… Laughs at that shit? I don’t give a fuck WHO was POTUS. If Putin “outsmarted” an American POTUS I WANT SOME FUCKING PAYBACK! Not reward him back into the G7. Gezzz.

  7. Paladin Says:

    To The Kraut;

    All the best to you and your’s in the New Year. And as always, long may you ride.


  8. Gandalf Says:

    Correction: “Trump and his BIRTHER BS. And Chris Stevens was supplying Syrian rebels with Lybian weapons just confiscated. CS was a gun runner… CIA. What “ambassador” is brought into a country on a fishing vessel with “4 companions” BEFORE Kadaffi is gone? CS and his friends called in the air strike that wiped out Kaddaffi’s forces on the road to Benghazi. CS NEVER answered to the State Dept and State didn’t even know about that “safe house” you morons call an embassy… Yes, Russia started the division when Obama was elected. Trump started his Birther support about the same time. WTF?

  9. Gandalf Says:

    @Paladin. Happy New Year. So I’m on the beach with my family… On Vacation. And I decide this 1 time I will click your link. LOL. When the guy says, “Grass roots right wing revolutionaries” and “Leftist elitist” I allready know his whole spieal. Just remember, “The spin stops here.” And “Because I’m looking out for you.” LOL. In a civil war Texas bolts and says fuck you to everyone. Trump and Shifty included… And it’s Melinnials that you fat ass, greedy baby boomers gotta be worried about. Medication and health care supply disruption… What port will the right use to resupply? Cities have ALWAYS BEEN the key to wars. Like forts they will organize and send out patrols. No gas, no beer, no meds, no heat, no elect… They talk about right wing hackers but disregard the Melinnials experts. They say Republicans will eventually lose elections as if Imigrants will vote. The real fact is baby boomers are dying and Millennials hate Trump. What a waste of my time listening to that BS. But your right about “division” started when Obama was elected… About the same time Trump and his brother BS and Rs and the Benghazi BS. Assad/Putin KILLED Chris Stevens… The right blames Killery. . MAGA and start a civil war so your kids gotta suffer because baby boomers want their 401ks to go up. 23 TRILLION IN FREE STUFF DICKHEAD! Baby boomers are the most “entitled” bunch of ass holes alive… Baby boomers put Trump in office so their 401ks can go up. News flash: Melinnials don’t have 401ks but that 23T BB left on their Visa card they do have… BTW. I am a baby boomer with a 401k and business and houses… To WW. Yea dude, I live in Seattle. Go Seahawks.

  10. Phuquehed Says:

    Gandalf’s posts are looking more and more similar to Buttwiper’s…I mean Budweiser’s…posts. Seriously.

  11. The Kraut Says:

    @ Paladin; Checked the link you posted for the mouthy puke…damn good stuff in that piece…recommend any and all regardless of political inclination to read and ponder the facts and speculation presented within it.
    Happy New Year, respects

    The Kraut

  12. Glenn Says:

    This ain’t about Trump, it’s about laws and government officials that deem is illegal to engage in a combination of constitutionally protected behaviors and judges that co-sign the bullshit. Both political cartels, Democrats and Republicans, engage in this perversion of the Bill of Rights.

  13. Austin Says:

    I am anti-labelling.
    I like straight talk, and taking care of business.
    I know some really awesome people who love Trump – and I do not hold that against them. I really hate stupidity, and greed. Greedy Stupidity is the worst.
    Trump is an old dog (let him lie down and die in peace) who has brought light to some weaknesses in America. Critical Thinking is a lost art – not criticizing – but looking and really asking “What is going on here?” “Where is the money coming from/going?” It starts as small as knowing your neighbors.

    I am SUPER STOKED at how those Texans in church handled themselves yesterday, and especially – how they handled their attacker. I am so sorry it happened – but this is our current reality, people.
    I am 110% in favor of armed and aware citizens, and this is the truest example of the need and effect of situational awareness. I wish we could manage this country as the Swiss run Switzerland.

    On a more positive note – I ordered all the Rebel’s books I didn’t already have, and Stormy Daniels’ book too, and Amazon sent them to my old address. I just told those folks to read them and pass along, and I will order a second round!

    Hang On~2020 is shaping up to be a Wild Ride… Auld Lang Syne my friends!

  14. white witch Says:

    @Gandalf, I thought you said you were from Philly( i could be wrong) and now you are talking like you live in texas? i am so sick of people not taking responsibility for thier own life. I am a boomer and i did not leave any debt for anyone.
    No one ever gave me shit in this life. I made it myself, which is more than i can say for a good part of the millenials. they/you want to blame everybody for the mess you made of your lives. Stop the fucking crying already! Do something or STFU.
    Nobody gives a shit. No one wants to work thier way up, everyone wants to start at the top and when they find out they have to work for it the crying/blaming starts.
    I tought this was a 1% biker site, not a snowflake site.
    If you don’t like your life…change it. if you don’t like where you live…move.
    Just please stop blaming everyone for you life, we don’t give a shit.

    ride free
    white witch

  15. Paladin Says:


    This country became divided eight years before Trump was elected. The fact that Trump was elected bears this out. Whether you like Trump or hate trump is immaterial. Those that were responsible for Trump’s election will more than likely re-elect him for the simple reason that Trump has kept his promises to those that elected him, which makes Trump one of the few presidents that have ever done so. It also doesn’t hurt that at the moment democrats as of yet have no viable candidate to run against him.

    Regarding 1%ers: The ones I know are ex-military and very patriotic. They consider liberals to be nothing more than hippies. Are 1%ers a force to be reckoned with in a fight? Absolutely. But when looking at the picture laid out in the link I posted, I doubt they would be any deadlier then others with a military background or those with military training.

    The most lethal adversary is the combatant that has come to terms with the fact the his life is already lost, and is now fighting to win it back. Don’t ask me how I know this.


  16. Gandalf Says:

    @ Paladin. The fact we (and others) are even having this conversation proves MAGA is a lie. Trump divided the USA as a campaign strategy. Happy New Year everyone. Beware the 2020 election… Anarchy happens in a day/week/month and if either side contests the election it could be on. Stock up and be prepared election day +1. Just in case. Remember, it don’t matter who is right and who is wrong in war. Both sides ALWAYS fight for what they think is right. Nobody gives a fuck in a riot WHY that other guy hates you… Ya just gotta take him out 1st. 1%er Clubs have a HUGE advantage when shit like Anarchy happens. Good for you guys who belong to such groups… You deserve such an advantage after being shit on for so long. Either way. Politics don’t mean shit.

  17. Paladin Says:

    @ Gandalf

    Since you brought it up.


  18. No one important Says:

    @gandalf, you were right about one thing, I’m not sorry. Lol

  19. No one important Says:

    @gandalf, you’re cute when you’re angry! First off, I’m neither a baby boomer nor fat and lazy. You must have missed the part where I said, “an intelligent argument.” Name calling is grade school tactics employed by children on playgrounds. Also, I am not a trumper. I wanted Cruze to win the nomination because I am a constitutional conservative. Funny how your kids are liberals, supposedly armed to the teeth. What are they gonna do when their beloved heroes, like Beto, come for their guns? Hmmm, must not have thought that through, huh? As far as the rest of America needing Texas’ help, your state is turning blue thanks to your illegal immigration problem. You sure think a lot of your flat, hot and humid dump of a state. And coastal “elite” states may have more people, but far fewer gun owners! And don’t get me started on climate change. I’m old enough to remember when it was first we’re destroying our ozone, then global warming, which didn’t work because some places were experiencing record colds. Now it’s climate change. All tactics employed by liberals to make you think you’re causing problems only they can solve, so you’ll vote for them. Do yourself a favor and research the Vostok ice core samples. Then try to argue against the fact that there was more carbon in the atmosphere 30,000 years ago, before the industrial revolution, than there is today. The problem with arguing with an idiot is that onlookers can’t tell which one is the idiot. Therefore I am respectfully bowing out. Educate yourself and stop letting the mainstream media tell you how to think.

  20. Gandalf Says:

    @ Nobody. LOL You ain’t sorry so stop lying. Fact is it’s what you people LOVE to do. Trigger people in the news and on the internet that can’t fight back. Trump epitomizes that quality you love and I hate. So stop lying. Facts? How about your outnumbered unless you figure a shoot out will be decided by an electoral college. And how about all the manufacturing (weapons included) are in the cities and all the Prisons are in the country. Good luck when the Prisons empty out in your AO. Let’s not forget that prisoners, illegals and convicted felons can’t vote but sure AF can pull a trigger. These are facts. BTW Don’t expect Texans to help because the second civil war starts Texas bolts and won’t support Trump or Nancy at all. We have been waiting for this a long time. Texans are Texans 1st and nobody in Texas will want our stuff destroyed. Your alligator mouth has gotten ahead of your Hummingbird ass. In civil war Trumpers lose. Texas wins… Good luck with that.

  21. Gandalf Says:

    LOL… I’m not “triggered” and your not sorry. Let’s get some facts straight. Trumpers LOVE to “trigger” snowflakes and that name alone is enough for me to believe you have know idea who your “enemy” is if it came down to it. I have a felony so I can’t own guns but I’m 100% pro 2nd. My friends and kids (libs) are armed to the teeth. Y’all don’t have a clue who your dealing with and “Know they enemy” is key to all battles. You are misinformed and I can assure you the 401k plans going up ain’t helping Millenials… Just fat, lazy Baby boomers who suck the $ out of Millenials every chance they can get. Greedy old fuckers who have the nerve to claim, “I put into SS yet left their kids with 23 trillion on their visa card… Claim Millennials want “free stuff” (college) after they allready got 23 trillion in free stuff. Global warming, huge deficits, EPA cut backs, ignoring Trump all have 1 thing in common… Not giving a fuck about their kids future… Just their 401ks. Baby boomers are the problem… They don’t give a fuck and scared of anyone who don’t look like them or act like them. Your breed is dying off AND YOU KNOW IT. Y’all want to trash the place before you die… Fuck the kids.

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