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December 11, 2019

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Buy The Book!

I had high hopes for a book called Expect No Mercy. The subtitle is Outlaws In America’s Waning. It is a thought piece. I think it is an often funny, insightful piece of work.

If you did not already know, by reading this book you will learn that the police play the press like a harmonica. You will learn where the aphorism “If it bleeds it leads” came from. You will learn that the Houston lawyer Paul Looney, who represented a Cossack after the Twin Peaks massacre and who arranged the publication of a Cossacks apology in the Houston Chronicle thinks a Bandido once tried to poison him with a cigar. If you already know all that, I am pretty sure the book can tell you something you did not know before.

The book was the product of my fascination with the way the motorcycle club world evolved to be more of a popular myth than a part of the world people live in. And then the way policeman turned the people who live there into mythic villains.

Buy The Book!

Expect No Mercy took two years to write. In November of 2017, after covering the trial of a Bandido named Jake Carrizal in Waco, I wrote on this blog that I expected to publish a book length account of the trial in about six weeks. It didn’t work out that way.

It soon turned out that I did not think I could make people understand how grotesque and unfair the Twin Peaks “Biker Brawl” had been without first giving readers some context in which to put that event. That resulted in a book that is not just about Bandidos and Cossacks but also about Hells Angels, Vagos, Mongols, Pagans Outlaws and Warlocks. It is not just about Jake Carrizal. It is also about Jeff Pike and John Portillo.

The book grew to about 400,000 words. Then I started cutting that down to what it is now, which is about 95,000 words. In the midst of that I testified at a Mongols trial and I wound up starting the narrative of the book at that trial and finishing it, more or less, in Waco. Near the end of that Mongols trial I bleakly began to think of myself as Don Quixote – only instead of picking fights with windmills I kept trying to prove that life was fair. And that went into the book too.

Buy The Book!

While I finished the book I neglected this site and lost readers. I used to say that I made a little money from the site but mostly I did it to hold an audience for the books. Now, because of the effort of writing Expect No Mercy I seem to no longer have an audience, the site makes no money and nobody wants to read the new book. Isn’t that ironic? No good deed goes unpunished.

After about two weeks in publication this great white whale I tried to balance on my head has sold a total of 90 copies in both print and electronic editions. Girl Scouts sell more boxes of cookies than that.

A slightly influential book, one that makes Amazon’s Top 100 List, sells about 1,100 copies in paper it’s first month. Out Bad came close to that. A really influential book, one that has the lasting impact of books by Jay Dobyns, Doc Cavazos or William Queen needs to sell about 3,000 books. So far I have sold 60 in paper. So far nobody, none of you who may know who I am and may read this, has written a review of the book on the Amazon. Not a word. The feedback I have gotten so far has been “Hey, do you know your book has the same title as a Nazareth CD?”

Buy The Book!

I got a note recently from a motorcycle gang expert. No name. Guerrilla Mail address. He wanted me to take a blog post down and rat some guys out. My favorite part was:

“You busk and panhandle like a depression era bum…. Haven’t you ruined enough cop’s lives? This is my attempt to reason with you. You know that murder is no statute of limitations. You were involved at the very least in two at the Sons of Thunder MC. Touch DNA and means of new techniques to put you in jail for life. I need that manual back. Think on it if you have any brain cells left. Just remember flashbangs go off at 05:00 prompt, and some of the rifles them boys out in California got have awful, awful.”

Fans. I fear he is my typical fan.

I amazes me that I so flummox authoritarians that they must ban my words in the prisons and yet people who are free to read anything they want don’t buy my books. I had intended for Expect No Mercy, which is named for a Bandidos patch not a 70s band, by the way, to tell the public at large what they should know about bikers, outlaws, the government and cops. But the only way that will happen is if the book sells 3,000 copies. Really, that’s the number. Three thousand. How many Bandidos are there? How many Mongols, Angels, Gypsy Jokers, Sons, Vagos, Outlaws, Warlocks? Three thousand? So far Expect No Mercy has sold three percent of that.

Buy The Book!

So here I am busking and panhandling like a depression era bum again. If only I had joined the ATF I could now be retired and scraping by on $100,000 a year and some obedient publisher, William Morrow or Crown maybe, would have paid me my book money up front. I wonder how many copies Koz is going to sell.  I wonder what his advance will be.

I don’t make very much money per copy by the way. Even if it does sell 3000 copies this month I am still going to be some guy living below the poverty line and getting threats from morons. Writers don’t make money. Publishers and Amazon make money. You will not be seeing me on CNN or the Bill Maher show. But I really would like to stick it the the people who thought it was just fine to set up a fight at the Twin Peaks and then lie about it

Please be a copy of the book by clicking the cover below. Please read the book. If you like a previous book, if you like Out Bad, I am quite certain you will like this one more. Please tell people what you think of it. If you like it please do what you can to sell some copies. Make your prospect buy it. Tell your kid’s teacher to make her book club buy it. Please don’t let it go down the drain. And for God’s sake would somebody please write a nice review!


98 Responses to “Buy The Book!”

  1. whiskey Says:

    Just left Amazon , bought the book . Good Luck Rebel , Thanks

  2. oldskewl Says:

    Rebel, I’ve been to a few book signings at Corbin Seats in Hollister Calif. I’d call Mike and see if he’d be willing to set you up with a seat (booth and table) at the front door for a book signing. July 4th weekend is the time to go, the annual Hollister event is held on that weekend.

    I’d say they get hundreds of visitors that weekend including a full event with wheelies, jumps and bike show. It’s a central location for you.


  3. Shovelhead Says:

    Received your book yesterday. Haven’t finished yet but went in to leave a 5 star review anyway since what I’ve read so far is excellent!!

    Amazon won’t let me leave a review because I haven’t spent over $50. Unless I’m missing something? I can’t give your book a review. Maybe that’s why there’s just 10 reviews right now.
    Great book so far, money well spent. Too bad a book tour would be so expensive. I can envision Bikers lined up to buy your books and get them signed. Kind of Barger style!


  4. Va.Bob Says:

    Ordered last Wednesday.Got the book(UPS) Friday evening.Finished it earlier today.Got all the other books ,except for the Waco one,which I’ll get.Two years ? Tighten up,dude.

  5. Phuquehed Says:

    Just got the book today in the mail, I suspect as a Kisstmuhass present, because no one told me they were sending me the book. I have two to choose from I believe who would do such a good thing, and they know who they are, heh. Thanks!

    I left a good review the last book I got of yours, which was several years ago but I’ll leave another good one when I’m through with this new book, you can bet on it.

    If you lived this way some, you could have the spare bedroom at the other end of this old trailer. It’s actually big enough to hold a single sized bed…mine won’t, so you’d be doing better than me, plus, that room has a full-sized closet…not that I have enough clothes to actually hang in a closet other than a couple of jackets, but just saying. No furniture except a kitchen table with three chairs. I could use someone taking 150 bucks off the rent!

    Anyway, give me some time to read the book and I’ll get the review up as soon as I’m done.

  6. JD Says:

    I bought the book. I have all the books you’ve published and am a regular reader of your site. Appreciate all your work. The book is in my queue… I’ll post a review once I’m done with it. If I could make a request? Bring back Rebels Rides… those short articles are what drew me to your blog years ago and I miss reading them.

  7. Twstdhick Says:

    As soon as my check comes in, I will be buying the book. Money is ever so tight, but, your books are eye openers for this citizen. As well as your blogs on the website. I hope you can continue to do what you do for years to come.

    Thanks again for all you do.

  8. Guido Says:

    My book is on the way. I look forward to reading it. Have a Merry Christmas, Rebel and thank you for fighting the good fight.

  9. Tomo Says:


    Amazon appears to have let me leave a review just now. Apologies, I forgot about leaving one. Hope it helps.

  10. Steelers country Says:

    Long time supporter and first time poster..just bought the book. Merry Christmas and keep up the good fight

  11. Rashomon Says:

    Got mine – hope it takes off so you get some return for your efforts.

    Keep up the good work.

  12. lofty Says:

    bought it on kindle a few days after it came out, finished reading it. didn’t think of doing a review, but will do so now. will click on adverts on the way.

  13. Restless Says:


    I bought your book, and I am reading it now. I have perodically followed your blog for the last three years or so. I am not a biker, and have only peripheral experience of club life. I am of the millenial generation, and a recent public university graduate. I have been called a “social justice warrior” by people with short attention spans and poor listening skills.

    I gravitated toward your work because I am someone who is greatly concerned about our ostensible Constitutional rights, and I am convinced that State persecution of 1% Motorcycle Clubs is being strategically used as an in-road to erode some foundational legal protections for all American citizens. This strategy is extremely insidious, and I am alarmed more people are not aware of it. I recommend your work in appropriate conversations, but I frequently find myself attempting to comprehensively explain the importance of the subject to people who are completely uninformed of the linkage between patch-holders and what *should be* our Constitutional rights.

    It seems that your intended target audience are 1%ers and club-members in general, and that your undesired (yet inevitable) audience are cops and varieties of State spooks. But I imagine that both of these demographics are relative insiders to the knowledge you share, for better and for worse. I think the audience that needs to hear you the most is the one that is not directly addressed in your writings.

    You say you *had* high hopes for “Expect No Mercy”. Who knows what the future holds?

    * Restless

  14. Tactful Todd Says:

    OK, so I bought your book. I see that my Montana Legend Bud Peeper did too! Good luck to ya and I hope you sell a bunch of books.

  15. BigV Says:


    This book is important, it isn’t merely important, it is the last word indicator of a disappearing heritage and culture. It is a culture that has become a whipping boy and it is not investigated by LE, rather it is punitively persecuted by law enforcement and so called “justice system”.

    The prose poem by Lutheran Martin Niemoller “First they came…” describes his experience with watching the persecution of others and the fact that once everyone else has been persecuted, eventually the jackbooted SWAT GOONS will surely come for you. When they come for you, it is surely your ass- you will not get the kind reprieve the Pastor did with the amazing timing of the Soviet jackboots.

    This book is the canary in the coal mine. It is the pre-emptory “Then They Came For Me…” This book documents that the constitution is regarded by the justice casino as a piece of paper with many fine ideas, but it is no longer the LIVING DOCUMENT THAT PROTECTS THE RIGHTS OF INNOCENT, THE ACCUSED, AND EVEN THE GUILTY. This book documents in the most compelling and entertaining prose possible not only displays but proves to every American, every world citizen: YOU LET THIS HAPPEN TO US BIKERS ? THEN THEY COME FOR YOU. I can assure you from personal experience, they will come for you…

    Citizens: This is a powerful book whether you are biker, like bikes, like tripe like Sons of Anarchy,whether you are a Walter Mitty, whether you’re a college professor, a materials manager, a gunsmith, a teacher, a chemist, an accountant, a social worker, an entertainer, or just a man or a woman. If you’re a kid or a young person wondering about this culture and you wanna know the truth about what you’re getting into, but you’re still too scared and your hands shake and palms sweat so that when you want to go up to that _______________ Motorcycle Club and find out what this culture is, you’re too scared too ? This book lays it out for you and yours.

    This book is a blueprint of the future for any group that the government doesn’t like.

    This is the most important and best book of Don Davis’s career. It certainly has some people’s interest.

    I tried to post a user review several times on Amazon- I bought the Kindle Edition- I was told I did not meet the requirements to leave a review, to wit: We apologize but this account has not met the minimum eligibility requirements to write a review. My account has Prime, and I buy books I send to friends. I have met the minimum requirements.

    That alone should tell you how important it is that you read this book. Someone with enough power to “nudge-nudge” Jeff Bezos doesn’t want you to read this book.

    No matter who you are, it is important you buy and you read this book.


    Donald Charles Davis has spent his golden years contributing the truth to our culture at price of family, poverty, scorn, and taking plenty of harassment from the authorities. That alone is reason enough to buy this book.

    The real selfish reason to buy it, is it will open your eyes, so that maybe, possibly, hopefully, you are never penning a “Then They Came For Me…” of your own. Don’t end up like Martin Niemoller- buy this book, get wise.

    Best damn book on the MC culture ever. Best damn book on the political state of freedom, law, law enforcement, and the justice system ever written- it is the definitive work.

    5 STARS Out of 5 STARS

  16. Free Bird Says:

    I ordered mine last night. I can’t wait for it to arrive. I’m hoping that the next one covers Las Vegas.
    Rebel thanks for doing what you do, keep up the good work.

  17. growlingfhardt Says:

    Just bought 5 copies !!!!! Every MC President needs to buy 5 copies ! including ex-presidents, like BlackDragon.
    I’m going to sneak one into our local library !! (now, where in the Dewey Decimal System would you suggest it go, Rebel ? Thanks in advance for the advice !)
    Best Regards, the old growling_fart.

  18. Stevo Says:

    My daughter has ordered me a copy for Christmas.



  19. Peeper Says:

    OK, dammit, I bought the book. I also recommended that my Buds look at your website and make their own decisions. I hope you make the best sellers list.

  20. white witch Says:

    @Rebel, Buying it today. i have read some of your other work. good writing.

    Keep up the fight and good luck to you personally.

    ride free
    white witch

  21. oldskewl Says:


    Forgot to ask, can I get a signed copy of Out Bad and this book as well?
    Shoot me an email.


  22. oldskewl Says:


    I bought 3 copies to pass around the table at our next meeting. Some guy’s read some don’t. I would have bought the entire chapter a book if I thoght they’d read it but I hope this helps. Merry Christmas.
    PS: I also left a recommendation on Amazon.

    Merry Christmas with ML&R,


  23. Corrupt Says:

    Bought the book, but have not yet read or reviewed it.

  24. Trebor Says:

    Just bought five more copies

  25. Maven Says:

    Just ordered my copy. I’ll let all my Brothers know to do so as well.

    Support those that support you as they say.

    Thanks Rebel

  26. Sieg Says:

    Hey Reb, gave me a start there…thought maybe amazon was censoring reviews again, wouldn’t be the first time, but no, it’s up there…

    “5.0 out of 5 starsHow Does the Federal Government Destroy People’s Live?
    December 5, 2019
    Verified Purchase
    This is an outstanding book. The author has managed to capture all of the mundane details of the story, as well as the compelling nature of the persecution of a group of people whose only crime was to belong to an organization that someone high-up in the mafia that is our Federal government didn’t like.

    Whether you ride a motorcycle or drive a Saab, this book is a must-read. Today, the Federals are bent on destroying these groups of mostly middle-aged men who refuse to conform. Tomorrow, this same Federal-mafia may decide that the club YOU belong to, whether it is the Moose Lodge, the Elks, Teamsters, or whoever, is worthy of persecution.

    A terrifying look into the cold heart of the Federal injustice system, recommended for those who are interested in some aspect of this trial, and for those who like scary stories.

    One person found this helpful”

    Book was excellent, by the by, absolutely excellent. I think I told you, but I’m gonnna get a few copies sent to the lawyers who ‘defended’ me this last rodeo.

    Actually, it looked so good, I realized I gapped on the Waco book, so I bought it too. It may seem a Sysyphusean task to put out the blog, write the books, dodge the tuff-guys, all that and still keep yer sled running! But you know, we appreciate it. I can’t speak for anyone but myself and a handful of guys I know on here, but we do appreciate it.

    FTF ‘ FTP

  27. Shovelhead Says:

    Ordered the book yesterday. Will leave a review when I get it. Will also order sever copies for Christmas gifts.

  28. shark Says:


    I received mine, dove into it….the only ting missing is your autograph!

  29. Trebor Says:

    You’re wrong Rebel.I left a review on Amazon.Did it up big time.Just used my real name.Thats all.

  30. Tomorrow Says:

    Just finished reading your book. As with your other books that I’ve read, it is well written and there is so much information dealing with behind the scenes of the Federal government’s efforts to dismantle motorcycle clubs.
    Usually Amazon sends an email requesting a review, but I’ll try to get on done this weekend.

  31. Sandmann Says:

    Got most of your previous books (except ‘A Summer’s Worth of Bitter Ends’/’Framing Dave Burgess’), most as softcovers, one as Kindle edition. Do you get more from selling print or digital?

    Thank you for what you are doing!

    Best regards from the other side of the pond,

  32. Woodstock Says:

    Will be buying a copy in the next couple of days.

  33. Glenn Says:

    Enjoyed it.

  34. NoOneInParticular Says:

    I also left the same review on Goodreads, another important site for reviews since it is now owned by Amazon.

  35. Paladin Says:

    Dear Rebel;

    I’ve purchased all of your books, with the exception of ‘A Summer’s Worth of Bitter Ends’. I’ve witnessed enough of life’s sad stories without having to pay for the privilege of reading about more of them.

    I have written positive reviews on all of your other books (they’re posted under the name ‘Paladin’), because they’re well written and worth reading. I have purchased and have started reading your latest. I find it also to be well written and worth reading. I will leave a positive review when I’m done. I will also purchase a copy for a friend that I’ve never met. And as always, long may you ride.


  36. NoOneInParticular Says:

    Done. Amazon says it will take “several” days to post.

  37. commonsense Says:

    Just purchased your book. As an avid reader I don’t normally read books that are far left or far right because I don’t want propaganda I want facts. When it comes to books on MC’s we don’t have a choice. It’s either LE’s version..(undercover cops or rats) or the few like you. I have read threads from you where you talk about sitting in court during some of these trials. I like that dedication. Hell I thought you would make some bank just from LE buying your book. Good luck

  38. Rebel Says:

    Dear Thump,

    Just want to make a difference and not be homeless in a month.


  39. Rebel Says:

    Dear El Jefe,

    Write a nice review.


  40. Rebel Says:

    Dear Psycho

    Please write aq nice review. Give a copy as a gift.


  41. Rebel Says:

    Dear Jrino.

    Thank you.

    Write a nice review.

  42. Rebel Says:

    Dear BGCO,

    Thank you. Now please write a nice review.


  43. Rebel Says:

    Thank you.

  44. jrino Says:

    bot 1 for my 100 year old kindle

  45. Steve Smitherman Says:

    Just got my copy in the mail. After I finish reading this Brad Taylor book I’ll read yours. I’ll leave a review.

  46. BDCO Says:

    Got the book on kindle. Read it in one sitting. You are right on the money about the Feds. I know from personal experience. I was there in one of the cases you mentioned in 99. Good read. enjoy your site.

  47. Psycho Says:

    Rebel, thank you for the hard work you put into writing this. I got my copy in the mail on Monday, and look forward to reading it. I loved both Twilight of the Outlaws, and Out Bad, and have my prospects read them as part of their education. I am sure I’ll love this one just as well. I plan to write a review as soon as I finish reading it.

  48. Oregon Moose Says:

    I intend to buy some copies (one for myself, others for my brothers). Cash flow is just tight right now with the crazy season upon us. But you should see your sales go up a bit in the next few weeks.

    I respect your work.

  49. El Jefe Says:

    Will Buy the book, will by the book..

    Happy Holidays Rebel…


  50. Thump Says:

    Hey Rebel,
    Just ordered a copy. I hope it makes a million for you overnight.



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