George Christie Update

November 26, 2019

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George Christie Update

George Christie, the disgraced Hells Angel, is alive and getting rich as a simulation of an outlaw biker in sunny Andalusia Spain.

Christie, who is now officially an actor, will star in a television show titled Marked – The Unforgiven. It is based on Christie’s novel of the same name. The series will begin production in a city named Almeria this month.

Save Us

According to a New Street Pictures press release, “The jumping off point for the show in the Pilot episode is the return home to Ventura, California of Jack Crest, a former Marine recon sniper from Afghanistan and protégé of the character, Big John, played by Christie. The Crest character links up with Big John who is a Vietnam era sniper and the two form a motorcycle club made up of only veterans which is a unique twist. The original 12 members of the club are made up of Marine Recon, Green Berets, Navy Seals and a Coast Guard captain. Their backgrounds provide a rich vein from which to mine story arcs. One of the more intriguing story arcs is the long and mysterious connection that Big John has to the Chicago Syndicate (traditional organized crime) and that the Marked-The Unforgiven MC is representing. Big John’s club is operating their gambling and loan sharking for all of Ventura county which provides a never before seen insider’s view into how these illegal activities are part of everyday life in California. As the character, Big John, tells his crew ‘there are no victims in gambling, only volunteers. They come to us to place bets and we take them. Things only get complicated when they can’t pay.’”

Four production companies, Un Nouveau Jour, Wanda-Halcyon Television International, New Street Pictures and Revere Pictures are paying for this essential new piece of television product.

We Gave George Money

According to Pat Andrew, a British television producer who previous series have included Synchronicity: The Beauty Whisperer; Operating Naked: A Black Bag Job; and the Have Gun Will Travel television show “Marked – The Unforgiven is effectively a soap opera about the life of a unique motorcycle club and the dichotomies between the members of the club and the people they deal with. Flashbacks on all the characters in Season 1 reveal that some come from typical families, some from broken homes and a lot of their personalities are shaped by their combat experience in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“The George Christie character, Big John, is not only dealing with a group of trained killers but also with a group that has issues with opiate dependency, post-traumatic stress syndrome etc. But, there is also another side to this group- they believe in brotherhood and love of their country. There is a rebel spirit that runs through the club and the character, Big John, is not only the MC President but also assumes the role of father, psychiatrist, drug rehab counsellor and hammer to keep his own guys in line while also dealing with other facets that flesh out the story. Those include their trigger-happy partner, the Chicago syndicate and their lethal leader; their nemeses, the Cartel; and the slice of Americana characters who make up the core of the gambling and loansharking clients of the club.”

“We think that the viewers are going to love the insider’s look into the daily operations of an MC and modern day organized crime and although we are dealing with very serious topics, we are also using a lot of irony and humor to walk the viewer through this visceral realist based drama.”

Where the show will eventually air and when remains a mystery. It is apparently being made on pure speculation. A better television program might be made about how Christie talked all these people into believing they might someday make their money back if they paid for this thing.


13 Responses to “George Christie Update”

  1. Blacksmith Says:

    I agree with the last sentence, Rebel, this shit has been played out on television.

  2. Phuquehed Says:

    How is it that lying, rat weasels get paid to keep lying like this? Are the motherfuckers that back making these ‘movies’ really that fucking gullible and stupid?

  3. Gandalf Says:

    @ Frank… Agreed.

  4. Va. Bob Says:

    [email protected] well ,let’s hope there’s a lot of bare tit,too.

  5. Ipsick Says:

    The most fun scenario would be them filming it in Ventura.

  6. Ben Says:

    If this production comes out on DVD, it would be interesting to watch a “making of” if it has one as an extra. I can imagine watching George Christie cajoling, intimidating and blackmailing the production team into giving him privileges and handouts. He could get away with it by usurping his position as the starring actor to hold up production, which would cost more than his handouts. Another thing, past entertainment media representations of outlaw motorcycle clubs portray them as autonomous crime gangs. This one is different, in that an OMC is the representative of a crime syndicate. The trend is toward no differentiation between the two. The creators may not have been conscious of this. Probably, all they wanted is to reap the benefits of combining two popular crime show soap opera genres, the mafioso (Sopranos) and the OMC (Sons of Anarchy), into one, hoping this will widen their audience. Oh, and they’re also throwing in military veterans. What else can a passive, stimulus craving audience member ask for?

  7. Crash Says:

    Hey Frank, do you have a few books out ? If not I’m not being facetious I just wondered if it was a Frank I am know of.

  8. Stevo Says:

    Dear Frank,

    Only in America? The cunt Christie has moved to Spain…


  9. Doc B Says:

    Quote: “Jack Crest, a former Marine recon sniper from Afghanistan”

    HAHAHAHAHA motherfuckerplease

  10. Junk Says:

    little early for a Sons of Anarchy remake.

  11. Frank Says:

    Only is America can disgraced and failed fuck wits like Donald Trump and George Chrstie find new life

  12. Storyteller Says:

    Let’s see, vets get together, form a M/C and the show is about their daily lives. Think I’ve heard this one before. Oh, I know, Leave It To Beaver. Right?

  13. Noone important Says:

    Great! Now they’re exploiting veterans, and bikers. Fuckin piece of shit!

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