Denver Angels Bust

November 8, 2019

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Denver Angels Bust

There were simultaneous Swat raids on 19 locations yesterday morning at 4 a.m. in metropolitan Denver, Colorado Springs and Weld County. The raids were carried out by local police under the direction of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Twelve people were arrested. One man was injured when he was shot in the chest with a door breaching round. No names have been released and no explanation for the raids has been offered by authorities beyond the meaningless statement that the suspects “were engaged in illegal activity.”
The ATF has not issued a press release about the event.

Although the matter was investigated by the ATF, the suspects will be charged, if they are charged, in state court under the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act: A common strategy for concealing details of federal investigations.

More Secrets

Officials said the suspects were affiliated with two motorcycle clubs and that one of the clubs is the Hells Angels. Officials have chosen to keep the name of the other club a secret. One of the search warrants was served on the Hells Angels clubhouse in Denver.

Denver District Attorney Beth McCann described the still secret charges as “very serious.”

David Booth, who is the Special Agent in Charge of the Denver ATF said the underlying investigation that resulted in the raids began in June and the case became “a lot bigger than we thought.”

The FBI raided the Hells Angels clubhouse in Modesto, California on June25 and searched locations in Sacramento, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Fresno, Kern, Shasta and Solano Counties in California. Police arrested seven suspects that day, including Modesto charter president Randy Picchi and his wife.


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  1. Iclonedmydad Says:

    Do it

  2. Josh Says:

    Re: Mud

    Hey I know the author of that article personally and I can assure you that she had no idea about the raid she suspected it was going to happen eventually given she understands how our government works. The ATF wants to do away with all outlaw mc’s, Denver got a new DA, the summer before last she noticed this club being watched up in Idaho Springs by LE, you do the math on all of that. If you can’t figure it out I would suggest you write to her personally on her website and ask her to explain it. She has no relationship with LE in anyway shape or form she just understands how to add, if anything she is just smart.
    Your post seemed to be coming from a place of anger at that author, maybe cut her a break 2019 was not the easiest of years for her.

  3. Mud Says:

    The little girl that wrote this knew about the raid before it happened she’s got some insane wired relationships with le, bitch got arrested last weekend for fighting a cop but hates le but they listen to her and take action when she directs them to

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