Your Enemies, My Enemies, Yeah Again

October 23, 2019

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Your Enemies, My Enemies, Yeah Again

I am at the end of my rope again. The next book, Expect No Mercy is at about 85,000 words. That is down from a high of about 400,000 words. I have been at it for almost two years. I like it. I think you will probably like it too.

More than you, I want people who are blissfully ignorant about motorcycle clubs to like it. I want Lori Loughlin to get it. There is a line in the book about writing most of what I write in invisible ink on scraps of firewood in Mongolia. This time I may be able to convince some people that the worst crimes in motorcycle club cases are usually committed by police and prosecutors. And I have reason to suspect that there are police and prosecutors who would like to stop this book from ever seeing the light of day. This blog is easy to compartmentalize. Once a book is loose in the world there is no telling what might happen next.

A couple of months ago, after he testified as a motorcycle club expert in the Michael Isaac Russ trial in North Carolina, Doug Pearson, the Aurora, Colorado cop who also testified at the Carrizal trial in Waco, told someone what he expected to happen to me. This was in a place called The Varsity in Atlanta.

“Davis will take a bounce on 230 CDA,” he said.

I don’t actually think the feds can do that. But I have been told it is plausible. And, I also never thought the actress Lori Loughlin or her brat daughters mattered enough that the U.S. Attorney in Massachusetts would hit Loughlin, who played Aunt Becky on a sitcom called Full House, with a third superseding indictment. Loughlin’s crime is she paid a fortune to get her kids into USC. The prosecutors had told her to take the deal or prepare to spend her golden years in prison. She thinks she is innocent. She said yesterday she feels like she is David fighting Goliath. She should not feel alone.

In case you, or your friends, have not yet acquired a copy, there is a 16-page, “law enforcement sensitive” dossier of me floating around out there.

Here, take a taste.

Davis stated in an interview to promote his Mongols apologetic (sic) that he hoped to die in a running foot chase, involving gunfire and law enforcement, ending in ‘a motorcycle crash. This clearly influenced the mythology surrounding Sons on Anarchy’s final episode in which the main character Jax Teller performs a near identical suicide.

I want you to know this is complete bullshit. What I said was that I hoped “to die in fiery motorcycle crash after a brief but intense gun battle with police.” Also I barely know Kurt Sutter.

Your humble correspondent spends his years, writing polemics that act as a propaganda arm for motorcycle clubs. An intelligence analyst noted the similarities between Edward Abbey’s “Monkey Wrench Gang” fiction in and of itself a veiled guide for environmental terrorism and Davis’s work..

I am not sure what this means but I am pretty sure if I had a bestseller I wouldn’t be asking you for money.

A number of prisons at both Federal and State level were returning copies of Davis’s books to Amazon or ordering them shredded as the books served to keep gang members informed of the changes in law enforcement activities in regards to OMGs. We now recommend that the books’ senders be documented, they be recorded, and sent both to the ATF’s liaison to prison gang units at Quantico. A copy of those individuals or organizations sending these books to incarcerated gang members should also be sent to OMGIA. Policy is to advise Corrections to disseminate the Davis publications to gang members with redactions and mark the books so they can be tracked to see any internal cooperation between incarcerated gang members. Marking the redacted copies also serves a purpose as Davis’s books have been found in numerous OMG clubhouses and meeting places, some copies are believed to have been property taken upon release from incarceration. Confirmation of this could prove valuable.

What can I say? I write samizdat: Which is the old Soviet term for “forbidden speech.” Me and Solzhenitsyn.

While in person Davis makes the apparent show of jocularity and politeness towards other journalists and OMG investigatory agents. It should be noted that at his blog and in print he has gone so far as to reveal where agents went to college, what sports they played and he speculates on their hobbies, and their familial relations and birthplaces. Davis’s twisted sense of humor necessitated that agents contacted the security for a recording artist as Davis had implied a well-known federal agent was a familial relation to the recording artist. This is a display of his lack of knowledge of the OMG culture, as well as his lack of concern for the safety of agents and investigators families, friends, and their very lives.

It was Madonna. Okay? Apparently one of the many important things your government has done to keep you safe is warn Madonna about me.

My dossier includes multiple photos of me, A couple of them were taken in Waco, One of them shows me sitting on my sorry-ass, 2005 Dyna. Which needs some work, by the way.

I am an intimidating presence with other journalists.

Actually, I like that one. Maybe they are talking about that guy from the LA Times at the Mongol Nation trial. I don’t know. I usually think of myself as an old house cat.

The dossier accuses me of intimidating prosecutors in Waco. I am not sure what that means. It may be a reference to me telling former prosecutor Michael Jarrett, in my most polite and professional tone, what a bitch ass punk I think he is. The dossier recommends prosecutors confront Davis so he will know his bullying tactics will not work.

And the dossier alleges that I did not attend the David Martinez trial because I had become estranged from the Mongols. Actually I couldn’t afford to take a month off and pay for the parking. It claims the “Confederation of Clubs” paid for my work on the Iron Order case in Philadelphia. Actually, a firm named McLaughlin & Lauricella paid me and that was how I was able to afford to go to Waco.

The anonymous author of the dossier (I suspect it is ATF analyst Jeremey Sheetz), writes, All 1%ers, despite having so called sober chapters, engage in the use or misuse of alcohol, and drugs, both illicit and prescription. We expect Davis is no different.

And, I am getting worse. In the past 5-6 years Davis has become particularly inflammatory and refuses to use the term gang because most OMG members bristle at the term being applied to OMG’s. Davis even calls street gangs “cliques” which shows immense ignorance of what street operations officers go through every day. The you men they confront are not cliques but gang members who pledge their lives to human trafficking, drug, trafficking, trafficking in alcohol to minors as carding laws have become more strict, and trafficking in firearms.

Also the dossier includes a photo of an old motel that is described as my residence in 2014 and warns Swat goons that I am probably armed.

Pick up a copy when you get a chance.

In the meantime, if you haven’t donated for a while, please click the donate button. The book will be out very soon. I’ll have frequent posts back up on this site within a couple of weeks. I will start to see royalties about two months after that and I won’t stick my hand out again for another couple of years. I promise.

Thank you.


78 Responses to “Your Enemies, My Enemies, Yeah Again”

  1. Frayser Says:

    This same intimidation by the “deep state” has been applied to other websites that challenge the deep state narrative, ie 911, Sandy Hook, Russiagate, Illegal immigration invasion, Jeff Epstein “suicide” etc… Stormfront shut down, now Daily Stormer, Infowars, now News Wars and even Drudge takes a hit. “Those you are not allowed to talk about, rule over you”. I emailed Rebel appx 1-2 years ago of such nefarious action.

  2. Gandalf Says:

    BTW: As a matter of context when I say “1%ers”. That’s a guy who wears a 1% patch and is in a club. When I say “real”. That’s a guy who truly lives by the code of honor professed by most 1% Clubs… In a Nunya Argo kinda way. Just because a person might wear a club patch don’t make him “real”. I’m sure the real do post from time to time BUT regulars are all suspect. If You know the Feds watch this page do you really think they wouldn’t post? Fact is, if there are about 20 “regulars” on this blog and the odds are some are cops, some are wannabes, some are posers. How many? A “real” MFer wouldn’t care. 1 is enough. As for me I am neither 1%er nor “real” and only post sometimes for 3 reasons. 1- To support 1%ers who I know are good people. 2- Because I do not “play the game” 3- To say what I believe any “real 1%er” would say if he posted. BECAUSE HE WON’T (or can’t)!
    “Yes you are absolutely right, the Twin Peaks massacre was B/S and a friggin travesty, but good to hear from you that damn near everyone arrested has since beat the case, hopefully the poor souls that were executed by the overzealous cops will never be forgotten. You are also right spot on & I too always thought, why on earth would any 1%er be on Twitter or Facebook. And, thank you for rippin’ into those on-line posers, wannabes, and/or cops, good job.” Bobby Nauss Warlocks MC

  3. FF Says:

    Thanks, Neuro. We’ve all been trying to figure that out.

  4. Gandalf Says:

    @Oldskewl Not sure what “skewl” you went to but at my school we was taught that “real” MFers ABSOLUTLY, “give two fucks whether you (they) know them or not.” Seems reckless (IMHO) to me. I’m thinking that “Some” people… are just well, reckless. Nuff said.

  5. Neuro Says:

    The person who recently posted as Glenn seems to be the veteran poster who in the past was known as Glenn S

  6. oldskewl Says:

    Gandalf Says:
    October 31, 2019 at 7:30 pm
    I read every story and every comment. My whole beef is the “real” MFers don’t post here OR ANYWHERE!.

    You couldn’t be more wrong. “The Real” aren’t using their names nor would they ever divulge their club but make no mistake, they are here and they do post.
    Some don’t give two fucks whether you know them or not, read previous comments in other stories.

    My assumption is; people only believe what they want to believe and that’s why many are left in the dark. 1%ers don’t have internet I guess? Or, maybe your thinking is if they posted somehow the FEDs would get their IP number and do something about a post on Rebels page?

    Did you not read the story above? The Feds are watching this place like a hawk and trust me, there isn’t a 1%er alive they don’t know about in one way or another. License plate readers, facial recognition, Stingrays, ect ect ect.

    You can judge a man by what he types and what he doesn’t, it says a lot more than you seem to think.

    respects “to the real”


  7. Not Surprised Says:

    Paladin. You’re a bloviating old twat waffle who loves nothing more than to hear himself talk. Sieg was right to call me out.

    Your primary purpose here seems to be to usr this forum to try to enhance your own status for your “business”. Fuck you. No respect

  8. rocco151 Says:


    Absolutely right !

  9. Gandalf Says:

    I read every story and every comment. My whole beef is the “real” MFers don’t post here OR ANYWHERE!. The Bull was/is a rat. I can think of no reason why anyone might think they can get tips from His sorry ass. Or ANY TV show or blog for that matter. “Those who know do not tell, Those who tell do not know.” If you need advice go to your “Old Heads” and maybe they will feel generous that day. 1 on 1 conversations only. Don’t talk or text on the phone and DON’T TRUST NOBODY…EVER! EVERYONE IS A RAT! Feds are ALWAYS listening. The only REAL way to win is not to play the game… But sometimes “winning” ain’t everything. So ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Good Luck.

  10. jojo Says:

    @ commonsense

    See, you miss the point: The point is you do not RAT because of what someone or anyone does…even to you or against you. You never appeal to authorities to settle up or deal with your business…That is the very essence of “Omerta”. Omertà is an extreme form of loyalty and solidarity in the face of authority. One of its absolute tenets is that it is deeply demeaning and shameful to betray even one’s deadliest enemy to the authorities. It’s chicken shit to do so, even if the other person has already done it against you. You do not RAT, because you are not a RAT. THERE IS NEVER A JUSTIFIABLE REASON TO SNITCH!

    It has also been described as follows: “Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man, either against a friend or foe, is either a fool or a coward. Whoever cannot take care of himself without police protection and intervention is both. It is as cowardly to betray an offender to justice, even though his offences be against you, as it is not to avenge an injury, by violence. It is dastardly and contemptible in a wounded man to betray the name of his assailant to law enforcement, for in the way of Omerta, he must naturally expect to take vengeance himself.”

    There is only ONE KIND OF MAN WHO RATS: and that is a RAT.

  11. FF Says:

    I’m glad that you’re older than me
    Makes me feel important and free
    Does that make you smile, isn’t that me
    I’m in your way, and I’ll steal every moment
    If this trade is a curse, then I’ll bless you
    And turn to the crossroads of Hamburg, as in

    Boys, boys, its a sweet thing
    Boys, boys, its a sweet thing, sweet thing
    If you want it, boys, get it here, thing
    ‘Cause hope, boys, is a cheap thing, cheap thing

  12. Paladin Says:

    @ Not Surprised;

    A couple of things: 1) You said: “There is another Glenn from SC who wad a CO. He keeps changing his screen name.” So; this mystery person named Glenn runs out of alternate names to use and lacking further imagination decides to change his screen name back to Glenn? 2) I’ve been posting here a while and don’t recall anyone using the screen name ‘Glenn’ other than Glenn, which brings into question the honesty of your mistake. 3) the fact that Sieg had to call you out in order for you to do the honorable thing and apologize to Glenn speaks a lot about you. 3) I don’t consider myself morally superior to anyone.


  13. Not Surprised Says:

    @Glenn. Yeah I apologize. There is another Glenn from SC who wad a CO. He keeps changing his screen name .

    @Paladin. Calm the fuck down. Your nobody’s moral superior.

  14. white witch Says:

    @ sieg, +1 well said partner. why we want to glorify fucking rats is something i will never understand.

    ride free
    white witch

  15. commonsense Says:

    To JoJo One thing I want to clarify is that Sammy was never going to rat until the feds came into his cell and played recordings of John talking shit about him and hit him with the RICO act. Yeah he ratted but John would have fucked him. You say Sammy would have never made it in your club but your looking at what happened after the fact. Prior to that he was a solid soldier. You are a president and I respect that I don’t want to be some keyboard asshole saying things I wouldn’t say to your face..I hate that shit. On a positive note I know Taco did his time to the end like a man..I respect that

  16. Irish 1% Says:

    Sieg is absolutely correct! Sammy the rat didn’t just rat on Gotti (which alone would
    Make him a rat fuck) but he also sung on dozens and dozens of other guys who did nothing but work with him in the past like several westies etc

  17. jojo Says:

    regarding your comment to {:@Commonsense, Gravano may have done some gangster shit in his day, but at the bottom of it all, he’s just another fucking rat. He played the part, got the time, and wasn’t man enough to do it.

    And I don’t think he’s got a fucking thing to teach anyone.}
    If you have not watched it, do not waste your time! Your words on this one are spot on! I watched the fucking thing, figuring “Hey, the more I know the better I can protect my Brothers, Club and Life”. It was stated that club Presidents should watch it, and I am always looking for knowledge so I figured “What have I got to lose?” I am a President of a chapter of one of the “Big 4” Clubs, and I did lose, but fortunately only a couple hours of my time I’ll never get back! I was expecting some great insight into the RICO horse shit that they now a days use in ways it was never intended, against organizations it was never meant for… and I thought since he is a rat that turned on his “family”, he might even have some reflective knowledge about the horrible shit he did…about how he wishes he would not have broken the code he swore to live by…about how ashamed of himself he is for his weak actions…about how the authorities twisted him up, put him in a trick bag and used him… But No! It’s 2 hours of him patting himself on the back, and telling us what a great guy he is, and, how those he Ratted out, had it coming!!?? I only kept watching, waiting to learn something new and insightful about RICO, which has been used against our club to lock up good men who did nothing criminal. What did I learn? NOTHING! ….NOT ONE THING, for me to learn from that RAT… with the possible exceptions that 1) he has a book he is hocking,and a podcast he is hocking,and wants to grift people into giving him money, for being a dishonorable piece of shit, and 2) he would never have made it in our club.

  18. Shovel Says:

    1st. I just reread this article. Aging Rebel left out the death threats against him from another blogger. He also neglected to mention the physical threat of a beat down in a comment to one of his other articles; I spoke up for him in both threats.

    2nd. Right now on TV channel 72 NGC is a show titled: “Outlaw Bikers.” It’s not that the cops don’t get it. This show and others provide intelligence into the stupid thought processes of the cops. Aging Rebel’s insights provide only part of one’s protection from the government. Also, by watching the shows you don’t have to actually talk in person with the cops.

    3rd. Andrea Dworkin sent a “club” $10.00 every month back in the ’60s. So, I just sent Aging Rebel the 1st of ongoing monthly donations. It makes sense and he’s worth it. Besides, you’ll find out something else about him, ha ha.

  19. Sieg Says:

    @Not Surprised, “IF you made a mistake”???

    Glenn is stand-up to the bone, and is personally known to posters here. Yes, you made a mistake, and you owe him an apology-saying he is/was a hack is worse than asking if he’s a pig.

    @Commonsense, Gravano may have done some gangster shit in his day, but at the bottom of it all, he’s just another fucking rat. He played the part, got the time, and wasn’t man enough to do it.

    And I don’t think he’s got a fucking thing to teach anyone.


  20. Igo Says:

    Have all your books and will be buying this one too….

  21. Paladin Says:

    @ Not Surprised;

    You might want to take a break from what ever it is you’re doing that’s causing you to lose your mind.

    Glenn hasn’t posted here in a while, but in the past has always been a long time, well respected regular on Rebel’s page.


  22. Not Surprised Says:

    @Neuro. Ok if I made a mistake,it,was honest

  23. Neuro Says:

    @ NS, if that is Greenville Glenn, he is a very solid individual.

  24. Not Surprised Says:

    Glenn: Are you speaking as an ex CO?

  25. commonsense Says:

    I know this is an MC site but I have addressed the fallout of the RICO act here that started with the east coast mafia and how that deals with MC’s. There is a new vid on you tube called “Sammy Gravano breaks his silence after 20 years” It’s like 2 hours long . True gangster and very enlightening. If your a president in a club watch this and learn something. No disrespect intended.

  26. Sled Tramp Says:

    Still waiting for Ciccone to return them clown shoes….back in 1978 or so,when Wethern published his tell all book,the club sent their old ladies all over the Bay Area to buy all the copies available.Delaurer’s was a zoo,kinda amusing actually.So…..maybe the cops will send all their wimins out to scoop up your book and make some money for you.
    In any event,thanks for being a rusty nail all these years.

  27. Mr. Nobody Says:

    I’m going to recommend this to expand your audience and increase your profit. It’s Audible “ACX” resources to turn your print book into an audiobook. I don’t have the time to read print anymore, not with a 9.5 hour work day plus a 40 minute commute 1 way.

    So check out the details at the URL below, and no I don’t work for the company.
    ( )

  28. Glenn Says:

    Been awhile, hope everyone worth a damn is well.

    Rebel, do you think that you could offer your upcoming book to purchasers with two options: One with your name as the author intact and one using a pseudonym as author, maybe even with a pseudo title like: Biblical Thoughts from a Contemporary Mind, by LeRoy McWildebeast? Maybe with a cover showing praying hands with sunbeams shining down on them, As an option. My guess is that something like that would sail right by the government employees that the taxpayers pay to staff mailrooms at correctional facilities, at least for awhile.

  29. Not Surprised Says:

    Hey wait. Holy fuck. The midget John Ciccone is related to Madonna.

  30. Not Surprised Says:

    Ten years I’ve watched you morph into an enemy of the state Been awhile since I donated.

    I’m proud to know you.

  31. John Says:

    Piad to the defense fund. Hope they share the money. No updates in 3 weeks maybe they will just pay it forward. Much love.

  32. troyez Says:

    Long time no speak. Gee those LEOs are a bunch of humorless idiots, aren’t they? Do they have people who read through this stuff before publication? Wow.
    For some reason I have an image of you playing this tune and cranking up the chorus in response to this dossier:
    Hang in there.

  33. stroker Says:

    The non motorcycle world does not and probably never will know the genius of Donald Davis,(aka The Ageing Rebel)… Writer. His title should be “Writer Extraordinaire.” In my mind he is right up there with the greatest shit-disturbers in history. Patrick Henry comes to mind, and with a little time I could maybe assemble a list of all those who’ve wrote and promulgated freedom and knowledge, rights and persecution.
    But our very own Rebel is perhaps the only one willing to challenge law enforcement, the judicial circus, and those who seek to use the motorcycle culture for their own often greedy, ends.
    Don strikes me as a man not easily cowed by threats, someone able to shine his flashlight on the squirmy underside of our present day struggle for existence, in a world taught to hate us.
    We thank you Don, from the bottom of our apathetic, greasy, 2-wheeled hearts.
    May you live forever,
    and we never die.

    Donation sent.

  34. Irish 1% Says:

    This is legitimately scary to read. If I buy your book, like it and decide to send it to a friend or even stranger who happens to be incarcerated they want to take down my name, add it to a database and track the book for any future readings!? Did I read that correctly!! This should be so scary to any and all Americans! This is straight out of the communists playbook! Rebel you have to report more on this! This should be one of your most popular posts. This lays out in black and white that the government is targeting and monitoring American citizens for group think. This gives me chills and it should give all of you chills! The government is at war with its own people!! Stay safe Rebel, keep your head on a swivel. People have been known to be suicidead!

  35. FF Says:


    Here’s an article about a journalist that has a story similar to yours, only instead of being a pariah of the government pigs in the Media Government Industrial Complex, he was/is a pariah of the media pigs:

    He still got a movie produced, and so can you. Out Bad is a potential Silver Screen Masterpiece! And those Hollywood pricks love a ‘dirty cop’ story line.

    Don’t forget, I still get to do the Soundtrack!

  36. Dasein Says:

    Rebel, could you please elaborate on “Davis will take a bounce on 230 CDA.” After looking it up, it seems to work for you. So not sure what the cop was getting at. Thanks

  37. Mamagay Says:

    Thank you! Thank you for telling the truth.

  38. Commonsense Says:

    The government warns Madonna about you ? the same Madonna who stood at a “Me Too” movement saying we should burn the white house down ? Hypocrisy at it’s finest

  39. Dino Says:

    Best of luck to you on this. I hope the right people read it, as these topics are much more far-reaching than the club world, although these men face the brunt of these egregious abuses of power daily.
    Thanks for your work.

  40. Stevo Says:

    Dear Don,

    You should sue that half witted illiterate James Macaroni or whatever the hell he is called for defamation. Have you read the section in his Iron Order book about you? Talk about jealousy…I know we should pity the afflicted, and this idiot surely is mentally impaired but hey, it’s money.


  41. Kay ranta Says:

    I look forward to reading it

  42. Tomo Says:

    I wonder if those law enforcement agencies described in your book deem you dangerous enough that they will start churning out extra PR propaganda news pieces on all platforms to counter their portrayal therein? That’d be amusing.
    Or maybe they’ll just threaten you directly with something or other.
    I read the bit about LE and your books in US prisons and clubhouses etc with interest:
    I have all your books on Kindle to save space in my pockets.
    It got me wondering how LE are coping with the fact your books are available via Kindle..?

    Thanks for the update, fill your tank up on me, and now since I’ve got a day off, and my ‘bike is (mostly) fixed again, I’m going to see if I can survive another day among drivers of German cars.

  43. rocco151 Says:

    I’ve read all of your books and contribute to the cause from time to time but after reading the drivel being spewed by the authorities and how inaccurately you are being portrayed I doubled my usual donation ! Thanks again for your efforts !

  44. Trebor Says:

    Ive bought all your books and plan on buying several of your new one.Thanks for all you do

  45. Bone Head Says:

    I’ll apologize, I read Jeremy Shitts instead of Jeremy Sheetz.

    Keep doing what you’re doing Rebel. Two reasons. We like it, and it pisses them off.

  46. Wingman Says:

    Anyway to get an autographed copy. You could make it out to “known associate”. :-)

  47. Iron Rider Says:

    A dossier on a journalist / writer who doesn’t parrot law Enforcement narrative or isn’t friendly to their point of view imagine that. This is what Law Enforcement and Goverments have been doing for year to their political rivals or to those that question government decisions, they use violence, threats and intimidation to silence their critics.

    Law Enforcement agencies and even Government officials for a long while haven’t like Rebel’s reporting or the people who come forward to him with information about cases/ subjects/wrong doing Twin Peaks was a fine example of the the Prosecution trying to assassinate Rebels character and trying to intimidate him when he went to report on the trial and many of us rightfully told Rebel to watch his back

    The AR site being hacked is another prime example of a Law Enforcement element trying to intimate and and gather information on Rebel, his sources and readers, the threats of litigation that have been lobbed Rebels way by the Urine Odor to try and silence Rebels reporting of their antics and threats his way just go to show you that the intimidation comes from many levels and many different ways and enemies come at you from all sorts of different levels of society.

    Quite amazing how someone with a small set of resources and journalistic integrity to report what the mainstream media wont scares the shit out of agencies and officials with hundreds of millions of dollars behind it and countless power at it’s disposal is scared shitless of one Journalist /writer who wont co tow and bow down and serve the bullshit kiss ass spin that most media outlets swallow and regurgitate on a regular business so as not to upset their cosy relationship with law enforcement and goverment agencies and officials

    It’s really a shame that someone like Rebel has to look over his shoulder for reporting the truth and asking hard questions of law enforcement and goverment officials and agencies because main stream media stop asking and doing any real reporting long ago. I barely read much of main stream media these day because the reporting is shit 99% of the time its nothing but regurgitated press releases parroting whatever narrative is put in front of them with nary and original word in the story, why even call some of these people journalists or reporters when they dont do any of the above required

    It’s a damn crying shame that Rebel gets labelled rogue for telling the truth and reporting what others will not and not backing down at the first sign of intimidation or threats and this dossier no doubt paid for with or hard earn tax dollars just show you how much sleaze and how far eroded the rights of not only real journalists/writers/critics of goverment and certain elements of the citizenry have become targets for voicing their concerns at the miscarriage of justice that is and continues to be perpetrated by Law Enforcement and the various levels of goverment and those who it employs to abuse their resources and power against those it deems an enemy whether it’s true or not

    Yes I am sure Rebel could suckle at the corporate media teat or cosy up to goverment and law enforcement and pout out their view of events or cases or just tow the line but I think Rebel would vomit and be repulsed at the idea of doing that very thing for money and security and to sell his soul and integrity to chase the mighty dollar

    Never bend, never break and keep your eyes wide open Rebel there are those out to silence you and that see you as a threat for standing up and reporting the truth. While it may seem your efforts aren’t appreciate dont be mistaken they are, lord knows its great to not have to wade thru the bullshit sanitized version of events that main stream media feeds the people because they are to afraid to question Law Enforcement or goverment and fracture their cosy relationship with them, nope couldnt have that.

    Stay safe Rebel

  48. Va. Bob Says:

    Far out.Being feared by one’s enemies is way cool.And shredding books is a sign of fear and respect for your influence.Also ,a lot of aspiring AND published writers would kill to be compared with Edward Abbey.But I speak the obvious.

  49. Paladin Says:

    I look forward to reading your latest work. Your books do not disappoint.

    Long May You Ride,


  50. Shovelhead Says:

    Hang in there. I’ll buy your new book as soon as it’s available and will buy a copy for friends.

    Also, just donated.


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