Your Enemies, My Enemies, Yeah Again

October 23, 2019

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Your Enemies, My Enemies, Yeah Again

I am at the end of my rope again. The next book, Expect No Mercy is at about 85,000 words. That is down from a high of about 400,000 words. I have been at it for almost two years. I like it. I think you will probably like it too.

More than you, I want people who are blissfully ignorant about motorcycle clubs to like it. I want Lori Loughlin to get it. There is a line in the book about writing most of what I write in invisible ink on scraps of firewood in Mongolia. This time I may be able to convince some people that the worst crimes in motorcycle club cases are usually committed by police and prosecutors. And I have reason to suspect that there are police and prosecutors who would like to stop this book from ever seeing the light of day. This blog is easy to compartmentalize. Once a book is loose in the world there is no telling what might happen next.

A couple of months ago, after he testified as a motorcycle club expert in the Michael Isaac Russ trial in North Carolina, Doug Pearson, the Aurora, Colorado cop who also testified at the Carrizal trial in Waco, told someone what he expected to happen to me. This was in a place called The Varsity in Atlanta.

“Davis will take a bounce on 230 CDA,” he said.

I don’t actually think the feds can do that. But I have been told it is plausible. And, I also never thought the actress Lori Loughlin or her brat daughters mattered enough that the U.S. Attorney in Massachusetts would hit Loughlin, who played Aunt Becky on a sitcom called Full House, with a third superseding indictment. Loughlin’s crime is she paid a fortune to get her kids into USC. The prosecutors had told her to take the deal or prepare to spend her golden years in prison. She thinks she is innocent. She said yesterday she feels like she is David fighting Goliath. She should not feel alone.

In case you, or your friends, have not yet acquired a copy, there is a 16-page, “law enforcement sensitive” dossier of me floating around out there.

Here, take a taste.

Davis stated in an interview to promote his Mongols apologetic (sic) that he hoped to die in a running foot chase, involving gunfire and law enforcement, ending in ‘a motorcycle crash. This clearly influenced the mythology surrounding Sons on Anarchy’s final episode in which the main character Jax Teller performs a near identical suicide.

I want you to know this is complete bullshit. What I said was that I hoped “to die in fiery motorcycle crash after a brief but intense gun battle with police.” Also I barely know Kurt Sutter.

Your humble correspondent spends his years, writing polemics that act as a propaganda arm for motorcycle clubs. An intelligence analyst noted the similarities between Edward Abbey’s “Monkey Wrench Gang” fiction in and of itself a veiled guide for environmental terrorism and Davis’s work..

I am not sure what this means but I am pretty sure if I had a bestseller I wouldn’t be asking you for money.

A number of prisons at both Federal and State level were returning copies of Davis’s books to Amazon or ordering them shredded as the books served to keep gang members informed of the changes in law enforcement activities in regards to OMGs. We now recommend that the books’ senders be documented, they be recorded, and sent both to the ATF’s liaison to prison gang units at Quantico. A copy of those individuals or organizations sending these books to incarcerated gang members should also be sent to OMGIA. Policy is to advise Corrections to disseminate the Davis publications to gang members with redactions and mark the books so they can be tracked to see any internal cooperation between incarcerated gang members. Marking the redacted copies also serves a purpose as Davis’s books have been found in numerous OMG clubhouses and meeting places, some copies are believed to have been property taken upon release from incarceration. Confirmation of this could prove valuable.

What can I say? I write samizdat: Which is the old Soviet term for “forbidden speech.” Me and Solzhenitsyn.

While in person Davis makes the apparent show of jocularity and politeness towards other journalists and OMG investigatory agents. It should be noted that at his blog and in print he has gone so far as to reveal where agents went to college, what sports they played and he speculates on their hobbies, and their familial relations and birthplaces. Davis’s twisted sense of humor necessitated that agents contacted the security for a recording artist as Davis had implied a well-known federal agent was a familial relation to the recording artist. This is a display of his lack of knowledge of the OMG culture, as well as his lack of concern for the safety of agents and investigators families, friends, and their very lives.

It was Madonna. Okay? Apparently one of the many important things your government has done to keep you safe is warn Madonna about me.

My dossier includes multiple photos of me, A couple of them were taken in Waco, One of them shows me sitting on my sorry-ass, 2005 Dyna. Which needs some work, by the way.

I am an intimidating presence with other journalists.

Actually, I like that one. Maybe they are talking about that guy from the LA Times at the Mongol Nation trial. I don’t know. I usually think of myself as an old house cat.

The dossier accuses me of intimidating prosecutors in Waco. I am not sure what that means. It may be a reference to me telling former prosecutor Michael Jarrett, in my most polite and professional tone, what a bitch ass punk I think he is. The dossier recommends prosecutors confront Davis so he will know his bullying tactics will not work.

And the dossier alleges that I did not attend the David Martinez trial because I had become estranged from the Mongols. Actually I couldn’t afford to take a month off and pay for the parking. It claims the “Confederation of Clubs” paid for my work on the Iron Order case in Philadelphia. Actually, a firm named McLaughlin & Lauricella paid me and that was how I was able to afford to go to Waco.

The anonymous author of the dossier (I suspect it is ATF analyst Jeremey Sheetz), writes, All 1%ers, despite having so called sober chapters, engage in the use or misuse of alcohol, and drugs, both illicit and prescription. We expect Davis is no different.

And, I am getting worse. In the past 5-6 years Davis has become particularly inflammatory and refuses to use the term gang because most OMG members bristle at the term being applied to OMG’s. Davis even calls street gangs “cliques” which shows immense ignorance of what street operations officers go through every day. The you men they confront are not cliques but gang members who pledge their lives to human trafficking, drug, trafficking, trafficking in alcohol to minors as carding laws have become more strict, and trafficking in firearms.

Also the dossier includes a photo of an old motel that is described as my residence in 2014 and warns Swat goons that I am probably armed.

Pick up a copy when you get a chance.

In the meantime, if you haven’t donated for a while, please click the donate button. The book will be out very soon. I’ll have frequent posts back up on this site within a couple of weeks. I will start to see royalties about two months after that and I won’t stick my hand out again for another couple of years. I promise.

Thank you.


78 Responses to “Your Enemies, My Enemies, Yeah Again”

  1. Chuck Says:

    The same Aurora cop that had a problem with the slow and a stripper wife?

  2. Austin Says:

    ”It was Madonna. Okay? Apparently one of the many important things your government has done to keep you safe is warn Madonna about me.”

    So…. does this mean that Maybe Now we know who Sean Penn’s government contact is? Sean’s attorney stated he was not “working” with the US government, but maybe he was just hanging out with some ex extended family after he seduced Kate Del Castillo while using her relationship with El Chapo to set up a bust…..

    That old “…Rolling Stone Magazine” hook will catch a sucker ever time. Isn’t that technique learned in Hangaround 101???

  3. Phuquehed Says:

    Always good news to see you have another book coming out, Rebel. I’m in a pretty tight bind, so can’t help presently, but I will try when I can.

    Whoever it was trying to make a fucking rat out to be ‘good’ in even a little bit…there’s no such thing, dingleberry! A rat is a rat is a rat. Doesn’t matter *when* the fucker decided to become one. Gahdamn Rebel, you’re letting the dipshits squeeze through the door and sneak past the bouncer into this place.

    Hmmm…that somehow got me to thinking that I should check once again to see if I still have my two stalkers. It’s been several years, but it would be amusing to see if they’re still bitching like skinned-knee little schoolgirls about them self-nuking themselves with their moronic posts here in Aging Rebel and everyone calling them on it and laughing at them and for some reason them choosing me as the one who ‘did it all’ against them and made them look like the idiots they are.

    Good to see Glenn S posting again!

    Gandalf…fuck man, you just don’t know when to shut the fuck up! On and on and on, droning your shit as if no one else knows any of it already!

    You’re not in a club, let the clubs figure out their own shit, fuck-stain!

    By the way, I see how Rebel wears it like a badge of honor that pissant pigs of whatever bureaucracy have to write such lies to get the other pigs to read and listen to them. I’d wear it like a badge of honor too! Fuck that lying little cunt who wrote that shit behind your back, yet expects *you* to expose yourself as what he is trying to say what you are and won’t tell anyone who *he* actually is. What a fucking cunt. With any luck, his boyfriend will get fed up with his stupidity and not accept a blowjob from him anymore.

    As always, following the lead of Sieg:

    Fuck the pigs. The only solution is a revolution.

    The only good pigs/muslims/rats, are those not breathing.

    Oh…and I still hate the way we have to scroll up and down twice to read posts in order! It’s redundant and I’m a hard-headed bastard, muahahaha!

  4. panamaa Says:

    Gandalf likes ass to mouth Says:
    November 8, 2019 at 8:33 am

    “Gandalf on here talking shit likes he’s John Dillinger, when he went to jail for 90 days for a shitty bag of pot. Get a job and start paying child support you deadbeat chump.”

    Do tell……

  5. oldskewl Says:

    @ gandalf, my hall pass comes in 3 pieces, I earned mine fucker.

  6. SlickBack_Civilian Says:

    I have never worn a cut with a 3-piece or a diamond, the patches on my non-black leathers said ‘Camel Pro series’ or ‘Bates Leathers’ but having known Outsiders and Gypsy Jokers for 40 years, and working for a non-LEO DoD agency I can assure the readership that ‘those guys’ have a deep and abiding interest in ‘you guys’. I personally witnessed multiple ex military law-and-order types be morbidly fascinated, like any other daytime soap and I just laughed at the premise there was much authenticity with ‘Sons’ but they ate up every word. I knew a 12 year old kid named Ryan who could outride all of us/them combined on the best days of our lives so I’m kinda hard to impress from the saddle. Of course the kid’s last name was ‘Villopoto’ but still….
    I asked one of the ex-Ranger, Pathfinder, SF, ETC types why he didn’t follow his inner Ron Pearlman muse and he said ‘my wife won’t let me’. Of COURSE she won’t.
    ‘airborne, airborne I’m a turd, my wife won’t let me jump from the big fat bird’.
    The point I’m trying to make is I KNOW ‘they’ are watching and they eat it up, the more BS ridiculous the better.
    P.S. I always thought the Sons were modeled on the Hessians, not the 81.

  7. panamaa Says:

    My, my…..

  8. Gandalf likes ass to mouth Says:

    Gandalf on here talking shit likes he’s John Dillinger, when he went to jail for 90 days for a shitty bag of pot. Get a job and start paying child support you deadbeat chump.

  9. Gandalf Says:

    @ FF The rag weed was just a decoy. I had your sister in the back seat giving BJs for $3 a pop on Kensington Ave. #PimpinAintEasy

  10. FF Says:

    Gandalf got busted with a QP of rag weed. He was selling from his car. LOL
    He’s a master criminal mind.

  11. Gandalf Says:

    @oldskew- Who made you hall monitor? (let me guess?) Does it come with a shiny badge and a whistle? Or did you just volunteer for the job? Mind your own business dickhead. That CPS advice can come in handy when a guys children are at stake. Thanks for YOUR useless advice and kind words. (as per usual)

  12. oldskewl Says:

    Hey, windbag, this isn’t the place for your CPS shit. Take it somewhere people might actually give a fuck. Waste of bandwidth.

  13. Gandalf Says:

    I DOUBLE DOG DARE that Fucking Rand Paul to SCREAM about outing a “Whistleblower” (RAT) in a 1%ers trial… A FUCKING MAZING!

  14. Gandalf Says:

    Off topic: ON WHISTLEBLOWERS (and “Due Process) How many fucking “Rats” are not disclosed in 1%ers cases? “Because of the Safety” of the Rat. Can Rebel legally “out” a hidden rat in a 1%er case? How many 1%ers have been arrested for FB posts about rats? (Egyptian) It is SOP for CPS to NEVER tell you who made the complaint when they take your children (worse than prison) and put them in Foster care. CRY ME A RIVER MFers about Trumps “Whistleblowers” IT IS OBVIOUSLY CONSTITUTIONAL these days and your “outrage” about it stops when other Americans go through the very same dam thing. FUCK Republicans, where was your outrage when CPS would not tell me who “The Whistleblower” was… When they took my daughter for a day… The second I spent $ on a Lawyer my daughter was back and CPS NEVER went to court. Talk about a fucking “Witch Hunt”. CPS Advice: NEVER sign the “Safety Plan” because it’s instant 2 year probation and CPS has FULL authority to kick your ass out of your own house simply because of your patch. You just gave up ALL court access and due process. What they don’t tell you is “The Safety Plan” is; Mandatory drug test for the whole family, Mon/Wed/Fri parenting classes, Out of State travel restrictions, warrantless visits and searches ect. ALL paid by YOU! Do it not??? They will put your children in Foster care… a fate worse than Prison! They tried to tell me my daughter might be “in danger” living with a felon. Me. When I asked while they tried to get me to “Just sign Safety Plan”. 1 google search after that and I knew. Other idiots just sign to keep their children. Can you blame them? INSTANT fucking. So…. CRY me a river Republicans because your daddy Trump got a rat in his house. Everyone got rats and our Laws say the Feds can hide them. I would expect EVERY 1% knows that shit. THE END!

  15. Danish Says:

    @steve Smitherman. I check Aging Rebel everyday even tho I am not in a club and/or don’t even know how to ride a bike. And I am not in LE. I got hooked years ago. Guess because the lifestyle and/or culture is so different from mine.It is very interesting.

  16. Austin Says:

    @Glenn re: “maybe even with a pseudo title like: Biblical Thoughts from a Contemporary Mind, by LeRoy McWildebeast? ”

    I love this idea!

    Meanwhile…. I am contemplating sending AR books to all my elected officials, starting at the top!

  17. Steve Smitherman Says:

    Thanks for including the definition of samizdat. I just donated. I check aging rebel every week when I get home from my trucking job.

  18. Neuro Says:

    Ha ha, you’re still in great form.

  19. Glenn Says:

    No offense taken, Not Surprised. I haven’t posted in awhile. But do introduce yourself if you see me.

    Getting good reading material to my friends inside is a pastime of mine. Some of them will never see daylight without a presidential pardon. When I read something good, I get on Amazon and shoot copies to various places we taxpayers are forced to fund, but would rather not.

    Neuro, I’m not bored. Hope all is well with you and with most of the rest of you.

    Rebel, when is the book gonna be released.

    Gandalf, you won’t see me on Main St. helping little old ladies or robbing banks or anything in between, with colors or not. The motherfuckers have chosen my very last vice—smoking cigarettes—the only one I haven’t given up, as the latest one to ban in those civilized places. So I won’t be found there, and it’s hard these days to even find a good piece of rare beef there. I don’t much care for the latest version of famine cuisine from the third world or chicken salad. So I’ll stick to where I’m welcome and help drunk chicks to their cars. Sometimes I even throw a twenty to some homeless person. The crack rock he buys might be the one he would otherwise knock the little old lady over the head for. And I’ll hit the toy runs. I know they hate them, you can see the scowls on the chicks reporting about them on the news on TV, and they’re a good indicator of how polite society really feels. I do the toy runs because I really believe in them and I know there won’t be any “administrative costs” between my donations and the kids on Christmas.

    And I read where Jay Dobbins hates the prison run too.

  20. david Says:

    Mistakenly left out “framed pictures” of WW II German high-command military officers.

  21. david Says:

    The non-authoritative dossier author, compiled comprehensive lies because neither he, nor his commanders, can handle truthful real journalism simply because it contradicts state supremacy over individuals. In other words, he swallowed the Nazi pill as a job requirement.

    His fascist commanders, earlier swallowed the same Nazi pill, causing THEIR heads to be screwed on incorrectly, wear uniforms, and conduct late-night, candle-light rituals in front of World War II German high-command military officers.

    A hallmark of fascism is zero-tolerance of ANYTHING or ANYONE contrary to the fascist idea of totalitarian subjection of all information,ideas and individuals,to the power of the bull-shit state.

    When this fascist police-state fails due to economic collapse and/or a break up of the states, or both, the fascist pricks will be JOBLESS, destitute, powerless, in hiding, burning their uniforms to keep warm.

  22. Neuro Says:

    Ahoy Glenn. I hope you’re well and life is offering you adventures.

  23. Gandalf Says:

    Not Surprised Says: (Agreed)
    October 31, 2019 at 10:29 pm
    Paladin. You’re a bloviating old twat waffle who loves nothing more than to hear himself talk. Sieg was right to call me out.
    Your primary purpose here seems to be to usr this forum to try to enhance your own status for your “business”. Fuck you. No respect

    Paladin’s ‘business” here is to keep you focused on “The Law” and like any good Lawyer might. He will expose the “evidence” and build his case. Mostly good stuff… BUT, Court Is rarely about smoking guns and evidence. In the case of 1%ers it’s about PR. (How many snickers bars you or your friends stole last month) The ONLY way to beat them is to help old lady’s across the street WITH YOUR COLORS ON in downtown USA. My advice to any Chapter Pres would be to put up a big map of your local Jury pool and start ‘contributing to the community’ in a very visual way. Cops HATE that Biker Toy run FOR A REASON… Good 1%ers don’t make for slam dunk cases.
    Play the game without compromising your club or values. It’s possible… Show yourselves as “good” to your local Jury pool. THATS HOW YOU WIN! You lose by getting caught stealing snickers bars and win helping old ladies cross the street. It’s a PR game and you all go down together.

  24. Not Surprised Says:

    Glenn, I owe you an apology. I’m willing to do do in person if that’s what you want. I’m not far.

  25. Glenn Says:

    Neuro said: “The person who recently posted as Glenn seems to be the veteran poster who in the past was known as Glenn S”

    Yeah, it’s me.

  26. Glenn Says:

    No, not a CO. Convict. 11 years total, CCI (the old SC penitentiary) and other places. I used to post a lot, I just stopped for my own reasons that had nothing to do with anybody here.

    Hope all of y’all that are worth a shit are doing well. Looking forward to the book Rebel.

  27. Dasein Says:

    @ FF, LOL

    Meanwhile, Glenn is probably wishing he’d remembered why he stopped posting.

  28. FF Says:

    Gandalf is our Standard Barer.

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