Kurt Sutter Canned

October 17, 2019

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Kurt Sutter Canned

Kurt Sutter, the man who taught a million Walter Mittys what being a motorcycle outlaw is really like got fired by FX yesterday.

He may or may not still have a deal with 20th Century Fox TV and Disney who now owns FX. The trade magazine Variety tried to find out today. “Representatives for FX and 20th Century Fox TV declined comment. Representatives for Sutter did not respond to multiple requests for comment.”

The writing has been on the wall for a couple of months.Sutter began selling of his motorcycle collection in August. When asked about it he explained “Have Katy and the kids to worry about.”

At the end of August, at the premiere of FX’s current biker show, Mayans MC, Sutter announced he was quitting that show. “It’s time for the white man to leave the building,” Sutter told an audience. He said he needed to quit “for this show to establish its own unique mythology, one that I believe can be more potent and relevant than Sons, it has to be guided by a fresh voice. A voice of color, a voice that is still haunted by the struggle. And that voice belongs to Elgin James.” James had been Sutter’s co-showrunner.

The Aging Rebel has been told that James envisions Mayans as a trilogy, will probably cut back on the number of motorcycle scenes in the show and that some recent episodes have very much annoyed some respectfully regarded fans. The same source said that Sutter’s next stop will probably be NetFlix “where they will throw money at him.”

Bye Bye Bye

Early this morning, Sutter sent an email to the cast and crew of Mayans MC. It read:

Dear Team Mayans,

Apparently, Disney HR and Business Affairs has conducted an investigation into the unacceptable conditions that have been created on the set of Mayans in season 2. As you know, I’ve removed myself quite a bit this season, allowing others to take a bigger role in producing the show. It appears that philosophy has backfired. It’s been reported by writers, producers, cast and crew that my absence and subsequent behavior when there, has only created confusion, chaos, hostility and is perceived as abandonment. Or at least that’s how Disney has interpreted it. I’m sure it’s true.

This morning I was fired by Dana Walden and John Landgraf for all the complaints levied against me. Not the way I wanted to end my 18 year relationship with FX. At least being fired for being an abrasive dick is on brand.

I deeply apologize if I’ve made people feel less than or unsupported. My intention was literally the opposite. But clearly I’ve not been paying attention. My arrogance and chronic distraction has created wreckage. Just know, I adore this cast and crew.

I’m not sure what the fate of Mayans MC holds. But if it continues, you’ll still be in good hands. As I said at the premier, Elgin is ready to take on the challenge of running the show. I’m sure FX will get him the support he needs to find and follow his vision.

For those of you who wanted me gone, you win! For those of you who didn’t, you win too. Although I will no longer be involved, I have no doubt the new team will move things forward with the same quality fans have come to expect.

Thank you for the honor of working with all of you.

I don’t need, nor want, replies or condolences. I know where the love is. And for those of you who have it, I’m sure our paths will cross again.



36 Responses to “Kurt Sutter Canned”

  1. Rock G Says:

    SOA was good but not the real life as we all know. Mayans was shit and I had to totally tune out. As for Sutter, fuck off you got your money.

  2. I.J Says:

    @ oldskewl

    If you want to sell T shirts give a freeby to an H.A
    If you want to sell runners give a freeby to an H.A
    If you want to sell a new model of Harley give a freeby to an H.A
    In the 1% world the H.A are influences to some bikers…….
    By “Staring” in SOA Sonny Barger and his crew got paid to legitimise the show.
    This was a huge coup for Sutter…… playing to their ego’s. Hell he didn’t hire them for their acting ability!
    Just like in the Sporting World people have a moral responsibility to not endorse a shit product.
    This one act I feel was the pivotal moment that started the decline of the true 1%er…..

  3. Tooj Says:

    Life’s just too busy with too much to do to spend any more time than this comment on Sutter and this latest monstrosity. I have miles to go…

  4. Mark Says:

    So the cat buries a turd in the sandbox, not unexpected but welcome to keep the smell down.

  5. JOHN T COKOS Says:

    oldskewl Says:A little off topic, bt not buy much. This is a piece from the Atlantic City Press on the Pagan’S MC. Does ANYONE SEE DOC CAVAZOS AND THE MONGOLS MC back to the future with this ? https://www.app.com/story/news/crime/jersey-mayhem/2019/10/23/pagans-outlaw-motorcycle-club-growing-more-violent-nj-investigator/4070226002/
    Just waiting for the next shoe to drop on this one….An all hell’s break loose situation in the making.

  6. Straight Shooter Says:

    Kurt,, another Hollywood drone. Casting couch, ’cause they have to have you by the short & curlies. His current ‘wife’ K. Sagal? Her Godfather is Normal Lear. And what did his body of work (propaganda/social engineering involve? Liberal/Feminism. What is the real depiction of the white male in this SOA? The same stereotyping. The targeted consumers where who for this 2 wheeled soap opera? And how many ‘clubs’ & wanna be MC were the result? How many millions did this one show generate for the Hollywood TRIBE?

  7. oldskewl Says:

    Paladin, yes, more than one still does not make it a “rubber stamp of approval”.

    I’d never pretend to speak for another club or patch, only mine and myself. I can however have a respectful opinion but that and $.50 cents will buy you a hot dog.


  8. Paladin Says:

    @ oldskewl;

    Barger’s appearence on SOA was more than just a cameo. He appeared in a number of episodes. Unfortunately; there are times when ‘paydays’ can have unintended consequences.

    Long May You Ride,


  9. Thump Says:

    I’ve sold a bike because I needed money to buy another bike. Other than being trapped by legal circumstances or needing money, I’m not sure I could justify selling a magic two-wheeled box of explosions.

  10. Yesthisisthatasshole Says:

    Paladin: Look at my username. Think about it for a sec. You know who this is, if not Rebel can tell you my email address.

    The word was that the prosecution wanted to show a clip where the SOA(SuttersOwnAssholes) were having a vote (1) to retaliate and (2) “meet Mr. Anarchy” after which a person having done 2 got a piece of flash that says “Anarchy Squad” or something.

    I tried to watch as little of SOA as possible.

    Anyway yeah, I don’t know if it was a threat in Discovery as a piece of evidence they wanted to show or what, but it got out that “SOA” was gonna be used.

    SOA has been attempted to be used against the Iron Horsemen and non-MI Detroit Highwaymen chapter prosecutions.

    In Georgia too. In KY against the RC’s there.

  11. oldskewl Says:

    I.J Says:
    October 20, 2019 at 5:07 pm
    Sonny Barger gave SOA his stamp of approval and then all the wanna be clubs felt they needed to start acting like what the film portrayed….. now we have drug dealing gangster who don’t ride.

    Don’t speak for Barger, 81 or any other club as if you know it to be true, because you don’t, you’re just giving your opinion.

    Barger did a cameo and got paid, that’s not a “stamp of approval”, it a payday.


  12. jojo Says:


    There are many things…MANY…that happened in that trial that you can not find anywhere…as they were during the entire secret trial, they remain sealed. but there are a plethora of disgusting things that were not only allowed happened, the “judge” actually appeared to be on the prosecution team at times…there are many things you will not find even with a deep scrub, let alone a cursory search: I’m not certain if he was there when “SOA” was referenced by the prosecution, but I was. Many things about that trial will never be generally know… Just ask Rebel…I saw him at the trial, so I know he knows…actually, the stuff that Rebel has not mentioned about the trial has given me supreme confidence in his statement that he “always knows more than he says”.

  13. Paladin Says:

    @ jojo;

    I did a cursory search and could find no mention of SOA in the trial of Pike or Portillo. However; that doesn’t mean it didn’t occur. I just didn’t find it.

    Long May You Ride,


  14. commonsense Says:

    Iv’e only seen 3 episodes…but I liked the music…come join the murder and the cover of Neil Youngs hey hey my my……awesome.I’m 61 and pretty much ride solo…..don’t let TV dictate who you are.

  15. Paladin Says:

    @ Shovelhead;

    For the most part, juries are made up of 9 to 5 people who have never lived outside the comfort of their self-made box. Their idea of adventure is pitching their tent, camping their family five feet from the next family at a state park on a federal holiday.

    These people have their hands full just trying to financially keep their collective heads above water. They don’t have the time to think for themselves, so they rely on the politicians they elect and the media to tell them what to think.

    An interesting development regarding juries: CA’s Gov. Nuisance just signed into law a law allowing those having been convicted of a felony to serve on juries. The bill’s author reasoned that convicted felons were indeed a jury of the accused’s peers.

    Regarding the kicking of Sutter in the balls. Anyone attempting such an act would likely get their foot hopelessly wedged in his cunt.


  16. I.J Says:

    Sonny Barger gave SOA his stamp of approval and then all the wanna be clubs felt they needed to start acting like what the film portrayed….. now we have drug dealing gangster who don’t ride.

  17. jrino Says:

    Does talking about Sutter give credibility to this Hollywood hooker? I sure hope not. I really could care less if he sells his motorcycles I’m sure he never rode seriously and hasn’t any idea of respect for the lifestyle. He’s more of the remora on the shark with a sucker like head.

  18. Shovelhead Says:

    That’s interesting! I understand Prosecutors trying to use any and everything they can to win a case, most have no honor. But it’s the Jury’s that puzzle me. Why can’t they separate fact from fiction? Even If I had never lived this lifestyle, never rode a Motorcycle, I’d know that SOA was a bullshit, fake show. Same as I know Cop shows and movies are fake. Obviously you can’t run around shooting up the streets, blowing up cars etc.
    People like Kurt Sutter use a lifestyle he never lived. Hurting the Men who live it…all for money. I’d say he should be kicked in the balls by every Biker he meets, but I don’t believe he has any.

  19. Paladin Says:

    @ Shovelhead;

    At the trial of Vincent Asaro, the government tried to introduce scenes from the movie Goodfellas. Asaro’s attorneys’ objected. “Prosecutors countered that the murders provided vital context for the testimony of Gaspare Valenti, Asaro’s cousin.” On this day, this judge sided with the defense. On any other day, with any other judge, who knows? There’s a very real reason why Rebel refers to our judicial system as the “justice casino”.

    My point is that the government has already attempted to enlist the theatrics of Hollywood in an attempt to make a criminal case, and will try again if they think they can get away with it. If interested; you can read the story here: https://nypost.com/2015/10/07/goodfellas-murder-scenes-cant-be-introduced-at-mobsters-trial/

    Long May You Ride,


  20. Igo Says:

    oldskewl: Yep If you were part of the real, why would you want to be part of the fake??

  21. jojo Says:

    on the subject that paladin mentions:

    It is understood, that “Son’s of Anarchy” was used in the prosecution of Bandidos’s J.Pike, and J.X. Portillo, correct?

    The federal prosecution referred to the show as an example of the life those on trial lived. Poppy-cock!

  22. Brilliant Says:

    – I got an idea for a show “beaners on bikes”

    -Brilliant, green light it. We will make millions!

    Pretty much how the meetings for Mayans went.

  23. Bo Says:

    So Kurt realized that the rat, gangbanger wannabe pedo Elgin James who’s never ridden a bike in his life and is not even 1 percent Latino is really a backstabbing hustler and pushed Kurt out. Serves him right for brining him in. That’s the real story. Go to bed with rats and dogs wake up with fleas.

  24. Shovelhead Says:

    I would agree, why would real patch holders be part of a show that has actually hurt Real Patch holders?

    Are any real patch holders staring in the Mayans?

    I remember reading that real life Mobsters were hired to play extras in the movie Goodfellas. They gave fake social security numbers to Warner Brothers. Not sure if that great movie hurt any real life Mobsters though. Or was ever used in a trial of a Gangster.

  25. Jake Says:

    Clever….only show 10 comments, can the rest but keep their information and email address!
    Nice! Not bad for a bunch of aging rebels lol.

  26. Jake Says:

    S.O.A. was gay as f*€k!
    Seriously, it was a dumb gash soap opera where they occasionally rode bikes. “what being a motorcycle outlaw is really about”. No, he showed what a gay bikers wet dream is.
    Mayans is slightly better. Mostly because they ride more…THAT’S WHAT ITS ABOUT! (& brotherhood supposedly).
    And now…..they’re cutting more of that! Surprise surprise.
    Sutter, stick to what you’re good at…..soft core gay porn

  27. oldskewl Says:

    Paladin, damn, you make a great point. The infamous patches in the series (as wise as they are) probably didn’t think about that aspect. Clearly, Sons was portrayed as 81 and left no doubt when they did cameo’s.


  28. Paladin Says:

    As far from reality as SOA is / was, the elephant in the room is the fact that well known members of a well known MC took part in the making of Sutter’s weekly, celluloid fantasy.

    A defense attorney objecting to a prosecutor’s mention of Sutter or SOA might be met with a prosecutor countering the defense’s objection by stating that if SOA wasn’t an accurate portrayal of the life within a motorcycle club, why would the members of a well known club agree to starring roles in Sutter’s series?


  29. Paladin Says:

    Regarding the sale of Sutter’s motorcycle collection: When profiteering as a lifestyle carpetbagger has run its course, the trappings of the pirated lifestyle are no longer needed.

    In the spirit of Halloween, I would have thought Sutter would have at least waited ’till after Oct. 31st. A good scrubbing should remove the tattoos.


  30. oldskewl Says:

    The selling of his motorcycle collection may tell more about the story behind the scenes than we know. Neither Sutter or Katy need the money, they could probably spend the rest of their lives just counting the dollar bills.

    Maybe Sutter got in over his head? Regardless, the show will continue to damage any collective good MC’s do and continue to scare the average citizen who eventually gets called in for jury duty.


  31. Doc B Says:

    Aww Heck

  32. Paladin Says:

    Well; bye.


  33. Jax Says:

    Fuck you Kunt Shitter

  34. Austin Says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a more perfect asshole! Bon Voyage!!

  35. jojo Says:

    well, he can always be proud of how his first “fake-real” show about clubs and his insulting view of motorcycle clubs as he portrayed us, set us all back 50 years.

  36. Stoney Says:


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