Outlaw Charges Dropped

September 23, 2019

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Outlaw Charges Dropped

Lurid, widely publicized murder charges against four members of the American Outlaws Association in Florida were dropped late last week. The dismissals were announced yesterday. Public officials often announce what they consider to be bad or disappointing news on Sunday, because that is the day when the general public is least likely to become aware of the announcement.

Outlaws Marc “Knott Head” Knotts, Miguel Angel Torres, Jesus A. Marrero and Gregory A. Umphress were accused of murdering David “Gutter” Donovan, who was vice president of the Lake County, Florida chapter of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club. Donovan was shot during a confrontation between members of the two clubs on April 29, 2017 in the parking lot of a Circle K convenience store and gas station in Leesburg. Donovan was severely wounded during the confrontation and died May 14 at a hospital in Sanford, Florida. Donovan suffered three gunshot wounds to his back including one shot that exited from his abdomen.

The shooting coincided with, but was separate from, the last night of the Leesburg Bikefest. The Bikefest describes itself as “the world’s largest three-day motorcycle and music event.”

Who Says

The sources for virtually everything that was published about the confrontation were either police sources or members of the Kingsmen. The case against the four Outlaws was based on statements made by witnesses who were Kingsmen. The Kingsmen who who cooperated with police in the accusations against the Outlaws were Justin Milicic, Shawn Keairns and Bryan Larrabee. Acording to those witnesses, the Kingsmen were a law-abiding family club and the Outlaws were one percenter criminals. According to the official version, Knotts ordered Donovan to remove his club insignis and when he refused Knotts ordered another Outlaw to “Shoot that fucker.”

Police, and most journalists, swallowed that account whole. local police explained the confrontation like this:

“The Kingsmen, who pride themselves on being a nonaffiliated motorcycle club and thereby not aligned with any clubs that may be at odds with the Outlaws, did not believe themselves to be in any danger,”
The Outlaws represented, “The one of a hundred of us who has given up on society and the politicians’ one-way law. That is why we look repulsive. We are saying we don’t want to be like you, or look like you, so stay out of our faces.”

One Percenters

The Kingsmen and the Outlaws both describe themselves as one-percenter clubs. The term means that both clubs claimed to be preminent clubs that believed they had the right and responsibility to arbitrate disputes among other clubs in the motorcycle club world.

Last week, Assistant State Attorney Emily Curington concluded “The credibility of the witnesses to these events is lacking such that the case cannot be proven beyond and to the exclusion of every possible doubt.”

Jury selection in the trial of Knotts and Torres was scheduled to begin today.


13 Responses to “Outlaw Charges Dropped”

  1. Citizen Says:

    The dude in the blue shirt is more of a 1% then the kingsmen.

  2. Sieg Says:

    Guess it’s true what they say; ‘Can’t Stop Charlie’!!!

    Good news for a change, glad to read it.

    FTF / FTP

  3. Neuro Says:

    How about the guy in the blue shirt ? Calm,cool,collected–badass.

  4. commonsense Says:

    Maybe off topic but you always post some good music on your site. Look at Neil Young (She rides a Harley Davidson) Unknown Legend January 1993 on you tube….it’s great

  5. oldskewl Says:

    I’m watching the video and I can’t help but notice that one Kingsmans pants. I wore bell bottoms in the 80’s but that’s some kinda Korean Kmart shit….

  6. 1%er Says:

    What about the video that whole gas station is on video? Maybe they were not on that night. Well I hope everyone learns from this they got lucky!!!

  7. Someguy Says:

    @Mikey then who shot the gun. Did one person shooter one member of each club? Or did the gun change hands?

  8. Steve Says:

    Wasn’t there video of the whole encounter? Or was that a lie as well?

  9. Gandalf Says:

    I’m tired of these Fucking Eagles losing! Damm crackheads in West Philly catch babies better than those WRs catch footballs… Outlaws? What Outlaws? Where’s my medication? Fucking tragic.

  10. someguy Says:

    So this is what happens when everybody remains calm and keeps their mouths shut. I don’t claim to know anything about what happened in this case. But I would wager that plenty of threats were made and bargains offered. If any one person had cracked they could have probably walked while the other three went away for ever.

  11. Shovelhead Says:

    Congratulations to AOA Florida.

    To the Kingsman Rats…fuck you, you’re just like the Iron Order punks.

  12. Paladin Says:

    Well; surprise, surprise! Unlike those prosecuting the Vagos witch hunt in Las Vegas, Florida’s assistant state attorney had at least enough integrity to drop a case that wasn’t there.


  13. Mikey Says:

    Its about time but why not tell the truth . Truth is Ballstics showed the weapon that killed the kingsman was the same weapon that shot Konthead 1% er .
    Wonder if the Orlando Centennial is going to apologize for its or scott Bernstein gangster report …
    Thats ok we have a saying
    God Forgives Outlaws Dont

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