Vagos Prosecution Sinking

September 20, 2019

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Vagos Prosecution Sinking

The prosecution against eight members of the Vagos Motorcycle Club ran into an iceberg yesterday.

The defendants are Pastor Palafox, Albert Lopez, Albert Perez, James Gillespie, Ernesto Gonzalez, Bradley Campos, Cesar Morales, and Diego Garcia. Palafox was the long time president of the Vagos Motorcycle Club. Gonzalez was convicted of the murder of a Hells Angel named Jeffrey “Jethro” Pettigrew in a widely sensationalized and tragic brawl in Sparks, Nevada near Reno in 2011.

The brawl that resulted in Pettigrew’s death was entirely instigated by former Vago Gary “Jabbers” Rudnick. Pettigrew would probably be alive today if it wasn’t for Rudnick. Rudnick, who was the vice-president of the Los Angeles chapter of the Vagos, taunted Pettigrew for almost an hour. During that time numerous Vagos tried to calm Rudnick down. The next day Rudnick was expelled from the club. Rudnick, current defendant Eenesto Gonzalez and a Hells Angel named Cesar Villagrana were all charged with murder.

Case Of Lies

Villagrana pled guilty to one count of “battery with a deadly weapon” and a single count of “challenge to fight with a deadly weapon” and was sentenced to serve 150 months in prison.

Gonzalez, who was returning from a trip to a fast food restaurant as the fight began, saw Pettigrew stomping another Vago and, intending to save his club brother, he shot Pettigrew four times. Gonzalez went to trial.

Rudnick, who hid behind a slot machine after the fight started, agreed to help a Nevada prosecutor named Karl Hall frame Gonzalez for murder. Rudnick testified at Gonzalez’ trial and claimed that Pettigrew was murdered as part of a Vago conspiracy that began with Palafox.

Rudnick Testimony

Rudnick testified that there had been an all members meeting at eight o’clock that night and at that meeting leaders of the club discussed the “Hells Angels treating us like bitches.”

“We were told that was our hotel,” Rudnick said, “that we were staying there.” He said that the San Jose chapter of the Vagos, who had generally gotten along amicably with San Jose charter of the Angels, were ordered by somebody to not let the Angels get on the elevators and go to their rooms. Then, Rudnick testified, he approached Pettigrew and asked “if we were all cool.”

According to Rudnick, Pettigrew called Rudnick a “bitch.” When Rudnick, according to Rudnick, politely objected Pettigrew “took a swing at me.” Rudnick says he then “backed up.” Pettigrew “pulled out his gun.” And, Rudnick “ran behind slot machines.”

Rudnick testified that while he hid, he kept his eye on Gonzalez “because I didn’t want to get shot.” He told jurors he “knew there was going to be a shooting.”

The next day, according to Rudnick, he talked to Gonzalez about the shooting and Gonzalez confessed, “I did it.”


It was all a lie. Gonzalez was convicted of murder but his conviction was later overturned by the Nevada Supreme Court because of judicial error. Rudnick served two years in a Nevada prison under an assumed name.

After his release, he recanted his testimony. He handwrote and signed a statement that read:


“I, Gary Rudnick, dob 12/26/65, hereby give the following statement voluntarily to defense investigator April Higuera who is working with attorney David Houston on behalf of Ernesto Gonzalez. I have given a recorded statement to Ms. Higuera this day which is summarized in the bullet points below:

“1) A bar fight occurred between me and (H.A.) P. It was just a fight between me and him. There was no conspiracy to comm. Murder on him.

“2) (Prosecutor) Carl Hall did not believe me ever time I told him my side. He kept tell is this what really happed. What he wanted me to change to lie for him. He want me to tell that there was an (consp.) to commit murder on (Pre). And told me to tell about some specil meet to take out the P (H.A.) but the meeting and ever thing that (Carl Hall) told me to said it never happed.

“3) I did this because (Carl Hall) promised (probation). If did not do any of this I was looking at 25 years in prison according to him.

“4) I’m telling the truth now because what (Carl Hall) did to me was worry. Who knows who else he did this to. And made lie for him.

“5) No one is give me or promised anything to come forward. No.

“Under penalty of perjury, I swear the aforementioned statements/declarations herein are true.”

More Lies

A week after he recanted his testimony, the Department of Justice indicted the Vagos defendants now on trial in Las Vegas and Rudnick, along with an bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explovies Tactical Field Officer named Agostino Brancato, became the government’s principal witnesses. Brancato was on the stand for a month.

Rudnick began testifying this week. He told the story Hall had told him to tell and Wednesday he denied confirming his recantation during a two-hour conversation with Albert Lopez’ attorney Mark Fleming and his investigator, a former FBI agent named Scott Baaken, in a Starbucks in the San Fernando Valley in November 2017. The government knew about the meeting and acknowledged it took place.

Rudnick also admitted he does not have an immunity from prosecution agreement with the government. He does not have such an agreement because he has been blackmailed by the government for years. The only way he could avoid a murder charge was by telling the lie Hall told him to tell, so that is what he did. Hall corrupted justice, not the current prosecutors, so the federal lawyers all have their asses covered. Rudnick, who is rarely described as shrewd or brilliant, remains in jeopardy of charges for perjury in both state and federal court. It gave jurors a rare insight into the dark, Byzantine world of justice.

Shocked! Shocked!

Judge Gloria Navarro ordered the trial and Rudnick’s testimony delayed until Rudnick could get his own lawyer. Yesterday Rudnick admitted he has been lying. There was no Vagos conspiracy to murder Pettigrew.

An Assistant United States Attorney named John Han immediately moved to strike all of Rudnick’s testimony. Navarro denied the motion because, in America, people accused of a crime have the right to confront their accusers. Mark Fleming, and the rest of the defense attorneys, will be allowed to continue cross examining Rudnick,

Han, who of course was shocked, shocked, to discover that Rudnick had been lying asked Navarro for permission to treat Rudnick as an “adversarial witness” because the government wanted to “distance itself” from him.

The defense attorneys unanimously asked that the charges of murder and conspiracy to participate in a racketeering enterprise be dismissed. Navarro asked them to submit their motions in writing.

Kathleen Bliss, who represents Diego Garcia, told Navarro, “This trial has become so unfair and so contaminated as to Rudnick and the government’s complicity. They’ve had opportunity after opportunity after opportunity to fix it. You can’t unring the bell of Gary Rudnick.”


Navarro, who last year dismissed with prejudice the government’s case against rancher Cliven Bundy, seems more likely than not to do the same thing again here.

In the Bundy case, Navarro wrote “The Court’s finding of outrageous government conduct was not in error…. On the contrary, a universal sense of justice was violated by the Government’s failure to provide evidence that is potentially exculpatory.”

She had previously ruled prosecutors had made a “deliberate attempt to mislead” the court.
If she does not dismiss the most serious charges in this case, defense attorneys are almost certain to move for a mistrial.

It  is too soon to say the defendants have won. But the rats in the federal racketeering case against the Vagos have already started to jump ship.


14 Responses to “Vagos Prosecution Sinking”

  1. Ben Says:


    Here is a news article that will interest you. It’s right up your alley.


    Stockholm – Major Gen. James L. Dozier, (ret.), in a press conference today, confirmed the existence of new a CIA program of brutally enhanced interrogation techniques, for use on terrorist suspects, involving repeated playings of the CD “Untitled.”

    “If the Red Brigade had used “Untitled” on me back in ’81, I wouldn’t have lasted 42 minutes let alone 42 days,” said Dozier. “It makes that death metal they forced me to hear 24/7 sound like Sun Ra in comparison.”

    A spokesperson for the CIA known only as code name `JR Bob Dobbs’ would neither confirm nor deny the program stating, “As a member of the intelligence community I have the utmost respect for artists who can make a career out creating mindless heuristic dissonance. They’ve got a lot of chops so you know it can’t be easy making such fluky music.”

    Among other CD’s listed as somewhat effective for eliciting useful moans and hallucinatory information from prisoners were “Trout Mask Replica” by Captain Beefheart, “Pakistani Pomade” by Field Marshall Alexander von Schlippenbach, [Redacted] by [Redacted], and “Lucifer: The Book of Angels Vol.10” by the mytho-poetic composer John Zorn.

  2. FF Says:


    Are you using several different usernames, engaging in conversation with yourself? Asking yourself setup questions to further polute the board with your agenda? People here aren’t stupid. There’s something not right, with you.

  3. Shovel Says:

    10G Says: September 22, 2019 at 12:14 am
    Shovel, “Just like in your everyday life…..NO ONE GIVES A SHIT! Do you bore everyone you know with this shit? Is that why you have decided to come here? What is your deal man? I don’t get it. Your friendly chain swinging biker, 10G”

    In my own defense let me say, I’m here to help you Brother. 1st, get rid of the chain. I carry a Bowie knife. If you’re serious then you’ll let others know you’re lethal so they don’t waste their time watching you embarrass yourself swinging a pretend dick. You might impress the ladies, but no one else.

    2nd, I can’t help but brag about fucking with the police. My most recent victory occurred last week and involved shoving the F.B.I.’s decades old file on xxxxx up the ass of their snitch, Chester Chomo. You’re right, you wouldn’t get it because you don’t give a shit. To screw the cops you need to know the cops. That’s why Aging Rebel’s site is priceless.

  4. 78Airhead Says:


    Some might be getting paid to be here…

  5. 78Airhead Says:

    The thing that has always bothered me about feds? They pick on retards to justify their fat monthly checks, and, get a nice pension, too.

  6. Frayser 514 Says:

    ““How did we go from creating a network of Fusion Centers and a covert, citizen standing army ostensibly due to a threat from “Muslim extremists” to utter surveillance harassment of our neighbors? Many of whose families have been here for decades if not centuries? And if you do not think that such concerted surveillance by civilians is not obvious to the target, you are mistaken.” WORD

  7. 10G Says:

    Just like in your everyday life …..NO ONE GIVES A SHIT! Do you bore everyone you know with this shit? Is that why you have decided to come here? What is your deal man? I don’t get it.
    Your friendly chain swinging biker,

  8. Austin Says:

    SOP of Feds for decades.
    Nothing new to see here.
    Thanks to Rebel and this community for your continued coverage of the outrageous acts of these Government sponsored oppressors.

    Thank you most to the brave few souls like this Judge who can see through the lies or have the power to call out the BS, and abuses of power.

    Fellow citizens who I may disagree with on some details ( Trump’s mental health… ) keep the faith, stay involved, let’s get our country back.

  9. Shovel Says:

    Aging Rebel said, September 20, 2019: “Rudnick, who is rarely described as shrewd or brilliant, remains in jeopardy of charges for perjury in both state and federal court. It gave jurors a rare insight into the dark, Byzantine world of justice.”

    Rebel also informed us of “Fusion Centres” a while ago. The prosecution of the Vagos and the other 1%er trials seems to part of the strategy of Fusion Centres.

    Karen Melton Stewart said, September 8, 2019:

    “Fusion Centers recruit regular people through quasi patriot or even faux patriot groups under the moniker of “Infragard” (under FBI auspices) and other such questionably fascistic groups. Fusion Centers even are known to utilize criminals and criminal gangs but I get ahead of myself.”

    “Infragard is recruited by FBI/Fusion Centers from the same kind of people who volunteer for local law enforcement “ride-alongs” or citizen cop programs. Many are concerned do-gooders though many, too many, are bullies looking to justify their desire to control others and exert their will over those around them with false authority and power. These people are trained in a covert, relay-style militaristic stalking technique the intelligence community calls “cast iron coverage”, meaning rotating teams are assigned to a “terror suspect” 24/7, night and day, endlessly. Their job is to follow the target absolutely everywhere. If the target goes to the grocery store, multiple people park in the parking lot to surveil the store while another team follows the person around the grocery store even peeking into his cart to report what he is buying. Seriously. The target is also surveilled telephonically (eavesdropping via FBI ) and any appointments he makes by phone there is sure to be multiple Infragard in the waiting room watching him.”

    “The Fusion Center may even notify the doctor the person is under surveillance and they need access to his medical records. Some doctors comply. Any family or friends he frequents will come under surveillance as well, maybe even be threatened, and multiple Infragard snitches will be parked in the neighborhood to keep an eye (and ear) on each visit. Anyone else dropping by will no doubt have his license tag recorded and investigated. And all the target’s neighbors as well as the neighbors of friends and family will be notified that this suspicious person is under investigation. Sometimes for unnamed crimes, sometimes for crimes that never happened.”

    “How did we go from creating a network of Fusion Centers and a covert, citizen standing army ostensibly due to a threat from “Muslim extremists” to utter surveillance harassment of our neighbors? Many of whose families have been here for decades if not centuries? And if you do not think that such concerted surveillance by civilians is not obvious to the target, you are mistaken.”

    “So it is indeed harassment.”

    “If you were bungling and obvious in surveilling someone in real intelligence operations, you would expect whatever it was you were hoping to see, would fail to happen because of the overt ineptitude of the agents. So what is the point of such activity? You have blown your cover. You have alerted the supposed suspicious person to the fact his activities are under scrutiny.”

    “The point clearly is not evidence-gathering, it is rather intimidation and harassment of the target. But to what purpose? One answer is to push the person into acting out so the law can pounce on him and say, “See, we told you so!” Voilá, they have created a false narrative to support the ludicrous “pre-crime” theory that they can predict criminals thus certain people who appear innocent, nonetheless should be arrested before they inevitably commit a crime. “Trust us, we have a scientific ‘fool-proof formula’”.

    The shoddy prosecution of Vagos and others is mostly for intimidation. Infiltrating clubs with informers and undercovers will continue because it’s not about winning in convictions in the court room. My advice for bikers is continue wearing your patches and giving them a big smile and wave as you ride by. It works for me.

  10. ididmybest Says:

    An Assistant United States Attorney named John Han immediately moved to cover his ass to protect his evaporating before his very eyes career.

    @Brotherskeeper – the time, the effort, the waste of taxpayer money, the lies, the broken lives, the lost freedom.
    Curse those so evil and corrupt. May they die slowly, lying in the dark, in fear, bleeding, in agony and alone.

  11. Paladin Says:

    When those ‘rats’ find out just how deep the water truly is, it will be to their everlasting sorrow.


  12. jrino Says:

    Ya gotta love the IQ’s of some of these guys! If you took Rudnick’s brain out and put it on the head of a pin it would look like a BB rolling down a 4 lane highway!

  13. Brotherskeeper Says:

    The truth fiiinally comes out! This is prosecutorial misconduct! The Vagos have been facing this type of corruption for years! It starts with harassment from law enforcement, pulled over, rights violated, bogus charges, then the prosecutors get involved, scaring weaker minds into lying to sensationalize cases to get people convicted based on lies, and for what?! All of this for what?! The cops move up in their careers become detectives, higher pay, accolades for “Bringing down the bad guys and I’m responsible for that, see I’m a hero!” The prosecutors get another notch in their belts for appearing to make the world a safer place from the boogie men on motorcycles, it’s career move, the m.c. patches are shiny stepping stones for the deviant minds to use them for praise and a false sense of grandiose accomplishment. Who are the real criminals here? Romeo shot Jethro because he had pistol whipped hotel guests then shot one of them and was kicking his brother in the head while holding a firearm in a crowded Nevada casino his life was thrown away for protecting people. The real conspirators work for the government, what happens to them when they’re caught?! VLV!!!

  14. SoCal Says:

    Finally after 8 years Jabbers is found to be a Liar!! There is no way that moron came up with that story by himself!! This is Prosecutorial misconduct on both the state & federal level. Hopefully, this case is dismissed and these men can have their lives back. Free the 22!!

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