Flogging Brancato

September 5, 2019

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Flogging Brancato

Agostino Brancato has been on the witness stand since August 13. Ponder that.

There has been no news of the ongoing Vegas Vagos trial since August 15, at 9:25 a.m. when David Ferrara of the Las Vegas Review-Journal informed the world :An undercover agent who infiltrated a Las Vegas chapter of the Vagos Motorcycle Club for two years offered a glimpse into the underworld of outlaw bikers this week as he testified during a federal racketeering trial.”

“If the leadership decides to declare war,” Agostino Brancato, the lead undercover agent in Operation Pure Luck, told jurors, “people are going to die.”

You Can’t Know Man

In context, in the Trump News Cycle where what is old and current news changes changes like the attention span of a gerbil on acid, August 15 is practically Vietnam. And in case you are one of those strange people who are wondering what has been happening in this trial, for the last 23 days a mob of smart ass defense lawyers has been giving poor Agostino Brancato PTSD.

Brancato is an amoral liar and a moron, which are exactly the qualities for which most federal, state and local police forces test. If Brancato had just led a better-planned life, if only he had stayed away from that damned John Ciccone and his damned one percenter task force, his only brush with fame would have been the same as most cops in postmodern America.

Some aggrieved mother, or bystander, or small business owner might have released a video of him pistol whipping some mommy in a grocery store line or shooting some black kid in the back 43 times and stopping to reload five times because he is not as good a shot as he used to be on account of the stress from the last time he shot somebody. And then some guy like David Ferrara of the Las Vegas Review-Journal would have to write a story with a headline like “Angel Dusted Crack Whore Attacks Hero Cop At Piggly Wiggly!”

Talk, Talk, Talk

For example, last week Brancato was crossed examined by a lawyer named Andrea Luem who represents a Vago named Albert Perez. There is nothing dramatic in the cross examination, which is why the Review-Journal doesn’t think the trial is worth covering.

But multiple observers in the courtroom think Brancato is being “eaten alive.”

Andrea Luem: you “…testified that it was your cover story to certain Vagos, not these eight men, that you were a large-scale drug dealer; you dealt in large quantities of drugs?

Agostino Brancato: “I was a drug courier, yes.”

Luem: “ Okay. But only in large quantities; correct?”

Brancato: “Correct.”

Luem: “And there was a purpose behind that; right?”

Brancato: “Yes.”
Luem: “Okay. And the purpose for that cover story is so that you wouldn’t have to deal in user amounts of drugs. Do you recall testifying to that?”

Brancato: “Yes.”

Luem: “Alright. And, in fact, you testified on direct examination that you ‘did not deal in user amounts.’ Do you remember that?”

Brancato: “Yes. I did not purchase or deal in user amounts.”

Luem: “Okay. But then, on questioning by Mr. Fleming, you were asked about a large quantity drug deal with a guy named Sluggo. Do you recall that?”

Brancato: “Yes. That was early on in the investigation, yes.”

Luem: “Okay. And that was a large-scale drug deal with your confidential informant, Angel Ramirez?”

Brancato: “Correct.”

Luem: “And that’s Diablo that we’re talking about; right?”

Brancato: “That is correct.”

Angel “Diablo” Ramirez was the vie-prisent of the Clark County chapter of the Vagos whe n he introduced Brancato to the club. Ramirez was paid over $70,000 for his participation in the Vagos infiltration.

Luem: “Okay. And originally on cross-examination you denied ever doing a large-scale drug deal with Diablo; right?”

Brancato: “I said that, yes, I didn’t remember because I did quite a bit and I forgot about that one, yes.”

Luem: “Okay. You forgot about the…was it quarter-pound meth deal?”

Brancato: “Yes.”

Luem: “Alright. You also told the jury that you were only a part of user amount deals with Diablo. Do you recall that?”

Brancato: :Yes, I believe… yes. I believe once or twice. I can’t remember right off the top of my head, but I know that I did instruct him to purchase user amounts in the attempt to find the source.”

Luem: Okay. So you were involved in user amount drug deals then?

Brancato: “ Not me personally.”

Luem: “Despite what you just told the jury?”

Brancato: “Not me personally; I instructed the CI to.”

Luem: “Got it. Okay. Are you aware that Brian Higuera is doing 10 years in federal prison for the drug deal that you did with him?”

Brancato: “I know he took a deal. I don’t know what he was — what he got.”

Luem: “Okay. I want to talk to you a little bit about your confidential informant, Diablo. You were asked by Mr. Fleming some questions about Diablo”s drug use. Do you recall that?”

Brancato: “I believe so, yeah.”

Luem: “Okay. Mr. Fleming asked whether you are aware of whether Diablo had a drug problem.”

Brancato: “I was never aware that he had a drug problem. While I was in role, I never saw him under the influence.”

Luem: “Okay. So you never saw him use drugs?”

Brancato: “Never.”

Luem: “He didn’t do drugs in front of you?”

Brancato: “I never saw him do drugs in front of me.”

Luem: “Okay. And did you ever come to learn that he was doing drugs?”

Brancato : “No.”

Luem: “Okay. Did you ever have him drug tested?”

Brancato: “I…that wouldn’t be my responsibility, but no, I didn’t have him drug tested.”

Luem: “Okay. Did anybody on your team, that you know, have him drug tested?”

Brancato: “I do not know that.”

Luem: “Okay. That’s something you could have done; right?”

Brancato: “Me personally?”

Luem: “You or any member of law enforcement that was working on this task force.”

Brancato: “Anything’s possible.”

Luem: “Okay. But it wasn’t a concern of yours at all that Diablo was using drugs?”

Brancato: “I had no reason to believe he was using drugs.”

Luem: “Okay. I want to move on to that particular drug transaction. That was April 11th, 2012?”

Brancato: “I don’t remember the exact date, but if that’s what the report indicates, that’s when it occurred.”

Luem: “Okay. It does. And that was in North Hollywood, California. Do you recall that?”

Brancato: “Yeah. It was San Fernando Valley, I believe North Hollywood.”

Luem: “And Diablo was a CI; right?”

Brancato: “Diablo was a CI.”

Luem: “And the two of you were together?”

Brancato: “That is correct.”

Luem: “All right. And you had a recording device that day?”

Brancato: “I did.”

Luem: “Okay. And Diablo had a recording device as well?”

Brancato: “I don’t believe he did. I’m not sure if he did or not.

Luem: “Okay. Would it be uncommon for him to have a recording device?”

Brancato: “If I’m…have one, there would be no reason for him to have one.”

Luem: “Okay. I’m going to…would it help to look at your report?”

Brancato: “Yes.”

Luem: “Okay. Your Honor, may I approach the witness?”

Judge Gloria Navarro: “Yes, you may.”

Brancato: “Yes. It indicates that he had a recording device as well that day.”

Luem: “Okay. And that’s…that’s documented in your report; right? This is your report?”

Brancato: “Yes. That’s what the report says.”

Luem: “Okay. And you have no reason to believe that a report that you wrote would be wrong, do you?”

Brancato: “Um…if that’s…I don’t remember if he had a recording or not…device, but it’s not uncommon that we would give him one.”

Luem: “Okay. But you said, I think, normally, if you had one, he wouldn’t also have one?”

Brancato: “No, because we didn’t have that many to go around.”

Luem: “Okay. But on this particular day you both had recording devices; right?”

Brancato: “That’s what the report indicates.”

Every day there is another 200 pages of this. Every day, Brancato compounds his lies. The jury hears these tales every day.

And Brancato is just the first witness. Rivera is still to testify. Gary Rudnick is yet to testify. Maybe the local newspaper will send someone to the courthouse to listen when they do. If the local newspaper knows who any of these people are, or what they are accused of doing, or who accused them or why.


29 Responses to “Flogging Brancato”

  1. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Check it out, I don’t like my Club’s business out in the breeze for others to see, to judge or giggle like a school girl about. In addition nor do I enjoy feeling the sting of betrayal by weak cowards which were patch holders witnessing for the prosecution through lies and deceit to fuck good men. However, This case is news in the MC world & will be written and commented about publicly and here on this page again because its news.

    The story is also being told in courts by liars and cons like Koz, Carr and the pile of dog crap Brancato.  Also, by those I already mentioned the very ones that will sell their mothers and daughters to save themselves from the consequences of their own actions. Sadly, They were once proundly called Brother but now go by a CI number.

    Yes, My Brothers locked up and those on bail are awaiting the finale of this over zealous prosecution, yep everything written here will be read and copied by the feds to use as information gathering or for use to taint Jurists. So, Those choosing to have a tantrum here is going have no positive effect on the situation happening in Vegas nor does it show proper 1%’er decorum. Anyone really in the know and that has the facts would have no reason to put shit on blast on the internet by running their nubs regarding posted comments about this case.

    Loose Lips Sink Ships

    Viva Los Vagos
    #Free The 22

  2. Aanon Says:

    Internet round being sent to oldskewls table.
    Their business is none of your fucking business.

  3. STFU Says:

    While the keyboard warrior kunts argue away and try to show how witty they are, there is peoples freedom hanging in the balance due to rotten cocksucker set ’em up and knock ’em down cops and rats.

    What the fuck is wrong with you people!

  4. oldskewl Says:

    USA Citizen says: “I am not trying to upset anyone. I do not know hemple. I am just curious it has been years, it is unheard of that a case has no information at all? As a public shooting, the pubic should have a right to know.”
    “Respect to the green nation
    no disrespect intended”

    So, using your logic, if you see a bunch of members of XYZ driving down the road “in public” you deserve the right to know where their going because of course, it was in public?

    “The public” doesn’t need or deserve to know shit. If you wanna know club business then get some balls and join an MC of your choosing.

    You type a lot (long winded BS) and seem to have an opinion on everything. Sometimes it best to remain silent.


  5. USA Citizen Says:

    I am not trying to upset anyone. I do not know hemple. I am just curious it has been years, it is unheard of that a case has no information at all? As a public shooting, the pubic should have a right to know. Just like the public sould have been informed about Rivera when he was caught way back when..
    Respect to Green Nation.
    No disrespect meant.

  6. VFFV Says:

    USA citizen before opening your mouth about Beau Hempel be very careful because your attempting to put a snitch jacket on someone who in no way has ever snitched out the Vagos and who is not in any way a wotness for the prosecution. His case is none of your business as you are not a Vago.

  7. Shovel Says:

    Penguin Says:
    September 9, 2019 at 12:10 pm
    @ Shovel (his September 7, 2019 at 2:12 pm) “I agree. We are
    seeing variations on or of “GLADIO” type operations to create
    general public consent and prevent class solidarities from
    developing, while liquidating especially any clubs that have the
    potential of coordinated political or practical effect. Well,
    maybe not clubs “they” control…but I wouldn’t count on it.”

    Every 1%er should buy handguns for their “Property” and provide
    ceritified training for them which is provided by membership in
    the N.R.A. and U.S.C.C.A. Each Patch needs several ol’ ladies,
    all armed. If the Iron Order attacks a gathering of an Outlaw
    club in a bar does anyone seriously believe the 1%ers’ ol’
    ladies will pull out their new Glock 9s and shoot their ol’ men
    in the back of their heads?

    “Remember, they suckered the Red Brigades into doing murders,
    arrested them, then shot the survivors in prison, and called it

    Penguin, are you telling us that Angela Merkle is Karma? Roland
    CIA ASSASIN supports your contention that the government
    eventially liquidates its controlled clubs. Attaching small
    pieces of light coloured tape on the trim above the windshield
    on the outside of the car above the driver’s and front passenger’s
    seats where only the sniper in the bushes down the street knows
    to look at in the dark is a nice touch. Of course, after the car
    crashed Haas who was a real pro ran up to the car and finished
    taking care of business. According to your reasoning the Red
    and White are not on the government’s hit list. Haas had a
    problem with them in Oakland. Instead, both of the government
    and the H.A. took care of Haas in their own ways. Just a
    coincidence the Red Brigade and 81 flew the same colours.

  8. Shovel Says:

    SlickBack Civilian Says:
    September 9, 2019 at 12:24 pm
    “Hey Shovel; You need to hear what Douglas Dietrich has to say
    about Aquino and… Unfortunately all to true…Scary people.”

    A club you cited tried to recruit me in Lordsburg years ago.
    The two matrons of rock weren’t what I call `stripper
    material’ so I passed. Also, Groucho Marx said ‘Any group
    that would let me join is a group I don’t want to join.’
    There would have to be some BIG incentives, more than one,
    to overlook that sage advice. Dietrich is interesting.

    SlickBack Civilian Says:
    September 9, 2019 at 12:16 pm
    “Hey Shovel It’s far worse than what you described.”

    I know; after Aquino and the Officers passed judgement I ended
    up in the base psych ward. Not a good place to be with a
    Satanist on the staff. But, I’ll tell you something, even
    torture with drugs is survivable. It’s a Zen experience – “NO
    THE OUTSIDE.” I can hardly wait for all those 1%ers who were
    railroaded into prison to get out. “Choo Choo.”

  9. SlickBack Civilian Says:

    Hey Shovel;
    You need to hear what Douglas Dietrich has to say about Aquino and the rest of those academy ring-knocker douchebags. Unfortunately all to true as I usta work with a bunch of retired 0-6 masons. Scary people. See below

  10. SlickBack Civilian Says:

    Hey Shovel
    It’s far worse than what you described.
    You need to hear what Douglas Dietrich has to say about Vallely and Aquino.
    Listen to ‘Satanism in the Military’ for a true insider perspective.
    here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G77lJ2NAnTE
    I usta work with a bunch of retired academy ring-knockers and a bigger group of douchbags never exisisted

  11. Penguin Says:

    @ Shovel (his September 7, 2019 at 2:12 pm)

    I agree. We are seeing variations on or of “GLADIO” type operations to create general public consent and prevent class solidarities from developing, while liquidating especially any clubs that have the potential of coordinated political or practical effect. Well, maybe not clubs “they” control…but I wouldn’t count on it.

    Remember, they suckered the Red Brigades into doing murders, arrested them, then shot the survivors in prison, and called it suicide.

    Just variations on a theme.

    The “State of Jefferson” effort, and the NRA, being entirely subject to such methods, and being “institutions”, and being delusional so far as Boyd’s “situational awareness” – are useless. I have listened to both – they repeat and believe in basic falsehoods. They’re fated to failure.

    Of course, in the fullness of time the people and the physical country will find workable ways of living, in the fullness of time.

  12. Shovel Says:

    78Airhead Says: September 9, 2019 at 9:21 am

    “The NRA: I had a case where I was in the right. I asked them if they coukd recommend a lawyer. They told me I was on my own.”

    “I won the case. I tore up my life membership over that. National Retreating Assheads.”

    Try the U.S.C.C.A. It was banned from one of the recent N.R.A. conferences. The President of the U.S.S.C.A. wrote that he’s keeping his N.R.A. membership even though his association is better. The U.S.C.C.A. Elite membership has a $2,000,000.00 bond/attorney retainer fee. That’s what I carry.

  13. USA Citizen Says:

    Penguin- Thank you for the new word!

    Zugzwang is a situation found in chess and other games wherein one player is put at a disadvantage because they must make a move when they would prefer to pass and not move. The fact that the player is compelled to move means that their position will become significantly weaker. Wikipedia

    CIs and Undercovers, know they got exposed! How long can they pretent and keep roll playing? The CI shit for less time or a deal or money has got to stop!! There is NO JUSTIC being served!!!!!!

    Also Thank you Shovel for the information on 4th Generation Warfare, very very intrestresting.

    If what everyone thinks is true about what is going on within the club, the people will figbt back for Juctice!
    The CIs should face there own time, no deals for actors!! This is so wrong, it proves the justice system is tarnished and it can be seen clear as day now with the Vagos MC.

    Commonscense thanks but, I have not read the book. It feeds in to them. I do not understand it, but they want Fame out of this!? And money.
    But, everything got exposed early on many many diffrent levels. But they still wany roll play! Who can we call to report a Rat, that is trying trick someone???? The roll playing ended! The fat lady has sung! Ride Safe! Be Wise!! Cheers! ….your move is up
    Level up.

  14. 78Airhead Says:

    The NRA:
    I had a case where I was in the right. I asked them if they coukd recommend a lawyer. They told me I was on my own.

    I won the case. I tore up my life membership over that. National Retreating Assheads.

  15. commonsense Says:

    To USA citizen I have the book Gods of Mischief in front of me . Start at the top of page 16 and read to the bottom. IF this story is true then fuck these guys. In my So Cal beach town %1 never acted like this. In fact the public loved them so much it pissed off the cops.

  16. commonsense Says:

    Off topic but a reason for us to support the NRA. Was visiting with my brother yesterday and he told me about a guy he worked with around 3 years ago who was a %1 . He told my brother that the cops raided his house and scared the shit out of his kids. They took his gun safe. All guns inside were legal. He new it..the cops new it but they were fucking with him. He as a NRA member contacted them about what was going on and they sent a lawyer out for free to represent him in court..and he won. Good enough for me..support the NRA

  17. USA Citizen Says:

    BE SAFE, DO NOT LET THESE CIs make you think taking chances is cool. Be wise. Be kind to your brothers and sisters.

  18. USA CITIZEN Says:

    BE SAFE, DO NOT LET THESE CIs make you think taking chances is cool. Be wise. Be kind to your brothers and sisters.

  19. USA Citizen Says:

    I want to define the Definition of VENDETTA.
    1 : blood feud.
    2 : an often prolonged series of retaliatory, vengeful, or hostile acts or exchange of such acts waged a personal vendetta against those who opposed his nomination.

    George Rowe wrote a book…
    Gods of Mischief: My Undercover VENDETTA to Take Down the Vagos Outlaw Motorcycle
    How can someone with a ‘vendetta be allowed to CI and testify? If there is any kind of Vendetta almost all the time the jury, judge,ect.. must be excused, because it become PERSONAL!
    When it becomes personal, ones emotions take over, taking away the ability to be rational. It is insane that a untrained person with a VENDETTEA was allowed to ‘roll play’ for years picking and chosing his Prey!
    The case is tainted by a personal vendeta of a ‘private citizen’ Brancanto!! It needs to be all tossed.
    Also Law enforcement took drugs from the ‘evidence room’ WHAT IN THE HECK?!
    I WONDER if they take the drugs out often for cases!?? They seem so nonchalant, like we just borrowed pounds of drugs from the evidence room.
    I wonder about the case the drugs came from?
    Could that case be tainted??

    Now Rivera How in the World can authorties allow a man with some sort of illegal activity requarding young girls’ on his computer be allowed to stay on the steet for years?!
    The Public should have know if the man was arrested in conection with illegal child stuff on his computer!
    AGAIN HE HAD ILLÉGAL CHILD SHIT ON HIS COMPUTER! HOW is this okay on any level?!!.
    NEXT: HEMPEL. He may have acted in self défense(no one really knows, because it is a BIG secret) I want know was Beau on Drugs when he shot and killed 2 Men? Did beau have a licence to carry a LOADED GUN?? I HAVE A LOT OF QUESTIONS AS EVERYONE THAT HAS HEARD OF THIS CASE DOES.
    It is BULLSHIT THE PUBIC IS NOT ALLOWED THIS INFORMATION!! If a person wants to support beau, go ahead ..everyone is allowed their own opinion, but do it with resect.
    This is the worst put together case…
    Stay Strong Green Nation!
    Ride Safe, and be Wise!

  20. Shovel Says:

    The following from “Conservatives Are Being Targeted By A Complex 4th Gen Warfare Campaign” Wednesday, 28 August 2019 03:16 Brandon Smith at


    may explain what the government is doing to 1%er clubs as in the current “Flogging Brancato.”

    “…I mention the concept of con games because this is the best way of describing what 4th Generation Warfare is. Many people wrongly assume that 4th Gen warfare is merely the use of false flag attacks or propaganda [the lies and press releases of the cops]. That’s not quite accurate.”

    “The goal of an enemy [read A.T.F., etc.] using 4th Gen warfare is to take a target group [read “Vagos,” “Bandidos,” etc.] or population [read “bikers”] and then con them into DESTROYING THEMSELVES so that the enemy [A.T.F.] doesn’t have to go through the messy and perhaps very dangerous process of fighting that population directly [a club declaring war on the cops in retaliation for the cops gunning down a bunch of bikers].”

    “The tactic is not just about “divide and conquer”; that’s only one small part of 4th Gen. It’s not only about causing internal strife or civil wars. It’s also about tricking a group into tarnishing their own public image, tricking them into taking hypocritical actions, tricking them into abandoning their defining principles, and tricking them into following leadership that is owned and controlled so he/she can lead them to ruin [sounds a lot like the Mongols under Doc and the recent Warlocks’ self destruct].”

    “As a reference point, I recommend studying a military paper called ‘From Psyop To MindWar’ written by General Paul Vallely and Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino (a self professed satanist). This will help people to understand the devious depths that the elites will sink to in order to influence a population into self destruction or self enslavement [sounds a lot like undercover A.T.F. agent “Koz” in the Mongols].

    “Hilariously, Aquino’s attempt to mitigate the public reaction to `MindWar’ once it was exposed was to argue essentially that mind control of a population and the corruption of how they gather information was a much better strategy than open warfare and subjugation because then no one would be killed and the public would be blissfully ignorant of their loss of freedom. Yes, the satanists are so benevolent and soft hearted that way…”

    I met Lt. Colonel Aquino while I was on active duty in the 101st Airmobile during the early ’70s. He was in civvies with some uniformed officers at an interview deciding what to do with me. He didn’t say a thing and was sort of creepy even then. What the government is doing to biker clubs now seems to be right out of 4th Gen Warfare and `From Psyop to MindWar.’

    Now we know.

  21. jrino Says:

    “we didn’t have that many recording devices to go around”? {Oh yeah that sounds like a lie!} LOL what? They hook them up to the “tip line” at the ATF during the 4th of July and forgot to disconnect?

  22. USA Citizen Says:

    I wonder how long the games will go on for? How long do you stay in a “ROLL” as Brancanto said it?
    If your cover is blow, it is blown! If you think people have no idea, they do! These ‘roll playing’ CI’s and Undercovers, gave up cover in so many ways.. A lot of people do know what is up and coming!
    To see the CIs or Undercovers stay in a active ‘roll’ after they know that cover is blown, puts everyone at risk because they want to roll play!!
    The club is infested with CI and Undercovers. The club tried to grow to fast and got taken avantage of.
    The Pieces are falling apart right before us…
    Again, How long do agents stay undercover and keep CIs undercover?
    How far do agencys go? I would like to think that if a CIs cover in blown or a undercover is know they would stop or get out of ‘roll’. How far do you take it? The undercovers and CIs are putting everyone at risk, to trick prone people in to trouble! Stop!
    If you think someone knows ..they prob know. Words out…
    I love hashtags, easy to follow. #thankshashtaggers#wereallydoknownow
    There are MANY Good Men in the Vagos MC Club, to those that want go..go.. Leave the club be. Ride Safe, and take smart chances.

  23. TX_Biker Says:

    Since the time of Christ rats have been selling out their crew for 30 pieces of silver…

  24. Penguin Says:

    Orwell> “Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution (or a coup) in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture.”

    As to Justice, well there can be no question of justice, save between equals – an’ usinz ain’t got ‘nuf power.

    A rational examination suggests the direction of things is toward zuswang. Then a social explosion. I hope not…but the signs are there for any Daniel to read…

  25. Not Surprised Says:

    $70,000.00 seems pretty cheap.

  26. USA Citizen Says:

    Brancanto is a lier, he should be not be testifiying it is like he gets to pick and chose names and claims!?
    He claims he didn’t know if his CI was on drugs? Really?! I find that hard to believe! *This trial just started and he comes out the gate lying under Oath!! How can the courts take a person that is in the wrong and allow them to snitch another human out for less time? ? ( Do your Own time Coward) ..and we all know Bo will make an apperance at some point! It is pure evil what these CI’s will do for less time. Heartless and scandoulous, it is Wrong.
    I read Rowe is from Hemet and it was for his own personal self reasons why he infilttated..idk that may be special again. They all want their 45′ mins of fame idk the eagle has prob landed on the rockOver I hope these guys stay RockSolid!!!
    It is wrong what is being done to the VagosMC as a whole there are many Great Vagos!! I have done my own research and follow all the MC cases. But this one is so full of BS …I HOPE NO ones gets fame from this makes me sick it is not a script or role!! This is life peoples lives.Stay informed my friends. Kickrockosattheeagle.blaabla

  27. david Says:

    Felony perjury, AKA lying under oath, excused by a “judge” based on a pig saying they don’t remember statements they wrote on/in a pig report?

  28. Stoney Says:

    I fucking hate the ATF nothing but American Gestapo. They murder bikers by raiding their homes early in the morning kicking in door and shooting people as they get out of bed. They set up the guy in Ruby Ridge by paying him $50 to saw off a shotgun they provided. Then shot his 11 year old son and his dog on their own property. Of course the FBI then shot his wife with a baby in her arms. Then they got their ass handed to the in Waco on a made up warrant instead of just arresting him in Waco that he always visited at least one time a week. Yeah ATF I know you read this and Im probably on your list but fuck you.

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