When Gary Sold His Soul

September 4, 2019

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When Gary Sold His Soul

If you listen carefully while you read the following brief excerpts from a transcript of an interview former Vagos Motorcycle Club member Gary “Jabbers” Rudnick gave to Detectives John Patton and Rob Begbie and others, in the Washoe County JaiI on February 15, 2012, you can actually hear his soul leaving his body

Hi Gary

GR: We were reading, we were hearing yesterday on the news, last night about that lady that
robbed those banks and she was, she only got 4 years in prison for robbing those banks
this homeless lady or something. Yeah.

JL: (Unintelligible) didn’t even wanna send her.

GR: Look at that little fancy cover, it looks like a tile.

JL: Yeah. It um, protects my phone from all the numerous times I’ve dropped it.

GR: Yeah, I know. So Crystal didn’t call you, you didn’t get a hold of her?

RL: No, no, I didn’t (Unintelligible).

GR: I talked to her last night

(Door opens)

RB: Excuse me sir.

(Unintelligible, several people talkirg at once)

P: Okay.

RL: Best place to (unintelligible).

JL: Oh no, not worth that. Sorry, never mind (laughs)- I apologize

JP,: I’m John Patton.

GR: How ya doing? I’m Gary Rudnick, as you can tell.

RL: (Inintelligible).

RB: Gary we met. I’m Rob Begbie. Good to meet you agaiu.

GR: Good to meet you again-

Just Detectives

GW: It’s just Detectives up here-

GR: Oh that there was a planned meeting place. That was like the last minute called meeting

GW: You guys all got together, kinda informatly in an area.

GR: Yeah, outside.

GW: The conference room

GR: Yeah when everyone was leaving.

GW: Who specifically was there? You,Tata, Dragon?

GR: Me,Tata, Dragon, Boo Boo, Cesar, Romey, Bobby, the guys from San Jose, a couple other guys I dou’t recall thc name, Candy Man was there from, uh, LA charter, Lunch Box was there, and, uh Candy Man goes by Bradlcy Campos. Uh…uh…Jimbo was there. A couple of guys from, uh, the wrecking crew, you know IR guys. Rude Rick was there. Its just a couple of people that we knew were…we wanted to approach him with and that’s when San Jose stepped up and said this is bullshit.

RL: Who is San Jose?

GR: Cesar said.

GW: Cesar said this is bullshit?

GR: Yeah.

Indictments Followed

The interview lasted hours. The transcript is almost 200 pages long. Only three of the people Rudnick mentioned in this debriefing were not indicted.

A Vago named Bobby was never indicted because there are so many Bobbys in the club that investigators were never sure which one Rudnick meant.

Rude Rick wasn’t indicted because he was not even in Reno for Street Vibrations when the shooting occurred. He was in Arizona and he had a traffic ticket proving he was there. He remains in the Club and in good standing.

Jefferson Dee “Lunchbox” Martin quit the Vagos in early 2013 and started supplementing his income with the sale of professional grade fireworks. He was caught and when he was interviewed he told federal investigators “I will say anything you want me to say.” But when he was interviewed by Department of Homeland Security Agent Matthew Neal in 2015 he stated, “What conspiracy to kill? I don’t know anything about that.”


8 Responses to “When Gary Sold His Soul”

  1. Rebel Says:

    Dear SSj,

    As far as I know he was out in good standings. I do know that after he flipped he offered to sell some of his former club brothers illegally fireworks. So I doubt they would have bothered with him if he was out bad no contact.


  2. SSJ Says:

    Regarding Martin did he quit the club or roll up out good because he loved his club? Not the same.

  3. Not Surprised Says:

    Had a friend once who did fireworks at Disney in Orlando. Had to be federally certified. I too was shocked to learn that falls under ATF.He stole something, maybe powder, and they ruined his life.

  4. Penguin Says:

    Back in the old days, before DuPont and such, people made their own powder…air earth fire water kinda chemistry…everybody has the “reagents” at hand…anybody can be prosecuted…

    So, where’d they get “chemicals”? Well, the nitrates for black powder are often in your hands (and most do not know it). Urine evaporated…to mostly KNO3 and NaO3…then the charcoals from the campfire, and a visit to a volcano for some sulfur…just a smidgen, they say. (I would not know)

    Do not save urine, as you may be arrested for planning to make explosives…

    This is absurd. But we live in an absurd time, eh? Pizzon ’em.

    If you must speak with “them”, chat about the New York Yankees and Babe Ruth…

  5. jrino Says:

    So it’s come down to fuck your brother’s to save your own ass. Interesting that they wear 1% and act like punks to save themselves. Some stuff you just can’t make up.

  6. Va.Bob Says:

    I did not know that sale of professional grade fireworks would get a dude in enough trouble that he would feel the need to cooperate.Here in the Commonwealth,we sometimes go to places like Bunker Hill,W.Va. for the real stuff.Some hustlers bootleg ’em.But it’s not that much trouble if busted; basically confiscation.

  7. Paladin Says:

    Gary “Jabbers” Rudnick had no soul to sell.


  8. hans Says:

    Am I being old school here??
    NEVER talk to cops, everyone walks.
    Rats not included.

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