Peter Fonda

August 17, 2019

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Peter Fonda

Peter Fonda, the Hollywood brat who grew up to co-write, produce and co-star in the widely revered biker movie Easy Rider 50years ago, died yesterday of lung cancer.

Easy Rider is simultaneously one of the most fondly remembered and worst movies of all time. It lent its name to the first real biker magazine.

The film was intended to be a cookie cutter biker film. Fonda and Dennis Hopper pitched the project to American International Pictures, which made more biker movies than any other studio, but American International turned them down. That year, that studio made Hells Angels 69 instead.

So, Fonda secured a distribution deal with Columbia Pictures and financed the film himself. It cost $400,000 which would be the equivalent of something more than $4 million today. As a result, the shooting scheduled was abbreviated and there was no money for a musical score. So, Fonda and Hopper, who directed, dropped popular songs into the film over long, time consuming, scenic shots.

The result, as New York Times film critic Vincent Canby put it, was a music video of men on motorcycles moving in “isolation, against the magnificent Southwestern landscapes of beige and green and pale blue. They roll down macadam highways that look like black velvet ribbons, under skies of incredible purity, and the soundtrack rocks with oddly counterpointed emotions of Steppenwolf, the Byrds, the Electric Prunes – dark and smoky cries for liberation.”

It was a very important movie in the summer of the Manson murders and Woodstock, in the year of Hamburger Hill. Hopper was named best director at the Cannes Film Festival. Jack Nicholson (who replaced Rip Torn in the role of liberal lawyer George Hanson after Hopper and Torn got into a knife fight) was named the year’s best supporting actor by the New York Film Critics Circle. The film was marketed as: “A man went looking for America. And couldn’t find it anywhere.”

It made $60 million.

The film is the story of two bikers named Wyatt and Billy (like Earp and The Kid – get it) who buy a couple of keys of cocaine in the Andes; fly it into Los Angeleez, like in the Arlo Guthrie song; sell it to Phil Spector in a parking lot at the end of a runway at LAX; and then, possibly because they don’t have bank accounts, they smuggle the cash to New Orleans in the gas tanks of their Panhead choppers.

Somewhere in New Mexico or Utah, it looks like, they meet a laconic hippie who invites them to his commune, hooks them up with hippie chicks, and gives them a tab of acid that is so potent that they must promise to consume it only if they first split it four ways.

They disrupt a patriotic parade They meet the liberal lawyer in jail and he tags along for awhile. When they get to New Orleans they go to a whorehouse (maybe they call it The Rising Sun) and split the acid with a couple of whores in a cemetery. Then they are murdered by rednecks. If the movie was remade today, the rednecks would be wearing MAGA hats.

In 1998 the prestigious American Film Institute named Easy Rider one of the one hundred greatest American movies ever.

Fonda is survived by his wife Margaret; his sister Jane; his daughter Bridget; his son Justin; his stepsons Thomas McGuane and Wills DeVogelaere; his stepdaughter, Lexi DeVogelaere; and ae grandson.
Peter Fonda was 79. According to his sister, he died laughing.

He is remembered fondly by millions.

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82 Responses to “Peter Fonda”

  1. growlingfhardt Says:

    Yeah, that’s the shit part of Life, we all die. So, get out there and do worthy things ! and don’t blame others for your problems, make things so there are NO problems. Remember, “It’s all in the set up.”, whether you’re machining a suppressor on a lathe, or buying/selling stocks on the NYSE, or running for political office, or for you LEO’s working on making a bust. Saw “ER” when it came out, school friend insisted we go, didn’t like it that much, liked the bikes and the music, not enough film of the bikes. Takes me awhile to digest political messages, so don’t ask. As a side note; Fonda’s first film as a Director is “Idaho Transfer”, it precedes “ER”, watched it a couple of weeks ago, still don’t grok it yet and it’s been several years.

  2. Old & Jaded Says:

    White witch – +1

  3. racerfool Says:

    Well said white witch. If every illegal should leave these United States today, this country would implode on itself. I’m as guilty as anybody else. Spoiled my kid , hired a couple of Mexicans to cut down some trees for me BECAUSE nobody else wants to work and I’m getting too old to do it. Most companies down here have to hire Mexicans to do any manual labor. Oh by the way , I was a young marine in Chu Lai Vietnam when the bitch sucked the gooks dicks . Payed for 69 Xlch while I was over there. Picked it up in Austin when I got home and been on Harley’s ever since. Always been an independent and never wanted a patch. I look on here to see what’s going on in the biker world, not politics . I might As well be watching CNN. Fuck Hollywood ____Period . Let’s ride!!

  4. Johnny Rotten Says:



    see the post in killing it like its 1969…
    from a diane loyd…

    pot stirred…
    ill go now….



  5. Neuro Says:

    I’m with Helipilotguy. White Witch, wasn’t that a real D level psychedelic band in the 70’s ? Dude you sound like Fonda, a real libtard antifa sort of guy. Fuck those illegals and anyone who supports them.

  6. white witch Says:

    @ helipilot guy,
    Stupid ignorant people resort to name calling when they can’t think of anything intelligent to say. I would take a hard working Mexican over your punkass anyday.
    I know he would work harder and from your post he is smarter than you as well.
    You keep on blaming other people for your problems, how is that working out for ya?
    I mow my own yard. I just appreciate people who work for a living and are happy to be here. Not crying about shit all the time and feeling sorry for themselves but you go ahead keep wallowing in your self pity. I am sure you can find someone to blame that on to. Why don’t you go to LA and talk to a few Latino Mongols and tell them what you think about Mexicans. Let me know how that goes.

    ride free
    white witch

  7. Helipilotguy Says:

    Well White Bitch if you’re ok with Illegals sneaking in just so you can get cheap lawn care or the sweet gentle MS 13 gangbangers whom a large majority didn’t exactly wait for their green card. You’re a special kind if you don’t think there is a problem with that. The man in the topic seemed to think like you. I didn’t like him and probably wouldn’t find you my cup of tea. Im Sure no big loss for either of us.

  8. white witch Says:

    @ bc nasty
    Once again well said partner. I did not know that a bunch of 1%ers were so judgmental.
    especially when it comes to bikers and drugs.

    ride free
    white witch

  9. tiopirata Says:

    @White Witch, +1
    For each of us our problems are mostly our own, the blame game is unworthy.

  10. bcnasty Says:

    Shit, from my limited memory, we was all drug dealers on motorcycles then. Boston to Oregon on a 14 over Iron head chop more times than I care to mention.I guess the difference is, my only opinion was a gave a shit about two things, gas and the next high.

  11. white witch Says:

    @helipilot guy,
    I would be curious what hard earned shit of yours that a illegal stole ?
    It has been my experience over the years that the aliens are harder workers than most
    younger Americans these days. How many 20 somethings want to mow grass for a living or work in a kitchen or any of the other tough physical jobs that they do?
    Young Americans think that they should start at the top. Working your way up is a concept most of them know nothing about and want nothing to do with. illegal or legal aliens are not the reason this country is going down the tubes. It is our fault….legal Americans who will not take responsibility for their actions or lack of. We are great at bitching and finding someone to blame because we can’t get our shit together. i thought this was a 1% biker site not a bitch, crying site
    about aliens. You should direct some of that anger to the people that are actually fucking this country and maybe take some ownership of your situation and stop crying about how unfair the world is.

    ride free
    white witch

  12. Helipilotguy Says:

    Yeah these liberal bell ends can preach from there gated communities with their private security guards. All while we lesser than’s have to deal with these ILLEGALS undercutting our pay and stealing our hard earned SHIT. Fonda meant what he said but didn’t expect his virtue signaling to backfire. There is a special place in he’ll for these Hollywood elites.

  13. TX_Biker Says:

    Good riddens, too bad his sister didn’t go too.

  14. white witch Says:

    @ stocker +1

    There sure is a lot of hate and anger here directed at a B actor.
    He was an actor who had political beliefs that I don’t necessary believe in.
    But I do not put much stock in what any actor has to say.
    It is the movies, they are made to entertain and take us away from the

    world for a couple of hours. Sometimes those movies have a profound effect on us as with Easyrider on me and I am sure others. Fonda was a actor not a politician.
    I do not get my information or draw my opinions on what a actor or ballplayer has to say about anything. It was a good movie and that was it. I would worry more about what Trump or McConnell has to say than a washed up actor has to say.
    If we worried about what the people who actually have some influence on our lives are doing and saying and not some washed up actor this country might be a little better off.

    ride free
    white witch

  15. rocco151 Says:

    Stroker +1

    …well put !

  16. Anonymouse Says:

    Your point about people lashing out and saying things they regret is well taken, and it’s good that PF apologized immediately.

    We’ve all said things we regret, but I’d hazard most of us have never wished a gang of pedophiles on a child.

    Apology or not, what he wrote is a clear picture of what was lurking in his soul. I don’t think the world has suffered much of a loss at his passing.

  17. freebird Says:

    Great article Rebel!!

    Loving it is reserved for those who are blessed to live it for real…..

  18. Rotten Says:

    This guy was a pinko commie fuck. A spoiled rih kid with a rot-cunt of a gook blowing sister too. Fuck em both.

  19. Phuquehed Says:

    About damn time! Took this liberal cunt long enough to die and thus stop wasting my good air! Now, if only that useless cunt of a sister would hurry and follow suit, what a world it would be! His daughter I would fuck til she was cross-eyed, but only if she promised not to say a word during. She’s as stupid and fucked up as her dad and aunt.

  20. stroker Says:

    RIP Peter Fonda. and thank you for the words Rebel.

    I will admit that the film “Easyriders” was an influence on my life back then. I was fresh outta the Navy, having served 2 tours in the blue water off Vietnam, and while I had started riding before the film came out, I got the itch to get the fuck outta El Lay and see some country, in large part because of it. I was never too much impressed with Fonda’s character, seemed too, I dunno, stuffy. I more identified with Hopper. Be that as it may, it was the long desert roads the bikes and the music that had me. My first long trip from LA to Yellowstone and Canada followed, and by 1976 I’d been on the road across the great American West many times, and around the USA once….all on my panhead “Betsy.”
    I’ve travelled every year since…..been to Sturgis about 18 times….back East a few…..Alaska and Mexico too. While I recognized even then that ape hangers would make your arms hurt after 1/2 hour or so (maybe why Hopper and Fonda couldn’t ride more than 5 miles at a stretch?)….and riding without a bandana or a helmet would fry your skin in one morning, the over all flavor of that film stuck with me, and I added it to my persona. I learned much of it was just a damn film, but I experienced all the open road could give and more, all before the fucking helmet law in kommifornia.
    So I’ll admit to being influenced by the flick, but more for the road then the content or portrayal of the actors. Even today I can hum “Take a load off Fanny” while lost on Hwy 6 in Nevada, or climbing the “Going to the Sun” Hwy in Glacier. I even got creative with hiding my stash all those years ago, maybe because of the film, maybe because I knew I could do it better.
    Anyhoo, I’ll thank Fonda for the film, even if I don’t particularly like the guy’s politics.

  21. Vet Says:

    Glad he’s dead I only wish he would have taken his sister to hell with him. Whole family is a bunch of degenerate commies. Hate em all.

  22. Pure Wood Says:

    Glad he’s dead I only wish he would have taken his sister to hell with him. Whole family is a bunch of degenerate commies. Hate em all.

  23. Dasein Says:

    Sandmann, there was no “taking out of context” in the verbatim quote of Fonda’s tweet, unless you’re referring to the “He deleted this tweet and apologized on the same day” bullshit. He said what he meant, and excused himself in his “apology” because he was “distraught over the situation with children separated from their families at the border,” which in itself is just another disingenuous liberal ploy to welcome the invasion at the southern border in the guise of compassion for the children who are put into harm’s way by their “parents” (or owners) in the first place.
    Am I right that you’re in Europe someplace? Maybe you should post on something where you actually understand the “context”.

  24. white witch Says:

    I was 12 when Easyrider came out. That movie and ” On any given Sunday ” are why I got a motorcycle at 12. I could care less what kind of dude Fonda was. The scenery, the bikes, and the music are what makes it a decent movie. At 12 it was a life changing movie for me. As an adult not so much. I never looked at Fonda or Hopper as real life bikers…it was a movie. I just wanted to ride a motorcycle out west and live a biker lifestyle
    Mission accomplished so thank you easyrider.

    ride free
    white witch

  25. Stevo Says:

    I love Easy Rider. I came into biking late in life, I was a ‘Scooterboy’ here in England for 20 years and in my 30’s went on holiday to Florida where I witnessed a well known club on a big pack of Harleys pull into a bar in Orlando and thought that looked like something worth doing. Went home, sold the scooters and haven’t looked back. When you live in a small, cold, wet, shitty, grey little town the scenery, the music and the bikes in the movie are enough to love. I don’t know too much about Fonda except his sister is/was a commie cunt.


  26. Shovelhead Says:

    To me, this movie was about two Hippies riding choppers. That’s it! The ending was typical of the day. A lot of movies then had the supposed hero die in the end. Especially counter culture movies. I don’t see this movie as anything more than a Hippie flick with good tunes. It didn’t affect me in any way except for discovering Steppenwolf. Now the B movie Biker flicks, that made want to join a Club.
    Hippies were assholes, the only thing I liked about them was the slutty Chics.

  27. El Jefe' Says:

    I totally agree with :

    Vince P Says:
    August 18, 2019 at 10:47 am
    What about Ben Hardy. Dude never got the proper credit for building those Pans. Those bikes made that movie along with the Soundtrack.

    What made the movie was the The Bad Ass Machines.. Not sure if it was Dennis or Peter who contacted Ben Hardy to design those beautiful Pans…

    The beginning scene of WilD Angels with Fonda on his Springer/Pan is what got my blood flowing to ride….

  28. Sandmann Says:


    “We should rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles”.

    He deleted this tweet and apologized on the same day:

    “I tweeted something highly inappropriate and vulgar about the president and his family in response to the devastating images I was seeing on television. Like many Americans, I am very impassioned and distraught over the situation with children separated from their families at the border, but I went way too far. It was wrong and I should not have done it. I immediately regretted it and sincerely apologize to the family for what I said and any hurt my words have caused.”

    Sometimes, taking things out of context is a very convenient way of steering the narrative into a direction that might not be the original intention, but rather serves the “navigator”…

    Another great obituary. As with some other pieces your wrote, the really interesting part of the story is the part you left out aka the “underlying sentiment”.

    Respect to the deserving,

  29. Sieg Says:

    @commonsense, yes, those are quotes of his.

  30. BigV Says:

    1. Somebody asked if that was shit Peter Fonda actually said. Yes.

    2. People keep dwelling on the MAGA hats line.

    All DCD is saying Fonda was selling FONDA’s political fantasies and BULLSHIT with Easy Rider. Fact, jack.

    So now instead of showing people in eating in a small town cafe and being ignornant, Fonda would stick MAGA hats on them for the film to sell that political line of shit.

    I don’t trust any politician or anybody who tells me “I know what you mean…” or try to interpret my thoughts, actions, or ideas. If somebody thinks they know what’s best for me- they probably don’t. Anybody with the idea that there is some proper authority out there, is hugely delusional.

    Guys like Peter Fonda and Hunter S. Thompson lived a fantasy life.

    Hunter was inducted into a literary society in Louisville. Woulda been inducted when he was a kid, but he was out with his deliquent asshole friends ratpacking a guy on lovers lane, stealing the dude’s gin, and more than likely it advanced from the acknowledged fingerbanging they gave his girlfriend to something else much worse for that poor girl…

    You don’t do the time Thompson did as a Juvie in County lockup in KY for fingerbanging. They softsoaped it and his ass was gone from KY.

    A good pal of mine had family who were part of that literary association. He got a plus one and he said “Before you die, you need to see this piece of shit up close.”

    Thompson was a stuttering, mean, messy drunk. A coward. He looked around the room and he saw some people he thought were a little rough cut for the crowd and thought it was- uh- some “Orphans”. For me and my old pal, we were entirely on the other side of the spectrum, Orphans we were not.

    Thompson had vodka in a big water glass and another water glass and pitcher. He watered his vodka, but the motherfucker had become so broken down- all the facade was gone. He was a weak sister, paranoid as fuck, having to wing it at a “Celebration of His Life”.

    I don’t imagine Peter Fonda was much goddamn different. Fuck Peter Fonda.

    I liked the song if Six Was Nine- I wanna say it was the Buddy Guy version. Bobby Dylan wrote that song about “Flow River Flow…” and he gave it to one of the Byrds. I don’t remember any other song except the one the Band did.

    Fonda portrayed roughnecks, coonasses, swamp rats, cajuns, country folk, and the little people as intolerant and hateful. I will admit those are branch kin to my hillbilly people. We are- no question- a group of people who are naturally suspicious. But we are not naturally hateful.

    Those were prime years for clubs back then. From ’63- Louisiana was covered in clubs. Sons of Silence was down there. Goose was down there. Forasteros putted through. AOA had a chapter. Don’s first chapter out of TX for the Bandits was in Lousiana if I haven’t taken too many hits to the the head. There were shit tons of little clubs that popped up from guys coming back from ‘Nam. Some were clean cut, some tried to fit the biker look, some looked just like any other regular dude from Louisiana with a cut. There was some wild shit in those days. Had a real good friend “Junky Jeff”- he did time on the farm in Angola after coming back from ‘Nam. Jeff got out when they were filming the motherfucker. He said Fonda and Hopper could ride five miles and stop. Ride five miles and stop. Pop librium like no tomorrow, Hopper was balancing librium and black beauties and smoke and some east coast powder.

    Hopper and Fonda pocketed all the money. The story about the sleds being stolen is bullshit. Everbody who was involved is dead and this known fact among bar patrons in Lousiana. Hopper and Fonda wrap filming. Shot with the bikes getting popped was shot last because they had the close up bikes and the had a pair of backup bikes. Depending on how fucked up some other people were- the had a pair of Knucks that barely ran that were welded up to be hardtails. The 2nd string bikes got a mean hit for the cameras, but it was practical effects. There were six sleds, and Fonda and Hopper intended to take them back to Cali and sell them. And mind you- they were fucking everybody on a paycheck. One kid who’s dead now was in the original Star Trek TOS and in the commune scene. He said that he got stiffed. Seymour Cassel got stiffed. Gary Littlejohn who took the high side on the chopper at the end got stiffed. They had discussion with Fonda and Hopper, a come to Jesus meeting, and the bikes were given to them as payment for the money AIP and the Production Bond Company had put up for completion and salaries.

    Bikes were in circulation- six of them. The one Haggerty had- coulda been, could have not been.

    But the bikes were given as “severance pay”- not taken as severance pay- given. Another lie that surrounds this movie.

    One guy who worked on the film left and joined a well respected MC and they patched into another well respected MC.

    If anyone from the Gator Tooth MC in EBR Parish, “Red Stick” bottom rocker is out there contact Rebel and ask him to give you my email. Or the Coonass Riders Morgantown. I have someone who wants to be put in touch with you.

  31. Storyteller Says:

    Fonda used to sail here, Hawaii, and is mostly remembered as a pretentious jerk with with an entitlement attitude.

  32. Paladin Says:

    Rebel says:

    “If the movie was remade today, the rednecks would be wearing MAGA hats.”

    Based on the continued violence of the left, if the movie was remade today, the killers of Wyatt and Billy would be wearing pussy hats.


  33. Straight Shooter Says:

    Hollywood is g/mint project, period. The pedo deal & selling one’s soul is how it is done there. Kid’s are treated the worst in ALL the entertainment field’s. Hopper’s dad was C eye A. Jane was doing another role in Asia. Real world would never let her do that. If you did not dig the bikes, scenery & sound track you are on the wrong blog.

  34. commonsense Says:

    To Sieg…are these sayings with quotes around them from Peter Fonda ?

  35. Ben Says:

    Peter Coyote wrote an autobiography called “Sleeping Where I Fall.” This is a quote from Paula Pico Estrada’s review of that book, entitled, “The Nine Lives of Peter Coyote.” “The Diggers [a theatre group] were a complex league which included artists, thieves, heroin addicts, social thinkers… and people who combined in themselves a bit of everything.

    Their determination of living without money implied many times the need of living on people who had it or produced it. But to do so without losing prestige (even though they had allegedly given up the wish for prestige) the providers had to be “very close friends who were willing to play with us”. Dennis Hopper fit in the cathegory, “a distinction he may have found dubiously beneficial”, Coyote writes, and he remember that Hopper lost a wife after she found Grogan, Coyote and a Hell’s Angel cooking smack in her living room.

    That same Hell’s Angel, Sweet William – to whose personal history Coyote dedicates one of the most touching chapters of his book – was the one who said, during one of those meetings: “Do you know what I’d do? I’d make a movie about me and a buddy just riding around. Just going around the country doing what we do, seeing what we see, you know. Showing the people what things are like”. Easy Rider (Dennis Hopper, 1969) is one of the few bitter memories in Sleeping Where I Fall. Apart from excluding Coyote’s friends from the Mime Troupe, who had been convocated at first, and of offering him, for his participation, a stingy salary that he rejected, the film, according to the actor, did anything but “show the people what things are like”. It rather collaborated to built a soothing official image of the hippies, showing them “as if they were Franciscan monks who just happened to smoke dope and dress funny”. And, with its ending, the film suggested that “the cost of living free in America is death”.” It’s been a long time since I read “Sleeping Where I Fall,” but I remember how critical of the movie Peter was. He thought it misrepresented the counterculture. If you want to know how the idea for this movie germinated, read the book. Peter Coyote and his Hells Angel friend play a part. A considerable portion of the book is devoted to his experiences with the Angels in Northern California. They’re good stories that stay with you. And, of course, the book is an important resource on the heyday of the West Coast counter culture.

  36. FF Says:

    George Carlin also said some pretty nasty things towards the end of his run. I still agree with most of what he said, and still laughed even when I didn’t.

    Look, when I was a teenager, I loved the Dead Kennedy’s. But then I grew up. I came to see reality through a dark glass.

    But I see my peers, who still think they are in High School protesting “no nukes” and holding on to these dated polemics and false narratives. Especially the ones who insisted Hilary would have made a good president. LOL. I don’t associate with them.

    I grew up with PJ O’Roarke reading National Lampoon. He started out a Lefty and inevitably grew up. He’s a never-Trumper and that’s ok. He seems happy. I know I’m happy.

    Hunter S. Thompson shot himself. Carlin and Fonda raged into that good night. They died angry and miserable. I think it’s because deep down inside they knew they were wrong. Toxic Masculinity? White privilege? He/She/Xi??? Insanity cultivated by Leftist monsters. In China during Mao’s cultural revolution, the people didn’t have a choice. In the United States, we do have a choice. And these people chose poorly but due to their pathological narcissism could never come to terms with it. And so they hate: they hate the “rich”, they hate successful people, they really hate nuclear families especially ones that go to church; they hate patriotism… they seethe with anger and hatred to the point that they mutilate themselves and their children. Cultural Marxist and pariahs. Peter and Jane Fonda are icons in that depraved world.

  37. Vince P Says:

    What about Ben Hardy. Dude never got the proper credit for building those Pans. Those bikes made that movie along with the Soundtrack.

  38. jrino Says:

    Ageing yes. Rebel no. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth like many in hollyweird he had a ton given to him, and like his sister was dulled to all the Vets that gave a portion of, or, their lives for this country. His Father, to his credit, actually served { Bronze Star}.

  39. Sieg Says:

    Peter Fonda, all class…

    “We should rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles”.

    On Border Patrol agents;

    “We should find out what schools their children go to and surround the schools in protest.”


    “See if mother will stand up against the giant asshole she is married to,”

    On Stephen Miller:

    “…the Pixie from Dixie let the immigrants with children into the country so they can take the children away and incarcerate them and deport the parents without their children. UNACCEPTABLE! Goebbels Miller is unfit to establish this practice as government policy. NAZI!”
    er, he’s Jewish

    On so many of us:

    “It’s so embarrassing with these ignorant, immoral, bigots decimating our democracy and becoming a kakistocracy right before our eyes. Be prepared for an even more authoritarian decent when the curtain is pulled back on this totally unwizardly dolt and his klan of dangerous fools.”

    Fonda was an entitled cunt of a rich kid, don’t let the fact that he earned millions off our lifestyle fake you out.


  40. Stoney Says:

    RIP easy rider hope to meet you in Valhalla. But I hope your cunt sister rots in hell.

  41. Sieg Says:

    Rotz in a Box

    ER, mildly entertaining, you could just as soon switch the pic off and listen to the music.

    Peter Fonda? Commie punk sucks cock in hell, and I hope his sister joins him there soon.


  42. BigV Says:

    Well, I don’t wish anything bad on anyone- including him or his sister, but I will say fuck them both.

    Those were two coke dealers who had bikes.

    Fun fact: You remember Grizzly Adams ? Dan Haggerty ? He helped build and maintain those sleds.

    I’ve always wondered with how much money a key of new school cost back then, how in the living fuck did they take clear vinyl tubing, stuff it full of 100’s and then have enough room in the gas tanks not to stop every block that had a gas station, much less the tubing shift and jam the petcock.

    Always loved how Fonda and Hopper had to put down the little people. The farmer shoeing his horse helps them with a tire plug, and then feeds the two assholes. They are from “EL LAY”. The farmer always intended to go to LA but as a little person unlike Hopper or Fonda- he never made it. And they snicker at his wife who apparently speaks little English as well as the farmer’s brood of children. Classy guys.

    The people in Lousiana were portrayed as hateful and ignorant. In fact unless you were Nicholson, Hopper, or Fonda- everybody was hateful and ignorant.

    The place where they staged the bike destruction and presumed death of Billy and Wyatt was on the Atchafalaya River. I been there. I think it was literally called Levee Road. When I was there in 2004 someone had put a roadside monument up for Billy and Wyatt and “The American Dream”.

    Knew a pair of dudes named Hood and Cooley who wrote some lyrics I found particularly poignant at the time. “…plastic flowers on the highway… drove a little slower, if only for a while…”

    Thanks Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper- your little arthouse shit show paved the way for Sutter.

    Before that biker pictures didn’t get any ink and they were all Roger Corman and Poverty Row type pictures. Easy Rider ripped the gates off hell and perdition followed.

  43. Woodstock Says:

    Sonny did a more abbreviated critique that was right on the money too. Its not a motorcycle movie. Its a movie about two drug dealers that ride motorcycles.

  44. Paladin Says:

    László Kovács was the cinematographer on Easy Rider. He was a great guy. I had the pleasure of working with him in 1980 on a film with Sissy Spacek and Nick Nolte. Those were good times.


  45. Jeff H Says:

    In a September 1969 interview with Rolling Stone writer Elizabeth Campbell, Peter Fonda explained “’Easy rider’ is a Southern term for a whore’s old man, not a pimp, but the dude who lives with a chick. Because he’s got the easy ride. Well, that’s what’s happened to America, man. Liberty’s become a whore, and we’re all taking an easy ride.” Peter certainly got a lot of mileage out it.

  46. Va. Bob Says:

    One thing,though.MAGA hat wearing folk don’t shoot dudes off bikes.They might even have kin who own scoots. I guess you meant that antifa-supporting Hollywood directors and producers would do that agit-prop shit.

  47. Shovelhead Says:

    This movie turned me on to Steppenwolf for the first time. I never looked back. Some of the Drive in Biker flicks before Easyrider were cool movies but the background music sucked. Wild Angels was a good one. Hells Angels 69 was better mostly because it had the real Oakland HA’s in it. But still the music was terrible.

    Damn, wish we still had Drive In theaters, didn’t matter if the movie was good, smoke some grass, eat some pizza from the greasy snack bar and all was good!

  48. Va. Bob Says:

    Rebel,that’s probably the best explanation of the Movie “Easy Rider” ,to date.And hey,too bad Hanoi Jane couldn’t meet The Reaper first.

  49. Nihilist Says:

    Fuckin’ ay. All the cool shit this guy did, and then his capstone is to be memorialized by Rebel. Right on.

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