That Stench In Vegas

August 13, 2019

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That Stench In Vegas

The government has finally painted itself into a corner, in the Mojave in the hottest month of summer so as to keep the national press away, Not that the national press bothers to cover big trials anymore – trials always last very, very, very many news cycles. This is in the city built on stolen water, with the brightest lights and the crookedest cops in the country; where it is impossible to turn on the television without being bombarded by adds for ambulance chasers; in the only state where it is actually legal to be a whore. You can smell all that glamor, glitz, justice and neon ozone 300 miles away at the coast.

It smells like burning rubber.

The government has a plan. It is going to shoot its way out of this jam with tear gas. It is what the government always does. It herds jurors where it wants them to go with a blinding, burning stench of outright lies.

Eight members of the Vagos Motorcycle Club including former club president Pastor Fausto Palafox, Albert Lopez, Albert Benjamin Perez, James Patrick Gillespie, Ernesto Manuel Gonzalez, Bradley Michael Campos, Cesar Vaquera Morales and Diego Chavez Garcia went on trial in federal court in Las Vegas yesterday. The case is the culmination of a nine-year-effort by the Department of Justice to develop a rationale for criminalizing membership in the club.

New And Improved Justice

The trial epitomizes a disturbing trend in American federal justice to target fringe groups, like motorcycle clubs, as potentially criminal. The real police work becomes a cat and mouse game to entrap the potential criminals into doing something that is actually criminal. And if that does not work, desperate men can always be blackmailed into lying for the government. After all, who would choose to spend 20 years in prison when a little, creative testimony, a less than perfect memory, can knock off 90 percent of that sentence. And if that isn’t enough, government agents and government prosecutors are also capable of just lying. Just blatantly lying.

That is what is happening in Vegas right now. That is what anyone who isn’t nose blind can smell.

The press will play its usual part. It would be unreasonable to expect the press to question what the police tell them to say. The press should never question authority. The press should thank authority for its service. That is what the coverage of this trial is going to be like.


This how bad the stink already is out here at the beach. In a story this morning about a law-broken and desperate, 49-year-old man named Aaron Luther, who decided to make his final stand yesterday against an army of Highway Patrolman and local cops after just one too many routine traffic stops, the Los Angeles Times reported: “Local investigators initially thought Luther had ties to the Vagos motorcycle gang, one of the nation’s largest and most dangerous outlaw biker gangs, alongside Hell’s Angels and the Mongols.”

Actually, Luther was never a Vago. But for the great police manipulators of public information Luther’s fatal shootout with police was, at the least, another tire to throw on the fire.


This will be a case based on what criminal lawyers call “surplusage.” Surplusage is a tricky legal concept that defines, on a case by case basis, what information is relevant and what is not.

Surplusage is, for example and arguably, the long disquisition prosecutors gave jurors in the Mongol Nation case on the various colored wings that might adorn an outlaws personal vest. Red wings symbolize oral sex with a menstruating woman. White wings symbolize sloppy seconds. The coveted blue wings symbolize nonconsensual sex after the body of the object of one’s affections has begun to stiffen and cool.

Hypothetically, the jury didn’t need to hear of that. But actually it did hear it. There are a bunch of nice, suburban jurors out there now who will never be the same. They heard what prosecutors wanted them to hear. The real point wasn’t titillation. The point was to show a panel of squares haw depraved motorcycle outlaws are. “See,” the prosecutors were really saying, “these defendants aren’t even humans. They are nothing like you. You shouldn’t even try to empathize with them. Why they are little better than zombies.”

Expect a lot of that in this case.


This case is built on official corruption and lies. Even now, the names of two liars ring out in the halls of the district court.

One of them is a corrupt, Los Angeles County cop named Agostino Brancato and the other is a former Vago named Stuart Gary “Jabbers” Rudnick

Brancato is long-time, known associate of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives who infiltrated the Vagos by throwing hundred dollars bills around while pretending to be a big shot gangster. Who among us can turn our backs on easy money?

Brancato poorly played a stock part in a drama the ATF rehearses over and over. His angle was that he needed friends. Bikers always fall for that. He had money to share. Bikers often need money. “I’ve got a $500,000 coke deal going on for my family. If I fuck it up, they’ll kill me.” He told his new friends to come to an easy-money drug deal armed.

Brancato committed crimes in the hopes of enticing Vagos to join in the fun. When they did not betray him they became his co-conspirators.

After one entrapment party, Brancato forgot to turn off the microphone he had hidden in a key fob. He had tried to convince a Vago to sell him drugs but the Vago had refused. Brancato’s microphone continued to record while he telephoned his case agent.

“You fucked that up,” the case agent told Brancato. “Now he can prove entrapment.”

“I don’t care,” Brancato said. “Maniak sold me the shit.”

“But he didn’t,” the agent replied, “because you fucked up.”


Rudnick is a stupid and mean drunk who insisted on provoking a stupid and fatal fight with a small group of Hells Angels in John Ascuaga’s Casino Resort in Sparks, Nevada in 2011. The Angels would up there by accident. The Angel who booked the rooms there was later expelled from his club. The Angels presence was not an intentional provocation. But Rudnick used the mistake as an excuse to provoke a deadly fight.

For almost an hour, Vago after Vago tried to convince Rudnick to stop being beligerant. He refused, so an Angel named Jeffrey Pettigrew died; Rudnick was expelled from the Vagos; and a Vago named Ernesto Manuel Gonzalez was charged with murder. Pettigrew was in a furious fight when he died.

Gonzalez shot him to protect the lives of two Vagos. Rudnick sat out the brawl hiding under a slot machine. When he was later charged with murder he told a lie federal investigators had made up for him. He said he only instigated the fight with Pettigrew because that was what the Vagos wanted him to do.

The trial will continue tomorrow.

If you live within 500 miles downwind of Vegas close your windows.


16 Responses to “That Stench In Vegas”

  1. Paladin Says:

    That’s Voll NOT Vole. My apologies to Jeff. There are times when one’s fingers and one’s brain don’t always sync up.


  2. Paladin Says:


    Jeff Vole is a friend of mine as well. Unlike others, Shyster’s no rat.


  3. Rebel Says:

    Dear Mikey,

    No Jeff Voll did not flip. Jeff Voll is a friend of mine. It is just not yet Shyster’s turn in the Justice Casino.


  4. Mikey Says:

    What happened to the lawyer shyster Jeffrey Voll? He turned?

  5. Phuquehed Says:

    Amazing the similarity(ies) between rats and pigs.

  6. 78Airhead Says:

    Related to the Aaron Luther side story: If cali hadn’t outlawed modern sporting rifles, there’d be no dead people related to this traffic stop. He had done his time, had his life back together, didn’t feel like going back. No surprise he did what he did. Murder is wrong but so is locking people up for inanimate object posession… and owning plants, or bikes, or colors… Possible three strikes thing, too.

  7. HailSatan Says:

    @ Bruka
    More like an out of control psychotic murdering rampage.

  8. Ben Says:

    I forgot all about Rudnick and the Pettigrew killing. It was almost 8 years ago. I thought this old shit was over, like the yoyo fad. This quote from a news story helped jog my memory about what Rudnick has done over the years, “Fleming asked jurors to be particularly skeptical of accounts from former Vagos member Gary “Jabbers” Rudnick, who the attorney said instigated the fight with Pettigrew. He became a government witness to avoid a possible 25-year prison sentence and instead served two years for conspiracy to commit murder.

    Rudnick in 2017 recanted his “green light” testimony in Gonzalez’s state court trial. Fleming derided the idea that Rudnick has returned to his original account of an assassination plot and “green light” order.” So Rudnick started as a Vago, turned government witness, then, perhaps to assuage his conscious, publicly stated that his testimony was a lie, given out of self-interest. And now, he’s going to be a government witness again. This is why I remembered yoyos. Rudnick is a living, breathing, lying yoyo. He must have been on call for the government during all those years. Now, they can use him, because they have a case in Nevada, the only state where it’s legal to be a whore. Call girls and call boys don’t carry the same stigma here, as they do elsewhere. If the prosecution must resort to using this old, over the hill, downtrodden, way past his prime, call boy, then, one can’t have much faith in the rest of the evidence they are going to present. What’s holding this case together is old, yellowing cellophane tape.

  9. Bruka Says:

    @HailSatan … Kinda sounds like a furious fight to me.

  10. Dago Says:

    This is the same “murder” that Romeo (Ernesto) was overturned on based on Jabbers BS

    TF gets another shot at the frame job.


  11. Not Surprised Says:

    Well written, Rebel. I was unaware of the Luther connection.

  12. HailSatan Says:

    Pettigrew threw the first punch, pulled the first gun, shot 3 people, pistiol whipped another and was in the process of stomping someone to death. When he got stopped. He was not “in a furious fight”.

  13. No one important Says:

    In the words of Martin Niemoller, “Then they came for me- and there was no one left to speak for me.”

  14. Paladin Says:

    @ SoCal;

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

    Long May You Ride,


  15. FF Says:

    This entrapment scenario sounds eerily similar to the one Aging Rebel wrote about in Out Bad. The Mongols were hired ostensibly for security for a fake drug deal completely fabricated and orchestrated by ATF agents (the bottom of LE food chain).

    Brancato is probably a crackhead and Jabbers is the doll Lester with somebody else’s hand jammed up his ass.

    Good luck to the Vagos MC.

  16. SoCal Says:

    How odd… No comments. Not even from the armchair lawyers?

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