North Carolina Murder Trial

July 13, 2019

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North Carolina Murder Trial

Sometimes playing motorcycle outlaw is more serious than dressing up in costume and posing on your new Harley.

According to an Asheboro, North Carolina prosecutor named Kingsley C. Dozier and a Denver “motorcycle gang expert” named Doug Pearson, a 27-year-old member of the Iron Patriots Motorcycle Club named Larry Wayne Campbell didn’t live long enough to learn that hard truth. According to them, that is how Campbell wound up dead in the parking lot of a joint called BBQ Joe’s Country Cooking, in Trinity. North Carolina three days before Christmas in 2017.

The Iron Patriots had recently changed the words on their bottom rocker from “Band of Brothers” to “North Carolina.” According to Dozier and Pearson that is why a member of the Winston-Salem charter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club named Michael Isaac Russ shot and killed him. And, also according to Dozier and Pearson, Campbell never saw it coming.

Innocent Victim

“There is no evidence…no evidence at all…that Larry knew or had any inkling at all…that wearing this…this bottom rocker of ‘North Carolina’…was going to get him killed,” Dozier told the jury yesterday. He was “new” to motorcycles. He had only owned one bike in his life. “He was wearing the wrong clothes and said the wrong thing to the wrong person when he said, ‘We have a right to be here.’”

And Campbell was a nice man. “The night before he was slain, he was with his grandma,” the prosecutor argued. “That tells you a lot about Larry.”


Pearson is a rising star among motorcycle gang experts. He is a former with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, is currently an officer with the Aurora, Colorado Police Department and he has been deputized as a Task Force Officer with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to observe the Loughlin River Run, Sturgis, the Mongols national run, the Bandido national run and the Hells Angels USA run. Mostly he lectures other policemen about motorcycle clubs in “professional development courses” including one addressing the topic of “how realistic” the television program Sons of Anarchy was. He previously testified as an expert at the trials of Bandido Howard Wayne Baker in Fort Worth in June 2017 and the trial of Bandido Christopher Jacob Carrizal in Waco the following October.

Pearson has testified that motorcycle clubs are criminal enterprises. In general, prosecutors use his testimony to convince juries that motorcycle club members are potential criminals, consequently, juries should assume that those members are actually criminal. That syllogism is at the heart of most criminal prosecutions involving motorcycle club members and is the point of most police expert testimony in those prosecutions.

In Russ’s case, Pearson testified that the Hells Angels were one percenters and that the Iron Patriots were not. He lied about the origin of the term “one percenter.” He testified that the Iron Patriots were “absolutely not a one percent motorcycle club” but rather a “Mom and Pop” club. And he told the jury that Campbell died because his club had changed its bottom rocker to indicate that it was claiming preeminence or co-preeminence in North Carolina.

Self Defense

Russ testified in his own defense. He said that when he saw Campbell’s patch he stopped to introduce himself. He said Campbell pulled a gun on him and that he fired in self defense then ran away. “He’s going to kill me. I’m getting ready to die,” Russ said he thought when Campbell pulled a gun. “I put the truck in gear and I got out of there.”

In closing arguments, Russ’s lawyer, Thomas Manning, told the jury a gunshot wound to Campbell’s hand indicated he was aiming his gun when he was wounded.

The jury got the case yesterday afternoon and will resume deliberations on Monday.


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  1. Darlene Hurd Says:
    has been established to help gain awareness of the case against Mike Russ, and the travesty of so-called “justice” that has occurred with this. Clearly a case of self-defense with so much evidence to support this, and yet the “kangaroo court” was allowed every chance to make a mockery of his rights and continually denied the chances for the evidence to be heard by the jury.

    PLEASE, check out the website, and donate a few bucks, to help get him a decent appellate defender to show the multitude of erroneous legal proceedings that occurred in his case and jury trial and hopefully, get something “righted” from all this wrong.
    The other part of this is, if we can gain back some of the rights that are afforded by this country’s constitution, maybe we can keep others from ending up in similar situations in the FUTURE!
    Give what you can, and SPREAD THE WORD!

    THANK YOU!— Mike’s Mom

  2. bcnasty Says:

    Still kicking. I am limited to the three hour rides myself due to a condition. I just have to stop for a few then another three hours and so on. my digits still the same. A lot of shit this year and last but should be down there possibly in October. Tell our mutual friends I sent ML&R

  3. Jon nichols Says:

    I live in NC and have my whole life. I’m also from the black and white world . I live in the DMZ of 81 & us.That is not their style . While we dont see eye to eye . I respect them and their capabilities you will see them comming and it wont be just one . If .

  4. russell1946 Says:

    @ bcnasty

    Glad to see you’re still kickin’.

    Turned 72 a while back, and am wearing a device over my heart.

    Doctors don’t want me to do long-haul runs anymore… so, I shatter the silence of the north Florida and Georgia skies on sunny days.

    Hope all is well with you and yours.

  5. white witch Says:

    @ bcnasty, well said.

    ride free
    white witch

  6. Shovel Says:

    Where’s Rebel? Sturgis?

  7. bcnasty Says:

    I may be a has been but you will never see me show disrespect for another club. I have my preferences but a life style taught me trust the man not the patch and that meant sometimes not the one wearing same as me.
    Respects to those deserving.

  8. Paladin Says:

    @ HFMR;

    You can get my contact information from Rebel.


  9. HFMR Says:

    I’m Mike’s ex wife and the mother of his sons. I attended the trial and watched in disbelief as the horseshit was being tossed around by DA Clown and the jury was catching it with their mouths during his circus act. I’ll name a few of the law violations that occurred during and before trial so all of the ignorant, judgmental and uninformed pricks can be informed based off facts and not assumptions. Let me clear one thing up first. Mike has always introduced himself to other bikers in cuts and bikers without cuts that ended with a handshake, exchanging numbers and Mike turning the wrench to help them out, even prior to being a club member and I’ve known him 16 years. Side note, HA is good friends/acquaintances with the IPMC and the bottom rocker accusation is a joke. This was solely self defense and within the rights of the second amendment. North Carolina courts have held that art. I, § 30 protects the ability of individuals to bear arms for defense of self and property.
    1. The key witness, Pruitt, statement had changed while taking the stand. 3 times in which I can only recall two. After the incident, he stated that Campbell had a gun and pulled first. Two statements were made saying this. On the stand, he said Campbell did not have a gun. He said Mike had another person with him. Mistrial denied.
    2. The DA goes to church and is friends with one of the members of the jury.
    3. Judge Crooked was ready to allow the jury to have evidence they asked for that had not been submitted into evidence. The Defenders stopped it from happening. Mistrial denied. Side note: The Prosecutor had evidence that was being withheld from the Defenders pre-trial.
    4. The Prosecutor was allowed to speak on motorcycle “gangs” everyday for a week. He was even allowed to bring in an expert who knew what 1% meant. Can someone tell me what the fuck this has to do with his trial? Mike was not wearing his cut during the incident and more importantly, he is supposed to be tried as an individual. Not as an affiliate of a group of people that had nothing to do with the matter.
    5. The judge denied the jury the video evidence they had requested while they were on the last day of deliberations. Yes. There was video evidence that Campbell pulled a gun first and a forensic expert took the stand to clarify and break it down for anyone who tried to deny the facts. Mistrial denied.
    6. Violation of the Eighth Amendment as Mike was denied bail throughout the entire process as well as receiving cruel and unusual punishment while incarcerated. Out of 70, sometimes more, people in his pod, he was the only one shackled each time he had to use the bathroom, shower, etc. They even shackled him when our sons went for a visit. He was stripped searched twice a day, everyday. He was surrounded by 7 officers during the entire trial. They even had snipers on the roof. How does that look to a group of jurors? It looks like Mike is a monster. A picture was painted and it worked for the Prosecution team.
    7. Not only did the judge give the jury no time to finish deliberating the sentencing while they were dead locked, he threw the max at him. Mike has no criminal history, he conducted himself accordingly throughout this entire process, his character never faulted from who he is, and there were no aggravating factors in this case; yet he was given max. This is a violation of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.
    This list is only a few, very few, unethical and illegal practices that were implemented within this trial. This case wasn’t about facts and ones rights to protect themselves. We all know why he was tried so unjustly and that should have nothing to do with anything in this matter. Mike is a great father, one of the smartest people I know, a hard worker and a good person overall. This is coming from his ex wife. Keep that in mind. He is an innocent man who was being made an example of at the expense of our little boys and his family. Anyone who reads this and knows a way to help him regain his freedom that he risked for all of us as a Marine, please reach out.

  10. xplor Says:

    Hold your friends close but your enemies closer. Can Doug Pearson pass the Daubert challenge ?
    Is the ATF is having trouble with their old experts.
    Things to check are Brady and Giglio. Police departments keep Lewis lists . That is police officers
    that have filed false reports or commited crimes. They don’t want anyone to know and try to hide
    them from the court. Sometimes the prosecutors helps them.

  11. Not Surprised Says:

    @ Tramp: your comment makes the most sense.

  12. Not Surprised Says:

    @Anonymous. Thanks for correcting me.

  13. JoeBoy Says:

    Well, FF, I think you are cherry picking. I think every generation has plenty of fucking cucks running around beating their chest declaring themselves to uphold all of the values that you listed and all of the values in line with wearing a righteous patch. I’m sure it was probably an issue in your generation too, you just didn’t have Facebook, Instagram, and the niche media outlets like AG that actually report in depth on this stuff. Out of sight out of mind right? Like I said, I know plenty of old timers who have REALLY fucked it all up. You mention the Warlock shooting, none of them guys are spring chickens that’s for sure. The IOMC was founded by that Geezer Ray Lublowski and some other old guys and cops, too. Maybe these younger guys you picked out for your examples could have been shown better examples by the older generation? Not passing the blame buck, but I am saying you can’t act like the previous generation is blame-free. Anyways, don’t mean to side-bar and get off topic. Ride Safe.

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