Undercover Drunks By Gaslight

July 10, 2019

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Undercover Drunks By Gaslight

The first step in all successful cover ups is to slow everything down.

That’s certainly what happened in Waco after federal, state and local police there instigated a deadly attack by members of the Cossacks Motorcycle on members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club on May 17, 2015. That’s what happened after an ugly episode of police thuggery in a Pittsburgh bar named Kopy’s.


The second step in a coverup is an official campaign of gaslighting. Gaslighting is a blatant form of psychological manipulation. Psychology Today says:

“Gaslighting is a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality. It works much better than you may think. Anyone is susceptible to gaslighting, and it is a common technique of abusers, dictators, narcissists, and cult leaders. It is done slowly, so the victim doesn’t realize how much they’ve been brainwashed. For example, in the movie Gaslight (1944), a man manipulates his wife to the point where she thinks she is losing her mind.

In Waco, authorities duped the international press into reporting that the Bandidos had attacked the Cossacks – over and over and over. Gaslighting can become astoundingly satire proof. Last week the President of the United States called press releases issued by two of his cabinet members and on the record statements in federal court “fake news.” In Waco Abel Reyna, the local district attorney, told a jury that a video of two Cossacks executing an unaffiliated, 65-year-old Vietnam Vet named Jesus Delgado “Jesse” “Mohawk” Rodriguez showed the executioners acting in self-defense.

Change The Subject

The final stage in an official coverup, after changing the subject from, say, police brutality to the danger to all of us inherent in “handcuffing” the police, is to ignore the real issue and declare the phony issue resolved. In Waco, that magical moment came last April when Reyna’s successor, a gutless apparatchik named Barry Johnson, dismissed charges against the remaining 24 defendants in that case. The issue had long ceased to be why Waco happened – or what it meant or the manner in which the public was gaslighted about it told us about the state of the nation. Johnson issued a bland statement to the effect that after four years he still just couldn’t figure out a way to pin the “biker brawl” on its victims.

This process of covering up recurs in nearly every criminal case involving members of, for want of a better term, outlaw motorcycle clubs. Yesterday in Pittsburgh, another biker case just ripened and fell to the ground where it can now be devoured by rodents This one, involving four Pagans and four, very drunk, Pittsburgh police officers in plain clothes, began last October 12.

Naming Names

The cops were named David Honick, David Lincoln, Brian Burgunder and Brian Martin. While they were in a bar named Kopy’s, Honick had at least 13 drinks, Burgunder had 19;, Martin had 14 and Lincoln had seven. In general, police consider civilians to be legally intoxicated after three or four drinks. It turned out, in Pittsburgh, cops on the job can be as drunk as they want to be.

The drunk cops harassed and then attacked the four Pagans – Frank Deluca, Michael Zokaites, Erik Heitzenrater and Bruce Thomas – because they wanted to chase them out of the bar. It was a territorial thing. As far as the cops were concerned , any bar they were in was their bar. The cops branished guns. As they beat the the Pagans, one cop yelled “Feel it, faggot. Feel it.”

After the attack, the four victims were all charged with aggravated assault, conspiracy to commit aggravated assault and riot.


Eight days before the police attack, an Allegheny County Investigating Grand Jury issued a report accusing the Pittsburgh Police Department and the local police union of attempting to obstruct justice during the investigation of the killing of a man named Christopher Mark Thompkins in January 2017. The report was not made public until months after the Kopy’s incident.

Whenever any of us has a bad day, don’t we all just go find somebody who can’t fight back and beat the Hell out of him? Where is the harm in that?

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, published a love letter to the four drunken cops and called it an editorial. It called the four thugs a “calm, level- headed presence” who acted with “a calm and professional manner despite being faced with a chaotic situation,” The belligerents, the newspaper explained, were “human beings” who “deal with incredible stress and unbelievable risk.”

Oh yes. The incredible stress of sitting in a bar and getting sloppy drunk.


Ironically, there was a video of the whole incident which contradicted both the story the cops made up and the Tribune-Review’s bullshit. Police knew about the video. They tried to suppress it. It surfaced anyway.

So the case slowed way down. Charges against the four victims were eventually dropped. The four cops were given vacations. The story went into hibernation for nine months – until yesterday.

Yesterday, the city of Pittsburgh announced that after three investigations, apparently by the three blind mice, no criminal charges will be filed against the brutal thugs. The four will be punished by being reassigned out of the lucrative and prestigious Narcotics and Vice Division. A couple of police commanders have switched jobs. “New guidelines” have been put in place.


24 Responses to “Undercover Drunks By Gaslight”

  1. Dasein Says:

    fayettenamhoe: You’ve become boring; the damaged artist within has been run to death by the needy whiner outside. Find the strength to shut up for a while. You used to be something like great, at least I thought so. Now you’re just another commercial for the normalcy of mental illness.

  2. fayettenamhoe Says:

    say it! or are your pipes louder than life?

  3. Neuro Says:

    Yep, it is all over. FTP

  4. 10G Says:

    If the average joe citizen had any idea about how these mfers act there would be rioting in the streets. It’s not just this city either…it’s all over.
    Fuck em

  5. david Says:

    On the no charges being filed on the pigs, the mayor’s support of the shit, and the sleep-walking people of Pittsburgh.

    The primary operating imperative of the city’s government today is not to ensure everyone is treated equally under the law, but to SERVE ITSELF first, and maintain CONTROL through any and all means available, irrespective of ANY law and the people’s concerns. The city serves ITSELF.

    In keeping with this twisted approach to “governing”, while most sleep, Pittsburgh gov. has dismantled the checks and balances which exist to restrain gov. actions, including those embodied in the Consti. AND natural law. The situation has progressed to such a degree gov. in America is no longer accountable to the people who created it and, the people are in fact, subjugated.

    Today, the gov. is a “government without law” because the Constitution has been rendered dysfunctional. Therefore, the Consti. NO LONGER serves to define how it operates nor does it limit gov. power, as it was created by the people to do.

    The people provided gov. change ONLY by amendment.If the gov. has been changed by usurpation of a self-selected few answerable only to large business-men, then the Consti. IS dysfunctional and the people’s gov. overthrown by the wealthy, corrupt, few. While the people slept, this is exactly what HAS happened.

    While the corp. known as Pittsburgh, and the office-holders, serve THEMSELVES with pay, pensions, benefits and lying press releases, they still find time to give EACH OTHER “public service” awards, pats on the back and commendations. What balls.

  6. Uesque Says:

    Philly isn’t really Pennsylvania, it’s more like a suburb of New Jersey.

  7. Phuquehed Says:

    Oh yeah. I just have to see or hear ‘Pennsylvania’ and I think ‘Philadelphia’. For some reason Pittsburgh doesn’t even come to mind.

  8. rollinnorth Says:

    You’re thinking of Philly, Phuquehed?
    Pittsburgh was known as “Iron City” as in pig iron.


  9. Phuquehed Says:

    And this is the city where justice, our Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights is supposed to have begun. These four pigs and those defending them by not prosecuting them, are the shit-stains of the nation. Rope. Tree. Some assembly required.

  10. your mother Says:

    David Honick, David Lincoln, Brian Burgunder and Brian Martin…. Just something to think about.


  11. Iron Rider Says:

    Nothing like a good old fashioned White Wash, I am sure the local rag will be getting lots of police exclusive stories fed there way for their wonderful love in piece of journalism and ignoring the real fact of the events that occurred, what there’s video, oh that doesnt tell the whole story.

    Of course the city says no criminal actions took place, got to avoid culpability when the lawsuits go to trial but we all know how that will work the citizens will pay for the settlements and the cops and city will claim there was no admission of good in the settlement so nothing happened

    Course if this was a bunch of bikers that attacked the cops , those guys would still be rattling the bars with ridiculously high or no bail and the police and media screaming how more taxpayer dollars are need to keep the cops safe and even more laws enacted to better protect them from the ruthless public that is roaming the streets to cause police who are just trying to do the right thing harm

    Just another example of how there is a different system for law enforcement and a different one for everyone else

  12. Mark Says:

    Sue and the citizens will pay the bills as they should for electing such despicable parasites to run the city. The local news will not cover the cost of a jury award or out of court settlement so the people that pay the bill will not know they are being fleeced. As far as Paladin’s idea of contacting the feds to do a criminal civil rights case against the room temperature IQ number cops, it’s a crap shoot that has very low odds. And running the risk that the FBI may end up charging some of the victims with lying to them and they get sent to a federal pen someplace. Bottom line: Just go for all the money that can be had and use that money wisely and life is good.

  13. Trebor Says:

    Certain amount of self righteousness goes with carrying a badge and gun.The oath taken gets watered down as years go by and because of the thin blue line and the bubble most law enforcement are forced to live in.Easy to explain yourself I guess when you cross that line and you take a us versus them mentality.Back that up witb spineless politicians who wont jeopardize their careers speaking out against shit like this cuz they are worried about upsetting the police unions.Same thing with reporters.Dont want to lose that”in”when it comes to getting the story.Meantime fringe groups like motorcycle clubs have to prove their innocence instead of law enforcement having to prove their guilt.Thank be that there was cell video as well as security video.Glad the bar owner made a copy before handing the original to the cops who found the video didnt record correctly.Gee imagine that.Without the proof otherwise open and shut case and cops would have been hailed heroes how they handled those so called thugs instead of the way it really turned out.Drunk shitbags with badges

  14. Psycho Says:

    While the David’s and Brian’s are getting white girl trashed, and picking on anyone they feel like because they have guns, and letters of marque from their local city council, somehow there are still brainwashed civilians insisting there’s a “war on cops.”
    Even the worst of the bootlickers have to see the problem here. A badge and a costume issued by your local constabulatory do not grant special rights.
    If only the ATF knew that this organization known as the Philadelphia police department existed, they could try strip them of their insignia.

  15. white witch Says:

    Great reporting Rebel, Nothing new except the video. Cops have been kicking peoples ass and protecting each other as long as there have been cops.
    The fucked up part is that the elected officials that will not hold them accountable.
    Cops will be cops that is who they are. But the voters put their bosses in office!!

    ride free
    white witch

  16. xplor Says:

    Poor Lee Baca and the Lynwood  Vikings . Pull up your pants so we can see your tat.

  17. Paladin Says:

    Someone should be taking this to the feds. The FBI went after Sheriff Baca and his thugs for much less than what is seen here. Based on this Country’s current low opinion of the FBI, one would think the FBI would jump at the chance to add a little polish to their lack-luster reputation.

    Once again the Pittsburgh police have proved that with extremely rare exceptions, law enforcement agencies, be they federal, state, or local are incapable of policing themselves.


  18. Stoney Says:

    fucking A sue the shit out of them and the PD and the city. four cowardly bullies call for back up then when they out number the Pagans and have guns then they become bad asses. Sounds like good prospects for the IO if you ask me.

  19. stroker Says:

    There is no justice anymore in the USofA……
    it’s “Just Us” against the machine.
    You won’t get “justice” unless you’re rich, or in law enforcement.

    Thanks for the update Rebel.
    As always, great reporting on the slimey things that crawl amongst us.

  20. freebird Says:

    The tree of liberty has not been refreshed in a long time

    Guess the million dollar question is how much longer can it live……

  21. Oregon Moose Says:

    An absolute shame that the police officers are not being charged with any crime considering that their behavior certainly merits it. Not surprising at all though. Especially in a city as corrupt as Pittsburgh.

    I’m not a particularly sue-happy person. Don’t have a high opinion of ambulance-chasers and frivolous law suits. However, I believe that at both Waco and in this case in Pittsburgh the only justice (or semblance of justice) will be found in civil actions. Sue their asses off and make them bleed money. Eventually if they bleed enough, they will be forced to make change. In the interim, at least those who’s lives have been significantly altered by the corrupt law enforcement will at least be able to enjoy some benefit from their situations.


  22. jrino Says:

    The video should be used to sue the police for excessive force. Any jury in their right minds will look at the drinking record of the cops and find there was a serious violation of civil rights and police regulations. Civil court will be less accommodating to the cops.

  23. Shovel Says:

    Thanks Reb for the low down on “gaslighting.” To be fore-warned is to be forearmed – ha ha.

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