Your Phone Is Tapped

June 27, 2019

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Your Phone Is Tapped

Once upon a time, at its public events, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club used to sell a sticker that said, “Your phone is tapped.” Apparently the club ran out of those stickers sometime last year.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested three people in Modesto, California Tuesday. They were Randy Picchi, who is the 61-year-old founder and, president of the Hells Angels Modesto charter; his wife Tina Picchi, and Michael Mize, who was selling methamphetamine, marijuana and Percocet the Picchis allegedly sold him. A fourth arrestee, Hells Angels prospect Michael Pack, was arrested by Modesto police on April 19 carrying 499 grams of methamphetamine.

Simultaneous to the arrests, federal and local police searched the club’s Modesto clubhouse and two homes.


In a criminal complaint, FBI Special Agent Brian Huberty describes a small time drug dealing ring. According to Huberty, Randy Picchi sold methamphetamine to Mize. Usually Tina Picchi but sometimes Pack would deliver the drugs to Mize and other dealers identified in the complaint with names like “Black” and “Tab.” Tina Picchi described the deliveries as her “errands.” It seems like it was a fairly simple case to make. The FBI tapped everybody’s telephones, followed them around and made common traffic stops for about four months beginning last February.

The complaint includes long passages from the wiretap transcripts and they are often embarrassing to read, as if one if eavesdropping on a couple’s very private, personal conversations. They read like that because that is what the FBI did.

The FBI eavesdropped on a conversation between Mr. and Mrs. Picchi on April 17, 2019. “Tina Picchi called Randy Picchi and told Randy Picchi that Mize wanted to speak to him. Mize took the phone from Tina Picci and, using coded language, he and Randy Picchi discussed a bad batch of drugs that, based on the context, Randy Picchi had supplied.”

Mom And Pop

Mize: Hello
RP: What’s up Bro?
Mize: The other item that I had.
RP: Huh?
Mize: The other item that I have had. You know?
RP: Yah.
Mize: Okay…. haha … Its uh. It went bad bro. It didn’t cook right to begin with and…uh fuck…it made me sick and its making other people sick and they are turning it down. So… umm…I was wondering if there is…haha…something we could correct it with you know.
RP: Yah Yah. Let me talk to her.
Mize: Okay.

Huberty can’t stop himself from explaining this little conversation.

“I interpret this call as Mize telling Randy Picchi that he had gotten bad drugs. Mize says that “’his other item’ that he had ‘went bad,’ ‘didn’t cook right,’ and ‘made me sick and its making other people sick and they are turning it down.’ i believe this is a reference to controlled substances. I know that drug traffickers often use slang to avoid detection and that certain narcotics, such as methamphetamine, are prepared in a process referred to as ‘cooking.’ Therefore, when Mize said ‘this other item’ ‘didn’t cook right’ I believe he was indicating that methamphetamine didn’t cook well and as a result it was making him sick and making other people sick. Mize also asked if there was ‘something we could correct it with,’ which indicates that he wanted Randy Picchi to fix the bad batch of methamphetamine and that Randy Picchi was responsible for the narcotics.”

“After Randy Picchi said ‘Let me talk to her,’ Mize then passed the phone back to Tina Picchi. Randy and Tina Picchi then discussed how to fix the batch of narcotics.”

OK Listen

Randy: It boils back to that one that ain’t worth a fuck huh?
Tina: That’s right yah and I don’t really want….
Randy: Ok listen.
Tine: Yes.
Randy: Take it and the one you just got and his back and mix it and then re – do it.
Tina: Okay.
Randy: I am telling you, ‘cause I am not going to take a loss on it.
Tina: No I know. We’re not. So you just want me to put what’s left of this one in with this new one?
Randy: Hey shut up.
Tina: Ok, alright. I just want to understand.
Randy: You got a big mouth cunt!
Tina: Ok. There ain’t nobody even in the room.
Randy: Yah I can hear that motherfucker.
Tina: It’s Josie and me.
Randy: Hey listen.
Tina: Yes.
Randy: (pause). So make…get back from him, weigh it so you know exactly what you are giving back.
Tina: Ok. I got it.

Hi Mom

Even Tina Picchi’s conversations with her mother were recorded. On April 16, the day before Mize appeared to politely complain that Randy Picchi had sold him bad crank, the FBI recorded Tina Picchi complaining to her mother:

“Every dime of money we make he buys more dope and more dope and more dope. He just spent six thousand dollars buying more dope yesterday and and the [UI] and the [UI] even give me the dope that from nine thousand I bought from him yes… the last time. He just keeps giving all the all of our money. I said ‘you know what. What are we doing it for we can’t move we can’t get nothin’ no. I can’t get a diamond ring. I don’t want to go to prison for the rest of my life! For you to have that to look at that freakin money. I don’t. I am doing it but I am telling you I am not. I am sick of it. I am sick and fucking tired of it, bud. I am not doing it no more.”

According to a press release issued Tuesday by the Eastern District of California, “If convicted, each defendant faces a maximum statutory penalty of life in prison, a mandatory minimum 10 years in prison and a $10 million fine.”


27 Responses to “Your Phone Is Tapped”

  1. white witch Says:

    The dude was a crank head plain and simple. Crank heads do not think straight period.
    I would not follow a speed freak to the bar let alone let him have some type of say in how I go about my life/business.

    ride free
    white witch

  2. Penguin Says:

    In pigspeak “RP” means the cat who called the pigs. In the example it may be that the “RP” has the initials…”RP”… Coincidence. Cute though. Using the ‘phone? C’mon! And the Red an’ White? Prez? Standards Please!

    Cranksters are unsuitable business associates, like oldskewl said, they talk too much…and their bad public behavior is a give-away…and often-times their sources of income are liable to attract piggies….theft, robbery, fights…you know. And that’s obvious almost immediately…leaving these who want both reasonable security and crank the also obvious choice of either leaving the stuff alone or making their own, never sharing or selling, and sequestering themselves away from pigs and people for the duration of their trip. Not a satisfactory second choice, is it?

    After the German Army discovered the delayed secondary effects of “Perviten” (a commercial over-the-counter speed) they twigged to the rule – leave it alone except in very special circumstances. The Germans made it illegal during the war (or maybe just prior). That said, the Islamalated turrusts are well-supplied via the Israelis and the Saudi freedom lovers…

    And pretty much all military keep it handy…sometimes people must simply not sleep, ’cause if they do, they’ll die… And the unreasoned aggression can be an asset in a fight…if the person is fresh.

  3. oldskewl Says:

    I’m 20 years clean off that shit but I can distinctly remember that when you’re high you say and do shit that you wouldn’t ever do with a clear head.

    Every cook I’ve ever known took themselves down for sloppy shit because your mind and mouth are spinning faster than common sense. The best who never got caught never used themselves. Another freebie.

  4. rocco151 Says:


    “sempri quattru occhiu” …roughly means it’s only safe to speak when it’s your two eyes and the recipient’s two eyes (told to me as a youngster by a Sicilian gentleman in a neighborhood that Sieg would recognize)…good advice then, good advice now !

  5. Luke Says:

    Bummer for the MC community. Not the sound of a leader of men, or a man worthy of that respect. Unless it wasn’t him, or he was talking about food. If it is food, I guess still not very honorable.

  6. Shovelhead Says:

    No cell phone here, never had one. Don’t plan on getting one. Very rarely talk on the land line phone. If I do, it’s just a hi, see ya there sort of thing. Just don’t like it. Rather talk in person. Back in the early 80’s when I was in a Club, we somehow managed to get by without cell phones and the internet. Maybe it’s time to go back to the old way’s.

  7. Pengiun Says:

    If you never use the phone they will pay special attention to you…always use the phone to tell the goodfellas down at their shop whatever you want them to believe…

    However, the rest of the time take the battery out…

    And hand those DD2056 decals out like party favors…

    “DO NOT DISCUSSCLASSIFIED INFORMATIONThis telephone is subject to monitoring at alltimes. Use of this telephone constitutesconsent to monitoring.” (DD FORM 2056, MAY 2000Previous edition may be used)

  8. Penguin Says:

    Print out a few for your pals>

    Some of you guys will remember seeing these stickers when y’all were fodderunits in the Imperial Army…

    I do…

    These gadgets are funcking radios, man! Funk means “spark” in kraut… and they can spart lot of trouble. (spart for start a series of sparks, yaknow)

  9. Paladin Says:

    @ Kate;

    Too bad CDC.


  10. commonsense Says:

    We live in a new age. If I was the head guy (and I’ll use the two major clubs in California) I would want the presidents of my chapter to have three things. Intelligence, managerial skills and good PR..public relations. There is nothing more that LE hates than a %1 club that the public loves. If we don’t adapt and move on we will be left behind.

  11. Aanon Says:

    All stupidity aside, you don’t send the wife. Plain as day she already told her mom she’s gonna tattle…..

  12. Stevo Says:

    What Paladin said.


  13. Oiye Says:

    What a fucking embarassment.

  14. Kate Says:

    Fuck you paladin aka old time biker.

  15. Frank Says:

    I guess he really liked being in prison

  16. gordo Says:

    It’s not what ya say

    it’s what ya dont say

  17. Stoney Says:

    John Wayne said “life is hard its even harder when your stupid ” never ever talk on the phone DONT DO IT!

  18. Vince Says:

    Being stupid in a non stupid zone is no defense to putting your entire mc/chapter on the skyline for all to see.

  19. commonsense Says:

    Do what the Mafia always did. If your the head guy, keep several layers of separation between you and what’s going on in the streets.

  20. jrino Says:

    Nobody said you need to be smart. It just helps to get thru life if you are.

  21. Gandalf Says:

    “Hey Mike, you gonna be home for awhile? (Yea) My friends kid turned 12 today and I gotta say Happy Birthday and will be in your area. Will you be home?” (yea)

    “Hey Joe, are you home? (yea) Can I stop by GPS says 23 minuets.” (yea)

    “Hey Bob, I won 400 at the casino last night. I’m buying drinks tonight. Will you be home? We can go to the bar. (No) OK see you next time.”

    I just said everything I needed to say, always different. BUT STILL… NEVER USE THE PHONE!

  22. Neuro Says:

    Got caught slippin’. Very unfortunate.

  23. Neuro Says:

    Got caught slippin’. Very unfortunate.

  24. Paladin Says:

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


  25. joe Says:

    don’t ever say nothing on a phone u don’t want played back to you!

  26. 78Airhead Says:

    Clown World

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