Providence Case Fizzling

June 14, 2019

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Providence Case Fizzling

Hells Angel Joseph Lancia, alleged to be the president of the Providence, Rhode Island charter, was arraigned yesterday in Providence and charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon; Discharging a Firearm when Committing a Crime of Violence; Carrying a Pistol Without a License or Permit; and Firing in a Compact Area.

Lancia was arrested Wednesday afternoon outside the Providence clubhouse. Police allege that there is video evidence that he fired a single shot into a passing car. Police have not named the victim or offered a motive for the assault. The victim was not harmed.

That afternoon, a paramilitary company of police launched a videogenic raid on the clubhouse. The raid, including forcible entry into the building, appeared on local news.

According to the Boston Globe, “Lancia has had prior brushes with the law, court records show. He was sentenced to probation in 2012 for willful trespass and simple assault, and he’s also been cited for several motor vehicle offenses, according to an online state court database.”

Lancia was released on $10,000 bond.

Two other people arrested during the raid were also arraigned yesterday. Howard J. Pollitt, of Fall River, Massachusetts and Amber E. Gill, of Providence were charged with obstructing a police officer and resisting arrest. After their arraignment they were released on personal recognizance.


14 Responses to “Providence Case Fizzling”

  1. Bobby C Says:

    Every year government (local, state, and national) entities go through their budget cycles. During this process, the cops have to justify why they want to spend the taxpayer’s hard earned money on various gadgetry such as MRAPs, sniper rifles, UAVs, body armor, AR-15s, and other militarized equipment.

    The ONLY way they can justify the purchase of this equipment is to show they use it by (1.) demonize the motorcycle club community, and persuade the population that club members are lesser humans and not entitled to Constitutional protections afforded to the regular citizen (2.) Exploiting situations such as this, by first blowing all the dust off their equipment, getting suited up in their tactical gear, and dropping a call to the local news and tipping them off on the “raid.” (3.) ensure the cameras are rolling when they execute the well choreographed “raid.”

    It’s my opinion that raids like this occur more often towards the end of the fiscal year (October) based on the mere fact that police departments want to justify their budgets, and they do so by doing exactly this. Ask yourself, what other segment of society could law enforcement do this to without getting some sort of blow back from the ACLU or other rights organizations?

    This is indeed a vicious cycle of exploitation of the motorcycle club community. When we give law enforcement a headline that reinforces their narrative, they are quick to run to the media. The media is quick to echo their narrative because it sells papers. The police then use the media sound bites to demonize the community even more, and that justifies the use of force and erodes our civil liberties to the point the police feel they can do whatever they want. Wash – Rinse – Repeat. The only way to combat this is to NOT GIVE THEM THE HEADLINES.

  2. oldskewl Says:

    You can bet anytime they bust the door down in a clubhouse they install surveillance equipment. They might want to call in an expert and have the place swept for bugs.

  3. Trebor Says:

    Whats obvious is law enforcement has a pole mounted camera pointed at the clubhouse.No more stakeouts.Just sit at the station watch the monitor wait for shit to happen

  4. Dutch Says:

    Hell, the Pastor at my church has a longer rap sheet. Way too many Hollywood influenced SWAT wannabes out there.

    Hey Rebel, long time no see, keep kicking it.

  5. Mark Says:

    @ commonsense:
    Being the cops had their target outside the CH doesn’t mean they would not smash into it. Where was the gun? If the cops say they acted in good faith to collect evidence, there is a SCOTUS ruling to make it all good. Does the video, if there really is one, show the gun was or was not a starters pistol or a cap gun? A flashlight maybe to have some quick light to see/look for/at something? Sounds like a showboat arrest with the media there. The joke is, ask and most people will tell you the don’t believe the media. But when someone they know of gets popped and the media runs a smear campaign on behalf of the cops, far too many repeat that BS as if it’s the gospel. “The truth will set you free”, isn’t always the truth nowadays because, pretty much the entire system is rotten to the core.

  6. Saul Goodman Says:

    They arrested the Chapter President “on the street outside the clubhouse.” I wonder if anyone asked if he’d be willing to open the front door. I imagine he probably has a key.

  7. commonsense Says:

    Rebel here is my take on this raid. It’s about PR. This Pres. as a leader should have said (in my opinion) there coming in anyway lets walk out with our hands up but with a defiant look on our faces. Like old school mafia. By letting the cops break in to the clubhouse makes them look bad because the media was there. I know the cops don’t treat %1 like mafia But thats my take. To the Pres. of this club I mean no disrespect..but I’m 60 and sometimes wisdom does come with age.

  8. Commonsense Says:

    James.. to say every west coast 1% club lets friends join is wrong. I used to see a guy out here that looked like what civilians think a biker should look like. 6′ 3” all tatted up and he was a prospect. I ask my friend one day who is a 1% and asked what happened to this guy and he just said “didn’t make the cut” so there you go.

  9. Rebel Says:

    Dear Rayf,

    Lancia appeared at his arraignment wearing his civilian clothes and personal effects. Everybody knew he would bail out immediately. His bail was paid in cash. In his mug shot, a cropped version of which illustrates the story, he is not wearing any bling.

    And, by the way, in case you should ever run into a guy named Kevin F. Fenter, whose birth date is March 12, 1961, just in case, please tell him that I understand that he may be a fan of a different club, that wears Black and White, and that is cool with me, but that I, personally, have had it up to here with fucking trolls. Kay?

    Have a nice day,

  10. Rebel Says:

    Dear James,

    “Every single west coast 1% club lets friends join after they get a bike.” Really? Who told you that? Steve Cook?


  11. James Says:

    Its not the 60s. So many are just thugs and gangsters now. They flaunt it with the clothing lines. Stop pretending these are the glory days and defending these guys. This is the exact behavior that scares sheep into thinking cops need to be armed like the military. Every single west coast 1% club lets friends join after they get a bike, instead of requiring them to show they’re about the bike first…chasing numbers…its not about the ride anymore for the majority, its about attaching yourself to this bullshit title. Yes, the man makes the patch, but too few are calling out the ones bringing that patch down.

  12. Rayf Says:

    Dudes locked up with his bling on? Staged? You ever seen anyone in a jail suit with a big ass gold necklace and earrings??????

  13. SB Apollo Says:

    He’s good bad, but he ain’t evil

  14. Ipsick Says:

    “and he’s also been cited for several motor vehicle offenses,”

    LMAO, shit who hasn’t?

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