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June 12, 2019

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Mike Kessler

I am about to ask for money from my readers – again.

And my readers are going to help me out. Again.

And the reason they are going to do that is because I am not Mike Kessler. In fact, I am the anti-Mike Kessler. Farfetched though it might sound, I may be all that is standing against the Mike Kesslerization of American journalism.


Late in 2017, I caught former ATF agent Darrin Kozlowski lying on the witness stand in the trial of a Bandido named Jake Carrizal in Waco, Texas. You can read that story, titled “Koz Is In The Building,” for free, here.

“Koz told the judge and the lawyers that he had patched into the Vagos Motorcycle Club. He even threw up a slide that showed him wearing a seized Vagos cut from the back: Not from the front where his road name would have been but from the back. It suggests that claiming to have patched with the Vagos might have been slightly more than a misstatement.”

Kozlowski testifies a lot and he appears to be a righteous cop – which is to say he is a cop who says anything prosecutors need him to say. There is another way to put it. Kevin P. “Spike” O’Neill, an Outlaw who was one of Kozlowski first victims and is now in prison for life, wrote that Kozlowski is a “narcissistic psycho unleashed by his masters to wreak havoc on the public.”

Mike Makes It Credible

Perjury is, technically a felony and it tends to discredit a perjurer’s subsequent testimony. So before Kozlowski could testify in the Mongol Nation RICO trial last year his perjury had to be backstopped, by Mike Kessler. Kessler, who modestly describes himself as a journalist who writes “long, deeply reported feature-length magazine articles” wrote one for Los Angeles Magazine titled “How I Infiltrated One of L.A.’s Most Vicious Motorcycle Gangs—and Lived to Talk About It.” You can read those lies here.

There is a withering point of view that journalism should be a real thing, in service to all the people, particularly to people who would not otherwise have a voice, not as lucrative propaganda for police, not as a shouting match where the official voice always wins, so I covered Kessler’s story here.

Now Kessler is once again propagandizing for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tonacco, Firearms and Explosives. I don’t know what it pays.


Today an alternative weekly newspaper called The Cleveland Scene published a memoir by Kessler and former ATF agent Frank Dalesio titled “How I Accidentally Wound Up Running an Outlaw Biker Gang.” Here it is.

It is written in the breathless, first person style endemic to true crime hacks. It begins in “December 2004 in Northeast Ohio, up near Cleveland. Beard was a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, the country’s most notorious outlaw biker gang. I was a founding member of the Order of Blood Motorcycle Club, the first biker gang ever sanctioned by the Aryan Brotherhood, the country’s most notorious prison gang. As far as Beard knew, we were associates and friends. He was right only about the first part. The guy had no idea that I was also an undercover agent with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), let alone that I was running an investigation involving 18 undercovers from four law enforcement agencies in northeast Ohio and western Pennsylvania.”

After the first hundred words or so, the long, true biker story practically writes itself. Guess who the hero is. The villains.

Kessler’s stories could be dismissed as simply naïve if they weren’t so obviously intended to help bad cops put good men in prison. Somewhere out there, Frank Dalesio is about to appear on a witness list. When he testifies he will probably lie. And Mike Kessler just made his lies sound like the truth.


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  1. panamaa Says:

    Passed along a bit more my friend…

  2. SB Apollo Says:

    @Big Vin

    Great post!

  3. Grimace Says:

    Donation made.

    Semper Fi!

  4. Stoney Says:

    Sorry just got back in town. Totally understandable and sure I’ll help out I appreciate what you do here and in courts around the country. I visit this site almost every day.

  5. rocco151 Says:

    Just sent a donation and will try to do so monthly…thanks for the great writing !

  6. New England Rider Says:

    I love ya Reb I do but maybe not let certain people bully others and run this site like their own. I used to come here all the time and clicked on your ad links twice a day. But after the 100th plus time seeing people being berated and insulted because they may have a different opinion than someone else gets old real fast. It is one thing to disagree with someone it is an entirely other to disagree and then insult that person. Just because someone may not share the same opinion as certain posters on this website doesn’t make them stupid, or assholes, or the LEO’s (the WORST). It is so lame to watch people get so fucking butthurt over other’s opinions on the Internet. Everyone on life has their own perspective, be respectful and listen! You don’t agree? FINE, state why you think so. Just saying, “I don’t agree with you so you’re an asshole and a cop!” is fucking ridiculous. And the worst is none of the shitheads who do it would ever, EVER do it to anyone’s face, which just makes them poseurs and pussies.

    I never claimed to be, nor would I ever claim to be part of a 1%-er club. All I claim is in my nearly 20 years of riding and attending most major rallies (Daytona, Myrtle Beach, Sturgis, Laconia, etc) you run into clubs. It is impossible not to. And I have learned a thing or two and yes I have read some books and (gasp) I know how to use Google. Doesn’t make me an Einstein in 1%-er lore but I do know some things. Ultimately what I do know is to be respectful and mind my own fucking business. Some of the poseurs on this site should work on both, especially the respectful part.

    But hey, at the end of the day it is your website Reb so if you want nothing but an echo chamber then that is your business. If you want to attract a larger and more diverse audience maybe allow a more diverse opinion. Just my .02 cents for what it is worth.

    New England Rider

  7. Red LA Says:

    Will get some money together and get it off to you Rebel. Appreciate everything you do!

  8. Dan Says:

    Thanks for all you do Rebel. I will try and hit you first of the month been off since Feb. Had the cervical fusion deal. Just back on the bike….work still a ways out there. Ride hard.
    Amigo Dan

  9. JeffH Says:

    Donated. Thanks Rebel.

  10. Mad Midget Says:

    On the way, Rebel. Thanks for what you do. Your turn, freebird~~~~

  11. BigV Says:

    Boys: Let’s be real fuckin’ clear why Rebel needs the money.

    He is a Vietnam Vet, a biker, he’s the coal that’s whithstood the pressure for 12 years of ATF and pig abuse, slander, and bullshit- and this website is 100% pure diamond, he has covered everything.

    He’s lost his family, his old lady(ies), his kids, he has given everything to our way of life.

    Despite being the only writer who has actually been in the shit with an MC(or two) and despite being the only REAL JOURNALIST who knows the heartbeat and blood the MC world- he’s ostracized by the media and the publishing world- they maintain he’s naive and misguided.

    He has made site this site a beacon in the fog to remind the public that ignore us and look away from us, that want to believe their electric idiot box and smart phones and corporate media that we are thugs and animals. The people that find this site and read can discover that we exist as humans, that we have families the government is destroying, we have careers the government is destroying. All while we hold tight to what we have- we have our clubs, our PARTCH, our BROTHERS, OUR BROTHERHOODS – the government wants to take that away- destroy it- erase us. We are not the villain here.

    Donald Charles Davis presents the facts about the motorcycle world, the world of clubs.

    He’s the only one doing it. He’s the only one giving us a voice. If you believe or you ever believed in what MC’s stand for, stand with Donald Charles Davis and DONATE. DONATE. DONATE.

    It don’t matter the colors, it matters what the colors stand for: honor, freedom, family, brotherhood, and biking.

    That’s what The Aging Rebel IS.

    If we let our voice be silenced, who is there to speak for us ?

    Lawyers that charge $300 an hour for a consultation ? Public defenders that used to work in the DA’s office ? The law ? Government experts ? The government ?

    Is that who we want to speak for us ? Because our MC’s are for the MC, we choose to keep who and what we are internal, for us. So the government tells any damned tall tale they want.

    Don Davis, The Aging Rebel, Our Pal Rebel: He tells the fucking truth.

    We owe him this beacon to tell his truth, to be his outpost, and we owe him the opportunity to continue.

    Because he is the truth, he tells the truth, he documents what we are, who we are, and he is a good man. He is OUR brother.

    If you think anything I’ve said applies to you, please donate.

  12. Eric R Dreher Says:

    Donated. Thanks Rebel.

  13. Shovel Says:

    Kessler shows that the A.T.F. 1st targets motorcycle clubs. 2nd it manufactures crimes. It does not investigate crimes that may have already been committed by bikers. 3rd its undercover cops entrap bikers into its manufactured crimes which did not exist until the undercovers created them. 4th it offers plea deals to entrapped bikers after they’ve been set up and arrested in order to force bikers to dredge up past events which are then dressed up as major crimes involving other bikers. Then all the bikers go to prison with felony convictions. After they serve their sentences and are released including from parole or probation the government forces them back into crime. They can’t vote for politicians who will change the system. They can’t get a job because of their felony convictions. They can’t get “food stamps” because they are convicted felons. They can’t rent a home in most cases because of their felony convictions. The government forces them back into crime and the underground economy. Repeat offenders are my heroes. I won’t ride with any club that does not have convicted felons as patched-in members.

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  15. gord Says:


    I’ve been reading your blog since the Twin Peaks massacre

    Do appreciate your journalistic approach to these issues

    Donation will be forthcoming as am hoping ya continue with your blog

    Thx again

  16. Shovelhead Says:

    Support/Donation sent.

    I could also buy all your books again and hand them out as gifts.

    Your work is important and it’s the least I can do for running my mouth on here once in a while.


  17. oldskewl Says:

    I’ve been coming here for about 6 years and this is the first time I’ve heard the seriousness in Rebels voice. He’s asked for donations when the masters of the universe took away his right for advertisers which help pay a small portion of the site costs but without a doubt it comes to shit or get off the pot.

    I’d like to think some of the clubs frequently mentioned could put up a donation jar or have an event to help the site cover its costs. Just a few chapters from each of the power clubs could make this happen.

    Donation headed your way.


  18. Vince Says:

    The donate button under the calendar? Just want to make sure before I send it. Thanks.

  19. panamaa Says:

    On the way my friend… Thank you for what you do…

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  23. Rebel Says:

    Dear Stoney,

    The actual costs of physically keeping the site up amount to about $1,975 a month — jsut under $24,000 a year. That doesn’t include living expenses. No food in that. That also doesn’t include documents, which cost me about ten bucks today. And it doesn’t include, say parking. Simply having servers and security is about $190 a month. Access to the net and a phone are $260 a month. This is Los Angeles so maybe things cost more here than they do where you are. The big cost is a physical space to work. It is a 400 square foot firetrap. I had thought to have another book up by now. Unfortunately, a couple of things stalled that so it has been a little over two years since I published a new book. The Carrizal trial, the Pike tgrial and the Mongol Nation trial, are all in the next one, Expect No Mercy If I start selling that book tomorrow, I won’t see a penny from it for two months. I am not covering the Martinez trial because that would literally cost me about $800 a month. I would cover it if I could but I can’t. Also, you should probably know that lawyers don’t always pay expert witnesses. Sometimes they say they will and a year later they still have not. The case now is that I do not have the resources to keep the site up for long. And unless I come up with something the site will disappear in about six weeks. That’s the case now. Unless I come up with something I will probably start actively soliciting donations next week.

    Did I answer your question?


  24. Stoney Says:

    ok I don’t mind helping but you didn’t say why you need a donation in this case. please clear that up for me. BTW I fucking hate the ATF ever since Waco and Ruby Ridge nothing more that American gestapo who murder bikers.

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