Mongol Nation Full Circle

June 12, 2019

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Mongol Nation Full Circle

United States versus Mongol Nation came full circle last week.

After what amounted to an 11-year crusade to strip the Mongols Motorcycle Club of its defining symbol, the cartoon patch members suffer to wear and fight to keep, Mongol Nation, an unincorporated affinity group associated with the club still controls the patch. Members of the Mongols Club still own the exclusive right to wear the patch. The patch and all the other patches, for all practical purposes has been saved.

The very expensive business of hiring lawyers to defend against the depredations of the Department of Justice continues.


Mongols club counsel Stephen P. Stubbs filed notice on May 29, the last day possible, that Mongol Nation intendeds to appeal the “entity’s” conviction and sentence.

An Orange County California jury found Mongol Nation guilty of racketeering last December,

The same jury was brought back to court the next month to decide if the Mongols’ patch should be forfeited to the government. The jurors thought it should be but none of them are lawyers and what they were convinced to do by prosecutors in the case is blatantly unconstitutional.

At least that is what Federal District Judge David O. Carter said when he overruled the jury at the end of February. Last month, Carter pronounced sentence on Mongol Nation. He ordered the entity to pay a fine of $500,000 and five years of a kind of probation. The probation requires a representative of Mongol Nation, who theoretically could be a prospect or an old lady, to regularly meet with a probation officer, assure him the Mongol Nation isn’t doing anything illegal and that the next installment check of the fine is in the mail.

Many Lawyers

Stubbs, as he explained to Judge Carter at the sentencing hearing, is not the kind of lawyer who tries RICO cases. Three other lawyers have done that during the last ten years.

The recent trial was handled by Century City attorney Joseph A. Yanny. Stubbs fired Yanny after Yanny billed the club more than the Mongols thought they had agreed to pay. Yanny and Stubbs did not get along and Stubbs was critical of how Yanny managed the case.

Yanny had replaced a lawyer named Robert M. Bernstein. Bernstein left Mongol Nation when it became obvious that the then-presiding judge, Otis D. Wright II, was running roughshod over Bernstein’s motions and arguments in court.

Before Mongol Nation was filed in 2013, the club’s defense of its patch was handled by a La Canada, California lawyer named George L. Steele. Steele first represented forfeiture matters for the Mongols in August, 2010. Now he is back. Steele became Mongol Nation’s attorney of record on June 5.


12 Responses to “Mongol Nation Full Circle”

  1. Rebel Says:

    Dear Joe,

    I’m gonna post this because that’s how I roll. But you are a moron. If I go to your house and knock somebody stupid will answer the door.


  2. Joe Says:

    Eric Orr. Police departments are guilty of things, politicians are guilty of things, firemen, postmen ect ect. The government has the right to take down individuals but when they lump ALL INTO ONE its then a tyrant organization itself. If one guy at you job did something illegal would you be willing to do his time cause your part of his organization?

  3. SB Apollo Says:

    Eric Orr, tell Grandma to loosen up the strap on your hockey helmet, it’s cutting off circulation to your brain.

  4. Stevo Says:

    Eric Orr,

    Did you know that in England teenaged kids fly around on broomsticks fighting evil with magic wands? It must be true, after all its also written in a fantasy novel. Harry Potter, Under and Alone, same shit different novelist. It’s make believe you fucking half wit.


  5. 78Airhead Says:

    They should sell support shirts, now that it looks like they can. I’d buy a couple.

    Finishing up reading your book on this. Nice work.

  6. Sieg Says:

    You should all watch ‘Reefer Madness’, then you’d understand why the gu’mint wants to lock up people who inject marihuana.

    And as a note to those of you who still think the Constitution means something, well, yeah, it does…it serves as a reminder that we as a Nation were once more than a police state.


  7. Gandalf Says:

    @ Eric Ott; “The United States Supreme Court frequently proclaims that guilt by association has no place in our constitutional system (for example, Schneiderman v. United States, 1943; wieman v. updegraff, 1952). Sanctions imposed for membership in a group are said to be characteristic of primitive cultures, or elements of the early common law long since eliminated with prohibitions against such punishments as attaint and forfeiture.”

  8. Rebel Says:

    Dear Eric Orr,

    I may be slightly more informed than you give me credit for being. There is a some possibility that I may know more about this than you. Thanks you for commenting.


  9. Eric Orr Says:

    Read “under and Alone”…. You will understand why the government wants to dissolve the Mongols. And they are right to do so. Intimidation, extortion, rape, drug trafficking and murder is what this collection of douchebags are involved in.

  10. Dean Says:

    This is an absolute violation of the Constitution. What’s even more ridiculous is none of the current club members were involved with these charges. Those members involved are long gone. So now any club member out in public is subject to arrest because of their patch. Innocent until proven guilty unless your a Mongol. Bullshit.

  11. Richard McGuire Says:

    As always, the government with it’s tyrannical tendencies tried to bypass the Constitution to get what it wants. I don’t give a damn if a member/members committed a crime, they are innocent until proven guilty and NO, you cannot adjudicate the innocent as guilty to get your way. Fuck the government!

  12. I.J Says:

    What a cluster Fuck……..

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