Here They Go Again

May 29, 2019

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Here They Go Again

A panel of four Dutch judges, three men and a woman, in a court in Utrecht, ordered the Hells Angels Motorcyle Club to close all chapters in The Netherlands.

The ruling arose out of a civil suit, not a criminal case, brought by the Dutch Public Prosecution Service. According to the court, “The Hells Angels is a danger to the public order. It’s a club where there’s a culture of lawlessness and the authorities are kept outside their doors.”

The Prosecution Service sought the ban after a biker bar in Kerkrade was set on fire in 2015 and shots were fired during a brawl in a Rotterdam restaurant in 2016.

Again And Again

It is not the first time the same court has tried to ban a motorcycle club out of existence, or at least out of sight. In December 2017 the Dutch court ruled, “The Bandidos Motorcycle Club Holland is banned and dissolved because the club is in conflict with public order. The court also determines that the activities of the foreign chapters (all Bandidos worldwide) is in conflict with public order.” The Bandidos have appealed.

In June 2018, a court in The Hague banned the Satudarah Motorcycle Club and one of its support clubs. That court ruled “the combination of numerous offenses with the culture of violence makes the operation of Satudarah contrary to public order.”

Prosecutors will probably file a similar civil case against the No Surrender Motorcycle Club.

Mongol Nation

The Dutch bans are a strategy encouraged by the American Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in the global war on motorcycle clubs. It parallels the still ongoing Mongol Nation case in California. he idea is not to ban any motorcycle club because that is impossible.

The point of the Dutch civil suits is to provide a legal basis for banning the use of motorcycle club insignia. A prosecutor said as much during the Satudarah case. He said the club ban “is not a panacea, and we will still have to continue to act in a criminally and administratively [against the club], but it can help…. We can put an end to the situation that symbols of Satudarah cause intimidation.”



36 Responses to “Here They Go Again”

  1. 10Gauge Says:

    I wouldn’t judge a whole country by one interaction with one pussy. I knew and loved a man who grew up there that was no pussy…He lived his life like a lion to his last breath….and trust me you wouldn’t grab him by the scruff of his neck…I don’t care how many fucking pushups you could do.
    Just sayin’

  2. Neuro Says:

    Fuck Israel. Never forget the Liberty, have said this for years.

  3. Penguin Says:

    At D-day last they invited the Germans as one of the “allies” that liberated Europe. Frau Merkle herself, no less. History is being re-written before our eyes. They did not invite the Ruskies…

    In point of fact the Red Army, having defeated the nazis, was on it’s way to Paris and points west. D-day rescued the nazis, it did not defeat them. In fact, of course, Churchill’s “Operation Unthinkable” became the plan to nuke every Soviet city as soon as the bombs were available…

    Rehabilitated nazis ran the space program and the intelligence programs. Today the Germans make nuclear bombs for the French…

    It is interesting how we in “the west” look back to a mythic and often false history, while the Chinese and Russians are looking forward to integrating Heartland as one vast economic engine.

    I do not suppose these facts are any more welcome than the fact that the Zionists are engaged in a vast genocide…shooting people every day and stealing their property. Very brave. And they do not scruple to murder Americans…

  4. Hellequiain Says:

    @ Trebor

    Brits too

    And Muslim Turks & Bosnians

  5. Trebor Says:

    The Belgian Waffen SS led by Leon Degrelle fought with honor and distinction on the Russian front.Their reasoning for joining the country that defeated them was to fight Communism.Whatever your politics are or your opinion on fighting with the Germans they put it on the line.So did the French Norwegians Dutch Latvians Estonians Ukrainians and even Russians.All a single minded hatred for Communism

  6. Shovelhead Says:

    That’s pretty wild Man. The Israeli Army? What the fuck? They’re are some bad ass dudes!
    Funny about the Belgians. I was part of Reforger 85 – “Central Guardian” In Germany with the 8th Infantry out of Bad Kreuznach & Baumholder. The Belgian Army was a participant. We (Americans) all had BDU’s on, no cold wear gear, just our regular camo’s, combat boots and jackets.

    It was January up in the Giessen area. Cold as all hell. The Belgians had on snowy white snow suits, fury hoods and white cold weather boots. They looked like they were right out of one of those 1940’s Hollywood movies about snow Bunny’s in the Alps with Big Crosby and Bob Hope.
    We were a dirty mess by the end of Reforger, the Belgians stayed pearly white the whole time. Not a group I’d want along side of me in Battle, they’d be more worried about messing up their hair than watching my back.

  7. commonsense Says:

    To Shovel…How many people living in Belgium now know the history that you gave us ? You talk about Babylon. Those folks probably know less about that than I do about slavery as a white man raised in So. Cal. Yeah it happened but we had nothing to do with it. I will never be guilt tripped into something I had nothing to do with.

  8. Commonsense Says:

    To Phuquehed. You served I did not because of my age. I’m 60. As a senior in high school we had a kid from Belgium who was visiting. He became a doctor and 5 years later I met him again. He told me he was working in an emergency room in South Africa and would tell me how the different black tribes were killing eachother literally in the emergency room. He is a great guy. So yeah it ain’t war but he’s a good guy. I just had a conversation with 2 friends of mine who work for the DOD. They don’t admit it but they are the guys that pick people up in their home country and make sure they get to Cuba. Then they chat. I will ask them what they think about folks from Belgium. You served I respect that but this blanket shit is what the media usually puts out and it’s sites like this that lets us defend ourselves .

  9. Shovel Says:

    Phuquehed Says:
    June 1, 2019 at 3:57 pm
    @Dildo Baggins – It is. Belgium is a land of fucktards, pussies and cowards.

    You make me want to puke. When I went through Basic Training at Fort Ord, California, a Jewish man in my platoon was fucking up. We discussed a blanket party but rejected it because we respected the fact that he was an American soldier and also, we had our own problems. He straightened himself out and graduated with the rest of us. Now after more than 40 years I regret that I did not do more to help him and other comrades in arms, American soldiers, who were struggling, even after Basic. I am White and Christian. You make me want to tell everyone that I am not related to you.

    I don’t hate you – you’re White. You got one thing right: during the Roman Empire, the people in the area of present day Belgium were called Belgae. Belgae is Celtic for the god Baal and gaidhil, “people” in Celtic = Baal’s people. In Ireland at that time they were called Fir Bolg = Fir Baal gaidhil = Men of Baal’s people. Baal is in the Bible and appears in variations such as the name of the woman: Jezebel. Then there’s Beltaine = the Celtic festival of fire on May 1st. This is about secret societies which go back to the Bible, it’s real, and it’s evil. Yes, Belgium is fucked up. It goes back to Babylon.

  10. Ben Says:

    Both Belgium and Holland made great contributions to art history. One of my favorite artists is Hieronymus Bosch. I thought of that and the Ghent altarpiece without cheating and looking anything up. Art collectors pay millions of dollars for a single Dutch master.

  11. Phuquehed Says:

    @commonsense – Okay, *YOU* tell us something the Belgians have done for the planet. Name off a few Belgians off the top of your head (no cheating and looking anything up on the internet!). Tell us another nation that shares *anything* with/from them. What’d they do during WW2? They had *THE* smallest and worst underground during that war than any other nation, that should say a lot right there.

    I’ll base what I know on what I went through and how I learned it. What experience have you had with anything Belgian? As for saying it’s like LE blaming all 1%’ers on everything because of one…THEY FUCKING DO ALREADY AND ALWAYS HAVE!

  12. Penguin Says:

    Well, Hellequiain, I do not know about Iron Order specifically, but the “clergy” is the key to controlling a “church”, and the “church” then controls the behavior of the members… As old as empires themselves. So yes, more or less. I think the Ruskie’s probably do this pretty well…their empire is much older and experienced than ours. The nazi term for this was Gleichschaltung. All governments tend to do it these days…

    The clubs that are oriented around bikes are, it seems to me, at least in some measure, “militias”. No empire can afford to permit militias to exist except in a reasonably curated and coordinated way so that they do not disturb imperial operations either domestically or in the subject lands. Ideally, they’d assist. That seems to be what KW’s do… They helped too when Crimea was separated from Ukraine, and rescued the president hisself in coordination with the Ruskie military. In exchange they get money and an exclusive franchise…a classic imperial “deal” in Russia’s tradition. Our traditions are much more fractious…so I suppose they’d have to coordinate several clubs…give men at least the illusion of choice. Sorta like two political parties that do the same stuff…ford or chevy…you know, the old army game. The game they play on us.

    About Night Wolves… (“Texas” is a Rebel, his time in the Federal Joint musta really pissed him off!) Anyway the KW’s put on a free concert in Commieland.

    Texas seems to see his fight there as a seamless extension of his fight that began in little’ol Texas herself, an’ in the joint. He probably, I suspect, thinks his fight there is the same fight that some clubs are fighting in the US. I will not say what I think about that.

    If I set out to “coordinate” a “master club” in the US I’d make a deal with the Red an’ White… Just my ill-informed opinion. But coordination is a 2 way deal… Can the US DoJ find the leadership to do this? I actually doubt it. They’d screw it up. If IO is what I think it is, they already did screw it up.

    Don’t get the idea that I advocate anything. Just observing… And enjoying long warm rides ‘most every afternoon… My advocacy days are over.

  13. Hellequiain Says:

    @ Penguin

    ‘It may be that the Russian approach to the clubs……. eg supporting a favourite under specified conditions’

    What? You mean like The Iron Order in the U.S??

    No Russian Influence here……….

  14. commonsense Says:

    So Phuquehed The Irony of your story is your blaming all Belgiums on this one man. It’s like LE blaming all %1 on the actions of one. I have no connections to Belgium

  15. Paladin Says:

    @ Phuquehed;

    Yeah; even their waffles suck. Although; the Belgian made Browning Hi-Power is a great pistol, arguably exceeded only by the Swiss made Sig P210.

    Long May You Ride,


  16. Phuquehed Says:

    @Dildo Baggins – It is. Belgium is a land of fucktards, pussies and cowards.

    Over in Israel, when I was in the Israeli army, one evening after our platoon had come back in from eight hours of foot patrol in Bethlehem (this was during the time of the first intifada, when I was there from ’87-’90), we’d eaten and were beat but several of us weren’t quite ready to hit the cot, so we sat around shootin’ the shit.

    One of the guys in our company was from Belgium. I used to fuck with him jokingly and talk to him like I had a sort of really overdone french accent. We’d laugh and cut up about it no harm done as it was just in fun…until this one night when someone asked if any of us really could shoot a raghead.

    Me and Hilben (another Southern boy, he was from Kentucky, me and him were like peas and carrots!) right off the bat said fuck yes and would do it in a heartbeat. Some said they just weren’t too sure they could until I asked them if the fucking raghead was attacking me from behind and I was about to die, then those ‘on the fence’ said yes, they could do it.

    Then, the Belgian guy spoke up and said he couldn’t do it. I fucking froze just staring at him my jaw on the floor unbelieving this shit. I said ‘even if one of us was getting shot up or cut up and dying? And he said he just couldn’t kill someone. Well, I did what the company, the three sergeants of the company, and the company commander knew me for…I fucking went off, stood up, snatched this fuck-hole but the scruff of the back of his shirt and literally dragged him kicking and screaming from our big tent to the commanders room in the little house we’d taken over temporarily and threw his ass on the floor in front of the CO (boot camp was pretty wild. I scored a 98 out of 100 even though my hebrew was shitty, because I was always helping the others in the company during training excercises and PT stuff and marches, etc and also fucking setting fuckers straight when they thought they didn’t have to do something and the rest of us are suffering meanwhile. I shot damn well, threw grenades the best in the whole company (got them where they needed to be), and generally was a gung-ho motherfucker, heh. My company commander loved the shit out of me, so did the sergeants).

    He and the LT were trying hard not to start laughing, until I told them that if they didn’t put this pussy on another platoon, I’d kill the fuck the next day we were on foot patrol. Of course he asked me why, and when I told him, he just said ‘Okay’, and I left back to the tent.

    That, is nothing but cowardice and pussy and left me thinking pretty low of Belgian people. The only decent thing from that land is the work horses. Those should be bred and fed and taken well care of…the people need to be wiped out so they stop stinking up Europe.

    Sorry that was so long. Anyway, Fuck Belgium and its people.

  17. Vince Piquet Says:

    “Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me”. Martin Niemoller. We are rapidly headed for what a Scottish Professor in 1767 by the name of Alexander Tyler said. “A democracy is always temporary in nature, it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. The future of this country is in grave danger.

  18. Penguin Says:

    About insignia. In German. It discusses the kippa, but applies to the patch…

    Easy to run machine translation…

    Anyway, substitute any group you like, or don’t like..logic stays the same.

  19. Gordo Says:

    It doesn’t take a majority to make a rebellion; it takes only a few determined leaders and a sound cause.

    H.L. Mencken

  20. david Says:

    If the so-called orders are not obeyed, what do the four, so-called authorities, then proceed to do?

    The freak-four were capable of “dissolving” a club in 2017 merely by saying so? Not.

  21. Stevo Says:


    As far as I know the new ‘HArdliners’ club has nothing to do with Henk, No Surrender or the rogue muslim offshoot of No Surrender, No Surrender La Familia. I’ve seen the baby shark patch, it’s very very odd.


  22. jrino Says:

    “It’s a club where there’s a culture of lawlessness and the authorities are kept outside their doors.”
    Well that’s that!
    I had planned to go there knock on the door and expected to be let in… Isn’t this a public establishment? I’m expecting wine and cheese and erudite conversation. WTF?????

  23. Dildo Baggins Says:


    I always figured Belgium was shittier than the Netherlands

  24. Haha Says:

    Haha good fuck these chicken wing faggot fucks

  25. rookery Says:

    Dear Stevo and anybody else…

    Not so, This is the latest delusional idea of somebody who was bounced out of the 81 and is now plotting world domination from his prison cell… it helps the media agenda against bike clubs when they can print this nonsense…

  26. Penguin Says:

    Thanks, Rebel. Understood. Your assurance is good enough for me.

  27. Helipilotguy Says:

    That’s why the Dutch wear wooden shoes, to keep the birds from pecking at their heads.

  28. Rebel Says:

    Dear Penguin,

    I don’t go into methods and sources. I hope you understand. I do have photographic and electronic evidence of ATF analyst Jeremy Sheetz bragging about the international war on motorcycle clubs. Okay?


  29. Penguin Says:

    Rebel says, and I think he’s right, that the Dutch strategy is encouraged by the USATF… I know this is a forum that informal and we do not expect footnotes, but it would be interesting to see his evidence.

    As to insignia banning… what’s an insignia? It can be tiny. It can be a button, a loose thread, a face, a bumper-sticker… Slippery slope. (Is a bike itself an insignia? A statement? Can be…)

    And self-evidently a direct assault on free-speech.

    Some time ago Paladin expressed the idea that the insignia made the job of cops easier. Hate to agree, but he’s right.

    Since eliminating big insignia makes cops’ jobs harder, that cannot be the Dutch goal, can it?

    Based on non-canonical history the implied goal is to control the “churches” – the clubs, not to eliminate them.

    It may be that the Russian approach to the clubs or “churches”, eg supporting a favorite under specified conditions (Night Wolves actually get financial support, etc) is being copied…rather crudely.

  30. rookery Says:

    The judgement of the lower court is on very shaky ground. It runs directly counter to the Dutch constitution and will be appealed. The so called ban will have to be directed/enforced by local mayors, of whom there are hundreds, and who mostly have other priorities, with renewable local preventative public order ordinances, (ie you can’t wear a patch in our parish). There is as yet no actual legislation or law allowing the cops to seize any patches or emblems. A fine recipe for legal chaos at the local magistrates as individual jurisdictions try to enforce the courts decision…. or not. lawyers are going to get rich..

  31. Stevo Says:

    The Hells Angels in Holland had anticipated this and had already printed new patches and rebranded themselves the same day as ‘HArdliners MC’, similar to the Finks in Australia becoming Mongols to thwart their banning order.


  32. Paladin Says:

    @ Phuquehed;


    Long May You Ride,


  33. Gandalf Says:

    1 day a USA prosecutor or “Expert” Witness will tell a Jury, “The HA is banned form Holland because of the danger they present.” Some poor innocent (?) HA member will be found guilty for whatever charges they bring no matter what the evidence is. (Hint: Ya gotta “humanize” yourself in court to win. Take the stand, look good, try not to get angry or shit on the podium.)

  34. Phuquehed Says:

    Ah yes, the Dutch, the country no other country wants to emulate in any way whatsoever. The land where the fucking language even stop at its borders because no one wants anything to do with them. Why, one could say they’re the Palestinians of Europe – the rest of Europe thinks of them as cockroaches, just as all the Arab nations think of the Palestinians as cockroaches.

  35. Paladin Says:

    A Dutch prosecutor states: “We can put an end to the situation that symbols of Satudarah cause intimidation.”

    Which is the more intimidating, an identifiable threat that one can see, or an identifiable threat that one cannot see? A clue to answering this question might be to imagine oneself in the position of a sea captain or crew member plying the North Atlantic during the Battle of the Atlantic (Sept. 3, 1939 – May 8, 1945).

    In driving MCs underground, the Dutch and other countries are only going to make grater their manufactured crisis. When Mercury is struck, it scatters, but it’s still Mercury.

    It’s worth noting that without a Boogeyman, no government can boogie.


  36. freebird Says:

    The public order theory is similar to the final solution developed near Berlin in 1942

    Have to wonder if the Dutch Judges like train rides

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