Martinez Trial Begins

April 29, 2019

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Martinez Trial Begins

Jury selection in the long delayed trial of Mongol Motorcycle Club member David Martinez began today.

Martinez was arrested for the murder of a policeman named Shaun Diamond after Diamond and another dozen militarized cops broke in Martinez’ home at a 4 a.m. on October 28, 2014. Diamond was shot in the back of the head and was subsequently pronounced dead at Huntington Memorial Hospital.

The Swat raid was one of seven simultaneous raids on Mongols’ homes. The raids were based on information given to police by multiple confidential sources of information. Those informants have never been identified.


Martinez was immediately vilified as a “gang member” and a “cop killer.” The Mongols were widely condemned as “cop killers.” During the federal Mongol Nation trial last autumn, prosecutors alleged that Martinez had deliberately murdered Diamond in order to enhance his status in the club.

Four months after Diamond died, hundreds of policemen harassed attendees at a Mongols party at the House Lounge in Maywood, California. At the time, a source, speaking on condition of anonymity said: “They made it clear to certain brothers that this was a direct result of what happened to the cop in the Martinez case. Obviously they are making a point and aren’t going to stop until they get what they want and that’s to strip our club of our trademarks. It’s been tough for our club. Hopefully they won’t kill any of us in the process.”

Diamond was widely celebrated as a police martyr.

His memorial service was held in an 11.000 seat auditorium in Ontario, California. His body was escorted to the grave by a convoy of Bearcat armored vehicles.

California Attorney General and current Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris, spoke at Diamond’s memorial. She called his death “a very tragic time for our state.” She said “Diamond’s service and sacrifices will live on in the noble work that is performed each and every day.” A street in Pomona, California and a section of a major freeway were renamed in his honor.

Slow Motion Defense

Martinez has been represented by a succession of lawyers. He has been defended by a private attorney named Tom Medrano, a public defender named Mearl Lottman and a highly regarded public defender named Brady Sullivan. Sullivan was replaced by another private attorney named attorney Edward Anthony Esqueda.

Esqueda and Sullivan had radically different views about Martinez’ defense. Esqueda seemed convinced that Martinez did not fire the shot that killed Diamond. Sullivan thinks he did.

After Esqueda withdrew from the case, Sullivan stepped back in and began defending Martinez a second time. Sullivan will tell the jury that Martinez acted in self-defense when he saw armed men dressed all in black breaking into his home. Prosecutors will try to tie Martinez’ actions that night to the Mongols. Former ATF agent Darrin Kozlowski, who infiltrated the Mongols during an undercover investigation called Operation Black Rain from 2005 through 2008 is on the prosecutor’s witness list.

The author of this page has been a consulting expert for the defense since June 2018; almost all of that time under seal.


19 Responses to “Martinez Trial Begins”

  1. white witch Says:

    It is complete bullshit what they did to that man. Break in to a man’s house with a swat team in the middle of the night for what exactly? That cop was most likely shot by one of his own. If he can afford a good lawyer he should beat this rap.
    The cops are at fault, that is why it has taken so long to go to trial.they think they have the mess cleaned up enough to go to trial now.

    ride free
    white witch

  2. commonsense Says:

    Rebel I have a question. You say they broke into his home. Was it a knock warrant or a no knock warrant. A no knock is hard to get. Now to say he deliberately shot this cop in the head seems suspect to me at best. If it was a knock warrant he’s fucked because they have to have you open the door and they have to identify themselves. You say he saw armed men coming into his home. This is where my confusion comes in. He had to know they were cops..with that being said as a victim of a raid on my house I can tell you it’s very fluid. Shit comes fast. With that being Said how would this guy get the chance to shoot a cop from behind ?

  3. Hero Says:

    @Knarf Niatsugna
    WTH you talking about? You got some inside info? You a court reporter? Or you been talking to…….? If what you say is on the level than instead of poating it in a blog you ahould be on the stand? Reason and doubt… A

  4. Knarf Niatsugna Says:

    The trial judge should recuse herself ASAP! Out of all the people…Judge Villar is intimately aware of the inner-workings of “Club” life! Her brother, L.A. Mayor, Tony Villar was a thug & Klique Car Club gangster for much of his early life and known as “Flappers”. He ALWAYS had back-up when fighting what was supposed to be one-on-one. A fair-minded Judge should replace ML Villar at once!

  5. commonsense Says:

    To Phuquehed I went to your website and though I am not a white power guy but I am white I think there is a vid on you tube you may like. Rammstien-Rammlied live from Madison square garden. Check it out.

  6. Cheers Says:

    Any updates how this is going.

  7. gordo Says:


    That evidence thing

    Wasnt that an issue in the Twin Peaks massacre

    Justice isn’t blind when your a 1%er

  8. gordo Says:

    Oh yeh that evidence thing

    Wasnt the ballistic issue an issue with the Twin Peaks massacre at well

    Justice is not blind if your a 1%er

  9. Tiger Says:

    I think it is time for this bullshit job of justice be over. The pig was killed by his own. Martinez could not have shot the pig. The round the corner looped loop shells for shotguns were not available yet. Acme Industry has stated the coyote and roadrunner tests were still not complete. The fucking mongrel mutt kept shooting himself in the ass. OR maybe the fucking pigs offed one of they’re own on purpose or accident and since they were abusing their authority stick it to an innocent man. FTP.


  10. Bone Head Says:

    I’m curious how the trial will go if the ballistics report is kept under wraps. Even if that wasn’t introduced in court I would think Mr. Martinez’s attorney would push that point…if he’s worth a shit.
    Best of Luck to Mr. Matinez.

  11. East Coast Says:

    The cop suffered a shotgun blast to the back of his head while breaking down Martinez door. He and his parents were in the interior wondering what was going on, and if like most of us he was begging for his family pets to not be executed.
    The cop was shot by one of his “bros” not by the defendant.
    Period, the end.
    How could one of Martinez’ attorneys think he did it? An inside agent perhaps.

    This all makes me sick. I’ve had my own wee hours visit, I was lucky, they didn’t shot each other.


  12. Phuquehed Says:

    It’s the pigs. They needed all this time to figure out how to lie about what happened and how to get everyone involved in practicing enough to all be on the same page *AND* to get those who are on the fence to either not say anything or be threatened with whatever to say the very minimum *for* the procutions side.

    After all, who is the largest, most corrupt paid-by-our-taxes group in this nation (and possibly world-wide)? The pigs – fed, state, and local.

    The only good pigs, are those not breathing.

  13. Dasein Says:

    Seems like with Esqueda it was going to be all or nothing, with a huge mountain to climb. With Sullivan trying to straddle the middle ground, the politically unbearable truth will not come out, and Mr Martinez is very likely to pay a price, but not as great as if Esqueda had failed in his nearly impossible task, that of telling the truth.

  14. Rotten Says:

    Someone should stick a Mongols support sticker on the street sign they named after the pig. What do you expect breaking into someones house at 4 am? Fuck em.

  15. growlingfhardt Says:

    Yeah, the cops fucked up and are desperately trying to cover their collective asses and turn a “loss” into a “win”.
    First; they did a technically illegal No-Knock entry, which could get their entire case thrown out of Court.
    Second; they shot one of their own in the back of the head.
    Third; they didn’t get their “story” straight, and the publicly released details regarding “chain of events” have huge conflicts in data that provide huge reasonable doubt for the defendant.
    Fourth; they are still refusing to release ballistics data details on the deceased (not unlike what THEY did in the JFK assassination).
    Fifth; They think that by making a huge event of the Deceased’s funeral the Public will believe Their Lies in the lapdog Mainstream Media.
    Sixth; by having US Presidential candidate Kamala Harris (a Democrat) initiate a big to-do over all of this, that it won’t be noticed how the ‘powers that be’ (the Criminal Deep State) are behind the cover-up of the deceased being murdered by ‘friendly fire’, and not by the alleged defendant, but WE do notice !
    Seventh; They think they can ram thru a Court trial decision and all will be well. Well it won’t.
    Eighth; They think that their Lies on paper, their lies in the newspapers, and their lies in Court won’t be noticed by We The People, but their Lies will be noticed by We The People.

  16. Tomo Says:

    @ Sandmann: regarding both your questions: go to the top right of this page where it has the ‘SEARCH’ box and type in the word ‘Martinez’, click the magnifying glass.
    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and start reading the ‘Framing David Martinez’ and keep going upwards through the articles.
    This should answer most of your questions.



  17. Sandmann Says:

    Just for clarification, Rebel:

    In the scope of the narrative of this case, is it “commonly/officially accepted/verified in coroner records” that Diamond was SHOT IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WHEN HE ENTERED MARTINEZ’S CRIB?

    Also (and please forgive me if I got this wrong): Has Martinez been imprisoned without a trial (!) since 2014?

    Thank you for your feedback,
    Respect to the deserving,


  18. MK Says:

    I am not a fan of the mongols, the exact opposite really but I am a man and I do believe what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong and it’s very clear to see that this case is not right and that Martinez has been paying the price for a) law enforcements hatred of motorcycle clubs and b) law enforcements unethical and deadly mistakes they made that night. An officer killed his partner and now a patch holder is paying the price. Could happen to any one if us.

  19. Parsifal Says:

    A few weeks after Rebel first posted this case, I happened to catch a rerun of “cops,” in the middle of the night. Guess who the officer of the half hour was? None other than Shaun Diamond. I couldn’t quite figure out whether he was ill at ease in the spot light or just plain ordinary asshole cop? At any rate, it seems Diamond was a fast rising star among his pig peers. One has to wonder? Did he step on a bunch of toes rising up OR! Was he that one cop with a pile of dirt on said peers? Inner dept. snuff job! Martinez and family was and is the sacrificial lambs. FTP! L&R to Dave, his family, and the Mongol Nation.

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