History And Memory

April 3, 2019

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History And Memory

Yesterday, as even The Washington Post quickly discovered. McLennan County District Attorney Barry Johnson threw up his hands, dismissed all the pending charges that lingered, stinking, from the Twin Peaks Mass Murder, like corpses rotting in the Texas sun, and declared it was time to “end this nightmare that we have been dealing with in this county since May 17, 2015.”

He did not say who he meant by “we.”

“There were nine people who were killed on that fateful day in Waco, Texas, and 20 injured, all of whom were members of rival motorcycle clubs/gangs, and the loss of life is a difficult thing. But after looking over the 24 cases we were left with, it is my opinion as your district attorney that we are not able to prosecute any of those cases and reach our burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.”

At least Johnson refrained from declaring “Let the healing begin!”

A few hours later, Dallas attorney Clint Broden, who represented five criminal defendants after the mass murder, issued a statement about Johnson’s decision. Arguably, Broden was the most visible defense attorney during the first three years of the legal fiasco that followed the bloodshed. His words yesterday were more pointed than the Waco politician’s.

Broden said:

“Today the new District Attorney of McLennan County announced that all the remaining criminal cases would all be dismissed.

“We are, of course, pleased with the actions of the new District Attorney Barry Johnson and applaud him for his efforts. On the other hand, the fact that this case is going on four years is a true miscarriage of justice. Many lives of those falsely accused were irreparably damaged by former District Attorney Abel Reyna not to mention the victims and their families who were denied justice from those actually responsible.

“The actions of Justice of the Peace Pete Peterson should also never be excused. He set identical $1million dollar bonds and more than 170 people spent three or more weeks in jail, losing jobs, homes and families, for charges that were ultimately dismissed.

“In addition, it is hoped that members of the news media learned a lesson. While certainly not all members of the news media, and reporters for the Waco Tribune-Herald are truly an exception, in the beginning days of this tragedy the news media drank the kool-aid of roving biker gangs that Patrick Swanton, Waco Police spokesman, peddled only to ultimately find out that this narrative was false and that many innocent people were falsely arrested.

“In the end, my clients are certainly relieved but the anger from the false arrests will never go away.”


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  1. Penguin Says:

    “USW forces rotten deal on Harley-Davidson workers in Wisconsin”… Penguin was once in the Steelworkers…and left in disgust. Carpenters was better. Anyway> https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2019/04/19/ushd-a19.html

    About whoz a 1%er and whoz not…nobody can win that discussion. But I know one when I meet one, and so do you. We’re all oddballs and everybody brings both baggage and value to the yabache. Well, maybe the pigs bring lower quality “gifts”, but everybody brings.

    A 1%er that is impressive, whatever else you think of him>

    Russ rode back in the day, metrics mostly, and did federal time after they shut down his import business. One might say that they feds phucked with the wrong guy…’cause he’s fighting them where he can. Real fight, the kind that’s kinetic.

    Typical Texas Patriot, one might say.

  2. Tiger Says:

    Happy Easter Rebel, Sieg, and the rest. Grabballs you best be careful. I do come through every now and then. You need to take your cotton out of your ears and stick it in your mouth. You want to argue and bitch like a little snitch caught in a lie then go and please let the door hit ya where the lord split ya. In other words Fuck Off.

  3. Aanon Says:

    Wait a minute. So he’s really just a lame who wrote a few books while doing a county year on a non violent case? So his wife took a few rides while he took his and he blasted it on the net? A lop dick who didn’t take care of previous beef and wants to blame the cops when that gets stacked on possession? Don’t cry for me Argentina.
    Again, with a big black dick….. in the neck.
    Sieg, happy Easter white boy.

  4. Gandalf Says:

    The “real” wouldn’t give a Cyber Troll (like me-Like you) the time of day. I just comment respectfully IMHO every now and then… The same dam Trolls Cyber stomp me EVERY TIME and make disrespectful comments about me. Why should I respect you? Sorry if that makes me think your a bunch of wannabe hard ass posers. Go jack up a hipster if you need to feel tough… your out of your league. Any bum in Philly would bitch smack you for getting into my business. The least I can do is pull your card. Consider it pulled!

  5. SneakySnake Says:

    Darn shame 1 man (Reyna) can cause so much damage!

  6. Neuro Says:

    Thanks Sieg. The poor guy just can’t get past himself.

  7. Sieg Says:

    grandelf, I’m gonna show you how it’s done.

    I was mistaken in my belief that you are Greg Rinehart, and that you did a bit in Huntsville. Also the link I posted is no relation to you. I apologize for that. I was given bogus info, and didn’t check it far enough.

    I stand by the rest of my post…if I get to do that redaction thing too, this is what it would look like:

    April 19, 2019 at 9:04 am

    Tell you what, I’m gonna put this out there, and then I’m done with it.

    “At the end of the Day real 1%ers don’t comment…”

    Really?! So, all the Brothers from all the different Patches who have commented here are lying, because you say so, right?!

    “I don’t know who you guys are but I know who you ain’t and that’s enough for me.”

    You sure don’t, and that’s enough for me, too.

    “I can assure you I have never been to Huntsville”

    You’re right, I was given false information, and should have confirmed it elsewhere.

    “but the teardrop under my eye is real…”

    ooooooh, scary! A stone killer, eh? I never got into the teardrop thing, where I was, that was pretty much just the latrinos that did. But here’s the thing, one body doesn’t make you heavy.

    “and you Hillbilly, Wannabe, Cyber fools…”

    Oh, now that just hurts, Greg! I may be a redneck, well, actually, I AM a redneck, but hillbilly? Nah, kid, born and raised in the Chi. You wouldn’t have lasted ten minutes in my ‘hood. Wannabe? Not that either-nothing I haven’t been, or am, that I’d wannabe. Cyber-fool…for bothering with you at all, yeah, guilty as charged.

    “You don’t even realize that tagging the Feds for Twin Peaks could help Mr Pike & Co. You’d rather just front on me.”

    If it helps them, great, but if it does, they can thank the Rebel, not you. All you do is make noise about shit you know nothing about, save what you read in the papers or online. Front you? Shit, you do a good enough job of that yourself, no need for anyone else to. no, it’s not a case of fronting you, it’s simply a matter of getting sick of you running your pie-hole as though you had a place with the big kids.

  8. white witch Says:

    @Grandalf, Stop you are scaring the shit out of me. Sometimes you have some valid opinions, but everyone knows what those are worth. But when you start telling everyone how tough you are you lose all credibility with me.
    You have stated that you don’t ride. So just read what the real bikers put on here and go tell somebody who cares how bad you are.

    ride free
    white witch

  9. Gandalf Says:

    At the end of the Day real 1%ers don’t comment… I don’t know who you guys are but I know who you ain’t and that’s enough for me. I can assure you I have never been to Huntsville but the teardrop under my eye is real and so was Graterford. I’m from Philly (AF#) and you Hillbilly, Wannabe, Cyber fools are just fun to read. Like watching Pro Wrestling. You don’t even realize that tagging the Feds for Twin Peaks could help Mr Pike & Co. You’d rather just front on me.

  10. panamaa Says:

    Bubba Ho-Tep……… Haaaaaaaaaahahahahaha

  11. Sieg Says:

    Gandalf, feeling tough is what you do when you think you are, and the only tough guys I’ve ever met are in the jailhouse or the graveyard. Since I’m not in either one…

    And about that “blow me” thing, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about your heavy nine months in Huntsville.

    Look, you’re the only one flapping their gips about how bad-ass you are, I’m just suggesting you go hang with your own kind, over in the gump wing.


  12. Neuro Says:

    Doing ok, thanks for asking. My gf’s friend Linda (with the perfect ass) had us over to watch a weird flick on Saturday night. It was eerily reminiscent of you, dude. Check it out sometime. The title is Bubba Ho-Tep.

  13. Gandalf Says:

    @ Neuro How’s that Club of yours doing? Amazing how LE let you boys off… (Bunch of Rats) Something makes me think the other Club won’t be so kind. Good Luck with that.

  14. Gandalf Says:

    @ Sieg … You feel tough now? Or do you still need to beat your girl and dog? Blow Me.

  15. Austin Says:

    @penguin ; Interesting. Embassies seem to be treacherous these days, as well.

  16. Austin Says:

    Yeah… in my story – the ATF and dirty cops feature prominently. And US Customs, and the 9th circuit. But guess what. I just had to move on and find another way to live. And again. And again. Those fuckers have always been gamers – and along the way – they got a new set of rules. Bush made the War on Drugs. Jaybird & Hollywood & Koz wanted to play action hero’s. Just like fisticuffs have devolved into school shootings, the days of Officer Friendly are long gone. Best to learn yourself discretion, send your electronics around town on a bus, protonmail.com, or just go dark. When we see Law Enforcement repeatedly executing citizens BECAUSE THEY ARE AFRAID !!! It is just best to avoid them at all costs.

  17. Neuro Says:

    Like a D grade horror flick, he’s back.

  18. Sieg Says:

    Greg, if that shit surprised you, you haven’t been paying attention.

    You know, you should maybe consider posting here: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/index.php

    No one here really gives a fuck about your opinion, and you have no connection at all to the wide world of motorsickles, save that you seem to have conned your way into setting up a now-defunct site about the travesty in Whacko for some people, so really, head on over and post somewhere you’ll be more at home.

    You have stated multiple times that you were leaving, so come on, don’t let the door hit you in the ass.


  19. Gandalf Says:

    I’m not surprised that 2 Clubs had a gunfight in Texas. I’m not even surprised LE probably set it up. I’m not surprised the Cop shooters wasted those Cossacks. I’m not surprised the Feds incorporated local LE to do their dirty work either. All standard stuff IMHO. I am surprised at the blatant audacity of the Media’s 100% wrong narrative. Purposeful, Obvious, Fake News + gag order. This story isn’t about Bikers or Waco or Reyna at all. It’s about News being controlled by the Feds in the most obvious way. They showed their card at Twin Peaks more than any other story I ever read. Someone needs to pull that card and Add the ATF in their Lawsuit…. Get some discovery going. Link them together with their own communications. I could think of LOTS of local LE “actors” at Twin Peaks that could turn… Even Reyna and that Chief who went on vacation. Why should Waco and Texas pay out those settlements anyhow when we all know who was truly responsible. The anger of the ATF having their “fun” at Waco’s expense… AGAIN… might have a ripple effect that travels far into other cases.

  20. Penguin Says:

    @ Austin… Agreed!

    When failing to conceal evidence of crime becomes a crime, then you’re ruled by…criminals.

    A discussion of the Big Picture of the subverted “media” as it goes after real journalism in a grand illegal effort to make all “journalism” fake…


  21. Austin Says:

    Gandalf – great info. When Media becomes tools of the regime…. and are no longer the Free Press, We are no longer Free people, just cogs in the wheel. Stimulus:Response.
    The Washington Post is a product of demand, and if the consumer demands Kardashians – then this is the dreck they pump out. John Wayne Bobbit was conferred victim status, and became a porn star. An investigation into his actions which precipitated Lorena’s act, might have created a different narrative.

  22. Penguin Says:

    Yes, off topic fellas, but a headline too rich to pass on >

    “Hundreds Of Millions Of Pigs Feared Dead From Swine Fever – Price Of Pork Has Risen 38 Percent In The Last 4 Weeks”

    What will the good citizens of Way-Co do without porkie…?

  23. Base Says:

    This rabbit hole is deep, anyone waiting on the sword of justice to hack off the head of Reyna, Petterson and their band of merry accomplices or handlers has a long wait ahead of them.

    Sadly it appears the ultimate closer for anyone will be when Karma comes knocking.

    Pushing for accountability legislation aimed at anyone who takes a check from the taxpayers could possibly alleviate some of this overreach & corruption but it will be an uphill fight. Getting politicians to pass legislation that has the potential to hold them all accountable for their bull shit will be met with resistance.

    Hell many states and even the fed already have such legislation in place but it is ignored or hidden away from the public.

    Take the VA Accountability First Act of 2017 H.R 1259.

    A step in the right direction but does it have enough teeth? A demotion or forfeiture of employment means very little for some politicians and or other state & fed employees.

    It has to be something that will hit them in their personal bank account, sent to prison or forfeiture of life to really be effective.

    You know the same shit we the people are faced with for just jaywalking in front of the wrong ass hole with a badge.

    Myself for folks such as Reyna and his ilk, the old pitchfork and torch justice is more befitting.

    Eye on your 6.


  24. Victoria A Acquaro Says:

    And just like they wanted the murder of 9 by police just quietly disappears. No justification and no one up in arms. Nothing on any news stations.

  25. Victoria A Acquaro Says:

    And just like they wanted the murder of 9 by police just quietly disappears.

  26. Gandalf Says:

    Also credited with the Tim Madigan story is Adam Goldman. “Adam Goldman has been a reporter with the national security team at the Washington Post from 2013 to 2016.” Now why would a National Security Washington Post reporter be contributing to Madigan’s Fake News story? (You Trumpers are going to LOVE this!) Seems Adam moved to the New York Times in 2016… for guess what? “He joined the New York Times in August 2016 where he covers the FBI and counterterrorism.” AND “Adam Goldman reports on the F.B.I. for The New York Times and was part of a team that won a Pulitzer Prize in 2018 for national reporting on Russia’s meddling” Bahahaha

  27. Gandalf Says:

    Here is Alice supporting the ATF’s “Project Gunrunner” a “primer” for Operation Fast and Furious. This story seems to want to justify FF before it was exposed and probably when the ATF figured they got caught. It’s the story She was called out on. SHE KNEW the ATF fucked up when She wrote it. Seems this lady’s job is to protect, support, and defend the ATF. But Hey, again… The ATF had nothing to do with Waco Twin Peaks.

  28. Gandalf Says:

    Funny? Alice Crites, who also “contributed” to that fateful Tim Madigan Twin Peaks propaganda hit job…. Was also embedded into the AFT during the Fast and Furious debacle. In this story She was part of the Washington Post’s “embedded” team being called out for. Seems Alice Crites also has a connection to the ATF and hid knowing about the FF program. Of course the ATF had nothing to do with the Twin Peaks right?

  29. Gandalf Says:

    Textbook LE propaganda/misinformation campaign. It should be studied in classrooms. OBVIOUSLY well planned out before the fact. Tim Madigan is the reporter who wrote this classic piece of Misinformation/Propaganda. He also wrote a story and book about the Branch Dividans and D Koresh being a pedophile among other things. Both Waco. Both ATF countermeasures. The Washington Post gladly cycled it into the Media echo chamber. Like “Blue Horseshoe Loves Bluestar” the Media network was activated. When they decided they had done enough a gag order was placed. Trolls came out of nowhere in full force in what appears to be some kind of Social Network Troll Factory that defends cops in force whenever a cop kills someone. (usually used when blacks are killed by cops) Here is that original Tim Madigan Story again in retrospect. “Bandits are bad. Cossacks are victims” You must read it in your “in private” window.

  30. gordo Says:


    Thx Rebel for your journalistic journey

    Was riding stateside May of the Twin Peaks massacre

    Not much coverage north of the 49th

    Found your blog and appreciate your ongoing coverage and posts

    The BS from Reyna should be prosecutorial obstruction

    So much for justice being blind

    Thx again

  31. rocco151 Says:

    TX_Biker +1

    A lot of folks who read this site travel in groups that like to have a beer, grab a burger, gas up or stay in a town on a trip…spread the word to your brothers and your friends and relatives…avoid Waco…you want to hurt a town, don’t spend a dime there !

  32. TX_Biker Says:

    @Retread, I have no love for WACO or anyone that lives there,it is their fault that all of Texas will pay for this. Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool insures municipalities, so in the long run all of us pay. In this case though I don’t care. The folks affected by this travesty deserve to be compensated. I will never do business with a business from Waco or set foot in that town.

  33. Ben Says:

    “it is my opinion as your district attorney that we are not able to prosecute any of those cases and reach our burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.”

    Bullshit! They put Carrizal on trial and convinced some jurors to convict him. It ended in a mistrial, and that was a weak case, to say the least. A stronger case can be made against others shown in the video, engaged in violence. The video is compelling evidence, yet they chose to prosecute Carrizal, instead of the others. This only makes sense if LE is protecting the others, because they know something, or were involved with, LE’s role in the setup of the altercation. The one consistent aspect of this years long affair is that the Feds, and their allies, have been successful in keeping a lid on the hows, whys and whos of their involvement. They don’t want a spotlight shining on those who can cause trouble for them. Barry Johnson seems to be going along with them. The course he’s charting, dropping all charges, using Reyna as a scapecoat for all that’s gone wrong, instead of part of it, is a neat exit strategy, sweeping the Feds role under the rug. Johnson is not dropping the charges in the interest of justice to the victims, although it provides undeniable relief. He’s falling in line with what the Feds want. A continuation of the coverup. My message to Johnson is that if he cares about the locals who voted him into office, then he better publicly complain, if he knows of any wrongdoings committed by the Feds, because the financial burden of the civil lawsuits will fall on the locals, if it’s perceived that a local, Reyna, is solely to blame. The Feds should pay in proportion to their fault. So far, the Feds are the invisible elephant in the room. You can’t see it, but you can smell the fart.

  34. Cookie Says:

    Thank you Rebel for your unequaled reporting and I look forward to your continued coverage of the aftermath.


  35. freebird Says:

    And Reyna walk’s into the sunset and slowly fades away

    He’s totally accountable and gets a pass

  36. David E. Says:

    I’ve been reading Rebel’s work since shortly after the mass murder took place. The mainstream media dropped it after a couple of days and moved on. Thank you Rebel! As a motorcycle enthusiast I was horrified cops could get away with lighting up a Brunch meeting of regular folks and blame it on those same folks. I don’t think we will ever get the real story but at least the wrong people are now finally off the hook.

  37. Motley Says:

    You have done well covering this thanks.

  38. david Says:

    The “nightmare”,the people of Waco, including the politicians whose heads are filled with puss, have been dealing with since 2015 AND will continue to deal with for a long time, was caused by the Waco do-gooders within and without the high number of fucked-up churches and other religious-type organizations which proliferate in the Southern “Bible Belt”.

    History proves, religious do-gooders have done more harm than anyone else, to more people THAN anyone else. Alcohol Prohibition is a REAL good example.

  39. jrino Says:

    Let me be the first to say “Screw the people of Waco” YOU created Pete Peterson and DA Abel! You play with scum you get it all over you!!!

  40. Mark Matis Says:

    You assume, Retread, that the “Legal” system will at least be more just to the victims of Waco than it was to the family and friends of Andrew Lee Scott.

  41. I.J Says:

    I would like to know how many died that day by police bullets….. the real count

  42. anon Says:

    “It’s over, nobody wins…”- Kris Kristofferrson

    Fuck me, I thought this would never come.

  43. panamaa Says:


    Well said sir. Rebel has been on this from the get go and has covered it with integrity and open eyes.. Most everything that has happened, he called before it happened…….

    Well done Rebel, well done….

  44. RLG Says:

    Well, at least ablino has plenty of time to get pegged down in ole Mexico now!

  45. Bone Head Says:

    Matt Says:

    This enrages me more than anything else in this world. Guilty until proven innocent. How many years can we drag out your case to see how many jobs, relationships, how much money we can take from you. Then, in the end, you’re just so happy to be done with it all, there’s no wrongful imprisonment, wrongful arrest, civil rights violation lawsuits.

    I’ll agree with you Matt. Except if anyone thinks the former defendants are going to go skipping off happily, they’re wrong. Civil lawsuits will be falling out of the sky. The city of Waco is officially fucked.

  46. IronRider Says:

    Inexplicably left out by Brodenin his parise of the media is Rebel who has been nothing but braven and steadfast in his pursuit to expose the coverup of what had gone down at Twin Peaks and who was there and how the pressure was on to make it all happen to make a story out of something that occurred perpetrated undercover cops pressured to make a case because nothing had been happening for months on end despite the massive amounts of money and time being invested to make something happen.

    The fact that so many lost their lives, homes, jobs, families, savings is a tragedy and those in power should not get off scot free, Strothers Johnson, Reyna and Swanton should all get their asses sued off and be left destitute. Lets face it. Reyna Strothers s and Johnson all could have ended this farce long ago and chose not to, they chose to play along and they all deserve to get their asses sued off, but of course it wont be them, it will be the taxpayers of the cities,m county and states that will pay for years and centuries to come for this mess.

    Rebel deserves way way more praise then he gets for exposing and staying true to his integrity and not backing down from anything they have thrown at him he has had people try and hack the site, he has had people try and intimidate him like dispirit assistant of Reyna’s did in court, he has had Reyna pals try and follow him, and intimidate him, he has had then try and dig into his personal life, try and spread dis information and all to keep Rebel from reporting the truth and to keep Rebel from spilling the truth, to keep the real fact of the case hidden cause lord knows who else was reporting the real story, no other media organisation really gave a fuck about any of these 177 people after the sensationalism of the first few days ended

    Take a bow Rebel…well done sir…well done

  47. Matt Says:

    This enrages me more than anything else in this world. Guilty until proven innocent. How many years can we drag out your case to see how many jobs, relationships, how much money we can take from you. Then, in the end, you’re just so happy to be done with it all, there’s no wrongful imprisonment, wrongful arrest, civil rights violation lawsuits. I’m sitting here, witnessing the fall of western civilization, shaking my head.


  48. Retread Says:

    Sadly the only people who be held to account will be the taxpayers of Waco and McLennon County who will be forced to cover the impending judgements from lawsuits that will quickly outstrip any insurance that Waco and the County have. Some of those will be multi-million dollar awards. And most certainly the trials will have to be held out of McLennon County because the jurors, being County residents, have a vested interest in the outcomes.

    Abel and his merry band of idiots need to be disbarred and tried as well for the Federal Civil Rights violations they committed against all the defendants. Fuck ‘em, fuck them all

  49. tiopirata Says:

    “The anger from the false arrests will never go away”
    My oath they will not.

  50. david Says:

    The streets of Waco are now safe. It was only people like Swine-ton and Justice of War Peterson, who made them un-safe.

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