Waco Day 1417

April 2, 2019

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Waco Day 1417

An earlier version of this story neglected to mention the murder of Manuel Isaac “Candy Man” Rodriguez. The Aging Rebel regrets the error.

This morning, McLennan County Texas District Attorney Barry Johnson abandoned the prosecution of 24 remaining defendants charged in connection to The Twin Peaks Mass Murder.

“This is a difficult decision which must be made based on the existing facts and evidence in accordance with the laws of this state and in the interest of justice, and not a decision that can be made based on emotions or personal feelings or preferences,” Johnson wrote in a prepared statement.

All the criminal cases associated with the mass murder are now closed. No one has ever been convicted of a crime in connection to the so-called “Biker Brawl” at the Twin Peaks.

Nine Dead

One hundred seventy-seven people were charged with organized criminal activity immediately after members of the Cossack Motorcycle Club ambushed members and supporters of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club at a Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting at the Twin Peaks restaurant in a shopping center called the Central Texas Marketplace, in an early Sunday afternoon in Waco on May 17, 2015.

Nine people died. Seven were Cossacks. One was a 65-year-old Marine veteran of Vietnam named Jesus Delgado “Jesse” “Mohawk” Rodriguez. The ninth was a Bandido named Manuel Isaac “Candy Man” Rodriguez.


State and local authorities anticipated the ambush, The confrontation was blatantly intended to provoke Bandidos into committing crimes for which they could then be charged in a secret, ongoing investigation that later became a racketeering prosecution. Local authorities encouraged members of the Cossacks to confront the Bandidos. Five hours before the shooting started, state policeman installed a covert camera to record the bloodshed. When the confrontation turned out to be worse than expected, state and federal authorities pressured then district attorney Abel Reyna to obscure what had actually happened. At the time, Reyna himself was the subject of a federal investigation: Consequently, vulnerable to blackmail by federal authorities.

The coverup included propaganda, mass arrests and very much stalling. The coverup culminated with the murder trial of a Dallas Bandido named Christopher Jacob Carrizal in late 2017. In that case a Waco jury hung and a mistrial was declared.

Johnson, had nothing to do with the mass murder or its aftermath.


Members of the national chapter of the Bandidos were indicted for racketeering six months after the mass murder. The presiding judge in that case, David Ezra, refused to allow defense attorneys to present evidence about the Twin Peaks to the jury in that case. Former club president Jeffrey Pike and former club vice-president John Portillo were both convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

Reyna lost a primary election to Johnson last March, left office this January and now works for the Houston law firm Patterson + Sheridan in Waco.

The case against Carrizal was prosecuted by assistant district attorneys Michael Jarrett, Amanda Lee Dillon and Brady Burks. Burks was the first to abandon the sinking ship. In April 2018 he found a job as a criminal justice advisor to Texas Governor Greg Abbott. That same month, Jarret took a job litigating insurance claims with the Texas Farm Bureau in Waco. Reyna fired Dillon in June 2018, reportedly for disloyalty.


35 Responses to “Waco Day 1417”

  1. david Says:

    So much for Barry Johnson’s reasons for the dismissals.

    On the subject of “protected police” while exercising political control of the population. From “The Third Reich”, by Thomas Childers, pg. 235, 236

    The big Nazi Goring explained, “police officers who make use of firearms in the ‘execution of their duties’ will, without regard to the consequences of such use, benefit by my protection… every ‘official’ must bear in mind that failure to act will be regarded more seriously than an error due to taking action.”

    A few days later, at a closed meeting with police officials who were SWORN to secrecy, he informed them he knew that many of his instructions “conflicted with the present rights and laws of the country”, but he assured them “every official who follows my instructions may be sure of MY absolute protection.”

    Police officials need not worry they might afterward be found guilty of violating the constitution, “There will be NO attorney and NO judge to punish an official for following the new course.”

    And the COC and Independents planned on a political meeting.

  2. commonsense Says:

    Rebel can’t wait for your book. Most books on bikers are written by LE or by those that caved and have there own agenda. When your done with your book take time to read the book murder machine. It’s not about bikers but it’s a wild ride. Best of luck and I hope it sells well.

  3. Jerry Hagseth Says:

    Very much looking forward to the book and updates on civil trials, Rebel. Thanks for all your hard work!!

  4. Mike Smith Says:

    In a conversation captured by her body cam, Waco police officer Nicki Stone told a colleague after the shooting, “I really didn’t think it was going to end like this.

    “I thought that we were supposed to stay back and let them fight this out,” …

    It was fomented by the LEO’s to produce a riot that they could capitalize upon.


  5. Mike Smith Says:

    In a conversation captured by her body cam, Waco police officer Nicki Stone told a colleague after the shooting, “I really didn’t think it was going to end like this.

    “I thought that we were supposed to stay back and let them fight this out,” …

    It was fomented by the LEO’s to produce a riot that they could capitalize upon.


  6. Mike Smith Says:

    I did my best to get attention to this and to give the citizens a narrative that they could understand. So that they could see just how it was that the LEO’s could have fomented this thing and how easily it went sideways.

    To everyone with personal experience, this was the foregone conclusion. It was so obvious; but too horrific for the average person to consider.


  7. Rebel Says:

    Dear Bebop,

    Apparently I am not clear. The police wanted the clubs to fight. They knew there was going to be an ambush. The police knew. The Bandidos did not. Are you still with me? The Texas DPS set up a video camera. The camera delivered a live feed to Austin. The preplanned narrative was that the Bandidos were the big, bad bullies and the Cossacks were victims. The Cossacks all immediately started running their mouths. It was all bullshit. What about this can you possibly not get? The policeman is not you friend. I have said this before. Will Dulaney and I talked on the phone the next day. We agreed that the police had seized control of the narrative. He said, “I’ve never seen it this bad. We have to do something about this.” I said “Yep.” The cancer might have gotten Will by now. I am still trying to do something about it. I hope to have the new book, Expect No Mercy, done this month. I’ll see. Whenever it is out, buy a copy. You might learn something.


  8. I.J Says:

    I would like to know how many died by police bullets…… the real count

  9. Bebop Says:

    Sorry i offended you, i was not trying to troll anyone or stir up any crap i was just throwing out a theory. If anyone took my comments as a direct attempt just to piss them off no disrespect intended. i simply said the body count didnt match the story and i have seen alot of banditos getting railroaded lately so got me wondering if something else was also going on, possibly an insider with so much conflicting information, false information and cover ups underway its easy to think something and be completely wrong. I will agree with you when it comes to 1% clubs i am ignorant never having belonged to one, hanging out with some and being one are two very different things. I am a strong advocate for biker rights and can not stand that citizens are being profiled, targeted, killed and being denied their rights. one thing i do not understand is that LEO knew that the two groups were going to butt heads and possibly in a public place, they could have parked two cruisers in the middle of the parking lot with police standing right there and everyone would have minded their Ps and Qs. so instead of protecting the public they wanted to sit back and let it get ugly then move in to get the arrests? Willingly putting people at risk.

  10. Whiskey Pete Says:

    Hey Bebop,
    The spelling is BANDIDO’S you ignorant cunt! Don’t come in here and spew your ill informed rhetoric to the Men on Rebels site. The story is as Rebel states – he has accurately called this bullshit set up since day 1! Part of the answer to the lopsided body count was because the Cossack’s were not qualified for the fight they started! These are the Bandido’s you dumb ass. 1 Bandido or other real 1%er can take on 5 members of a wannabe club and come out victorious. That’s about the ratio the Cossack’s had in Waco. That’s the general rule because most men are trolls like you. So fuck off and leave as real men congregate here.

  11. Rebel Says:

    Dear Frayser 514,

    As of this morning, W. Patrick Swanton is still the Public Information Officer for the Waco PD.


  12. Frayser 514 Says:

    What became of the cuck Sgt of propaganda?

  13. Rebel Says:

    Dear Bebop,

    You are completely wrong. The Cossacks died because the two cops who killed most of them thought they were getting too close to killing civilians. They were fine with the Cossacks beating and stabbing the Bandits. They didn’t anticipate the gun play.
    The two cops didn’t shoot at the Bandits because the Bandits weren’t shooting at them. The Bandits hardly shot at all.

    The two undercovers in the bar were wearing Cossacks cuts.

    The whole point of the ambush, and the beating two months before was to manufacture predicates against the Bandidos. The feds already had John Portillo’s phone tapped to see what he would say about Waco.

    The Bandidos knew the Cossacks were pushing their weight around and spoiling for a fight so the Bandits left the ladies at home and came prepared to fight for their lives. They did not know they were going to be ambushed. I have asked several informed Bandits about this and, generally, got two answers. One, we should have brought a thousand riders. Two, we should have just passed on the event. They didn’t do either because they did not anticipate a mass murder.

    You are a troll. You are just trying to start trouble. Your statements are ignorant. You don’t know anything. You sound like one of those YouTube morons.

    Go away and don’t come back. I don’t have time to pay attention to every stupid thing you say right now. I’m busy writing a book.


  14. Mark Says:

    Agreed, Jake was the stand up man by being who he is and telling the honest truth on the witness stand. He destroyed Reyna’s entire case and all future cases, with laying out the honest truth of what really happen that day.
    Does anyone remember the poster to Rebel’s coverage of Jake’s trial who went by, “Wyoming Lawyer” (If my mind remembers his handle correctly) he said Jake would never see another day on this matter in a courtroom, after the jury came back.
    Rebel, thank you for all your hard work on covering everything that you have on everything about the TP cluster.

  15. RW Says:

    Read the autopsies. It’s easy to figure out who was shot by LE.

  16. Bebop Says:

    Just like to point something out from the cheap seats, I think you will later find the entire link to the cossacks is a red herring just like every other story the police purposely leaked out to get everyone looking in the wrong direction. The casualty report does not match. funny cossacks were working with the LEO’s, police stake out in advance with scoped assault rifles and when it goes down? A lot of cossacks get gunned down? how does that make sense the ones who planned the ambush and the ones working with the LEO’s? I smell a rat! why wouldn’t the police shoot at the banditos unless one of their own was wearing that vest! They got someone on the inside who was there so could not shoot at a Bandito for fear of hitting their undercover agent or informant. funny they have gotten a lot of convictions on Banditos lately wonder where all that info is coming from. just my 2 cents watch your backs theres a snitch. it was a cossack ambush but the banditos were telling their rank and file to leave the girls at home and bring your tools? what inside source tipped them that it was a cossack ambush? unless its the other way around and the banditos were the ones who were being manipulated by the snitch to suspect an ambush and wag the dog to get a fight started? the truth could be stranger than fiction. not affiliated with either club in any way just doesn’t add up.

  17. Gunny4Sawx Says:

    Not one minute will ever be repaid to those wronged. McLennan needs to be dissolved.
    The good people of Texas should hang their heads forever for allowing this to go on for four years.

  18. TX_Biker Says:

    @TxAg Well said. Jake is indeed the Hero to all in this debacle.

  19. Bbally Says:

    Seems to me we need to get the forensics out in the public. I want to know how many the “LEO Gauntlet” killed? Looks to me like the Gauntlet was premeditated for sure.

    Rock on civil suits, people attending this thing got totally fucked ……. Hopefully the assholes that orchestrated this fuckfest will be brought to justus!

  20. Anonymous Says:


    I would hardly call it skating when almost an entire chapter of your brothers is gunned down and any hope of justice is forever lost.

    But thats what they get for colluding with law enforcement.

  21. Boom Boom 1 %ER Says:

    Murdered at Waco, and now Member of the Forever Chapte: BANDIDO Candyman 1%ER GBNF LBDB B.F.F.B

  22. RLG Says:

    Bring on the civil suits. More politician’s careers will be destroyed by this fiasco.

  23. eclecticak Says:

    Ah, 8 Cossacks and Mohawk? Did you forget Candyman?

  24. just tom Says:

    @Tx Ag you nailed it. Excellent!

  25. Neuro Says:

    @Scout– the steady number since it happened has been four killed by the cops. Who knows ? I would really love to see someone named for shooting Candyman. I think it narrows down to one out of three names. So much remains unanswered.

  26. Paladin Says:

    @ Johnny Rotten;

    That statement is Johnson’s weak and politically correct way of trying to save face. After reviewing the remaining cases, I have little doubt that Johnson dropped the charges against the remaining defendants due to the realization that the thus far exorbitant and continuing cost to the city of Waco heavily out weighted the very slim and problematic chance of securing convictions against any of the remaining defendants.

    Long May You Ride,


  27. Scout (Cliff) Says:

    Have you heard how many of the 9 were killed by the police? That seems to be lost in all this.

  28. Neuro Says:

    So, the sacks get to skate ?

  29. Not Surprised Says:

    Jeez Rebel. It almost sounds like Cossacks were working with LEO

  30. Johnny Rotten Says:

    “This is a difficult decision which must be made based on the existing facts and evidence in accordance with the laws of this state and in the interest of justice, and not a decision that can be made based on emotions or personal feelings or preferences,” Johnson wrote in a prepared statement.

    what a fucking tool
    no shit….really?

    where the fuck was this shitbag when the flag dropped?

    Fuckin Mouthbreathin Fuck

    best of luck to those trodden under by the JUSTUS system


  31. Paladin Says:

    Congratulations to all the wrongly accused. I look forward to those responsible for the massive assault on the accused’s civil rights, to having to pay dearly for their calculated transgressions.


  32. Shameful Says:

    Great news!

    One correction: 7 were nutsacks. 1 was an independent, Mohawk, a decorated Marine. The other was Bandido Candyman.

    Truth will come out. I would still love to see the list of confidential informants and state witnesses that they were hiding so vigorously.

    Respect to those who deserve it!

  33. jrino Says:

    Waco will pay for years on this case! So many false arrests, lost jobs, and the cops shooting people.

  34. david Says:

    Great, all cases closed. Hope the status of the many civil rights violations lawsuits will now speed up.

    Sgt. Swan-ton of propaganda, can now go back to his fucking church.

  35. TxAg Says:

    Mike Jarrett was counting on the McLennan County jury pool to do what it normally does – hammer anyone designated “Defendant.” He was certain that if he got enough pen time for Jake that all the other wrongfully accused would take probation plea bargains for fear of prison.

    Jake saved himself with calm confident testimony at his trial. Arguably, Jake saved everyone else by thwarting Jarrett’s plan.

    Well done.

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