El Cortez Shooting

March 22, 2019

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El Cortez Shooting

Three men arrested in connection to a shooting at the El Cortez Hotel and Casino on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas last Saturday night appear unlikely to be convicted.

The suspects are Travis Callahan of Las Vegas and Matthew Norris and Roberto Romero of Tucson. All three are charged with four counts of conspiracy to commit murder and four counts of attempted murder with a deadly weapon. Their bail was set at $100,000 on Monday.

According to witnesses, the three were dressed in red flannel shirts when they opened fire on four associates of the Vagos Motorcycle Club on the fifth floor of the hotel. A Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department spokesman described the shooting as “a dispute between two rival motorcycle gangs.” Two of the four victims made it to the casino floor before collapsing. Police found the other two victims were they fell. One victim was reported to be in critical condition. The other three suffered “non-life-threatening injuries.”

Silent Sleuths

A helpful witness provided police with a description of the three shooters and the car in which they left the hotel. The car was later discovered outside the Hells Angels Las Vegas clubhouse at 1505 Bonanza Road.

Callahan, Norris and Romero are all represented by local attorney David Chesnoff. Chesnoff has a long and successful history of representing members of the Hells Angels.

At the bail hearing, Chesnoff told Justice of the Peace Ann Zimmerman that his clients had acted in self-defense.

There has been a virtual news blackout of the incident since Monday. The El Cortez incident was the second shooting connected to a Las Vegas casino that weekend. Earlier, police shot and killed a man who tried to rob the Bellagio Casino on the Strip.


74 Responses to “El Cortez Shooting”

  1. Shovelhead Says:

    Are the Hamsters still around? I remember hearing about them in the 70’s. Never understood the name but didn’t really care enough to find out.
    If they’re still riding, good for them. My old club vanished in the early 90’s. Many smaller clubs never made it. I liked the small club scene. One chapter, small but ruthless. No support patches, but respect always given.

  2. Not Surprised Says:

    @Paladin. Had I known you were going to use my comment to further disparage another, I would not have made it.

  3. Neuro Says:

    Are the Hamsters actually an MC ?

  4. rollinnorth Says:

    “If I have to explain…”

    Respect, to those…

  5. Paladin Says:

    @ Not Surprised;

    Regarding the io: Society holds LE to a high standard. Cops are supposed to be free from what society considers to be its moral shortcomings. That’s why society gives LE the power it does. When cops start acting like those that the public wants to be protected from, the public feels betrayed. When cops purposely antagonize others and then flash their symbol of public trust when confronted by those they antagonize and then get away with it, I consider that to be more fucked up than the run of the mill fucked up.

    There are numerous club members and independents that read Rebel’s page. No one becomes a part of the lifestyle without really knowing what time it is. When bikers join certain clubs they know what they’re signing up for. It then rings hollow when those living that life claim outrage when the chickens come home to roost. It has been said: Everyone wants to be a 1%er until it’s time to do 1%er shit.

    K9 claims to be a member of one of the 1%er clubs mentioned in Rebel’s article. At the time, I doubt K9 ran around, telling his brothers what cowards they were when one of his brothers shot and killed the president of a rival club during an altercation that occurred in Sparks, NV.

    Gonzales: “He says he shot Pettigrew because Pettigrew and another Hells Angel were kicking a fellow Vagos member so hard in the head that he thought they’d kill him.” Were the Marquess of Queensberry Rules adhered to by either side? Um………no. Can someone be killed by an ass kicking? Yes.


  6. stroker Says:


    After reading your response to me, I did a slow burn….as anybody would when being told “you don’t know what you’re talking about, and mind your own business.”
    Slept on it though….before replying.
    I’m patched. Been in my club 35 years. I’m old. But I’m still going, and don’t need geritol yet, or some know-it-all young punk telling me what he thinks is real life.
    Responding on this web-site IS my business. You don’t get to order me around.
    Unlike you, I don’t broadcast what club I’m with. For all you know, I could be in your club. People on this site are circumspect in that regard, and using your club to threaten or intimidate (which is what you’re attempting to do), doesn’t look good. I have to believe if your club links your stage name to your comments here, you may get an internal wake-up call.
    You obviously have a pretty damn high opinion of yourself, and I don’t believe for one minute that anything I say here will change your mind.
    But I’ve been around, and seen your own tough guy key-board warrior stuff many times here. It get’s old. All you younger guys suddenly knowing EVERYTHING about our culture. No credit to those of us that’ve gone before.
    OK. I understand.
    Back to the original point here….
    Do I approve of gunplay to settle a score?
    Did it happen?
    Is it a real possibility in this day and life?
    And I think that’s all Paladin was trying to say. And I stand for his bravery. You don’t know him , and to call him a coward on the internet, is a cowardly thing to do.

    That’s it K9…..you and I are done.

  7. Sieg Says:

    It’s a bummer that men can’t just knuckle up, but that’s the way it is.

    It’s not a ‘modern’ thing, I lost friends and Brothers in the 60’s and 70’s to guns, dynamite, hell, even hand-grenades.

    As Paladin noted, people do some crazy shit in a ‘war’ situation, and that’s what has existed for many decades, at least between some Patches.

    Respect? Yeah, that’s a concept that has changed over the decades as well.


  8. Aanon Says:

    In a related story, more solid white men will die at the hands of other solid white men who enjoy the same things.
    Makes for a hot summer in the golden State.
    K9, since you’re helping everyone out here; what happened to that beau fella?

  9. rollinnorth Says:

    Sadly, comments by the likes of K9 seem to be typical of the generation coming to the outlaw frontier.

    Respect, to those…

  10. Not Surprised Says:

    @ Paladin:

    We all know IO and their tactics.
    If its fucked up when they do it,
    why is it not fucked up when anyone else does it? I’m with K9 on his original point.

  11. Neuro Says:

    That does sound like a fun idea. I bet it would be a real scream. At least you are up front, and seem to have a decent sense of humor in the midst of a bum story. Your view point is valid.

  12. Paladin Says:

    @ K9;

    I happen to be patched. I live in the SFV. I’m easy to find. Ask around.


  13. Shovelhead Says:

    Some just don’t get it! You’d think if you’re going to act like an ass here, you would at least leave your Club out of it.

    When I was young, if you brought unwanted heat or trouble on your Club for no good reason, you could get your ass kicked.

    Oh yeah, you can’t spank the children anymore!

  14. Paladin Says:

    @ K9;

    Based on your behavior, I’m surprised that any legit club would want you as a member, but in this day and age I suppose almost anything is possible.


  15. Shovelhead Says:

    Didn’t sound to me like Paladin was bragging about being a Combat Veteran. Just stating some facts to make a point. I don’t always agree with Paladin, but I don’t believe for one second that he’s a coward. And I don’t believe he would run from anyone!

    A lot of us in this lifestyle are Veterans. Something to be proud of, not dismissed by some young asshole who thinks he knows it all.

    There was a lot of violence between clubs in the 70’s & 80’s. But there’s a different kind of violence now. Not really with clubs but with the youth as a whole. I happen to think there’s less violence between clubs now than say, 35 to 40 years ago.

    I think it has to do with a whole generation who’ve never been spanked when bad or held accountable for anything. You kids can’t take any criticism, you cry if yelled at then go home and get daddy’s gun to shoot up a school. All this random shooting now a days for no good reason just blows my mind.
    I don’t know, maybe I should just mind my own business!

    Respect to the real 1%

  16. Paladin Says:

    Not Surprised Says:
    March 28, 2019 at 2:35 pm

    “Sounds like Iron Order logic”

    Would you care to elaborate?


  17. Paladin Says:

    K9 Says:
    March 28, 2019 at 7:04 pm

    “Rather than the throw your hands in the air and say let’s act like it’s Vietnam as you did in your earlier post.”

    Reading comprehension is obviously not one of your stronger suits. No where in my original post did I ever infer or say “let’s act like it’s Vietnam”.

    Regarding recent history; “Recent” is subjective. The first major publicized altercation between motorcycle clubs that resulted in the deaths of club members occurred seventeen years ago at the Laughlin River run in 2002. I personally know of far lesser publicized terminal encounters that date back to the late ’60s early ’70s, that would be 40+ years ago.

    Since you seem to be struggling, I’m going to help you out. The points (there are two) I was making in my original post are these: 1) when factions are warring, it is pure fantasy to think that these factions are going to act like school kids and meet at the flag pole and settle their differences by punching each other in the eye or nose. 2) there are no underdogs in these confrontations. Both sides are carrying weapons.

    Do I think everyone would be better off by settling their differences in a less terminal way? Of course I do. But as I’ve previously stated, that’s not the reality of the way things actually are.


  18. stroker Says:

    regarding Paladin:

    I don’t know you K9….but I’m not going to sit by and let you disparage Paladin without a little push-back.
    Nowhere in Paladin’s comments did he put down any club, or show favoritism for one club over the other. He described in a few terse sentences what he and thousands like him did, in real life, over in the shit, years ago. No keyboard warrior braggadocio. IMHO he’s just describing what is actually going on in our culture right now. The days of punching someone in the nose and settling scores with fist fights is not reality (unless you’re a cop in Pittsburgh!). People use guns now-a-days. Right, wrong or otherwise. That’s what I got from his comments.
    Somehow you got your panties all twisted up and started trying to keyboard slander and intimidate. Paladin made no threats, just stated his observations. I agree with much of what he says.
    You obviously do not.
    You go out of your way to put down a man who’s seen the tiger, who’s been in armed conflict, who’s had to kill for survival, and you tell him he’s a “true coward” and “no one cares?!!”
    Well, I do. I was over there too. And believe me, I don’t know your creds, but I’ll side with Paladin anytime.
    All I’m getting from you is some young shit who’s disrespecting a veteran. A man who put his life on the line for his country, right or wrong.
    Paladin simply stated what’s true today. He didn’t take sides.
    You on the other hand, just seem to wanna thump your chest, and perpetuate your own superiority myth.
    You wanting to have people “man-up” and box isn’t going to fly when someone pulls a gun on you.

  19. Paladin Says:

    K9 Says:
    March 28, 2019 at 9:31 am

    “There wouldn’t be wars if things were settled with fights instead of guns. It’s a lot easier to get over a black eye rather than having to bury a brother.”

    The above quote is the only thing in your childish post that has any merit and in that, you’re absolutely correct. Unfortunately; history shows the reality of the situation to be quit different.


  20. Not Surprised Says:

    @ Paladin:

    When at war, it is disingenuous to call a group of combatants cowards for attempting to eradicate another group of combatants through the use of deadly force.

    Sounds like Iron Order logic

  21. Not Surprised Says:

    Unless I’m wrong, pleading self defense means you have to testify the other party commuted a crime

  22. Neuro Says:

    There’s a lot of truth to your post, Paladin. Unfortunately it is a textbook pitch for exactly why these groups are not “clubs”, but absolutely this behavior defines the term “gangs.” That is a good word you brought up: “disingenuous.” Due to these war-like actions, it is really disingenuous for people to call them clubs. Can you dig it, Daddy-o ?? I don’t care about semantics. The only issue is that there are sentencing enhancements due to the semantic use of the term “gang”, otherwise most would probably be proud to be called a gang. When we were kids there were hot rod gangs, motorcycle gangs, it was no big deal. Now there is a new use of the word, in our new soft feminized society, and the big deal is in the enhancements.

  23. Paladin Says:

    In case it has escaped the notice of some, there is and has been for many years an ongoing war between various groups that campaign on the “outlaw motorcycle frontier”.

    When I was a youngster, backpacking across S.E. Asia, we were at war. We laid traps, ambushes, and did our level best to kill what was then considered to be the enemy. We didn’t hunt them down and punch them in the nose. We shot, stabbed, booby trapped, blew them up and burned down their club houses. It was, like in all wars, the taking, or defending of territory. Sound familiar?

    The days are long gone when differences were settled by way of bare knuckled fist fights. When at war, it is disingenuous to call a group of combatants cowards for attempting to eradicate another group of combatants through the use of deadly force. Even in West Side Story, Tony is shot and killed.


  24. Rotten Says:

    Cowardly MAGGOTS. Respect to the rightious. FUCK 81

  25. Paladin Says:

    @ Renegade;

    Based on the article you linked to your post, Callahan had a lot to say, and he said it to all the wrong people.

    Long May You Ride,


  26. Renegade Says:

    From fox5..
    They ran into Mongols at Freemont St and Vagos at their hotel
    St Pat day weekend
    There were lots of people (clubs) in town.


  27. rollinnorth Says:

    I will wait to find out from Rebel, and his reliable sources, what went on, rather than rely on regurgitated police press releases on other sites.


  28. white witch Says:

    @ Rebel, Thank you

    ride free
    white witch

  29. Not Surprised Says:

    Since none of us know the circumstances or the relationship, we cannot accurately comment on why they drove to the clubhouse.

  30. Muck 1%er Says:

    Thank you Rebel

  31. Neuro Says:

    Another one bites the dust. Feel the burn.

  32. Rebel Says:

    Dear white Witch,

    He’s gone.


  33. white witch Says:

    @ james crawford,
    Rebel might not be tired of your shit, but the rest of us sure the hell are.
    Do you ride? or just shoot elk and your mouth off.

    ride free
    white witch

  34. Joe Says:

    Matlock is correct

  35. commonsense Says:

    To Shovel I say I agree with you that if everybody was on the same side it would be great. But I don’t see other major clubs patching into the Mongols just as I can’t see the Mongols patching over to someone else. If the major clubs sat down a created a new club with a new patch and worked out who is who within the new club that might work. Then again I’m not a %1 so they may think I’m full of shit.

  36. Neuro Says:

    I read two of them invoked their right to a lawyer, a third talked to the police. He said they had been confronted in two separate incidents that day by members of two different well known so.cal. mc’s. Two live in Nevada, one in Arizona. Two were travellers working on construction projects in town. The two white guys look like they shaved their heads and then plopped 2 day old road kill onto their heads. Check out the photos and you decide. Why would anyone ever drive a car full of evidence to their Home Team’s clubhouse ?

  37. Aanon Says:

    I thought it was kind of an unspoken rule that if you don’t at least ride be it pro or not you don’t post on biker sites.
    Too bad the elk wasn’t sending rounds back, it would then more likely qualify as a realistic comparison.
    Read somewhere else it was support crew, who then subsequently drove to the ch of another club and one of the involved is explaining the misunderstanding.
    We all know how that goes.

  38. G.W. North Says:

    James W Crawford. Wow! An Elk at 950 yards? Pretty impressive. I once shot the fez off a Shriner at 500 yards. He was moving away and from side to side in that little car they drive. I got nothing on you though.

  39. Not Surprised Says:

    These guys are members of a support club called Sons of Hell. I believe their base is Tucson.

  40. Not Surprised Says:

    James W Crawford
    You’re an insufferable cunt who loved to hear himself talk. No one cares if you shot s fucking elk.

  41. Shovel Says:

    Us last of the free White males, the last of a dying breed, are not all on the same side. Some 1%er clubs suck dick, they need an attitude adjustment, and should stay out of other bikers’ territory. If all of us are on the same side then all of us would prospect with the Mongol Nation – if all of us are on the same side then none of us would start up a Vagos support club. Instead, we would prospect with the Vagos. Cops think all bikers are the same and apparently, so do some support clubs who can’t take a beat down when they stray into the wrong territory. So, they come back with a gun and shoot any bikers.

  42. James W Crawford Says:

    Re: SoCal,

    Fuck off to you to.

    If you peruse old threads, you will find that I began posting years back in response to the Twin Peaks massacre. If you had read my comments, you would understand that I once shot an elk that was 950 meters away and running when I put a .50 BMG, 750 grain bullet through its spine. I am eminently qualified to critque the lousy marksmanship demonstrated in this incident.

    One common theme to my comments is how the demonization of “abnormal people” enables persecution and extermination. People who look like normal, upstanding citizens and pretend to be honest and honorable can get away with doing all of the shit OMCs are accussed of doing. The Twin Peaks massacre was both motivated and justified by this tactic. Rebel understands this which explains why he has not objected to my rants about my tenants.

  43. commonsense Says:

    Vegas has cameras everywhere.

  44. Stoney Says:

    I agree Matlock we biker and especially MC members
    are giving them the rope to hang us. We are the last of the
    free white males in this country and the government is doing
    everything they can to stamp us out. We need to stop killing
    over a bottom rocker and work out a way to if no get along
    then at least not kill each other

  45. SoCal Says:

    Fuck off Crawford!! Couldn’t you figure out something to say about your tenants that won’t leave your property? You usually find a way to work that into your lame comments…

  46. Matlock Says:

    jrino, yes! U get it.

    The cops, the feds, the gang task forces…they all squeal in delight when stuff like this happens. We just helped justify more budget and more staffing that they will use against us.

    When will everybody snap??? We are on the same side yet we fight each other…while our real enemy laughs in our faces.

    Keep fighting each other BROTHERS, we’ll soon succeed in wiping each other out. Hell ain’t half full and they’ll always make more room in the pen even if it is full.

    F’it…let’s ride…let’s ride in peace…. It’s us against them. Do u want them to win??? Think about it….

  47. Dasein Says:

    Why, at this early stage, do they “appear unlikely to be convicted?”

  48. James W Crawford Says:

    “One victim was reported to be in critical condition. The other three suffered “non-life-threatening injuries.”

    No fatalities?
    Only one critically wounded?

    Lousy marksmanship.

  49. Shovel Says:

    Tucson? It’s a small world.

  50. jrino Says:

    Yeah, Keep shooting each other, that’s exactly what the government wants!

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